Soldier-X #10

Issue Date: 
June 2003
Story Title: 
Rebels, Freaks & Prophets - part 2

Karl Bollers (writer), Arthur Ranson (artist), Dan Brown (colors), Randy Gentile (letters), Andrew Lis and Nova Ren Suma (editors), Mike Marts (supervising editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Keller's Texas ranch explodes. Nathan rescues the only survivor, Jed, who for some reason never activated the C-8 explosives strapped to his chest like the others. Nathan telepathically eases his pain and asks him where Keller is, but Jed dies of his injuries. However, Nathan finds the information he needs in the boy's brain and flies away. The attending police and firefighters think he is an angel. Keller tells his men that while the man they lured to the ranch wasn't killed the plan wasn't a failure. He will come directly to them now, just like he wants it. Nathan does, destroying helicopters that attack him and disintegrating the fanatics‘ weapons. Nathan approaches Keller and tries to read his mind, but can't, it’s almost like there being nothing. However he does learn one important fact; Keller is a mutant; a precog. He can predict the future. When Keller was just a boy his powers manifested and he saw this meeting, and has been preparing for it ever since; his army and his bombing just a way to lure Nathan to him. Keller has a blank spot though; he can't see past this point. He tries to explain, even to entice him to rule with him, but Nathan uses his powers to neuter Keller's mutant powers. With Keller no longer a threat Nathan leaves. Keller shoots himself in the head, dead. Nathan, when he tried to enter Keller's mind, gained his ability of foresight temporarily; the reason that Keller saw no future past this point was because he didn't have one.

Full Summary: 

(9:02 p.m.)

Jonas Keller's Texas ranch in Dallas explodes. In the flaming wreckage Jed cries out mentally for help, gravely injured, his right arm and leg blown off. Nathan floats over to him in a psychic bubble, telling him he's going to save him. Nathan picks up Jed and they fly out as more of the explosives set off and explode. Nathan reaches safety and puts Jed down, using his powers to take the pain away. Fire engines and police cars start racing to the scene. Jed is surprised to find him alive, that it's impossible as they planned to kill him and the others all detonated the explosives strapped to their bodies. Nathan asks him why he didn't set off his own C-3 explosives. Jed just couldn't, and asks Nathan how he's so strong to survive the blast. Nathan replies that he's a mutant, not much more different than him. When inquired of him why he would save him Nathan tells him that he needs his help to find Jonas Keller before he can spill more blood. Try as he might Nathan can't seem to locate Keller with his mind; Keller is a blind spot to him. But before Jed can answer he dies. However, Nathan touches his mind, and finds the information he needs still in there. He floats away again as police and fire men watch, proclaiming him an angel.


At W.A.R.'s base of operations in North Dakota, Keller, while playing with a pack of cards, tells some of his men that they've succeeded. They want to know how he knows. "How I always know," he tells them, looking at an Ace of Spades. "It was on the horizon." He reveals that the man that went to meet them still lives. His men are confused; how can this be a success? But Keller planned it this way; he wanted Jed to tell him where they were so he'd come to them. Simon doesn't understand. Keller thinks that he's the only one who's supposed to understand at the moment; only he can see the greater design and the implicit order of the world around them.

He switches on the TV where Roy Calhoun Junior is reporting on the bombing in Texas, and helping viewers to catch up on the other atrocious acts perpetrated by Keller and his group, W.A.R, including the bombing at Los Angeles International Airport and the fireball trap that killed several federal agents. They reveal that a dead body was found away from the wreckage, and that a man was seen flying away from the scene. Keller knows who this is, and knows that the man is coming for them; destiny is fast approaching, and they should be ready for it.

Keller's men ready themselves for the upcoming conflict; they gather weapons, and listen to Keller's speech that this is the day they have trained for. He asks them; wouldn't they kill or be killed to fight for the future of an America that their parents dreamed of? Fight for their children's honor? Fight for God? Fight for him? Now there's no turning back, as his aerial assault squad is already closing in on the enemy... Two of Keller's helicopters are approaching Nathan in his psychic bubble as he flies towards Keller's compound. They fire missiles at him, but he uses his powers to deflect them back, destroying the flying vehicles. Keller's men watch in awe as the burning debris crashes to the ground, with Nathan hot on its heels.

"Kill for me!" Keller screams. "Die for me." Keller walks away as his men close in on Nathan and prepare to fire their guns on him, with no use, as the bullets bounce off his telekinetic shield. Nathan telekinetically raises their guns into the air and disintegrates them. Nathan orders them to step aside, and they do, leaving him a wide aisle which to walk through to reach Keller.

Sitting alone in his room, Keller is counting down the seconds in which Nathan will reach him using playing cards as a counter. "3...2...1..." he intones. Nathan is here. "Saw you coming a mile off," Keller tells him. Nathan asks if he minds him going inside his mind. Keller doesn't mind. Nathan tries, but is blocked. But Nathan does glean something from this; he learns that Keller is a mutant; a precog. He can see into the future. Nathan wants to know what he hopes to accomplish; does he think fear will keep immigrants out of the country? Keller claims he's isn't anti-government at all, and he's not about hurting innocent people. " matter what those trailer trash down there might believe. Still, I needed an army, and appealing to others through their base emotions and irrational hatred was the surest means of recruiting blind followers to a cause. Any cause."

Nathan wants to know why he needs follower and what his objective is. Keller explains "I'm beating my chest. Flexing my muscles. Trying to show you what a person like me is capable of." Nathan wonders whether that's why he did this. Keller explains that his precog powers revealed themselves when he was being beaten by two bullies. Those powers didn't help him fight back against the bullies, but it helped him avoid those types of situations. The he reveals that, on that day, he saw a vision of a stranger in a puddle, and knew this day would come when they would meet. But for some unexplained reason he could never see past this day. Nathan is a blind spot for him surely as he is for Nathan. So he had to get Nathan's attention; lure him here.

"Butcher!" Nathan yells angrily, using his telekinesis to toss Keller around like a rag. Keller was a precog; he could have changed things from how he saw them, Nathan accuses him. Keller knew no obstacle would prevent Nathan from finding him. Keller tried going down another road, but the outcome was always the same, which was when he realized there is only one road. "There must be a reason why I can't see past this moment, right?" Keller asks. "I mean, our fates are hopelessly intertwined. We're both mutant visionaries. Why not rulers of men, too? Brothers? Equals"

Nathan walks away. Keller asks him what's wrong. Nathan tells him he's neutered his powers; he can't see the future any more. Outraged, Keller asks why. Nathan doesn't give a damn why, as long as Keller isn't a threat anymore. Keller doesn't believe him, and picks up his pack of cards. He picks out card after card but cannot predict which one will come out. Angered, he kicks the card table over as Nathan exits.

When someone who can read thoughts delves into the psyche of someone who can look into the future, Nathan thinks to himself, the telepath vicariously experiences that same power of foresight. He sees through the eyes of the precog. But when I entered Keller's mind--I saw no future.

Behind him, as Nathan walks away from the building, Keller can be seen at his window, holding a gun to his head. He shoots, and his body crashes through the window to land in front of his followers. It was because he didn't have one.

Characters Involved: 

Nathan Summers

Roy Calhoun Junior

police officers


Jonas Keller

Jed, Simon and dozens of other W.A.R. extremists

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