Rogue (3rd series) #4

Issue Date: 
December 2004
Story Title: 
Going Rogue - part 4

Robert Rodi (writer), Cliff Richards (pencils), Norm Rapmund (inks), Transparency Digital (colors), VC’s Dave Sharpe (letters), Rodolfo Migliari (cover), Sean Ryan (assistant editor), Mike Marts (supervising editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Gambit is worried about Rogue. He tries to make his fellow X-Men bring him to Caldecott, but they won’t, because they want to respect Rogue’s desire to have some time alone. Gambit doesn’t give up, and hitchhikes his way to Caldecott, using his hypnotic charm and blindness to his advantage. Meanwhile, Rogue herself confronts the evil spirits again and finds out that the young girl who looks like her is, in fact, she herself when she was young, scared and alone. Rogue and “Anna Marie” defeat the spirits, who fly away. Rogue walks back to her motel room and doubts about herself, and the fact that she can’t touch anyone; no one except the mysterious Campbell Saint-Ange. When Rogue enters her room, Campbell is already there, waiting for her. Campbell tries to make Rogue kiss him, but Rogue doesn’t know what to do because she loves Gambit. Meanwhile, Gambit has located Rogue’s motel room and, as he enters it, he finds Rogue and Campbell almost kissing.

Full Summary: 

Rogue has rented a room in a Caldecott motor lodge. She takes a shower and listens to the news. The newscaster mentions various weird events going on in Caldecott, and a spontaneous panic in Vennor Township preschool, including three children hospitalized and one instructor dead. Rogue finds that weird, since she went to school there too. When Rogue hears the events of the hospital, she thinks about Lorenzo Moontreader, who has passed away. Rogue finds it funny, the way she thinks about the phony shaman. Rogue talks like him in terms of his effect on her family, but all her memories of what happened are from Lorenzo’s point of view! Rogue realizes the answer: Lorenzo isn’t dead at all - he lives on right in her head.

Rogue believes that everything that happened since she got there somehow must connect to her mom. She feels it. Rogue takes a look in the mirror and wants to fix her hair. She looks for the hairbrush. As Rogue searches for it, she doesn’t notice the reflection of her face briefly changing into that of the mysterious young girl that looks like her. When Rogue has found the brush and looks back in the mirror, her face is normal. Rogue combs her hair and wishes that she had something that took her mind of all this. Rogue remembers that she was supposed to look for Laurie’s missing mother, but that doesn’t seem important to her now.

Meanwhile, at the Xavier Institute, Havok and Iceman inform Gambit that they left Rogue in Caldecott, two days ago, but can’t remember the reason why. Gambit gets angry at them, and wants them to bring him there. He’s concerned about her, with all the weird events he heard on the news. Havok says he promised Rogue to send a jet to pick her up, but can’t remember where to send it. And besides, Alex continues, he believes that Rogue just tries to steal some time alone. After all, she didn’t have it easy with her powers coming back, and Gambit losing his sight. And Havok also believes that it has something to do with the fight Gambit and Rogue had with each other the morning they left before the mission.

As Gambit is still concerned, Havok tells Gambit that Rogue is an X-Man and, if she can’t handle what’s going on to her, she will call. Havok leaves the room they are in and says that he’s going to respect Rogue’s desire for some privacy. Gambit tries to talk Iceman into bringing him to Rogue. Bobby tells Gambit that his “hypnotic charm” doesn’t work on people who know about it and also leaves the room.

Gambit knows that Bobby is right, and has an idea. Gambit leaves the Institute and walks on the street. A car with two lovely girls in it almost runs him over. They quickly stop, asking Remy if he’s all right. A smiling Gambit says that he is, and asks the girl for a ride. As they drive, Gambit sweet-talks both girls. After they drop him off, Gambit talks a trucker into giving him a ride. Gambit charms that guy as well, by listening to the trucker’s stories about his son and troubled marriage.

Meanwhile, Rogue has spent the day trying to find some trouble to resolve in Caldecott, but there was none. The worst thing that happened to her was some guy that hit on her. Rogue pities him, but rethinks after she realizes that that guy at least has got a small chance to find true love. She can’t. Rogue hates the fact that she can’t touch anybody ever again. Well, except for Campbell.

Rogue stops herself because she promised herself she wouldn’t think about Campbell like that. She doesn’t even know anything about the mysterious man. And she loves Gambit. But Rogue has gotten used to all those months she lived together with Gambit in love, peace and happiness. But Rogue admits that she feels something about Campbell, a kind of boyishness charm. Rogue doesn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, her cell phone rings. Rogue takes a look at it and surprisingly she sees that it’s Gambit calling her. When she answers the call, Gambit quickly asks Rogue if she’s all right and Rogue confirms that she is. She hears a noise in Gambit’s background and asks what it is. Gambit lies that he’s just outdoors and that there’s a plane flying overhead. In truth, Gambit is hitchhiking another ride with a woman on a bike.

Rogue apologizes to Gambit for accidentally absorbing his memories. Gambit tells her to forget about it, it’s all forgotten. He says he just wished he could be with her. Rogue promises that she’ll be back soon, she just needs some things to take care off first. As Rogue phones, she doesn’t notice the evil spirits floating above her. Rogue continues and tells Gambit that some weird things are happening to her, but she doesn’t know where to begin to explain. But she promises that she’ll figure it out. Gambit offers the X-Men’s help, but Rogue replies that it’s all personal. Rogue makes Gambit promise to stay where he is. Having arrived in Caldecott, Gambit promises but doesn’t tell Rogue where he is.

Gambit asks Rogue about the events he heard on the news, but Rogue claims that those reports are exaggerated. Gambit asks if Rogue is with her family now. Rogue denies, answering that she just stopped by and is now staying at a motor lodge ten minutes from there. Rogue hangs up the phone before Gambit can ask more. Rogue wonders what that was all about; it looked like Gambit was pumping her to get information out of her. Rogue finds that worries for later. She leans against the bench she sits on and touches an evil spirit. Rogue gets up and panics when she sees all those evil spirits. She screams, and the spooked spirits take off. Rogue follows them downtown and sees the spirits attacking the local people. Rogue tries to defend them and rescues a scared kid.

Suddenly, the mysterious girl that looks like her appears behind Rogue. The girl asks Rogue why she is helping other people, when she should be taking care of herself. Rogue says that, if she did that, she wouldn’t have a self worth saving. Rogue asks the girl who she is. The girl introduces herself as Anna Marie. Rogue doesn’t believe that, because that’s her name. The girl says that isn’t so, because Rogue is calling herself something else now. That’s why the evil spirits know that Rogue’s not her. The girl steps forward, and tells Rogue that she thinks that Rogue could be right. All this running, the girl says, it eats away at Rogue. The girl thinks that she can get some gumption back by acting a little more like Rogue. The girl walks over to the evil spirits and makes them follow her into a chase away from the town.

Rogue looks at the girl running and tries to find out what is going on. Rogue returns to her motel room and feels lucky that nobody from Caldecott got hurt badly. She wonders who the mysterious girl truly is, and why the spirits are after her. Could the girl be a mutant?

Rogue opens her room and finds Campbell there! Rogue gets angry at Campbell, but he stops her. Campbell says that Rogue doesn’t want him to go away; no, he wants her to admit that she needs him more then for just some information. Campbell touches Rogue’s cheek. Meanwhile, Gambit arrives outside the motel. He enters the lobby and asks the owner for Rogue’s room number. At first, the owner refuses to give it to Gambit, but Gambit charms the guy by listening to his stories and gets the information he wants.

Rogue takes Campbell’s hand away and tries to hurt him. Campbell isn’t impressed and does it again. He tells Rogue that, if she really wants him to stop, she can break his wrist. A confused Rogue does nothing. Outside, Gambit finds Rogue’s room and hears her and Campbell talking. He opens the door, and finds Rogue and Campbell almost kissing!

Characters Involved: 

Gambit, Havok, Iceman, Rogue (all X-Men)

Campbell Saint-Ange

“Anna Marie” (young girl looking like Rogue)

evil spirits

Cindy & Joanne (two girls Gambit hitchhikes with)

Jesse (trucker Gambit hitchhikes with)

Angus (motel owner Gambit gets information from)

various Caldecott townspeople (unnamed)

woman on bike that Gambit hitchhikes with (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Rogue and Gambit indeed argued before they went to the mission in Caldecott and saved Laurie. Gambit couldn’t handle the fact that he tripped over a trunk, and Rogue helped him up. Gambit thought it was because Rogue thought that he couldn’t take care of himself. When an angry Gambit pushed Rogue away, she accidentally absorbed some of his memories. [Rogue (3rd series) #1]

The reason why Havok can’t remember where to send a jet to pick Rogue up is because Laurie, the new mutant the X-Men rescued, took away that memory from his and Beast’s mind and then disappeared. [Rogue (3rd series) #2] Rogue’s true first name, Anna Marie, was also revealed in that issue. Rogue began using the name Anna Raven in X-Treme X-Men #31.

Rogue mysteriously got her powers back off-panel, after the events of X-Treme X-Men #46. Rogue lost her powers in X-Treme X-Men #18, after the fight with Vargas. Apparently, the loss was only temporary.

Gambit lost his sight during a fight against the Eight Immortals in X-Men (2nd series) #158. According to Gambit, it’s only been a week since that happened.

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