Rogue (1st series) #3

Issue Date: 
March 1995
Story Title: 
The Gauntlet

Howard Mackie (writer), Mike Wieringo (pencils), Terry Austin (inks), Richard Starkings (letters), Dana Moreshead (colors), Lisa Patrick (editor), Bob Harras (group editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Rogue finds herself being attacked by a large crowd of Assassins. While she begins to fight her way through, Gambit continues his way to New Orleans. Gambit gets a warning from his cousin, Emil Lapin, to turn back, but Gambit doesn’t obey. He makes it to the French Quarters but is ambushed by Fifolet and is captured. Rogue makes her way to Bella Donna’s house, where she has to fight both Gris-Gris and Fifolet. She defeats the two Assassins, but is then approached by the External Candra. Candra takes Rogue to the room where Cody, Gambit and Tante Mattie are imprisoned. Candra takes away the powers of both Rogue and Bella Donna. The two enemies attack each other and end up with Bella Donna throwing a knife through Rogue’s shoulder!

Full Summary: 

Rogue is ready to attack the Assassins, but they don’t even seem to bother to move. Rogue doesn’t understand it and recalls how much of a hard time they gave her when the Assassins attacked her at the hospital. But she doesn’t care that much and fights her way through. More and more Assassins seem to show up, but Rogue doesn’t allow them to outnumber her and continues to fight. Rogue only hopes that Gambit keeps his promise and won’t follow her. Meanwhile, Gambit rides his bike on a bridge towards New Orleans. He finds that the welcome committee is already present and is “welcomed” by his cousin, Emil Lapin.

Emil warns Gambit that, if he continues his ride, he’ll be killed the second he enters New Orleans. Gambit asks if Emil would join the fight. “Of course not,” Emil answers. Not because they went through so much and, after all, he was never good at obeying the High Council. And certainly not because Remy saved his life so many times. Emil begs Gambit to go back and that for the Thieves Guild; he is already dead. Emil warns that Bella Donna will wait him up and that Rogue is heading towards her house. Gambit says he’ll go there too, then. Emil says that, if he goes on, he can’t help his cousin Remy. Gambit says that’s okay and moves on.

Meanwhile, Candra gets impatient for Rogue’s arrival. Bella Donna is certain that Rogue will come, as will Gambit. And she can’t wait for that moment, for then the real fun can begin. Rogue herself is still busy fighting the crowd of Assassins. Gambit makes it to the French Quarters. Gambit gets off from his bike and goes to find the Assassins. Gambit’s so caught up in his thoughts that he doesn’t notice Fifolet materializing behind him, and grabbing him.

Meanwhile, Rogue has finally defeated all of the Assassin attackers and makes it to Bella Donna’s house. She enters it, but nobody seems to be there. Suddenly, Gris-Gris steps forward and hands Rogue bracelets from Cody and one of Gambit’s gloves. Rogue gets upset and attacks Gris-Gris, throwing him to the back of the building. Gris-Gris fights back and throws some powder in her face. Fifolet appears and Rogue begins to get scared of them… really scared! Fifolet is impressed by Gris-Gris powder tricks and moves over to Rogue and is ready to kill her. Rogue doesn’t want that to happen and gets her grip back over herself and kicks Fifolet down. Rogue stands up and points her attention to Gris-Gris, who takes out a magic staff to attack Rogue. Gris-Gris attacks, saying that he got his powers from the Benefactress. Rogue dodges his moves and throws Gris-Gris out of the window.

Rogue goes on with her search, but her eyes still hurt. Suddenly, Rogue hears Gambit behind her. Gambit says that Bella Donna couldn’t keep him imprisoned. He touches Rogue and wants to bring their relationship to the next level. Rogue pushes “Gambit” back, knowing that he isn’t the real one. The imitator stands up, revealing that he is Questa. Rogue asks who is he and Questa says, “Whoever you want me to be.” He transforms into Ms. Marvel, telling Rogue that they know about the many lives she has ruined. Rogue has had enough and attacks Questa, knocking him unconscious.

Rogue is congratulated by the External, Candra. Candra explains that the shapeshifter is a loyal follower of Bella Donna. Candra reveals that she looks into the Assassin’s genes, seeking for their mutant potentials and activates them. She claims that Questa is one of her masterpieces. Candra says that Rogue is so much stronger than Questa, and knows that she is looking for Gambit. Candra opens a door, which reveals a dark room with Cody, Tante Mattie and Gambit in chains. Rogue runs over to them, but is stopped by Bella Donna. Bella Donna and Rogue attack each other, but Candra holds them both back, using her powers. Candra says that they rely too much on their powers and finds it much more of a fair fight if they don’t have any.

So, Candra removes both Rogue and Bella Donna’s powers. They attack each other and Bella Donna throws a knife through Rogue’s shoulder. Rogue can’t believe it, but she is actually… hurt! Bella Donna promises that Rogue won’t feel the pain for long, because she is going to die!

Characters Involved: 

Gambit, Rogue (both X-Men)

Bella Donna Boudreaux, Fifolet, Gris-Gris, Questa (all Assassins Guild)

various other members of the Assassins Guild (unnamed)


Emil Lapin (member of the Thieves Guild)

Tante Mattie Baptitste

Cody Robbins

Story Notes: 

First appearance of Emil Lapin.

Issue Information: 

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