Sabretooth: Open Season #4

Issue Date: 
February 2005
Story Title: 
Open Season - part 2: Abominable

Daniel Way (writer), Bart Sears (pencils), Mark Pennington (inks), Mike Atiyeh (colors), VC's Cory Petit (letters), Warren Simons (editor), Axel Alonso (executive editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Wendigo attacks Sasquatch, Hamilton and the two kids. Sasquatch tells Hamilton and the kids to hide in the cellar again, while he fights the Wendigo himself. The fight takes itself outside, where the Wendigo makes short work of Sasquatch and easily defeats him. Sabretooth, however, doesn’t give up on his hunt. He locates the Wendigo and they fight each other for hours. Eventually, Sabretooth ends up killing the Wendigo. He returns to the cabin, where he informs Hamilton and the kids that a boat is approaching ashore, and that they are saved. Sabretooth walks away, triumphantly carrying the Wendigo’s fur over his shoulders.

Full Summary: 

Wendigo slashes his way through the cabin in which Sasquatch, Officer Hamilton and two kids were hiding. Sasquatch orders Hamilton to get the kids below right now. Hamilton does as told, but Wendigo notices that and attacks them! However, Sasquatch grabs its tail just in time and tells the monster that he won’t kill anymore. Walter swings the Wendigo around the hut a few times and tosses him out! The Wendigo lands harshly into the snow.

Sasquatch tells Hamilton to just take the kids below and stay there, also mentioning the fact that he might not return. Hamilton does as told, but takes his shotgun with him. He promises the kids not to worry, as things are going to be fine. The kids, crying, tell Hamilton that he shouldn’t lie, since that’s a bad thing to do. The kids not that things aren’t go to be fine. They know that the monster killed their parents, their uncle Paul and Mister Laronne. And now it’s going to kill them, too. Hamilton is confused to hear that the Wendigo killed their folks. He thought that…

“What?” a voice from behind says, “That I killed them?” A soaking wet Sabretooth makes his way into the cellar. Hamilton takes his gun and warns Sabretooth. Creed of course isn’t impressed and tells Hamilton to put the gun down, knowing that won’t kill him. Hamilton asks Creed what he wants. Sabretooth wants Hamilton to do what he was doing so far: keeping his bait alive! Sabretooth promises that it’s almost over.

Sasquatch is back in the woods and shouts at the Wendigo that it will end here. He shouts that he knows that Wendigo is scared. He knows that Wendigo has been chased out of his home. Walter knows that the Wendigo only killed to protect himself, but tries to make Wendigo understand that this will only bring more men that will hunt him down. Walter shouts to the Wendigo that he can help him, if he would only trust him. As Sasquatch shouts, he doesn’t notice that the Wendigo is watching him from in a nearby dark cave.

Wendigo apparently isn’t interested, because he jumps out of the cave at full rage and slams Sasquatch down! Wendigo slashes Sasquatch a few times with his claws, and Walter’s blood splats through the air. “No,” Wendigo says, “Trussst… maaan!” When Sasquatch faints, Wendigo roars.

Sabretooth hears that and follows the directions. Some time later, the Wendigo stands on a hill. He looks sad. He smells something and quietly growls. It’s Sabretooth who has caught up on him. Sabretooth guesses that Wendigo realizes that people are coming to kill him. But Creed doesn’t care about that, because Wendigo will be long dead before those men arrive! Creed jumps at Wendigo and attacks, and slices through his stomach.

The fight goes on, and both men fall off the hill and land in the ice cold water below them. Sabretooth gets the upper hand on Wendigo and keeps slicing him and isn’t bothered by the water at all. Wendigo doesn’t give up. The two creatures keep on fighting each other, ignoring the fact that they keep sinking lower and lower…

Time passes. The snow storm rises up again. The ice begins to crack. After a short while, Sabretooth’s hand rises and he climbs up!

Creed returns to the cabin. He opens the cellar and informs Hamilton that there’s a boat approaching and that it should be to the dock in a few hours. Creed tells them that if they hurry, they might even be able to safe Sasquatch’s life. Sabretooth tells Hamilton and the kids that at least they are saved, and they can start a fire now, since it’s going to be cold.

Triumphantly, Sabretooth walks away, carrying the Wendigo’s fur over his shoulders.

Characters Involved: 




Officer Hamilton

two unnamed kids

Story Notes: 

It is unknown which human host this Wendigo creature carries. The last Wendigo beast had merged together with an attacking Mauvais, and they were eventually pulled away by the Gods of the Great White North into their dimension (Wolverine (2nd series) #173).

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