Soldier-X #11

Issue Date: 
July 2003
Story Title: 
Dead Ends - part 1

Karl Bollers (writer), Scott Eaton (penciler), Larry Stucker (inker), Dan Brown (colors), Randy Gentile (letterer), Nova Ren Suma and Mike Marts (editors), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

In Miami, Florida, a young girl called Magda Ramirez is accused of murdering her parents after they discover she is a mutant. Nathan hears of her plight as he journeys around the world over the space of 13 months, taking down cults that try and release nerve gas in Tokyo; recruiting more people to the Askani way; helping priests from guerrillas in Colombia; helping bomb victims in Tel Aviv. All the while, though, he is thinking of Magda, who has been given three consecutive life sentences. However, riots by humans convince the court to overturn that conviction. She is now to be given the death sentence in 24 hours time. Nathan races to the US to stop her execution, using non-violent methods to take out her prison guards (such as cutting off the oxygen to their brain and paralyzing them with their own fears). He finds Magda, and asks her the truth about what happened to her parents as he doesn't believe that she killed them. However, as she won‘t tell him anything, he tries to enter her end. He then discovers that Magda is mentally blocking him; she is a telepath!

Full Summary: 

(last August)

In Miami, Florida, Jose has just come home from work, a long 16 hour shift, just to be told by his wife Carmen that his daughter is a mutant, or a "mutie" as he calls her. Jose calls Magda, his daughter, cursed, and that this could ruin their lives. A tearful Magda, eyes red and snakelike, tells them she prayed for her abilities to go away. Her mother tells her they'll get through this, but Jose points a gun at her, ordering her to get out of the house. He understands that Magda wont hurt him, and explains that he's scared and wonders why God would do this to their family. Magda, on the verge of taking the gun from him, thinks that perhaps it is God's will. He screams "NO!" and there is two gunshots.

(53 minutes later)

Cops have cordoned off the apartment where Magda lived. Two dead bodies are zipped up and taken away. The cops call it a straight forward double homicide, and they already have a suspect; Magda, whom they arrest for the murders of her parents.

(thirty-six hours later)

In a Tokyo bar, full of video screens showing a news story, Nathan is having a drink. He listens to the television, which is telling the story of a gruesome double murder in America, and the person arrested for the crime; the victims‘ eighteen year old daughter, a mutant. Magda's face appears on the screen and Nathan is immediately interested in the case. A Japanese man, Jo-Ji, approaches Nathan. Jo-Ji now follows the Askani teachings, but still remains with Haizen Sato's Mind Indoctrination Cult, just as Nathan asked. Jo-Ji reveals the reason he asked Nathan to come to Tokyo; the cult are planning an attack even as they speak.

(four hours later)

The Marunouchi District of Tokyo, a busy financial center, is where the attack is supposed to go down. He tracks the persons responsible for the potential attack almost immediately; a man and woman, both carrying briefcases that contain the lethal nerve agent VX. "Why would you commit such an atrocity?" Nathan mentally asks them. They wonder who said that when Nathan approaches them, talking in their mind again and confusing them. The woman tells him to stay away or they'll release the gas. He looks into the woman's mind. She is called Keirin Etsumoto; she gave up all her wealth to Haizen Soto in exchange for heightened spirituality. Nathan asks her what does killing many innocent people have to do with the advancement of spirit? Keirin isn't sure. Her male companion tells her not to listen to the demon, and in his confusion falls onto the subway tracks just as a train approaches. Nathan holds Keirin as her companion is killed. Nathan walks way, as Keirin runs after him, telling him she doesn't want to go back to Soto's temple, and asks him to show her the way. He smiles.

(two days later)

In a Miami holding cell, a female lawyer is talking to Magda about her options. She wonders why Magda doesn't use her mutant powers, as it doesn't matter either way. Her red eyes give away that she's a mutant. The cops figure that her religious parents weren't best pleased that their daughter was a mutant. Magda tells her that her Mama loved her. The lawyer answers that maybe she did, and asks her why she repaid that loved by killing her. The residue tests have come back from the gun; it clearly shows Magda's fingerprints on the weapon. She then proceeds to give Magda an ultimatum; either confess to the murders and serve a life sentence, or choose death by execution. It's her choice.

(three days later)

Sitting aboard Air Ukraine Flight 109 out of Seoul, Nathan is reading a newspaper. He has been following the case of Magda Ramirez wherever he goes, and whatever he does (including battling militia groups, an army by his side, using his telekinesis to fire guns at the enemy). He thinks it's very tragic that a mutant-or anybody else- should murder her parents like that.

(four months later)

At Denver International Airport, Nathan sits in a bar, watching a TV report on Magda. Apparently she entered a plea bargain and has been forced to serve three consecutive life sentences without parole. The entire country is in uproar, starting riots and demonstrations, thinking she should be executed for her crimes. Nathan isn't even sure the girl is actually guilty. He leaves the bar, telling a bigoted barman who thinks Magda is being coddled with the tax payers money because she's a mutant, to "get a clue."

(six months later)

In Colombia, Guerrillas have captured a bus, and are threatening two priests, telling them they need cocaine, not God. One of them wonders whether it is a sin to torture a holy man; Nathan flies in, telling them it is. They flee, frightened of the mutant. Nathan is slightly upset that the priests are more frightened of him than the guerrillas.

(three months later)

A TV in the window of a Tel Aviv boutique reports that, due to the controversy surrounding Magda's sentencing, the original sentence has been changed, and she is now to be executed in 24 hours time. The boutique explodes. Nathan arrives as the bodies are being taken away; too late. He reminds himself that he can't be everywhere at once. He touches some of the fatally injured, taking away their pain, as a broken TV continues to report on Magda, saying that her lawyer said this his client was coerced into confessing on the grounds that she wouldn't receive the death penalty, and that she didn't even get a defense trial. Nathan telekinetically switches the TV off, saying "enough."

(twelve hours later)

In Fort Myers, Florida, a group of armed, butch female prison guards are watching over Magda's cell. Inside the filthy cell sits Magda, with a huge metallic helmet clasped over her head. The guards talk, one of them has spoken to Magda and thinks she is okay. Another wishes they'd hurry up and execute her. Another has also talked to her, and discovered them to be both of the same faith. Yet when she asked her why she killed her parents she claimed that Magda went quiet. They talk more, wondering what her mutant powers are, when the security alarms go off. Some of the guards run off down the corridor where they bump into Nathan. He cuts off their oxygen flow so they fall unconscious. He doesn't like doing it, but it's one of the few non-violent approaches that he has left. He continues to Magda's cell, where he plants fears into the remaining three guards minds. One of them imagines nerve gas. Another sees a swarm of giant flying bugs. The third sees lots of angry mutants charging at her. The guards fall to the floor, immobilized by their fears, as Nathan enters the cell.

Magda can sense something has happened to the guards. Nathan uses his powers to pull off Magda's helmet, telling her he's come to help. Nathan wants to know how her parents died. She won‘t tell him a thing. With no other choice he tries to enter her mind, but she blocks him. He realizes she is a telepath. "Magda Ramirez," she mind speaks. "Nice to meet you."

Characters Involved: 

Nathan Summers

Magda Ramirez

Jose Ramirez

Carmen Ramirez


Keirin Etsumoto, Ujikei (both followers of Haizen Soto)

police officers


Burke, Sutter and other prison guards

bigoted barman

news reporter

Story Notes: 

A total of 13 months, 7 days, 4 hours and 53 minutes pass by during the course of this issue. Apparently it’s meant to have taken place along the entire Soldier X series, the individual scenes being set during or in between Nathan’s recent missions.

When Nathan causes one of the guards to see her fears she sees a collection of mutants. They look like Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Archangel, two that are unrecognizable, and Juggernaut and Ghost Rider (who aren't mutants at all).

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