Deadpool (2nd series) #51

Issue Date: 
April 2001
Story Title: 
The Promise - part 2

Jimmy Palmiotti with Buddy Scalera (writer), Darick Robertson (penciler), Jon Holdredge (inker), Tom Chu (colors), Sharpefont & PT (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Pool Boy tries to kill Deadpool for failing to save his father, but Wade predicted the attack and the gun was not loaded. They then make up and hunt down the killer Maxy Millions. Christopher slips an explosive device in his pocket and detonates it with a remote control. Later Wade sends Christopher off to Oxford with a new identity, a full paid tution and some money. Still Christopher partially blames him for his fathers death and tries to blow up Deadpool’s warehouse the same way, but Deadpool disarmed the bomb. A woman from the school district checks out the Mercy house, since the girls have not been to school for weeks. The sisters kill her like they already did their parents and a few other people. In her appartment Copycat is slowly losing her sanity – she can morph into anyone she wants to, still she can’t make Deadpoool call her.

Full Summary: 

We begin where the last issue left off - Deadpool at the business end of Kid Deadpool's rifle. 'Pool reasons with him, telling Christopher there's no way to avenge his father's death (or get his inheritance) without his help. Chris pulls the trigger anyway, but (as Wade predicted) the rifle was empty.
Interlude, the Mercy sisters' penthouse. Miss Moreels from the school district comes to discuss their absence from school. One of the girls wields a kitchen knife, preparing to rid of her (having offed their parents last issue).
Later that day, Brooklyn Heights. The disfunctional duo head to stake out Maxy Millions' place at the address that Pike (last issue's midget jockey) had given them. They wait on a nearby rooftop for Maxy's two guests to leave so they can take him out.
Cut to Copycat's apartment. She raves on to herself about Deadpool not calling her (well, Copycat's few identities from issue #49), wondering why she has everything anyone could ever want, yet she can't have Wade. Boiling mad she has destroyed her appartment and fears to lose her sanity.
Back to 'Pool and Kid Deadpool. It's dawn the next day, and Maxy's two guests had finally left. Chris gets an itchy trigger, but Wade stops him, only to find Maxy Millions waving at them through his window. He had sent three of his men up to take care of them. Deadpool whips out the katanas for a battle, but one of 'em slips on a pile of Christopher's *ahem* "processed food" and takes out the other two with his guns. Wade scares the address of Maxy's nightclub out of him, then decides to kill the clumsy, pant-wetting bastard anyway.
Resume interlude, the Mercy sisters' place. One of them sneaks off to their room while Miss Moreels talks to the other about their parents being "out of the country for a very long time". She makes a crack about her sister being good at sports, as the first sister comes out from behind and takes a swing at Moreels with a hockey stick.
We rejoin Wade (disguised as a hip swinger, via image inducer) and Chris (also in swinger duds) at the Swing Daddy's Social Club. Chris gets acquainted with some locals while Wade heads to the can. There he meets Mr. Millions and reveals his identity, but Maxy flees. When Wade gets out, he finds Maxy and Chris duking it out in the middle of the club. Maxy pulls out a gun, and Christopher lets him go. When Deadpool scorns him for letting the target go, Chris explains that he'd found a remote control back at the warehouse, and slipped the "thingamajig" into his jacket pocket. He clicks the control's button as a huge explosion goes off in front of the club.
Later at the warehouse, they celebrate Christopher's 18th birthday. Deadpool gives Chris a one-way ticket to Europe, fully paid tuition to Oxford, paperwork for a new identity, and his share of the money they earned offing Maxy Millions. They have a touching little moment, and Chris leaves. As he walks off, Chris talks to himself about not being able to get over the fact that Deadpool was partially responsible for his father's death. He pulls out the remote control, takes one look back at the warehouse, and hits the button. Cut to Deadpool, inside the warehouse with the dismantled remote bomb.

Characters Involved: 



Pool Boy

Maxy Millions

Sarah Moreels

Grace and Mary Mercy, the Switchblade Sisters

Story Notes: 

Sarah Moreels is a homage to the wife of X-Fan’s Eric Moreels.

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