Deadpool (2nd series) #54

Issue Date: 
July 2001
Story Title: 
End of the Road - part 1

Jimmy Palmiotti and Buddy Scalera (writers), Georges Jeanty (penciler), Jon Holdredge (inker), Tom Chu (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

The Punisher assasinates known criminals all over New York. Deadpool heard about Peter Gnucci only inheriting Ma Gnucci’s fortune if the Punisher is killed and so offers to perform the kill for three million dollars. Peter agrees and Deadpool hunts the Punisher down, yet talks to much before killing him and is shot instead. After his healing factor kicks in Deadpool returns home, where he receives a phone call from Copycat, wanting to sort out their relationship. They are cut short as the TV reports another Punisher sighting. Deadpool rushes towards the area, and sees the Punisher jumping off a bridge to escape from the police. While the law believes the Punisher dead, Deadpool recognizes a boat in the water. When the Punisher swims to the surface he is staring right into Deadpool’s rifle.

Full Summary: 

The three Vinnies, mobsters connected to the Gnucci crime family, are on a short vacation at Greenwood Lake. They talk about Ma Gnucci’s death and how Peter Gnucci will inherit everything, once the Punisher has been killed. They also regret that Uncle D. couldn’t make it to the Lake too.
They continue fishing and suddenly it seems that they caught something – it’s the Punisher, who jumps out of the lake and shoots all three of them. While steering the boat back to the coast, the Punisher remembers the events that turned him into the man he is today, a few years ago his wife and children were caught in the gunfire of some criminals.
In Freeport, Long Island, Peter Gnucci still works at a garage. He has just repaired the sportscar of a beautiful redhead, and she gives him 200 $ for it, although the bill is 600 $. She calls Peter by the wrong name as she leaves and promises to get together with him, he only needs to call her, but the number she gives him is wrong. Peter feels like a loser, but he knows that he is very close to becoming rich, the only thing in the way is the Punisher.
Back at his home, Deadpool is waiting for him with a special offer. He will assasinate the Punisher for only three million dollar cash. Peter claims that this would be the whole inheritance, but Deadpool switches on the TV. The news report the Three Vinnies deaths and link them to the recent murder of Ma Gnucci, whose estate is valued at well over ten million dollars. Peter accepts Deadpool’s offer.
Later that evening a funeral is held for the Vinnies. The Punisher, dressed as one of the guests is among the guests too, before he has dealt with the many hired help, actually he killed them as they were all known criminals. Uncle D. is among the guests too, the Punisher waits till he has to go to the toilet, then follow and rolls a grenade in his cabin. Uncle D. is killed and the Punisher runs away, but outside he is stopped by Deadpool holding a gun to the back of his head. Deadpool apologizes for having to kill him, but he needs the money. While the merc-with-a-mouth is still talking, the Punisher has pulled a gun and fires at Deadpool through the back of his jacket.
Somewhat later, Deadpool wakes up, his chest is still on fire but fully healed because of his healing factor. He returns home and not before long the phone rings. It’s Copycat. Vanessa is concerned having heard about the fight with the Punisher, but she also wants to meet with Wade and talk about their relationship. They are cut short by the TV reporting live from Verrazano Bridge, where the Punisher is holding someone hostage. Immediatly Deadpool leaves to finish his job.
On the Bridge, the Punisher has stopped a car and tied up the three men that were inside, but the police have blocked both ends of the bridge and are moving in. The Punisher is about to kill all three as they are part of the Digger crime family, but an FBI agent steps in, stating that one of the three is an undercover agent working for the feds since five years. Meanwhile Deadpool has made it to the area on his motorbike and found the perfect spot to kill the Punisher with one shot. Before he can fulfill his job, he is approached by some local gang. Deadpool and their leader exchange some harsh words, but then Wade shoots him, wanting to focus on the Punisher again. On the bridge, the Punisher states that he knew about the undercover agent, he then kills the other two and jumps of the bridge before the police reach him.
All present think the Punisher dead, yet Deadpool spots something in the water below, it’s a raft. In the river the Punisher uses a breating apparatus to survive and then switches on a special homing beacon to find the way to his boat. As he comes back to the surface, he looks right at Deadpool’s rifle.

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Peter Gnucci

The Three Vinnies

Uncle D.

Richard Leber, FBI

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