Sabretooth (3rd series) #3

Issue Date: 
June 2022
Story Title: 
Whisper Campaign

Victor LaVelle (writer), Leonard Kirk (artist), Rain Beredo (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit (letterer & production), Tom Muller & Jay Bowen (designers), Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer & Frank Martin (cover artists), Declan Shalvey (variant cover artist), Lauren Amaro (assistant editor), Jordan D White (editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)


Brief Description: 

Melter reveals why he came to be imprisoned in the Pit, after trying to practice using his powers better on Krakoa, melting some of the landscape, and asking Professor Xavier for the chance to play a bigger role. Within the Pit though, the mutant prisoners – Sabretooth, Nekra, Melter, Madison Jeffries, Oya and Third Eye – are linked into Sabretooth's mind and through this, their astral forms are currently on a raft floating away from “Krakoa State Penitentiary. Sabretooth talks about the dreams he was having while in the Pit, and reveals that he managed to appear to someone up on Krakoa, and he thinks that they can do this again, and appear to some old teammates of his who must be bored with Krakoa and want to cause some trouble. Nekra and Oya are able to project their forms onto Krakoa and appear at Nanny's Cove. But they aren't interested in finding Sabretooth's old teammate, Scrambler, and locate their associate, Bling. They discuss how they were imprisoned in the Pit for killing humans who planned to do harm on Krakoa, and Bling offers to help her companions. Third Eye is supposed to find Vertigo, but instead he locates Mole, who talks to Third Eye about how there are people on Krakoa Xavier has forgotten, overlooked – and there are plenty of them. Madison Jeffries is supposed to find Prism, but instead he talks to Skin. They discuss their appearances and Madison informs Skin that he is trapped inside Krakoa's prison. Melter finds himself at the Grove, where is confronted by Charles Xavier – only Melter realizes something's wrong, it's not Xavier, but Sabretooth in disguise. Sabretooth's “Feral Council” materializes and watch as Sabretooth tortures Melter while they discuss Sabretooth's plan. Word starts to spread across Krakoa – Mole, Bling and Skin begin telling others about the mutant prisoners trapped within Krakoa, while inside the Pit itself, the prisoners are still connected, and in Melter's psychic prison he suddenly lashes out at Sabretooth, burning him while the Feral Council watches.

Full Summary: 


When he was a child Chris Colchiss killed his parents. As a young man, he killed an old woman. Both were mistakes, but he doesn't think that matters – they're all still dead.

Xavier invited him and other mutants who had done much worse than him. He wanted to thank Xavier. He is a kid from the suburbs, where they don't treat land as sacred – they expect it to be sculpted. He thought there would be no better place to practice with his powers, far from anyone else – but as he unleashed his powers in an attempt to practice using them in an empty part of the island nation of Krakoa, he didn't understand what he was doing, until he had done it, as he and other mutants were rendered unconscious. There were consequences, and not just for him.

'Open your eyes, Christopher' Charles Xavier called out as he kneeled beside the young mutant called Melter. 'I never thought I'd meet you up close' Melter uttered as he looked up at Xavier, who told him that he wished it was under better circumstances. Melter realized that he did something wrong, and Xavier confirmed that he did. 'I'm sorry, it was an accident' Melter explained, looking at the ruined land around them. Xavier helped Melter to stand as he told him that the accident forced Krakoa to drain his life force, and that of other mutants nearby. 'If you'd destroyed a larger part of the land, who knows how many might have been affected' Xavier remarked.

Melter explained that he was practicing, as his powers get out of control. 'One of the burdens of my powers is that I know not only what you did, but what you were thinking' Xavier replied, as he revealed that Melter was indeed practicing, but that he was also searching for the meeting place of the Quiet Council, hoping to listen in. 'And that may be the most dangerous part'. Melter looked up at Xavier with wide-eyes and told him that he just wanted to play a bigger part on Krakoa. 'Is that so bad?' he asked. Xavier told Melter that this was his home, that he was loved and welcomed, but that the fruit of that particular knowledge was forbidden to him. 'Please accept that. I won't warn you twice'.

But Melter did try again – he didn't think Xavier would actually do it.


Within Krakoa's secret known as the Pit, where mutants who have posed a threat to Krakoa are held in suspended animation. Those mutants currently manifest inside “Krakoa State Penitentiary” and are making their great escape, riding on a raft of mutant bodies across the ocean surrounding the prison. Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth is among them, and he tells the others – Melter, Nekra, Madison Jeffries, Oya and Third Eye – that in 1962 three men made an escape attempt from Alcatraz Island. Clarence Anglin, John Anglin and Frank Morris snuck out of their cells through holes they had dug in the walls in what was probably the most famous prison break in US history. 'They left paper-mache heads in their beds so the guards wouldn't notice they'd slipped out' Sabretooth adds. 'The prisoners made a raft from over fifty raincoats and crafted paddles out of scrap wood and nails. The survival instinct sparked genius in those men'. Sabretooth tells his companions that they disappeared and were never captured again – a real embarrassment for the state.

'Maybe they just died in the water' Melter suggests. Jeffries and Third Eye turn to him, unimpressed.' What? I'm just saying' Melter replies. 'You do see where we are, don't you?' Jeffries asks. 'We're in a dream! We already learned that. We're in his head!' Melter reminds everyone. As they float under a moon with a large claw print in it, Sabretooth snarls 'That's true, all of you jacked into my brain. So I'll tell you why we're here'. The mutants listen as Sabretooth tells them at one point, when he was alone, he dreamed of having adventures in outer space, and imagined himself far from the Pit, andthen something strange happened – he found himself up there, on the surface of Krakoa. He explains that the plants took on the shape of his body, and he was seen by others. 'If I hadn't been so surprised, I mighta spoken with them' Creed adds. He then tells the others that he is thinking they try again, but that this time, since they're all in this boat, all making the escape, perhaps they can all manifest up on Krakoa, and that if it works, he has a few people he wants them to find – old teammates. 'Folks like them arev addicted to the chaos. They've got to be bored with paradise by now' Sabretooth suggests.

Step One: Find Scrambler!

Soon, at Nanny's Cove on Krakoa, Oya and Nekra walk across the beach, and Oya remarks that she can't believe it worked. 'I'm more surprised that we manifested as sand and stone' Nekra replies. Oya asks her what she thought they would be made of, to which Nekra replies 'Not sugar and spice'. Oya asks Nekra if she knows that Sabretooth is just using them, to which Nekra sarcastically responds 'Oh, Sabretooth can't be trusted? Thanks for the warning' Oya asks if they are going to follow the plan, to which Nekra tells her 'Absolutely not. I've got my own ideas'.

Oya then notices that the boat is gone, and Nekra tells her that she felt foolish that they ever patrolled these waters on their nation's behalf. 'We killed on our nation's behalf. More than once' Oya remindds her. Nekra reveals that she is wondering if they ever escape the Pit, whether this island can remain her home. 'Would anywhere else be better?' Oya asks. 'Maybe not. But there's a special pain when your own nation marks you as an enemy'. They stand on a dock as Nekra tells Oya that Thomas Paine is one of her heroes, a British man who sided with Americans and advocated for freedom, and that it was his writing that helped inspire the colonists to take up arms against the king. 'When the Americans won, they rewarded him with a home in New York and a small bit of money' Nekra reveals, before pointing to the small boat that approaches the dock.

Nekra continues with her story, informing Oya that Paine then turned around and asked how they could demand freedom from the king but keep their own slaves. The Americans didn't like that. But it's why Nekra loves him. He held everyone to the same standard – of course, he died broke and ostracized. At that moment, Roxy Washington a.k.a. Bling steps off the small boat, and noticing the sand and stone versions of Oya and Nekra, she asks 'What am I seeing?' Oya asks her friend if she has been patrolling, to which Bling tells her that everyone on the island is preparing for the Gala, but that she has been out looking for bodies. 'You can't be resurrected without proof that you died. What happened?' Bling asks. 'We were tried and sentenced' Oya utters. 'In a secret court' Nekra adds. 'What do you need me to do?' Bling asks.

Step Two: Find Vertigo

'I wondered if you'd show up again. You look a little different than the last time' Mole remarks as he enters his room and finds Third Eye, who appears as some sort of plant form, waiting for him. Third Eye turns to Mole and greets him, asking if he talked to him yesterday. 'No, you didn't. It's been...a while' Mole replies, adding that he started thinking he dreamed this up. Third Eye supposes that time moves differently when you're thrown into isolation. Mole assures Third Eye that he has been trying to get the word out about him, but that it is tough to keep secrets when the head honcho can read minds.

Looking out the bedroom window, Third Eye asks Mole how he got around that problem. 'It took me a while to figure out the trick: I couldn't talk to anyone who mattered' Mole explains. 'I thought that all mutants matter on Krakoa' Third Eye replies. 'All mutants are equal, but some mutants are more equal than others' Mole states. 'Even here' Third Eye mutters, to which Mole smirks and points out that there is power in being forgotten – Xavier can read any mind, but he overlooks a lot of them. 'So you've been talking to the invisible and the ignored' Third Eye realizes. 'Yup. And there's plenty of us in the world' Mole adds.

Step Three: Find Prism

Angelo Espinosa a.k.a. Skin sits on the edge of a cliff, when suddenly, Madison Jeffries manifests before him as a cloud of microplastics. 'What? Sabretooth showed up as a plant, but I'm manifesting differently. Did I have some choice in looking like this?' Jeffries asks. 'Someone there?' Skin calls out. Jeffries looks at Skin and realizes he is not who he is looking for. 'Yeah, I get that a lot' Skin responds. Jeffries sits down next to Skin and remarks that he knows this might sound weird, but that seeing himself like this, as a cloud of microplastics, it feels good. 'Like this is what you're supposed to be?' Skin asks, revealing that he felt some type of way when his powers first hit – he wasn't happy. He thought the real him was gone, but he is still Angelo, smooth as ever. 'This is me. Not that body, not flesh and bone. I'm going to cherish this feeling for a long time' Jeffries smiles. 'No one can be you, but you' Skin tells him, adding that he was happy Jeffries showed up, but points out that Jeffries never said why he was here. Jeffries reveals that he is trapped inside Klrakoa, imprisoned, and is supposed to be on some secret mission to recruit bad guys. 'But that's not me either' Jeffries smiles.

'I found it? I'm in' Melter remarks as he looks around the secret chamber where the Quiet Council meet. 'Where you've always wanted to be' Xavier frowns as he appears behind Melter, who spins around: 'I didn't mean wasn't me this time...' Melter exclaims nervously. Xavier puts a hand on Melter's shoulder and tells him to be easy, as this was his greatest wish – and now he has it. Melter looks down at Xavier's hand, and asks the Professor if he can find his parents for him, out in the world. 'Even though they're human, I miss them' Melter reveals. Xavier smiles and tells Melter that his parents miss him, too, but that they are happy to know he has found his people and his place in the world. 'They've been dead for close to twenty years, Professor' Melter frowns. Xavier pulls back from Melter and folds his arms: 'You're the one I don't trust. Why is that?' he asks. 'Because you know I won't get fooled again. And because, despite being trapped down here, I still believe in the Professor' Melter replies, readying his energy, which glows around his hand.

'Have it your way, kid!' Sabretooth snarls as he reveals himself, dropping the Xavier disguise as he rakes his claws across Melter, gutting the young mutant, who screams and falls to the ground. 'Pain is a mental state. Even down here in the Pit, with all this violence, just happening in your head, you'll feel it' Sabretooth snarls as he tosses Melter over the back of one of the Council chairs. 'Please...' Melter gasps as his blood-drenched body goes limp. Other versions of Sabretooth appear, a well-dressed Sabretooth in a suit called the Captain smiles as he looks at Melter and calls the meeting of the Feral Council to order. 'The Falling Council is more like it' a child version of Sabretooth called the Boy complains as he sits slumped over the desk, red stains around his mouth. 'Stop this...' Melter utters as a cat begins licking him. 'You look upset, Beast – don't like how this plan is going?' the Captain asks turning to the Sabretooth who just skewered Melter. 'No' the Beast responds, arms folded.

'Let's go over the “plan” you two dreamed up' the Captain suggests, while the cat begins pawing at Melter. 'I'm begging you...' Melter utters. The Captain points out that Scrambler and Vertigo have been fine teammates in the past, but that neither one ever goes the distance, while Prism breaks easier than a cheap wine glass. 'Then why the hell did you go along with it?' the Boy snaps, pointing at the Captain. Melter screams as the cat rakes its claws down Melter's face. 'Because I'm the worst' the Captain smirks. He explains that he went along with that plan because it was the best they could do. But that he had a feeling there might be a better path to victory. 'Now, we all think Victor Creed is the best thing on two feet, but, of course, we're biased. There's not too many who would've shed a tear knowing we got sent down here. But we're not the only ones down here anymore'. He adds that he knows others think their time in covert ops was only about killing or stealing. Like they're just a hammer meant to smash down nails – but they're smarter than anyone gives them credit for.

At that moment, on Krakoa, Skin talks to Blob behind the bar at the Green Lagoon, where other mutants listen in on the conversation. Bling meets with Shark-Girl and Marrow, while Mole finds some mutants in an underground cavern.

The Captain continues, he reminds the other versions of Sabretooth that they swore an oath to Xavier. 'I will make your line extinct. This is how we do it. Not with our claws or teeth, but with our cunning. You can take down a nation and never fire a gun'.

In the Pit proper, Third Eye's psionic form once again rises up from his body who lies in suspended animation. He has noticed something down here – they can move. Not much, he doesn't even know how conscious it is. He notices that Nekra and Oya have found each other – and are holding hands. Comrades. Sisters. He senses that their touch calms one another. He looks over to Melter and realizes that he thinks Melter is trying to connect, too, his hand reaching out to Sabretooth. Third Eye supposes that it makes sense he would be drawn to the big man, as the kid seems desperate for a leader, for a role to play – but that can be dangerous.

'Look at that. Maybe he's reaching out for his Mommy' the Captain wonders as he looks over at Melter's limp body and sees him reaching out. 'Use your brain, Colchiss. None of this is real' the Captain declares, while the cat watches as energy glows around Melter's hand. 'In here, no. but what about out there?' Melter asks. Vines writhe around Melter's hand as Melter declares 'This might kill you. And since we're all wired into your mind, it might kill us too. But if it means protecting Krakoa from's worth that risk' Melter calls out, as Sabretooth's body hanging in suspended animation screams as Melter's powers begin to destroy him.


Characters Involved: 


Madison Jeffries, Melter, Nekra, Oya, Third Eye

Bling, Blob, Marrow, Mole, Shark-Girl, Skin


The Beast, The Boy, The Captain, The Cat (all Feral Council)



Melter/Chris Colchiss at various stages

Professor X

Unnamed mutants

Story Notes: 

Thomas Paine lived from 1737 – 1809.

Mole was showing trying to talk to mutants like Storm and Apocalypse last issue, but being ignored by them at every attempt.

Scrambler, Vertigo and Prism are three of Sabretooth's former Marauders teammates. Scrambler and Prism were last seen in Hellions #1-4, while Vertigo has yet to appear on Krakoa.

This issue contains a text-only page of notes on the Feral Council from the Captain.


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