Secret Warriors (2nd series) #3

Issue Date: 
August 2017
Story Title: 
To Begin the World Over Again, part 3

Matthew Rosenberg (writer), Javier Garron (artist), Israel Silva (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Tradd Moore & Matthew Wilson (cover artists), Javier Rodriguez & Alvaro Lopez; Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson (variant cover artists), Charles Beacham (assistant editor), Sarah Brunstad (associate editor), Wil Moss (editor), Tom Brevoort (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

In Jersey City, during the takeover, Ms Marvel watches as the city falls into panic. Now, in New Tian, the Warriors – Ms Marvel, Quake, Inferno, Karnak and Moon Girl – are confronted by several mutants – Beast, Archangel, Boom-Boom, Magik, Rictor and Strong Guy. The Warriors are looking for an Inhuman child who is missing, Leer. The mutants aren't too keen to help, considering how the Inhumans treated them recently, and a fight breaks out, started by Boom-Boom. After the takeover, Ms Marvel is patrolling the streets as Hydra agents make their way through Jersey City, hunting for her. Now, the battle continues, until Rictor breaks it. Quake agrees that the Warriors will leave. They get into their car and escorted to the border by the mutants – until Quake blasts the Blackbird that the mutants are in with her energy, downing the mutants, and enabling the Warriors to search New Tian for the missing Inhuman child. After the takeover, Ms Marvel confronts two thugs who are attempting to blow up a Hydra vehicle, persuading them not to, fearing further violence from Hydra. They flee when Hydra soldiers discover them. Now, the Warriors have located a shack where they think the Inhuman child might be, but instead they find some sort of mad scientist laboratory – and the Dark Beast is in control of it. They attack him and trap him in a room, where Quake and Karnak beat him, despite Ms Marvel's objection. After the takeover, Ms Marvel is in her home with her family, when Hydra agents knock on the door – they are searching for someone who may have attacked a Hydra complex. Ms Marvel realizes they are looking for her neighbor, and her father tells her that she cannot leave the home. She does so anyway, fearing that innocent people will be harmed. She races across the rooftops of her neighborhood and soon discovers that Inferno has been captured by Hydra forces. Now, Quake and  Karnak emerge from the room where they had been interrogating the Dark Beast. Quake and Ms Marvel argue for some time, before Boom-Boom, Rictor and the others return with several other mutants. The Beast orders the Warriors from New Tian and tells Quake to never return. As the Warriors drive out of New Tian, they are then confronted by the Hydra Avengers, and Quake's father – Mr Hyde!

Full Summary: 

Jersey City – during the takeover:
Darkness has fallen across the East Coast of the United States, but it's even darker for those in New York City, as a dome has covered the city. 'Oh my God! The whole city!' someone on a pier at New Jersey gasps as hundreds of civilians gather to watch what is happening across the river. 'What is it?' someone else asks. 'Are they alive in there?' a man asks Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms Marvel, who looks on in shock. 'My sister!' a woman gasps, while another woman asks Ms Marvel if she is going to do something. 'Is it aliens?' a man asks. 'Somebody should help them' another man calls out.

New Tian – now:
'Uggh! Are we going to fight them again?' Lunella Lafayette a.k.a. Moon Girl asks as she gets out of the Warriors' busted car and stretches her arms while referring to several mutants who have gathered nearby. 'No. We are definitely not...probably not' Daisy Johnson a.k.a. Quake declares. 'I kinda hate the X-Men' the shirtless Dante Pertuz a.k.a. Inferno tells the others. Ms Marvel tells him to be nice, while Karnak says nothing. The Warriors approach the group of mutants waiting for them – Tabitha Smith a.k.a. Boom-Boom, Julio Esteban Richter a.k.a. Rictor, Henry McCoy a.k.a. the Beast, Illyana Rasputin a.k.a. Magik, Warren Worthington a.k.a. Archangel and Guido Carosella a.k.a. Strong Guy.

The Beast greets the Inhumans and welcomes them to New Tian, their small but impressive breakaway nation built around the ideas of tolerance and celebrating their differences. 'To what do we owe the pleasure of your invading our country?' the Beast asks them. 'Hello, mutants. We didn't think you'd let us in the front door' Quake replies. 'We wouldn't have' the Beast tells her sternly. Quake frowns as she tells the Beast that they aren't here to cause trouble. 'You say that, Daisy. But given the tenuous relationship between our communities, I hope you can see why your entrance is a cause for concern' the Beast declares. 'We're not trying to poison you all... again. We're just looking for an Inhuman. A kid named Leer' Daisy explains, adding that they think he is in this little country.

The Beast tells Quake that he would love to help, but that he doesn't know of any Inhumans in this country. 'With everything going on in your big country, how could you be sure he's here?' the Beast asks. Quake explains that Moon Girl located a lab operating off the grid here in New Tian and tells the Beast that she is sure he can guarantee her that their kid isn't tucked away in there.

Nearby, Ms Marvel extends her arm and reaches out her hand to Magik and Boom-Boom. Introducing herself, she tells them that they have never actually met. Magik leans on her Soulsword, and tells Ms Marvel that she shouldn't have come here. Boom-Boom casually checks her nails and tells Magik to take it easy. 'It's probably not her fault. She looks like she's just their cheerleader' Boom-Boom adds. 'Hey! I've been a member of the Champions and the Avengers!' Ms Marvel declares. 'Oooh, an Avenger. You guys are doing great work these days' Magik replies sarcastically. 'Lemme ask – Carol Danvers doesn't mind you riding her coattails this hard?' Boom-Boom enquires. 'Look, we're just trying to find a missing kid' Ms Marvel explains, moving closer to the former New Mutants.

Boom-Boom leans in and points a finger in Kamala's face, telling her that she gets that, but the thing is, she is trying to remember all the times the Inhumans helped the mutants when they were in trouble. 'And I got nothing' Boom-Boom exclaims. 'Yeah, Boom-Boom, that's what I got, too' Magik agrees. 'This kid may be the only thing keeping the Inhumans from being exterminated!' Kamala declares, frowning as Boom-Boom's finger touches her below her neck. 'Aww, shucks. Too bad you won't be able to do anything to stop that. Cheerleader' Boom-Boom replies, before Ms Marvel shifts her hand to a giant hand and swats the surprised Boom-Boom back so hard that her shades fly off her head.

Jersey City – after the takeover:
'Hello? Anyone out there?' Kamala calls out over her communicator as she runs down a deserted street. 'Who is this? What are you doing on Avengers comms?' a voice replies. Ms Marvel introduces herself, and asks 'Who is this?' 'Quit the team but kept the cool stuff, huh?' the voice replies, before the Tony Stark A.I. introduces himself and tells Ms Marvel that she needs to get off the communicator, now. Why?' Kamala enquires as she crouches behind some steps as Hydra soldiers march past her. 'Because you're a kid! And you're not even an Avenger anymore. And it's not safe... and you're a kid! We've had enough casualties, okay!' the A.I. declares. But Ms Marvel tells him to wait, and that she needs to know the plan. 'What are we doing?' she asks. She moves closer to the Hydra soldiers, her back to a brick wall as Tony Stark A.I. tells Kamala that the plan now is that she lies low until she can move safely. 'You can't be running around in the open right now' he remarks. Kamala tells him that people need her help, and that there are Hydra soldiers all over Jersey City. 'Because of you. They're hunting for you, kid' Tony Stark A.I. reveals. Kamala hangs her head as the A.I. tells her that if she wants to help people out there, then she needs to leave.

New Tian – now:
'Lemme go!' Kamala calls out  as Inferno, Moon Girl and Quake restrain her. Devil Dinosaur is behind them, while Archangel hovers overhead. Strong Guy grabs Magik as she tries to raise her Soulsword, and Rictor keeps Boom-Boom at bay. 'Get off!' Boom-Boom tells him. The Beast and Karnak stand together and the Beast sighs, before asking Karnak if this is why he brought them here. Karnak apologizes, and tells the Beast that is seems like his teammates could be behaving better as well. The Beast concurs, while Moon Girl points a finger at Magik and tells her that she is being such a super hero cliché right now.

Suddenly:'Enough!' Quake shouts as she uses her power to create a rumbling across the ground. 'You people started – whoa!' Boom-Boom exclaims, as the ground breaks away between the squabbling mutants and Inhumans. 'Really?' Ms Marvel asks, turning to Quake and pointing at the large hole in the ground. 'That wasn't me!' Quake exclaims. 'Get some original powers, lady!' Rictor calls out, energy circling around his hands. '#$%&#%$. Rictor' Quake mutters, rolling her eyes.

The Beast turns to the Inhumans and tells them that they have more than overstayed their welcome, and that it is time to go. 'Listen, you -' Kamala begins, pointing at the Beast, but Karnak tells her that the Beast is right. 'We're leaving?' Kamala asks, stretching her neck to Karnak, who quietly tells her 'Of course not'. Quake motions to their car and tells all of the Warriors to get into it. 'And somebody find out dinosaur' she adds.

The mutants start to board their Blackbird jet, while Quake tells Ms Marvel that she did a good job back there. 'Thanks, they were -' Kamala begins to reply, but Quake interrupts her, suggesting that, maybe next time she gets the urge to put her hands on one of the X-Men, check first to see if anyone got them to agree to help. 'I didn't -' Kamala begins, as Quake announces that she did. '$#%&$# children' Quake mutters, before informing Inferno that he is driving. The Warriors climb into the busted car, which black smoke billows from the engine. The Blackbird follows the Warriors' car and someone announces over the intercom that they will escort the Inhumans back to the border. 'Do not diverge from the route' the mutant warns the Inhumans. 'I can't believe they have a hovering pace-plane with loud-speakers and we have... this' Dante complains.

Get some original powers” Quake mutters, quoting what Rictor said to her earlier. '$%&# you!' Quake exclaims as she leans out the car window and fires a seismic blast up at the Blackbird, knocking it out of the air, where it crashes in a fiery blaze some distance away. 'Did you just kill the X-Men?' Ms Marvel shouts at Quake. 'No... probably not. Let's go find this kid' Quake replies.

Jersey City – after the takeover:
Ms Marvel looks through a wire fence at where two men wearing masks are attempting to set some explosives near a Hydra vehicle. “Lie low”. “If you want to help people...” she remembers what the Tony Stark A.I. said to her as she pulls her maks down over her face and, stretching her legs, stands over the men, 'Hiya, fellas. Can I ask what you're doing?' she calls out to them. 'Are you... are you Ms Marvel?' one of the men asks. 'Yup' Kamala tells them. Noticing that she is wearing regular clothing, one of the men asks her why she is dressed like that. Kamala explains that she wasn't planning on doing any super-heroing tonight, and that she is actually trying to lay low for a bit. 'But you're wearing a mask' one of the men points out. 'So are you' Kamala reminds him. She drops down to her normal height and remarks that she carries the mask just in case she runs into idiots with explosives. One of the men stands up and, confused, looks at her clothing and tells Ms Marvel that if she was planning ahead enough to bring the mask, then shouldn't she wear something more super-hero-y?

'Hey! It looks nice. Besides, it's not like you look so cool' Kamala snaps back. 'We're wearing all black -' one of the vigilantes points out. 'Because you're goths?' Kamala asks. 'Because we didn't want anyone to notice us' one of the vigilantes replies. Kamala tells him that it is working great, before she asks the men what they are doing. One of them motions at the Hydra trucks and explains that they are going to blow them up. Ms Marvel tells them that they seem nice, and that she gets it, but that she can't let them do that. 'Why not?' one of them asks. Ms Marvel points out that people live around here and people walk down the street – she can't let them risk hurting innocent people. 'Innocent people are getting hurt' one of the vigilantes declares. Ms Marvel tells them that this is not the way to fix it, that they have to be better than Hydra. 'We need to wait -' she begins, but one of the vigilantes interrupts, asking 'For what? You want permission to fight back?'' No, I... no' Ms Marvel replies, somewhat uncertainly, before a voice calls out 'HEY! Don't move!' and several Hydra agents appear and aim their guns at Ms Marvel and the vigilantes. 'Crap. Run!' Ms Marvel exclaims as she and the masked men flee.

New Tian – now:
The Warriors stand several feet away from a small building nestled amongst some forest. 'That's it?' Ms Marvel asks. 'Yes. It's a secret lair' Karnak reports. Inferno remarks that it looks like an outhouse, to which Quake points out that sometimes that is what secret lairs look like. 'It's also what outhouses look like' Moon Girl adds. Quake looks down at Moon Girl and asks her how she found this. 'Karnak just told me -' Moon Girl replies casually, as Karnak breaks the door down, and tells his teammates that it is not an outhouse.

Climbing down a ladder, the Warriors discover a high-tech laboratory. 'This is...' Moon Girl utters as she looks around. 'Horrifying' Inferno exclaims. '... amazing' Moon Girl concludes. Quake tells Moon Girl that she is going with Inferno on this one. Ms Marvel pulls back a sheet covering a body that is laid out on a table. 'Oh my... what was this?' she gasps. 'Or who?' Quake suggests.

Suddenly: 'Oh, hello. May I help you?' the being known as the Dark Beast asks as he appears from another room. 'You run this...lab?' Quake enquires. 'I do. And I don't remember -' the Dark Beast begins, before Quake interrupts him and asks 'Where's Leer?' to which Dark Beast tells her that he has no idea what she is talking about. Quake turns to her teammates and points out that they don't have time for this. 'Grab him' she instructs them. 'Didn't we just crash this guy's plane?' Inferno asks.

'That was the other Beast. This is Dark Beast' Ms Marvel explains as she stretches an arm in an attempt to grab the Dark Beast, who dodges her attempt with ease. 'But they're, like, the same dude' Inferno remarks. 'You're basically Johnny Storm and nobody gives you a hard time' Ms Marvel tells him. 'Everyone gives me a hard time' Inferno declares as he shoots some fireballs towards the Dark Beast, who leaps over them. Inferno then tells Ms Marvel that he thought the other Beast looked like a regular guy. Quake shoots Dark Beast with some vibrations, and he falls backwards as Ms Marvel increases the size of her hand and catches him. 'That's the other, other Beast. This is other-dimension dude, not time-travel dude' Kamala explains to Dante, before she slams the Dark Beast into the ground. 'Yep. Definitely hate the X-Men' Inferno tells the other Warriors.

Quake has opened a large cell-like room, and tells Ms Marvel to put the Dark Beast in there. Ms Marvel throws him into the room, and he lands on a chair, where he tells Quake that she is a feisty one, leading this band of misfits to harass him. 'She's not our leader' Ms Marvel exclaims. Dark Beast frowns as Quake tells him that they are looking for a kid named Leer, and they were told he was here. The Dark Beast tells Quake that he isn't sure who told her that, but they lied. 'You're Fury's girl, yes? Perhaps you shouldn't be so trusting?' the Dark Beast suggests. 'I'm nobody's “girl”' Quake snaps, her hands shaking. The Dark Beast asks if that was a slight tremble he detects. 'Post-traumatic stress, or are your powers just getting away from you?' he enquires, offering to examine Quake – he is a doctor, after all.

'$%&# this. Kids, wait outside' Quake looks at Kamala, Dante and Moon Girl and points at the door. 'Excuse me?' Kamala asks. 'What do you think you're doing?' she exclaims. 'Getting answers' Quake replies. Inferno and Moon Girl leave the room, but Kamala tells Quake that this is not how they get answers. 'We're at war, Kamala. We do what it takes' Quake replies as she shoves Kamala backwards with a vibration. Karnak does nothing to intervene, and Kamala goes wide-eyed as the door closes. 'Daisy! Karnak! Don't do this!' she calls out, but it's too late. Kamala turns to Inferno and Moon Girl and asks if they are not going to try and stop this. 'What are we supposed to do? That's a reinforced steel door' Moon Girl shrugs. Inferno realizes that Quake was low-key using her powers on him. 'I feel like I'm gonna barf' he adds. The trio turn their heads to the steel door as they hear a horrible scream. 'Daisy!' Kamala calls out as she starts banging he fists on the door.

Jersey City – after the takeover.
There is a knock at Khan household door during the night. Yusuf asks his daughter. 'At this hour?' Disha, Kamala's mother, enquires, looking up from her knitting. 'Nnnnope' Kamala replies. Yusuf and Kamala go to the door, and as he opens it, Yusuf asks 'Can I help you?' Two Hydra agents are standing at the door and hold up a photo of a man. One of the Hydra agents tells Yusuf that he is sorry to bother him, and explains that they are looking for this man. 'Have you seen him?' the agent asks. 'What is this about?' Yusuf enquires. One of the agents explains that this man, and at least one accomplice, attempted to attack a Hydra facility earlier tonight, and while his accomplice has been apprehended, any help they can get might save lives. Yusuf tells the agents that he doesn't know that boy. He apologizes and bids them goodnight, closing the door on them. Yusuf turns to Kamala and tells her that they are looking for the Wazir boy from down the street. 'Abu, what -' Kamala begins. Yusuf tells her that he doesn't want her going out for now, as innocent people are going to get hurt out there.

But shortly, Kamala is wearing her Ms Marvel costume and leaps across rooftops with stretched legs, eventually coming to a stop on one rooftop which looks down on a mass of Hydra agents gathered on the street below. 'Oh, boy. Found you, Hydra. But that's waaay too many of you' Kamala remarks to herself, before she sees Inferno, bound by chains and a power dampener, pulled from a building. 'That's not our guy' one of the Hydra agents remarks. 'Yerah, we lost him, but this is the consolation prize – another Inhuman'. 'You guys know I didn't do anything, right?' Dante asks before he is placed in the back of a Hydra truck. 'Funny story. Couple terrorists tried to blow up some of our trucks tonight. They got away, but left their little bomb behind. We tracked down one of them, and when we put just a little pressure on him, he squealed real good' one of the Hydra soldiers tells Inferno, who asks what that has to do with him. 'Not only did he give up his friend, he also gave up this little freakshow safe house that you were sleeping in. You guys all turn on each other eventually, you know that?' the Hydra agent declares. 'Oh, no...' Kamala utters. 'I've gotta stop this' she decides.

New Tian – now:
Moon Girl, Inferno and Ms Marvel lean against a wall in the Dark Beast's lab, as Quake and Karnak emerge from the other room. 'Did you just kill him? What did you do?' Ms Marvel asks, walking over to Quake, who reports that they got information from the evil mad scientist from another dimension. 'You know what I mean!' Kamala exclaims as she walks past Quake and Karnak and enters the other room, which is shrouded in darkness, however the Dark Beast can be seen tied to a chair, and he moans. 'I do. I just don't care' Quake replies. Kamala turns back to the others and tells them that they can't just torture people. 'I can. I did. In fact. It was helpful' Karnak tells her. 'That's not the point!' Kamala exclaims.

'That's exactly the point!' Quake snaps back. 'You think I like doing this? You think I don't see it every time I close my eyes?' she asks, adding that they are a long way from right and wrong here, and no matter what happens, people are going to get hurt. She tells Kamala that if they are willing to make the tough choices, then maybe they can at least decide which people get hurt. 'Nice speech. Is that from the chapter in the Nick Fury Handbook where he betrays everyone who ever trusted him?' Kamala replies. 'You're still working on your try-out for Miss Teen Super Hero of the Year. I get it. But I'm trying to not let more people die. And if a literal monster stands in our way? I will $%#&%$# kill him myself' Quake declares. Ms Marvel stretches herself so that she is taller than Quake and asks 'What are we even doing here? We could be helping people'. She then tells Quake that she is done with her and her crusade. 'Then leave' Quake suggests.

'Ummm... guys?' Inferno calls out. 'We got company' he announces as the mutants have blown a hole in the lab and stand ready for action. Boom-Boom, Magik, Strong Guy, Rictor and Archangel have returned and brought with them Shatterstar, Forge, Sunfire, Dazzler, Warpath, Blink, and Gambit. 'I told you I didn't kill them' Quake snaps at Ms Marvel. 'I suppose you're mad that we ran off to cause trouble?' Quake asks the Beast, who replies 'That, and crashing the plane I was in'. Quake then asks him if he knew about this torture lab that was hidden in his country. 'We did not' the Beast responds. Nervously, Quake asks that she doesn't suppose them uncovering it will buy them any goodwill? The Beast points out of the lab and it tells Quake that it means she gets to leave now, under her own power and recognizance. 'And never come back' he warns her.

Soon, Inferno drives the Warriors' car once again. Smoke billows out of it, and Devil Dinosaur rides on the back of a trailer that is towed behind the car. 'That was so many X-Men. And I only recognized, like, three of them. Who was the one you sucker punched?' Inferno asks. 'I didn't... Boom-Boom' Ms Marvel sighs. 'Yeah. She's hot' Inferno smiles. 'Ew' Moon Girl exclaims, before Inferno asks 'So... did that evil version of that other dude tell us where we're going? Where's this Leer kid?' he asks as they pass a sign that indicates they are leaving New Tian. Archangel and Sunfire can be seen in the air following the Warriors, while Quake reports that Hydra took him. Inferno pauses, before asking what they do. 'I don't know...' Quake admits. Ms Marvel asks to be taken back to Jersey, but Inferno tells her not to be like that. 'Dante, if she wants to go parade around trying to be the hero New Jersey deserves, let her. We can -' Quake begins, when suddenly, their car explodes.

'Ugggh... people really need to stop messing with our car' Dante exclaims as he and the others emerge from the toppled vehicle. But as the Warriors look around, they see a large Hydra helicarrier hovering in the air, and dozens of Hydra agents moving towards them, while several of the Hydra Avengers are present, too – the Vision hovers nearby, while Scarlet Witch, Taskmaster and Deadpool stand on the fallen Devil Dinosaur. Quake frowns as she looks on the top of her car to see her father, Mr Hyde, who asks her if they can talk.

Characters Involved: 

Inferno, Karnak, Moon Girl, Ms Marvel IV, Quake (all Warriors)
Devil Dinosaur

Archangel, Beast, Blink, Boom-Boom, Dazzler, Forge, Gambit, Magik, Rictor, Shatterstar, Strong Guy, Sunfire, Warpath

Dark Beast

Disha & Yusuf Khan

Deadpool, Scarlet Witch, Taskmaster, Vision (all Hydra Avengers)

Mr. Hyde

Tony Stark A.I.

Hydra Soldiers

Story Notes: 

This issue ties into the Secret Empire storyline.

Psylocke and Magneto appear on the cover to this issue, but not in the story itself.

Rictor and Shatterstar haven't been seen since X-Factor (1st series) #259.

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