Deadpool (2nd series) #53

Issue Date: 
June 2001
Story Title: 
Talk of the Town - part 2

Jimmy Palmiotti and Buddy Scalera (writer), Anthony Williams (penciler), Andy Lanning (inker), Tom Chu (colors), Sharpefont & PT (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Deadpool’s legs are broken as he got sandwiched between the Mercy sisters cars. He crawls home, and Mary too tends her sisters injuries. At the same time the police hunt them down; they find their city appartment with a storage chamber full of dead bodies and also an adress of a second home where the girls are hiding. Grace is slowly dying of internal bleeding and Mary puts her out of misery right before the police arrive to find more dead bodies in this place. At his warehouse Deadpool is sitting in a wheelchair while waiting for his healing factor to kick in. He arranges a meeting with nurse Veronica only to reveal that he knew it was Copycat all along. He promises to think about renewing their relationship. Later, fully healed he chases Mary across the town and finally kills her. Peter Gnucci learns that he will only inherit aunt‘s money if he kills the one responsible for her death – the Punisher.

Full Summary: 

Deadpool left a broken and bloody mess after being sandwiched between the Mercy Sisters' cars. His legs a wreck, 'Pool manages to crawl himself to a nearby train station and makes his way home.
Cut to the Mercy Sisters' residence, where Mary tends to Grace's wounds from the car crash. Meanwhile, Detective Fonti stands outside their apartment complex, ready to arrest them. He and a team of officers make their way up to the front door, while Mary talks Grace through the pain. The doorbell rings and the policemen burst in. Unfortunately for the Detective, the girls are staying at their second home in the Hamptons.
Mary answers the door and receives a package from the delivery guy. Detective Fonti discusses the empty apartment with Detective Huff on the phone, and finds out about the second home. Huff arrives (apparently healed from the multiple knife stabs to his chest) and they continue to search the complex for clues leading to the Mercy Sister murders, when they come upon a storage bin full of dead bodies and dismembered body parts.
Back to Deadpool at his warehouse pad, waiting for his healing factor to kick in. A delivery man brings by the parts for a wheelchair, and Wade calls up Nurse Veronica while putting it together. A little peeved at the lack of calls from 'Pool, Veronica (secretly Vanessa aka Copycat) agrees to come over and talk to him. One wheelchair assembly later, Veronica arrives. Wade explains to her how he knew she was Copycat all along, and Vanessa confesses that she still loves him (Vanessa and Wade were together until he broke it off, deciding to join Weapon X and cure his Cancer). Deadpool then tells Copycat he'll think about their relationship after dealing with Mary Mercy.
Meanwhile, the Sisters discuss Grace's fatal position, and how they'll escape. After some emotional arguing, Grace has Mary put her out of misery. Later on, Detectives Huff and Fonti arrive at the scene, finding Grace's body along with more corpses and dismembered body parts in their barn.
We then follow Mary in her smashed up VW Beetle as she escapes. Deadpool contacts her via the headset Grace left at the crash, and torments Mary about her deceased sister. Mary gets out and looks around for Deadpool, but hears sirens and grabs a little girl's dog. Wade continues to harass her with his ranting as she drives away with the dog. The patrol car slowly gains on her, and she tosses the dog through their windshield, causing the car to crash into some graffiti-spraying pedestrians. Huff arrives shortly and gets a call from Deadpool. He agrees to give Wade one hour to take care of Mary in his more professional manner. Mary angrily follows Deadpool's directions, looking to have a showdown with him. After hitting gridlock on the Brooklyn Bridge and taking out an officer directing traffic, Mary makes it to the Staten Island Ferry. She looks around for Deadpool to meet her- just as he spots her in his sniper scope. They exchange a few last words, and 'Pool sends a bullet flying right between her eyes.
Cut to Wall Street, NYC, the next day. Some lawyers and financial advisors of the deceased Ma Gnucci hold an inheritance meeting. They call in Ma's forgotten nephew, Peter Gnucci, and tell him that her whole estate is his if he follows the exact terms of the will: He must avenge her death and get rid of the man who killed her ... the Punisher.

Characters Involved: 



Grace and Mary Mercy, the Switchblade Sisters

Detective Arnold Huff

Detective Fonti

Peter Gnucci

Story Notes: 

Mistake - Last issue it was Mary who fell through the front window of her car, yet it is Grace who is injured in this issue.
For details on the Gnucci family, see the 12-part PUNISHER maxi-series by Garth Ennis & Jimmy Palmiotti

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