Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #14

Issue Date: 
March 2017
Story Title: 

James Robinson (writer), Shawn Crystal (artist), Chris Brunner (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit (letterer), David Aja (cover artist), Christina Harrington & Emily Shaw (editors), Mark Paniccia (senior editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
Scarlet Witch created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

The Scarlet Witch floats through the space-like Witches' Road along with the ghosts of Agatha Harkness and Natalya Maximoff. The Scarlet Witch tries to speak with her mother, but she is told this isn't the time, and shortly, they are attacked by Aimless Ones. The three witches fight the creatures, until the Scarlet Witch is urged to carry on, as this is simply a distraction that Agatha and Natalya can deal with. The Scarlet Witch floats onwards, coming to a halt when she discovers the Goddess of all Witches who has been bound by Chaos and is dying. The Scarlet Witch tries to understand the insanity that plays out before her, concluding that Chaos no longer wants to be “witchcraft's consort”. Chaos attacks the Scarlet Witch, speaking to her in a language she does not comprehend. The Scarlet Witch battles the primordial being, but it is too much for her. Luckily, Agatha and Natalya soon join her, and the three battle as witches three against their deadly foe – however it is still able to hold back their attack, so Natalya calls on someone to help them – Quicksilver. He arrives and instinctively speeds around Chaos, preventing the being from keeping back the witches three's attack. Chaos eventually vanishes, freeing the Goddess of all Witches, who remains very sick. Quicksilver speaks to the Scarlet Witch and they make peace after their last argument. Quicksilver realizes Natalya is his mother and tells her that he hopes to meet her properly soon, before he speeds away. The witches ponder what to do about their goddess, and they know one of them needs to give her their life force. The Scarlet Witch offers to do so, but it is Natalya who does, as her daughter still has a life to lead. So, she does, and the Scarlet Witch promises she will make the High Evolutionary pay for killing her. Before she is gone completely, Natalya is able to tells the Scarlet Witch that it was in fact her father, shocking Wanda with this revelation. The Scarlet Witch and Agatha are returned to Wanda's apartment in New York – Wanda very much young again with her life counter reset – and Agatha is alive again. Wanda asks Agatha who her father was, but Agatha assures her she doesn't know. Wanda then smiles – about the future.

Full Summary: 

Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch glides through the space around her, as the ghosts of her mother, Natalya Maximoff and Agatha Harkness soar alongside her. A strange gnarled tree reaches up under them, as Natalya remarks that she supposes it was always meant to be like this – here they are, the classic witches' trio – maiden, mother and crone. 'Yes, Natalya. And I assume I'm the crone in this team. Charming' Agatha mutters, before telling Wanda 'And don't think I don't see you smiling'. Wanda tells Agatha that is not what she is smiling about. 'All I know is we're at the end of the Witches' Road in the dimension of the Witch Goddess, our deity... and I can't believe what I'm seeing. Such spectacle!' Wanda exclaims. The star-filled rainbow-colored sky extends out around them, and Natalya tells her daughter that this is father than anyone – any witch – has been – the abode of she they serve with their art and hex. 'And not just the witches of Earth, but throughout the universe' Natalya explains.

Agatha admits that even she sometimes forgets that magic can exist on any planet where there is life. The three float on through the strange realm, passing bridges of brick that hover mid-air, leading to large statues, and odd mushroom-like plants dotted about the realm. Wanda tells her mother that they haven't really spoken about the two of them, and the past. 'Yes, but for that we'll need time and calm' Natalya replies, telling Wanda that here and now there is a task at hand – to sure the “sickness” that has befallen witchcraft, their craft. Wanda points out that they could talk while they travel and asks her mother what happened when she and Pietro were born. 'Hush. Keep moving. Keep looking' Natalya replies. '...I don't see any -' Wanda begins, but Natalya tells her to look again, not with her eyes, but with her witches' sight. 'Aimless Ones!' Natalya declares as the humanoid creatures singular large glowing eyes move towards the trio.

'Aimless? I know of the Mindless Ones – these aren't -' Agatha begins as she fires a spell at one of them. 'Close enough, Agatha. More mindful these are, but no more reasoning' Natalya tells her, explaining 'What they do, how they'll attack – you can never know for sure'. She adds that they are instruments of Chaos, their ultimate foe in all of this. Blasting several with a spell, Wanda points out that they seem easy to defeat. 'Except the promise of defeat doesn't seem to deter them' Agatha remarks, as the Aimless Ones keep on attacking the witches. Natalya announces that Agatha is right, and states that she doesn't think they are here to beat them, just to wear them down – especially Wanda. Wanda casts another spell, as do the ghosts of Natalya and Agatha. Natalya declares that Wanda's life shortens with each spell, and tells her daughter not to waste them on this pantomime.

'She's right, “maiden”...the mother and the crone have got this' Agatha declares as she holds back two of the Aimless Ones. Wanda tells her mother that she doesn't want to leave her, but Natalya tells her that there is no time for sentiment. 'If you're my daughter, then be a witch!' she exclaims, urging Wanda onwards. Casting herself into the air and onwards into the strange realm, Wanda goes, obeying her mother. But it is not until much further that she see's her mother is right. The greater battle lies ahead. Wanda hovers before the enormous Goddess of all Witches, a strange being, who has been bound by Chaos. Dark strands of Chaos hold her, and she is sickened, dying. This is the answer to what Wanda has been sensing and feeling since this all began. Wanda decides that this makes no sense, as chaos and magic have always been linked, abetting the undoing of physical absolutes. She is wide-eyed, as she thinks that this, now, is true insanity.

Suddenly, a spear of dark energy is thrust towards Wanda, 'More chaos energy' she thinks to herself as the chaos strikes her and engulfs her. But Wanda breaks free from it: 'No. I won't be bound, thank you!' she exclaims, before shouting 'Now. You. Show yourself!' An instant later, Chaos appears, his large body looming over Wanda, he utters something in his native language, Wanda decides that he, or it, has made a grand entrance, too. What it says is beyond the power of any spells of translation that she knows. It is guttural, discordant, and ye,t like everything here now, Wanda understands – Chaos is tired of its role as “Witchcraft's consort”. It wants to rule. Chaos reaches out to grab Wanda, but she moves out of its way.

Oh no, my fine fellow... we can't have that' Wanda declares as she casts a hex. Chaos roars at her in its indecipherable tongue. It is stronger, wilder. Wanda can't keep her hexes, her spells of order going, as Chaos opens its mouth wide and swallows Wanda whole. Wanda's body withers instantly, she is not strong enough to withstand. She ages, like the Goddess before her, she is dying. Agatha and Natalya soar towards Wanda. Agatha tells her to hold on, as they unleash energies against Chaos. 'One witch against an entity of that size and power has no hope. But with the three of us...there's a chance!' Natalya exclaims. 'So, who's the crone now?' Agatha asks Wanda, holding onto her. 'Oh, Agatha, stop it' Wanda replies, before she joins in the battle, the three witches releasing their power against Chaos.

It crosses Wanda's mind, her mother, she is hexing alongside her. But even as the idea takes shape, Agatha declares that it is not enough, the three of them together are not enough. 'Chaos is winning! Wanda, we're already dead – go nbow, while you can and -' Natalya urges her daughter as she and Agatha continue to pour on their energies at Chaos. But Wanda tells Natalya that she is not leaving, not her and not her goddess. 'Wait! Together! That's it!' Wanda exclaims as she pours her energy on at Chaos.

'Together... but not as three witches -' Wanda calls out. 'But as one! A melding of us, yes, of course, daughter!' Natalya exclaims, adding that with Wanda living and them dead, Wanda will be the fulcrum. Agatha agrees, and remarks that she is glad Wanda is not going senile in her old age. 'Now, let's see how we fare, not as three witches... but as witches three!' Wanda exclaims as she releases a surge of energy that surrounds the three of them. 'Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble' Agatha jokes. 'Agatha!' Natalya utters. Agatha apologizes, and explains that she couldn't help herself.

The witches three pour their energy onwards, and it strikes Chaos, who is still coiled around the Goddess of all Witches. 'Order over chaos – I think it's working!' Natalya declares. Agatha agrees, and asks the others that if they can see that his hold is ebbing. 'No, our spell won't hold – not long enough – can't you feel it?' Wanda asks them, pointing out that they need to contain their power, as Chaos' power is resurging, dissipating their hex. Natalya agrees, and remarks that they need kinetic energy, controlled, not wayward, to act as a barrier. 'As you say, Wanda – to “contain” our hex. Linked, too – linked to us – to you'. Natalya adds that she knows just who to call.

Wanda reminds herself that she can usually sense when he is on her way, but not today. Today, her brother surprises her, as he speeds towards the witches three. 'Pietro!' Wanda gasps. 'Quite a predicament you're in, sister. Ha! I'd say you need your big brother' Quicksilver declares as he speeds around and around Chaos, who looks perplexed. 'A gift, daughter. For there should always be love between you' Natalya tells Wanda. Still visibly aged, Wanda looks at Quicksilver and tells him that she is sorry for the words she said. 'Me, too. But the past is behind us – for me constantly – and so no matter!' Quicksilver responds. 'Brother, the woman here with me – do you know -' Wanda begins, but Natalya tells her that is too much right now. She explains that her summoning hex was such that Pietro instinctively knew what was needed of him. 'The rest can wait...just let him run!' Natalya declares as the combination of Quicksilver speeding around Chaos and the witches three's power forces Chaos to release the Goddess of all Witches, as Chaos roars something in its native tongue, before vanishing.

The bizarre Goddess of all Witches limps forward to the witches three as Quicksilver speeds towards them. 'It's done. Chaos is gone, can you feel it?' Natalya asks. She adds that Chaos is goe for now, but that it is as much an eternal entity as their own queen, Witchcraft, or Nightmare, or Death herself. 'So what's next for me?' Quicksilver asks. 'For you?' Wanda replies, to which Natalya tells him that it is time he went back. 'Go, my young runner' she adds. The aged Wanda looks at Pietro and informs him that she has so much to tell him. She asks him to come see her soon. 'And I've much to ask' Pietro replies, admitting that he may be slow sometimes – in his head, anyway, 'But the lovely lady over here is our mother, yes?' he asks. 'What gave me away?' Natalya smiles. 'Are you really asking me that, dressed as you are – you, with a face so much like Wanda's?' Pietro grins. 'Oh, and you whisper about as subtly as a Shakespearian ham actor giving asides to the audience' Pietro adds, telling his mother that he trusts they will meet properly soon. Natalya swears to this and tells Pietro to go now.

Wanda holds up one of the limp tentacles that hang from their Goddess, and tells the others that they still have a problem – their goddess remains sick. 'Sick? I'd say dead, as near as. Why, her very soul is ebbing away, can't you feel it?' Agatha declares. She adds that if their goddess dies, so does their witchcraft, their art – gone forever. 'If she needs a soul...let her have mine' Natalya announces. 'Oh, mother!' Wanda gasps, while Agatha tells Natalya that she must know that price – that it will cost her everything – her memories and personality, all aspects of who she is. 'Who else? Wanda has a life to lead' Natalya points out. 'Me. I could' Agatha offers. Wanda adds that she is alive, sure, but not for long. Natalya tells her daughter to hush, and that she has to live – for her and. 'Agatha, too' Natalya adds. 'A chance would be a fine thing' Agatha replies. 'Old woman, you were never as good a seer as me' Natalya tells Agatha, informing her that there are a few tasks ahead for her, too – as if she didn't know.

'So let it begin... before I change my mind' Natalya utters as she flies up above the Goddess of Witchcraft, whose singular eye looks up as Natalya releases her energies into the goddess. 'Mother, we never had that talk – there's still so much I don't know' Wanda calls out. Natalya tells her that she is sorry to leave her – her and Pietro – with so much unsaid, but that they have no time, for without her, their goddess will be dead in moments. Wanda tells her mother that she will make her a promise – 'I'll make the High Evolutionary pay for killing you' she announces. 'Is that what you think?' Natalya asks, bathed in the glow that surrounds her. 'No, Wanda, it wasn't the High was your own father!' Natalya reveals. 'What?' the horrified Wanda gasps. 'Mother?!!!' Wanda screams, but she and Agatha are engulfed in a brilliant energy as Natalya is consumed, her energies used to revive the Goddess of all Witchcraft.

Wanda and Agatha looks stunned, as they find themselves on the balcony of Wanda's New York apartment. 'Wanda,'re young again!' Agatha exclaims as Wanda examines her body. 'Yes, and more than that, I can feel that the counter's been reset on my lifespan. I can start fresh' Wanda reveals. The young-looking Agatha is alive again, and declares that Natalya did it, using the power of their goddess. 'Mother' Wanda utters as she looks upwards.

Wanda and Agatha kneel onto the balcony, and Wanda asks 'Just so it's clear in my mind...all this time, you've known my real mother's identity and never told me', to which Agatha explains Natalya instructed her not to. Agatha adds that it strikes her that whenever Wanda learns anything about annything – things can take an extreme turn. 'Your mother was aware of that possibility, so she thought it best you learn about her when fate deemed it so' Agatha informs Wanda. 'Fate? What about facts? Sometimes I despair of witches' ways' Wanda replies, hanging her head. 'Anyway, where was I going with this – you knew my mother and didn't tell me, so – who was my gather? Tell me that' Wanda shouts, disturbed as she gets to her feet. 'No idea' the wide-eyed Agatha replies. 'Agatha!' Wanda snaps. Agatha puts a calming hand on Wanda's shoulder and assures her that she hasn't a clue. 'Would I lie to you?' Agatha asks. 'That's a rhetorical question, right?' Wanda replies. Wanda then looks sideways and smiles. Agatha asks her why she is smiling, and Wanda replies that it is nothing, she is thinking. 'About?' Agatha asks. 'The future' Wanda grins.

Characters Involved: 

Scarlet Witch
Agatha Harkness
Natalya Maximoff

Goddess of all Witches
Aimless Ones

Story Notes: 

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver had a falling out in issue #9.

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