Deadpool (2nd series) #52

Issue Date: 
May 2001
Story Title: 
Talk of the Town - part 1

Jimmy Palmiotti and Buddy Scalera (writer), Anthony Williams (penciler), Andy Lanning (inker), VLM (colors), Sharpefont (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

The Mercy sisters kill Killer Dick, a famous musician. Finally the police investigate and the press braodcasts news about the “Switchblade Sisters“. Deadpool decides to get involved, wanting to collect the rewars, but the girls beat him to Detective Huff’s appartment, where they kill his ex-wife and seriously injure the policeman. Deadpool questions him at the hospital, but one of the Mercy sister is there too, dressed as a nurse. They fight on the hospital’s roof and Deadpool falls off after receiving a bullet in his shoulder. On the street he gets up, but the two sisters approach from opposing sides and sandwhich him between their cars, however Mary forgot to buckle herself and falls face front through her car’s window.

Full Summary: 

Our story begins with Deadpool contemplating the troubles of the world. Thousands die regularly in plane crashes and earthquakes, and no one gives a serious thought to it. Yet one word on a famous rap star getting arrested, and the world stops. He continues his observation on the effect this has on children, and pokes a little fun at his spandex- wearing, gun-toting self.
The Ritz, NYC. Mary and Grace aka The Mercy Sisters enjoy a performance by Heavy Metal/Reggae artist Killer Dick. He dedicates his closing song to them, and later invites them for a ride in his limousine. 'Dick' and Grace flirt for a while, when she discovers that he's married with three children. Meanwhile, Mary's killed the driver and hijacked the limo. How's that for the effect of a corrupt world on children, Wade?
Cut to Prospect Park, Brooklyn (supposedly the next day). An image-induced Deadpool gives 'Mr. Jambo' the rest of his payment for the warehouse he's living in. We also notice Mr. Jambo reading a newspaper headline about Killer Dick's murder. Deadpool calls up Nurse Veronica (actually Copycat) and tries to plan a date. She refuses and hangs up on him, wondering why her cool-headed mercenary is suddenly so easily manipulated.
Police Headquarters, downtown. Detective Arnold Huff and Officer Warren discuss Killer Dick's murder, and the prime suspects are the two girl sisters he was last seen with. Huff makes a negative comment on Dick's lyrics, just in time for his parents to arrive. They talk about finding their son's murderers, only to be barraged by the press.
The Mercy Sisters watch the news, discovering that Detective Huff is on their trail, so they plan to confront him. Watching the same channel, Deadpool decides hunting the sisters down and claiming the reward would be a good idea. The girls look up Huff's address and barge into his home. He tells the girls to turn themselves in so he can help, but they ignore his plea. After giving him a stab and threatening him to drop the Killer Dick case, Mary's interrupted by Huff's ex-wife, Florinda. She commands Mary to freeze, when Grace sneaks behind and takes her out. In a state of shock, Huff doesn't respond to Mary's offer, so she stabs him to death.
Deadpool, perched atop a building's stone gargoyle, listens in on radio police reports. He hears about the incident at Huff's place, and visits him at the hospital. After promising to be "really, really unpleasant" to the girls after finding them, Huff gives 'Pool some tips on them. Meanwhile, also at the hospital, the sisters plot to rid of Huff's mysterious guest. Grace follows Deadpool to the roof and makes a comment about her nurse disguise. This confuses Wade, as he mistakes her for Nurse Veronica. She takes a shot at him, the bullet ripping through his shoulder and sending him falling off the roof.
Deadpool pulls a comic book cliche and grabs onto a flagpole. It snaps, but lessens the impact of bouncing off a truck and hitting the ground. 'Pool gets up, spotting the Mercy Sisters approaching in a pair of Volkswagon Bugs. He stands surprised and motionless as they collide, sandwiching him from waist down between the two totalled cars. Having forgotten to buckle her seatbelt, Mary's thrown through the windshield. In the cliffhanger scene, Deadpool and Mary lie unconscious on her car hood, covered in glass and blood.

Characters Involved: 



Mr. Jambo

Grace and Mary Mercy, the Switchblade Sisters

Detective Arnold Huff

Florinda Huff, his ex-wife

Officer Warren

Killer Dick, a rock star

Mr. and Mrs. Peters, Killer Dick’s parents

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