Son of M #3

Issue Date: 
April 2006
Story Title: 
The Crooked Path

David Hine (writer), Roy Allan Martinez (pencils), Pete Pantazis (colors), Dave Lanphear (letters), Kate Levin (production), Molly Lazer & Aubrey Sitterson (assistant editors), Andy Schmidt (associate editor), Tom Brevoort (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

As Quicksilver enters his room at Attlian, the home of the Inhumans, he is shocked to discover an older version of himself welcoming him! The two Pietro discuss some important business they have to attend, which includes restoring all of the mutants who have lost their powers because of the Scarlet Witch. Days pass, and the older Pietro helps his younger self control his new time traveling powers. The older Pietro also explains that they need to steal the Terrigen Mists if they want to succeed in their mission. But Pietro refuses to leave without his daughter, and travels back to his own present. Meanwhile, the Inhumans discover that someone was in the Terrigen caverns and Medusa immediately suspects Pietro to be the culprit, and has him being watched constantly by a guard. Later, Quicksilver catches Crystal cheating on him with another Inhuman named Jolen, and the two of them realize they can never be together. Pietro meets up with Luna and convinces her to leave to Earth with him. Later that night, Pietro travels in time again and helps his older self contain the Terrigen Mists from his timeline. After succeeding in that, Pietro travels back to his own universe, where he does the exact same thing. He also has Luna write a letter to her mom, in which he has his daughter say he promises he will have Luna be brought back to Attilan whenever she wants to. Pietro also makes Luna convince Lockjow to teleport them back to Earth. The loyal dog does as told, and leaves immediately afterward, but Luna makes sure to tell her “pet” not to bring anyone back to the planet. Father and daughter go back to Pietro’s apartment, where he exposes Luna to the Terrigen Mists.

Full Summary: 

Quicksilver is shocked to find an alternate, older version of himself waiting for him in his room, and demands to know what this is all about. The other Pietro smiles he knows it’s disorienting to come face-to-face with yourself. He adds that Pietro’s first thought must be he passed out in the cavern and that all this is a dream. “No,” the real Pietro says, “this feels...”. “Too real,” the other Pietro adds. He jokes that maybe he’s an Inhuman, one who has the ability to mimic his form. But he knows exactly what Pietro is thinking, so that makes him also a mind reader. He claims the truth is simpler. He knows what Pietro is thinking because he remembers it!

Pietro asks his older self what he is saying. The older Pietro explains they didn’t fail. The process of Terrigenesis restored their speed, but in a different form: “Time travel,” the older Pietro devilishly grins. The real Pietro asks if that means his other self has traveled there from the future. He hasn’t. The other Pietro explains they can only travel forward in time. At this moment, every atom in Pietro’s body is vibrating so quickly that he has been shifted out of synch with the space-time continuum. That means the real Pietro has travaled here from the other version’s past. Fourteen days to be exact. Pietro doesn’t buy that, because his other version looks so different.

The other Pietro admits he doesn’t look at his best, but mentions time travel can have a debilitating effect. He’s confident Pietro will find that out soon enough. The other version wants Pietro to listen carefully to what he is about to say. He reveals Pietro’s time here at the other universe is limited. He has moved through time, but is still anchored to his present. For a short while Pietro can remain here in his future, as if running on the spot, but when he tires, he will be pulled back to the past, to the precise moment he left. That will happen in a few minutes. He continues to say that Pietro will return to the night they entered the cavern. The guard they attacked has been found, and their presence in the cavern is detected. At this moment, the alarm is being sounded.

Pietro fears that means he will be discovered. “No,” the older Pietro smiles. Quicksilver will return to the exact moment he left, but to this location. And when Pietro goes back, he will find himself here, in their room. Pietro will respond to the alarm, join the crowd rushing towards the cavern. He will make himself noticed to establish an alibi. Pietro asks what happens then. He wonders what the use of this ability has, and what effect it has on... both of them. The other Pietro mentions that a single exposure to the Mists was not enough. They have to find a way to access the cavern again.

Quicksilver says this isn’t easy and needs to be sure this is all real. The other Pietro understands. Pietro touches his other self’s chest. The other Pietro smiles that the sensation of déjà vu is quite extraordinary. Pietro feels as if he has stepped outside of himself. He wants to know if they are two people or one. Pietro stares at his hands and feels strange. The other Pietro explains that’s because Pietro is about to leave. But before Pietro leaves, he has to take something with him. It’s important. Pietro is handed over the glowing red stone, the sculpture Luna gave him earlier. Pietro takes the stone, and asks his other self if there’s something he needs to know, why he doesn’t just tell him. Pietro vanishes and, after his younger self is gone, the other Pietro grins it’s because he didn’t.

Shortly afterwards...

Pietro emerges back into his room, and can hear the alarm going off. He looks at Luna’s stone he stored on a bookshelf, and remembers what Luna said to him when she first gave the stone to him, that “it’s the only one like it.” Pietro places the stone he received from his older self next to the one he got from Luna, and can’t help but wonder what would happen if he didn’t join the crowd and remained in his room.

But, Pietro does go outside and stops a man walking among a panicking crowd, asking what’s happening. The Inhuman explains the alarm from the sacred cavern is going off, which is strange, because it never sounded before! All of the Inhumans sense an imbalance in the ambience of the crystals.

After thoroughly searching through the Terrigen caves, the Maledicta twins bow ashamed before their king. They beg for forgiveness but, they say, if the sanctity of the Mists has been violated, that means the desecrator has evaded them. Medusa asks Crystal where her husband is. Crystal can see Pietro standing in the crowd, which means it couldn’t have been him. Medusa can see Pietro as well, and hopes her sister is right about that. Among the crowd, Videmus is using his powers to tap onto each Inhuman’s mind to discover the culprit.

Later, at Quicksilver’s room...

Crystal asks her husband if it was him who entered the room. Pietro doesn’t see how Crystal can even ask that question. Crystal gently places her fingers on Pietro’s lips, not certain if he has changed too much or too little. Pietro removes her hand, and asks Crystal if there is a chance for them. Crystal admits she thought so, but now isn’t sure. She mentions that Medusa has asked her to inform him that in the future, Pietro will be accompanied at all times when he leaves this apartment.

As Crystal leaves, Pietro mocks to himself he won’t be turned into a prisoner. He touches his head, wondering how time travel works. He did it before by instinct, and now is determined to learn to control it. He recalls his other version said something about his every atom of his whole body vibrating. He wonders if he could visualize time rushing past, by making hours pass like seconds. Pietro moves really fast forward in time, and again meets up with his other self, who was already waiting for him!

Pietro asks his other self what day it is now. The other version smiles it’s eight days in Pietro’s future. The two Pietros realize they can take objects with them through time, but they can only be inorganic, nothing that lives. They can take Luna’s crystal, but not when they are being watched. The other Quicksilver believes they must leave Attilan and return to Earth. The real Pietro isn’t sure about that. The other Pietro informs his younger self that six days from now, he will come meet him again and he will be ready that day. Then, Pietro will know what to do. They will get the crystals. The other Pietro knows about this because he has already seen it happening. They will take the crystals back to Earth and then they can start to undo this mess. They’ll restore all the mutants who lost their powers, and give them back what Wanda took from them.

The real Pietro wonders about Luna. He’s not going to repeat their father’s mistake. He will not leave Luna again. The older version tells Pietro he’s going to talk to his daughter. He’s going to ask Luna to return to Earth with him. Pietro wants to know what she will say. The older version simply replies Pietro will find out soon enough. Pietro wants to take the red crystal back, but before he can, the older version reminds Pietro not to worry about Jolen, as he has dealt with him. The real Pietro doesn’t even know who Jolen is.

Seven days earlier, the home of Crystal Maximoff...

One of the Maledicta twins drops Quicksilver off at Crystal’s home, but reminds him he will be waiting for him here. A female guard opens the doors, and tells Pietro her highness is in the gardens, and suggests to announce his arrival. Pietro tells the guard there’s no need for that, as he will find her. He finds Crystal in her beautiful garden, talking to another man. Pietro hides behind a tree to spy on them.

Crystal compliments her gardener, Jolen, that he has worked wonders with this garden. It looks like an entirely new species. Jolen admits it is just that, and takes a red flower from a tree, which he named after Crystal. He places the flower in Crystalia Amaquelin’s hair, saying that she earns the most beautiful plant in Attilan, as she is its most beautiful woman.

Pietro angrily runs towards the two, demanding that Jolen takes his hands off his wife! Both Jolen and Crystal are shocked to see Pietro. Quicksilver smacks Jolen in his face and Crystal begs him to stop this. Jolen falls on the ground, bleeding. Pietro grabs him by the throat, but Jolen tells Pietro he just made a mistake. He betrayed his bestial nature, declaring that means like a wayward beast, Pietro must be crushed. Jolen uses his powers to control the plans and has vines trap Pietro, crushing his bones. Jolen informs Pietro that he mustn’t waste energy struggling to escape, because that won’t work. Pietro isn’t sure about that.

Crystal asks Jolen to release her husband and he does so, and apologizes for this. Crystal says it’s okay, as the fault wasn’t his. Pietro promises Jolen he will see him later. That’s just fine by Jolen, who will be ready at any time. Crystal tells Pietro he probably now sees why they can never be together... because of his ridiculous, childish jealousy! Pietro thinks he has good reason to be jealous, as Crystal has betrayed him before. He will not be humiliated by her affairs. Crystal becomes angry, thinking she feels something for that “boy,” Jolen. Pietro calmly takes the flower out of Crystal’s hair and crushes it, trying to make a point. Crystal angrily reminds Pietro he doesn’t own her. He never has, and never will. She goes back inside her home, and leaves Pietro alone.

Two days later...

Quicksilver sees Luna playing with Lockjaw in her room, and tells her it made him very happy seeing her again. Luna feels good about it too, but sees her dad is looking sad again. Pietro sits on his knees, and tells Luna he may have to return to Earth soon. Luna thought her dad was here to stay. Pietro doesn’t want to leave Luna, but there are reasons. Things he claims Luna is too young to understand. Luna doesn’t want Pietro to go.

Pietro asks Luna what she would say if he asked her to come with him. Luna doesn’t think her mom would ever allow it, to which. Pietro doesn’t think they need to tell Crystal. Luna doesn’t think there’s any way they could leave without her mother knowing about it. Pietro wonders if Lockjaw does what Luna tells him to do. Luna smiles he does, because she’s the only one who plays with the dog. The others just use him to go places. She hugs Lockjaw, glad that he will do anything she says. Pietro asks Luna if she’s absolutely certain about that. Luna is, and realizes what her dad is thinking off. Pietro gently touches Luna’s head, telling her she doesn’t need to decide yet. They can talk again later. But, he does remind Luna, she mustn’t talk about this to anyone. She asks Luna if she understands what he is saying. Luna just quietly stares at her dad.

Nine days later...

Pietro has shifted into time again, and thinks he’s getting better at this. The older version thinks Pietro is getting good enough, and informs him they’ll do it tonight. He doesn’t want to wait any longer. He has everything they need: tools and a container for the crystals. He mentions that Videmus has been very generous, and their ever-present shadow, Goran, never sees a thing. The older version does feel sorry for Goran. He asks the real Pietro to listen carefully. He wants Pietro to go back to his present and rest. When he’s strong enough, he has to jump forward as far as he can beyond the time when they’ve left Attilan for Earth. He’ll do the same and meet Pietro at the cavern.

Quicksilver worries about the guards, as they can’t be seen. The other version promises he’ll take care of it. It’s less complicated if his younger version doesn’t know about it. He just wants Pietro to be ready, and bring a golden knife with him. Pietro gets a bit scared, not understanding what the knife will be used for. The older version confidently promises Pietro he doesn’t have to worry, as it will be all right.

Twelve days later...

Pietro, holding the golden knife in his hands, enters the caverns and meets his older version around a corner. Pietro doesn’t think this makes any sense, believing he doesn’t need to be here. The older version tells Pietro he can trust him, and that it has to be like this. He wants Pietro to wait here. He enters the caves.

Goran spots the real Quicksilver and holds his sword ready for action. He knew something wasn’t right! Pietro asks Goran to stay back, as he doesn’t want to do this. Goran refuses, but before he can say anything else, Pietro stabs his knife through Goran’s chest!

Meanwhile, the older Pietro dives into the pool where the Terrigen Mists are stored in, and secrets some of it inside his container. The older versions steps a few minutes back in time, right before Goran discovered the real Pietro. The older version sees Pietro stabbing Goran, and mourning his death. On that moment, the real Pietro sees his older self and realizes his other self knew about this. He wants to know why he wasn’t told about this. The older version doesn’t think it would have made any difference. This is the way it always happens.

Eleven days earlier...

Quicksilver, carrying the container over his shoulder, tells Goran he’s taking a gift to his daughter. He doesn’t think that really needs his attention. Goran apologizes for it, but he’s just doing his duty. Pietro thinks Goran’s duty will be the death of him. Pietro opens a door and asks his daughter if she’s ready to leave. Luna is surprised today is the day they are going to Earth. Pietro explains to Luna they don’t want to worry her mother. He has Luna write a letter saying that she’s happy to go with him and that he promises to send Luna back whenever she wants.

Luna has Lockjaw teleport them all to Earth, but still believes her mother is going to be mad at them.

A few moments later...

Luna, Pietro and Lockjaw land in a dark alley on Earth. She isn’t impressed and wonders why Earth smells so bad. Pietro wants Luna to send Lockjaw back to Attilan, but has to tell him not to bring anyone else there. Luna does what her father asks, and tells Lockjaw it’s a game, like when they play hide-and-seek. She’s hiding now and her mom mustn’t find them. Lockjow gives Luna an uncertain look, but teleports away. Pietro thinks they need to move quickly, confident Crystal will follow them, with or without Lockjaw.

A few moments later, they arrive at Pietro’s apartment, which has nothing in it but a bed and a chair. Luna wonders if they are going to stay here. Pietro knows this isn’t what Luna expected, but promises it isn’t like this everywhere. He promises they’ll go someplace better soon. Luna wants to go to the ocean. Pietro promises they will go there soon. But first, there is something he wants Luna to do. He shows her the container, which holds the Terrigen crystals. It’s the birthright the Inhumans tried to keep from her.

Luna remembers that the council said it was too dangerous for her to be exposed. Pietro’s eyes glow a bit, teaching his daughter that people lie. Luna is scared and doesn’t want to do this. Pietro opens the container and the Mists come out of it. He promises Luna she can trust him, as he would never do anything to harm her.

Characters Involved: 


Black Bolt, Crystal, Lockjaw, Karnak, Gorgon, Medusa (all Inhumans)


Jolen, Maledicta siblings. Videmus (various other Inhumans)

Alternate version of Quicksilver

Various other Inhuman residents at Attilan

Story Notes: 

The Scarlet Witch, Pietro’s sister, used her powers to make half of the world’s mutants, including herself and Pietro, lose their powers in House of M #7.

Crystal indeed cheated a couple of times on her husband: the first time was with Norm Webster in Vision and Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #7. After later being separated (but not divorced) from Pietro, Crystal had several affairs: one with her boyfriend before Pietro, Johnny Storm (aka the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch), and later even with Dane Whitman (the Black Knight), while both she and Pietro were active members of the Avengers.

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