Sabretooth & the Exiles #4

Issue Date: 
April 2023
Story Title: 
Station Four

Victor LaVelle (writer), Leonard Kirk (penciler), Rain Beredo (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit (letterer & production), Tom Muller & Jay Bowen (designers), Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer & Frank Martin (cover artists), Takashi Okazaki & Edgar Delgado (variant cover artists), Drew Baumgartner (assistant editor), Mark Basso (editor), Jordan D White (editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Orchis' Station Four has been compromised, and an operative warns Orchis not to send anyone – however Sabretooth and the Exiles are en route, aboard Bling's ship along with hundreds of mutants they rescued from another Orchis station. Adding to their troubles is the emaciated version of an alternate Victor Creed that they discovered on the previous Orchis station. Nanny engages in conversation with two of the mutants found in the Orchis prison, and is delighted when she learns that Station Four is housing infant mutants when she overhears Jeffries and Third Eye discussing Station Four, and demands to join them on the rescue mission. They aren't the only ones looking for Station Four, either, as Dr. Barrington and the Creation are en route, but as they arrive at the ocean location where Station Four is supposed to be, but they cannot find it – and are quickly captured when one of the mutant infants with water powers grabs them from below the surface of the water. While Sabretooth begins talking to the rescued mutants about Krakoa, on the deck of the ship, Nekra, Melter, Oya, Third Eye and Jeffries discuss Station Four and the dangers of letting Nanny get to the children. Toad watches them, feeling left out, he has information they need and considers withholding it, but decides against it, and warns them that Sabretooth is up something. While everyone heads back down into the ship, Jeffries remains on the deck and sees the surface of the water bubbling. The Exiles find Sabretooth discussing a revenge plan with the other mutants, who hand on his every word. But before they can intervene, there is a rumbling which shakes the ship. The Exiles race back to the deck, where they are too late to save Jeffries from being ripped apart by the frightened infant mutant with ewater powers. An Orchis ship appears above the Exiles and Sabretooth is transported away in a stasis beam, whiel the Exiles' ship is pulled under the water. Nekra does her best to keep the mutants calm, while Sabretooth finds himself face to face with Orchis' General Contractor – his son, Graydon Creed! Graydon has been hunting every Sabretooth across the Multiverse, and has finally come to kill his father.

Full Summary: 

Point Nemo, the most remote part of the planet, 1000 miles from any landmass in all directions. The location of Station Four, an Orchis outpost, where a blood-covered Orchis operative reports over the communications system that Station Four has been compromised. 'Stay away. I say again. Test subjects are no longer under out control' the operative announces, while one of their colleagues nearby groans in agony, part of their arm seemingly phased through some equipment. 'The Infernal Nursery is forfeit. We are all dead already' the operative utters. 'Do not come here'.

Meanwhile, aboard a large ship that floats through the clouds, occupied by Sabretooth, the Exiles and hundreds of mutants rescued from an Orchis prison where they were experimented on. On the ship's deck Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth stands beside Nekra Sinclair and Idie Okonkwo a.k.a. Oya as they look down at an emanciated body which has been covered by a blanket. 'Are you sure? That don't even look like me' Creed remarks as he examines the apparent version of himself. 'Why would she make that up?' Nekra asks. 'We were in a whole other dimension. People do strange things when they're scared' Sabretooth points out. Oya exclaims that she wasn't scared, and that she knows what this person said. 'His name was Victor Creed!' Oya declares. 'That's not the only mystery. I wonder how they got a physical form onto the Astral Plane at all' Nekra remarks.

'These Orchis bases have turned out more monstrous than even the Pit on Krakoa' Nerka adds, 'Says you. I blame Xavier for us being out here at all. And I still aim to make him pay' Sabretooth replies. 'We are looking at your literal body double, and all you can think about is revenge?' Oya asks. 'If this is really me' Sabretooth responds as he grabs the other Victor Creed by his hair. 'I know him better than you ever will. And he'd want me to cut down my enemies' Sabretooth explains. Oya and Nekra look at each other concerned as Sabretooth announces 'And this shipload of kids is gonna help me get what I want'.

Down below, in a large cafeteria space, dozens of the rescued mutants have gathered and are eating. Among them are Bab and Herd, who sit away from the other mutants as Bab asks 'So now what?' to which Herd suggests that they go home. 'To what? The people I ran away from in the first place?' Bab remarks.  Suddenly, they are joined by Eleanor Murch a.k.a. Nanny and her ward, simply known as Pete, or Orphan Maker. 'Oh, you poor things' Nanny utters, to which Bab asks 'Which one are you?' Nanny introduces herself and tells Bab that her heart goes out to all of the children in cages. 'It's just criminal' she exclaims. 'Isn't that right, Peter? Say hello' Nanny tells Orphan Maker, who holds up his hand and remarks ''Sup', which does not impress Nanny. 'Did you just sau 'sup? My word' Nanny gasps. Bab smiles at Orphan Maker and tells him that she likes his new suit, that it makes him look smooth. 'Yeah, it's cool. I guess' Orphan Maker responds. 'You guess? What's come over you, Peter?' Nanny asks, before Herd asks Nanny if she would like to sit. 'What well-behaved kids!' Nanny smiles. 'Do you hear this, Peter?' Nanny asks 'Yes, Nanny. Very funny' Orphan Maker mutters, to which Nanny tells him that he is not listening at all. 'We have to ask before we get there...' Herd begins, to which Bab asks what Krakoa is like, adding that they are excited to see it. 'Oh my, your poor, poor things' Nanny murmurs. 'Krakoa sucks' Orphan Maker declares.

Down a corridor, Sabretooth carries the body of his apparent double, while Nekra walks at his side, informing Sabretooth that Third Eye says they should not have been able to bring this Sabretooth's physical form back from the Astral Plane. 'And yet I'm carrying him now' Sabretooth points out. Nekra adds that Third Eye thinks what that means is that this Sabretooth must have had profound psychic abilities, far different from any he has ever encountered in this reality. 'Oh yeah? Well, he still ended up dead' Sabretooth mutters, adding that whatever this Sabretooth is, he wants to be alone with him for a minute.

Inside a cabin, Sabretooth sits on a chair while looking at his double who he has laid on a bed. 'So, I'm wondering if what happened to you is what's happening to me' Sabretooth remarks, revealing that he is getting weaker every day, and that it is taking all he has got to walk around and jaw at the others. The other Sabretooth offers no response as this world's Sabretooth announces that someone did this to him, a lady doctor, got him good. 'But did she get you too? Or was it someone else?' Sabretooth wonders, before looking out the cabin window, solemnly stating that he is afraid he knows who it is – and if he is right, then there is going to be hell to pay.

In a control room, Third Eye and Madison Jeffries are discussing Point Nemo, and Third Eye asks 'Station Four is that far out?' Jeffries confirms that it is, and that he assumes it was put there for safety reasons, although he wonders what could be so dangerous that they need to be kept out there. Third Eye looks around to make sure there is no one nearby, before turning back to Jeffries and whispering: 'Babies'. Suddenly, 'Did someone say babies?' a voice calls out. Nanny enters the room and declares that she will be joining the boarding party, of course. Third Eye hangs his head and covers his face with his hands.

Elsewhere, Dr. Barrington is flown across the ocean by her bodyguard, The Creation, who comes to a stop, and asks 'Isn't Station Four supposed to be here?' to which Dr. Barrington states that her readouts indicate it is here. 'Or, rather, it sank. It's down there' she announces, glancing down to the ocean. The Creation states that she can hold her breath for a long time, and that her frame is now prepared to survive the pressure of great depths. 'But I am not' Dr. Barrington remarks, and The Creation confirms that. Dr. Barrington, with part of her face blown off, looks at the Creation and tells her that the best option she can think of is that she treads water while the Creation dives down and investigates. 'That's a terrible option. How long do you think you can stay on the surface?' The Creation asks. Dr. Barrington tells the Creation not to argue with her, that it is not a good choice, but it is the only one they have. She adds that with her visor, she can track the Creation and communicate with her. 'I'm just worried about you! Don't get angry at me for being concerned' the Creation responds.


'There's nothing to be -' Dr. Barrington begins, when suddenly, a large watery hand reaches up from the ocean and grabs the Creation and Dr. Barrington. 'Brace yourself!' The Creation calls out, before the hand pulls them under the surface of the water, just as the Exiles' vessel arrives, but as ripples on the surface of the water quickly disappear.


Back inside the ship, Sabretooth stumbles to the cafeteria, his legs can barely keep him upright, he feels like there is a hundred years' worth of fights in his body. 'Come on now, Creed. Get it together' Sabretooth tells himself, before calling out 'So, this is where you kids have been hiding' as he looks at Bab and Herd, who are surrounded by dozens of the others rescued mutants. 'Nanny says we're not going to Krakoa' Bab utters. 'She says we wouldn't be welcomed' Herd exclaims. Sabretooth frowns and declares that it is better to hear the truth than put their hope in a lie, and offers to tell them the truth about Krakoa – all of it.

Up on the deck, Oya, Nekra, Third Eye, Jeffries and Chris Colchiss a.k.a. Melter have gathered, and Third Eye tells the others that they cannot let Nanny go down there. Nekra asks him if he is sure anyone is still alive, as the station is at the bottom of the ocean. Third Eye explains that what is down there is so bad he can't even send an astral projection to investigate – that it is like trying to peak into a tornado. Nearby, Mortimer Toynbee a.k.a. Toad watches from the shadows. 'Of course they're all gathered out here without me. And I should be too old to feel hurt by such a thing – but I'm not' he thinks to himself, while Melter tells the others that he doesn't want Nanny going down there because it means Peter will go too – and he has come to like the kid. 'But if Third Eye is right... they're still babies down there, right? Whatever's happening, they need our help' Oya remarks.

The Toad approaches the group and calls them the “Quiet Council” as he apologizes for interrupting, before suggesting that they better come belowdecks and see what is going on. Nekra, Melter, Third Eye and Oya begin to follow Toad away from the deck, but Oya notices that Madison Jeffries is lingering behind. She asks him if he is coming, but Madison's attention is firmly fixed on the water beneath the ship, which he sees suddenly bubbling. 'You go ahead. I'll be down soon' Jeffries frowns.

Back in the cafeteria, Sabretooth is seated, while Bab and Herd sit on the floor near his feet, along with other mutants, while more mutants gather around and stand behind Sabretooth, who tells the mutants that they were never going to let them out of the Pit. 'Mutants like me, and all of you, were never welcome in the paradise of Krakoa. We don't look the part. We don't follow the orders they give. They fear and shun us' Sabretooth remarks. He tells the mutants that it hurts to hear that, he knows, but that they can either sit around feeling sorry for themselves, or they can get a little payback on the ones who never cared about them. 'And I will teach you how to do it, my Exiles'

Watching from the doorway, an unimpressed Nekra tells the others that this is dangerous, and that Sabretooth is going to get them all killed. 'They're not believing this. They can't believe this. He's Sabretooth!' Oya exclaims. Third Eye points out that Sabretooth is saying all the right things – talking loud and saying nothing. 'It can't be that easy. I don't believe it!' Melter exclaims, while Toad tells the others that they would be surprised what angry people will do for their leader. Suddenly, there is a loud rumbling and the ship begins to rock back and forth. 'What now?' Nekra snaps. Madison Jeffries' voice can be heard over the communicator, reporting that there is a hull breach, that they have hit something.

Nerka and the others rush back out to the deck, where they find a large watery fist has risen up from the ocean and grabbed Madison. 'What is going on here? What am I seeing?' Oya asks, confused. Third Eye realizes that this is the kids in Station Four, that they are lashing out in a frenzy. 'They're going to rip him in half!' Melter exclaims. Jeffries tells himself to think fast – but he's not fast enough, and his body is torn apart. 'No!' Oya and Melter gasp as they look on in shock. 'Madison Jeffries is no more' Third Eye remarks as he looks over at the blood-stained water, where Madison's torso floats away from his legs.

Sabretooth, Bab, Herd and many of the others arrive on the deck and Sabretooth points out that whatever killed Jeffries will come back for the rest of them. A larger ship can be seen appearing above the Exiles' ship, while Nerka clenches a fist and declares that they are going to destroy whatever killed Madison. 'Forget what's down below, what's that in the sky?' Nanny asks as she notices the larger vessel appear above. Before anyone can react, an energy beam is fired down from the larger ship and surrounds Sabretooth, who announces that he knows who has got him, and that he is being taken to Station Five. 'Find me-' Sabretooth calls out, before he vanishes.

The Exiles' ship throws a force-field up, 'At least that means we won't drown' someone remarks, while someone else suggests they get everyone in side to be safe. As the ship is tossed about on the water's surface, everyone begins to run back inside, and Orphan Maker asks Nanny if she really thinks they are just babies and already this dangerous and powerful. 'You were' Nanny remarks. 'Imagine what I can teach them' she utters, before the Exiles' ship is pulled down under the surface of the water.

Once back inside, Nekra takes command, telling the young mutants that she knows they are scared, that they thought they were free, and now they are facing some new fight. 'But we can get out of this if we work together' she assures them, while Bab asks 'Where's Sabretooth?' and Herd asks 'He wouldn't abandon us, would he?' 'He left you with us, and we won't let you die' Oya assures Herd, while Third Eye tells the others that they have him feeling like he is on a real team. 'We don't lost one more Exile today' Melter exclaims, while Toad carries a frightened mutant nearby.

Aboard the other ship, Sabretooth finds himself in a large room that appears to be empty, save for the stars which can be seen through floor-to-ceiling windows. A voice can be heard: 'I heard you. You were right. This is Station Five. I am its General Contractor'. The General Contractor remarks that they had hoped their colleague Dr. Barrington would finish him off, but that she failed multiple times. 'It's my fault, really. Never hire out the work you must do yourself' they add, while Sabretooth is suddenly lowered through the floor on a platform, which takes him down into another room. Sabretooth plans to keep whoever the General Contractor is talking, so he can get a sense of his surroundings. 'I suppose it's fate though. Who else should face you but me?' the General Contractor asks.

Sabretooth can barely stand, he never wants to go into a fight feeling so weak. The platform stops at the floor of the room below, and Sabretooth sees someone standing before him. 'I knew this was coming. I knew it would be you...Graydon!' Sabretooth utters as he sees his son, wearing a red costume and standing in front of a wall covered in the heads of various alternate reality Sabretooths. The human Graydon Creed looks smug and asks 'Did you miss me, Dad? As you can see by my wall, I didn't miss you. Not all that often'. Graydon reveals that he has been hunting every Victor Creed across the Multiverse, and that he is getting good at it. 'The last of the Sabretooths dies tonight...'.

Characters Involved: 


Madison Jeffries, Melter, Nanny, Nekra, Orphan Maker, Oya, Third Eye, Toad (all Exiles)


Dr. B. Barrington

Commander Kruger/The Creation


Graydon Creed


Bab, Herd and other Orchis prisoners


Victor Creed (alternate)


Station Four personnel

Story Notes: 

Oya found the alternate version of Victor Creed on the Orchis prison within the Astral Plane last issue.

This issue includes some information on the Exile's ship, designed by Bling and later transmuted by Madison Jeffries, the information indicates that the ship has been called the Maroon.

Orphan Maker was given his new suit last issue, after being convinced to open his previous suit by Dr. Barrington.

This issue includes an Orchis memo from the General Contractor, which offers some background to Station Four.

Written By: