Rogue (3rd series) #3

Issue Date: 
November 2004
Story Title: 
Going Rogue - part 3

Robert Rodi (writer), Cliff Richards (pencils), Norm Rapmund (inks), Transparency Digital (colors), VC’s Dave Sharpe (letters), Rodolpho Migliari (cover), Sean Ryan (assistant editor), Stephanie Moore (editor), Mike Marts (supervising editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

The young girl looking like Rogue escapes from a holding grip, though Rogue herself decides to let the girl go. The mysterious Campbell shows up again and claims to have information about what truly happened to Rogue’s mother. Rogue gets interested and agrees to follow him. Campbell takes her to the local hospital, where they visit the comatose Lorenzo Moontreader, a Native American, who brought Rogue’s parents to the Far Banks. Rogue absorbs Moontreader’s memories and finds out what truly happened to her parents. Her father, Owen, did whatever it took to reach the Banks and took advantage of the women at the commune and Rogue’s mother. Rogue’s mother, Priscilla, found herself taken over by evil spirits. She fought the commune and later disappeared, causing the commune to disband. Rogue stops the memories and is attacked by the same evil spirits. After she has defeated the spirits, Rogue returns to Lorenzo’s room and finds out that he is dead.

Full Summary: 

Rogue can’t believe it, but she has grabbed a young girl that looks just like her! The girl begins to cry, telling Rogue that she is hurting her. Rogue doesn’t understand the situation. It’s like looking at herself in a mirror, she says, but she was never this helpless. Rogue suggests to the girl that she’ll let her go, if she agrees not to run away and answer some questions. When the girl agrees, Rogue lets go, but the girl immediately runs away. Rogue decides to let her go and realizes that the girl is just like her when she was young. She would have taken off as well. Rogue hears something and turns around and is startled, as Campbell stands behind her again.

Campbell offers his services to Rogue, but she still doesn’t understand what he is talking about and asks Campbell if he’s got anything to do with that young girl. Campbell calms Rogue down, explaining to her that he is a friend and doesn’t have anything to do with the girl. And he claims to be here because he is needed. Campbell smiles. Rogue stares at him and tries to figure out why nothing happened when she touched him before. Rogue concludes that she’s just being remembered again what she is missing with these powers she has. Rogue looks at Campbell’s lips, and sees him as someone she can…. No!

Rogue turns away, not wanting to go there again. Rogue tells Campbell that they don’t have a deal. She explains to him that he can’t just come into her life like that and that she doesn’t trust him. Rogue asks Campbell for one good reason why she should trust him. Campbell gives her two. One, Campbell hands Rogue her mobile phone back. Rogue takes it and angry tells Campbell that he was following her. Campbell explains it’s like he said: he goes where he is needed. Rogue becomes even angrier, telling him that she doesn’t need him. Campbell doesn’t listen and gives Rogue the second reason why she should trust him: because he knows where to find the shaman.

A surprised Rogue asks who that is. Campbell says that she knows that, it’s the Native American who helped her parents reach the Far Banks. Rogue asks Campbell how he could know that, as she just found out that herself. Campbell says he doesn’t want to waste any time explaining that, when he can just bring her to the shaman. Rogue asks where the man is. “Right here in Caldecott,” Campbell reveals. Rogue agrees to go along. A few minutes later, they arrive at the local hospital and enter the shaman’s room, where the man is comatose. Rogue asks Campbell how long he has been like this. “Quite a spell,” Campbell explains. Two, three years, he believes. Rogue asks what happened to him.

Campbell claims that it wasn’t much. Just old age, too much to drink, some nasty falls. The man’s last fall didn’t get him back up. Rogue asks for the man’s name. Campbell introduces the shaman as Lorenzo Moontreader. Rogue finds Lorenzo a funny name for a Native American. Campbell smiles, telling her that “Rogue” is a funny name for a hero. Rogue, staring at Lorenzo, says that she doesn’t know why she bothered to come along with Campbell, because he still isn’t telling her anything. Campbell says that that never stopped her before. Rogue doesn’t understand. Campbell claims that she does, because, as long as Lorenzo is alive, he’s an open book to the likes of her.

Rogue doesn’t like to find out that Campbell seems to know everything about her. Campbell says that he doesn’t, but what he doesn’t know, he aims to find out. Rogue says that she won’t help him and won’t absorb Lorenzo’s identity. He might be in a coma, but still has his dignity. Campbell says that’s her choice, but claims that Lorenzo is Rogue’s only chance to find out what truly happened to her mother. Campbell believes that Rogue is afraid of what she might find out. Rogue has heard enough and takes off her gloves. But she promises that, when this is all over, she is going to assure that Lorenzo gets the best medical attention money can buy.

Rogue touches Lorenzo and absorbs his memories, literally becoming him with her face. She tries to concentrate in an attempt to be better able to focus on the many memories. Rogue sees Lorenzo getting drunk and having a alcohol problem. Lorenzo knows it’s such a waste, but can’t think of a reason to stop. Until the children show up. Owen and his friends told Lorenzo that they needed his guidance and his native wisdom. Lorenzo wanted to laugh, but saw that they had money, so he went for it. After all, Owen and his friends claimed to despise money, so it made him feel less guilty about taking it from them. Rogue learns how Lorenzo found out that Owen and his friends wanted to reach the Far Banks… the spirit word of which Lorenzo’s tribe had so many legends of. The realm in which dreams are real and have weight and texture.

Owen and his friend had read that it can be reached only in an altered state of consciousness, which Lorenzo was happy to help them achieve. But Lorenzo knew that, after 30 years of experience, it didn’t work that way. But he didn’t care because Owen gave him beer. On one night on a campfire, Lorenzo, Owen and their friends got drunk and fell asleep. Lorenzo woke up first and noticed that something happened to him. Something he didn’t expect. Pride. Lorenzo became proud of his heritage and got ashamed of himself at what he had done with the children and his life. Rogue sees how Lorenzo tried to pull himself together and tried to be a true shaman, like the kids thought he was. Lorenzo tried to remember the old legends his elders taught him.

Lorenzo eventually remembered that the Far Banks lied on the precipice of consciousness. Reached in sleep… delirium… powerful emotion…intense physical pain. From the fog of his youth, Rogue learns how Lorenzo recalled an illness that almost carried him off. At the height of the fever, Lorenzo could feel so intensely and the things he saw and heard weren’t delusions, they were real! For a few moments, Lorenzo slipped, momentarily, onto the Far Banks. Rogue sees how Lorenzo realized that they had been going about it all wrong, deadening their senses instead of opening them. Rogue sees Lorenzo sleeping and getting attacked by evil looking spirits. The next day, Rogue sees Owen and his friends approaching Lorenzo, claiming to have substances to open the mind to a separate reality. The plan was to use them in conjunction with some of the tribe’s old shamanic rituals, hoping to break through.

Owen had the idea to add one extra element, something to slip to the woman. Lorenzo didn’t ask what it is, but could guess its effects. Rogue notices Lorenzo not even bothering to object, though not feeling good about it either. That evening, Lorenzo watched the children “preparing” themselves, getting themselves drunk. The women were… giggling. Flirtatious and silly, the way Lorenzo had seen them a dozen times before. But Lorenzo noticed something else… a kind of dazed vulnerability. The women seemed pliant. Suggestible…

Rogue knows that Lorenzo realized that they were playing with fire in so many ways. Lorenzo knew that there were dark forces in the game that none of them could understand. Suddenly, Owen kissed a blond-haired woman next to him, in full passion. The woman withdrew and everyone could see that she was filled with rage.

Suddenly, the doors to the Far Banks were flying open before Lorenzo, Owen and all the rest. But their reception isn’t what they had counted on. In discounting his wife’s intelligence, in rousing her to fury, Owen had alarmed the denizens of the spirit world. Everyone was terrified when Priscilla charged up and began attacking a scared crowd, with evil spirits floating around her. Priscalla got mad, knowing that Owen tried to use her. Priscilla promised that he would never get it now. Rogue watches through Lorenzo’s eyes how Priscilla vanished away, with her final words being that she would bar the way by herself, until the end of time. With Priscilla’s disappearing, everything turned back to normal. But, at the same time, that was the last they ever saw of her.

Lorenzo, Owen and the other men watched the women leaving the next day, taking the children with them. The women couldn’t forgive the betrayal, much less the loss it had caused. Without the women, the commune began to dissolve. Lorenzo knew that he might have been blamed and was simply forgotten. Rogue sees Lorenzo taking the road, trying to escape the guilt and the shame, returning to where he came from.

Rogue stops absorbing Lorenzo’s memories and can’t believe what her father did. Campbell asks Rogue what she saw. She begins to cry. Campbell tries to wipe her tears away. At first, Rogue lets him, but then quickly withdraws, scared of trusting him. She isn’t even sure if he is human. Rogue gets up and wants to leave, to have a moment for herself. Campbell asks Rogue what’s wrong, if she found out something bad.

Rogue becomes mad, saying that is none of his business. She quickly apologizes, finding her outburst ungrateful. Rogue realizes that Campbell brought her there, to the only place she could find out the truth about her mother. But she tells Campbell that she still doesn’t trust him. That she doesn’t even know him, or his motives. Campbell tries to say something, but then Lorenzo suddenly wakes up. He’s obviously scared, saying “back… they’re back…” Rogue looks around and sees the same evil spirits she saw in Lorenzo’s mind. The spirits attack Rogue, who asks Campbell what they are. Campbell claims that they are just visions. Dreams if you will. The spirits can’t harm you if unless you believe they can.

The spirits cut through Rogue’s costume, and it hurts her! Campbell tries to make her understand, but Rogue runs away, through the hospital halls. Rogue says that it doesn’t matter how it happened, if it can make her feel that, the spirits can do the same to others. Rogue makes it to the entrance of the hospital and sees the evil spirits attacking the hospital staff and some patients, even a pregnant woman. Rogue tries to fight the spirits, but notices how the other people are scared of them. The spirits make the patients witness their worst fears. Rogue tries to slash through the spirits with a lamp, but it doesn’t do them any harm. The spirits defend themselves and throw Rogue against the back of the hospital.

As Rogue gets up, she sees the same girl from before, the one who looks like her. Rogue asks the girl what she is doing here. “Hiding,” the girl answers. The girl says that she didn’t mean to cause trouble and that she was born there, that she likes to come to the places she knows. Rogue says that she’d love to hear more, but needs to protect the patients first. The girl begs Rogue to protect her, but she doesn’t listen to her. Rogue goes over to one of the nearby spirits and is able to catch it! Rogue swings it around and kills it. The other spirits move over to the girl and attack her. The girl tries to escape.

Suddenly, all the spirits are gone, as is the girl. Rogue take some time to comfort the scared patients and hospital staff and then decides to return to Lorenzo’s room. When she’s there, Campbell is already gone. Rogue touches Lorenzo, and realizes that what she feared has come true: Lorenzo is dead.

Characters Involved: 


Campbell Saint-Ange

Lorenzo Moontreader

young girl looking like Rogue (unnamed)

evil spirits

various staff and patients and the hospital

in Lorenzo’s memories Rogue absorbs:

young Owen (Rogue’s father)

young Priscilla (Rogue’s mother)

Lorenzo Moontreader (with Rogue’s head)

various people at the commune (unnamed)

evil spirits

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