Deadpool (2nd series) #50

Issue Date: 
March 2001
Story Title: 
The Promise - part 1

Jimmy Palmiotti with Buddy Scalera (writer), DarickRobertson (penciler), Jon Holdredge (inker), Tom Chu & Illusion Art Studios (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Deadpool screws up a job. While he is distracted by a phone call from nurse Veronica (aka Copycat), his intended target Maxy Millions sets a man on fire. Deadpool tries to save him, but is too late, instead he promises to take care of the man’s son. Christopher is very angry at Deadpool at first, but later puts on a similar costume calling himself Pool Boy. Together they track Maxy Millions down, but suddenly Pool Boy points the gun at Deadpool for not preventing his fathers death. Copycat believes that Deadpool is seeing someone else and gets very angry; the two killer sisters find another victim.

Full Summary: 

We join Deadpool atop a roof, waiting for his target, Maxy Millions, to meet with a man in a building across the street. As he's distracted by a phone call from Nurse Veronica (aka Vanessa/Copycat from last issue), Maxy torches the man's apartment. Deadpool rushes over to the building, ditching his target to save the man in the fire. The man, named John Cassera, struggles for life, when his son Christopher arrives. John then dies, but not without a last request—that Deadpool protects his son until Maxy Millions is dead.
Deadpool takes Christopher back to his pad in the Brooklyn Shipyards, where he informs the guy who hired him about what happened. After an attempted attack, Wade ties Christopher up and they make a plan. Chris convinces Deadpool to let him tag along, and they head out to find Valdez (a man who can lead them to Maxy Millions). Chris puts on a slightly different variation of Deadpool's costume and declares himself PoolBoy (also known as Kid Deadpool in the previews).
We then cut to a Park Avenue home in NYC, where the two mysterious college girl killers from last issue stand over a man tied to a chair. They complain about the bloody mess and have a sibling's argument as they take turns brutally stabbing the man to death.
Cut back to Deadpool and PoolBoy as they ride a motorcycle to Frank's Hole, the restaurant where they're supposed to find Valdez. After a little begging on PoolBoy's part, he pulls a Punisher-esque bike-through-the-window stunt. Deadpool catches Valdez in the can, where he interrogates (and eventually kills) him. The despicable duo later return home, where they get into a fight over Wade acting like he owns Chris. The boy accuses 'Pool of being a spoiled old man, and gets a good slap to the face in return. Deadpool then shows Chris what he looks like under the mask, and they head to bed silently.
Next morning, Chris and a disguised Wade (via image inducer) head to the horse tracks. After a little betting, they get into character and interrogate a rider named Pike. When he won't tell Wade where Maxy is, Chris cuts in with his psychotic knife-wielding schtick and scares the info out of him.
Later that day, in downtown Brooklyn, Deadpool teaches PoolBoy how to snipe out targets from a rooftop. Wade's interrupted with a call from Copycat (as Nurse Veronica). When he explains that he's busy with 'a friend from out of town', she tosses a piano from her balcony (not letting Wade in on the fact that she's angry).
Deadpool then hangs up, only to find himself at the business end of PoolBoy's sniper rifle. It seems Chris is having a little trouble coming to terms with his father's death, and he's pointing the finger Deadpool's way.

Characters Involved: 



Pool Boy / Christopher Cassera

John Cassera, Pool Boy’s father

Maxy Millions

Grace and Mary Mercy, the Switchblade Sisters

Story Notes: 

John Cassera is named after the Deadpool fan who runs the website Deadpool's Demented Domain.

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