Son of M #4

Issue Date: 
May 2006
Story Title: 
The Gathering Sound

David Hine (writer), Roy Allan Martinez (pencils), Pete Pantazis (colors), Dave Lanphear (letters), Tom Valente (production), Molly Lazer & Aubrey Siterson (assistent editors), Andy Schmidt (associate editor), Tom Brevoort (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Crystal is well aware of the fact Quicksilver “kidnapped” their daughter, Luna, back to Earth with him and is anything but happy about it. She lashes out on Lockjaw for helping Pietro do this, but her family manages to calm her down. Later, the guards find the guard Goran dead and discover that the Terrigen Mists have been stolen. Videmus admits to the Royal family he helped with this, and again some time later, a beaten up Jolen states that Quicksilver is the culprit behind all this. Meanwhile on Earth, Luna feels at first unpleasant after inhaling the Terrigan Mists crystals, but soon learns to control her newfound powers. Pietro shifts into time again and learns that, in six days, the Inhumans will come to Earth, trying to find the two of them. Pietro realizes they need to move quickly, and decides to travel to Genosha. There, he meets up with Callisto, who is one of the many mutants having lost their powers. She inhales the Mists as well, and at first seems to have her powers back! Overjoyed, she leaves to gather the other dozen mutants on the islands so they can undergo the same process, but then, something weird happens. When it starts to rain, the raindrops falling on Callisto’s skin feel like acid, and all over her heightened senses freak out! Callisto can’t stand the pain and screams in agony. This catches the attention of Magneto, who asks Callisto how this could have happened to her. Callisto informs Magneto that his son is present on the island, and Magneto is anything but happy about this fact.

Full Summary: 

Attilan, the moon…

Lockjaw is back home, but Crystal has already discovered the unwanted departure of her daughter. In a furious rage, she traps Lockjaw in her elemental powers and demands to know where Lockjaw took both Pietro and Luna. Lockjaw becomes scared and tries to run away, but Crystal won’t let him. Karnak tries to calm her down, but she can’t; not after her daughter has just been kidnapped! Medusa reminds her sister that according to Luna’s note, she left of her own free will.

Crystal doesn’t buy that: Luna is six years old! Of course she wanted to go. She knows Luna must have built up a fantasy of Earth as a wonderful, magical place, and that Pietro probably encouraged that. Medusa tells Crystal that Pietro is Luna’s father, and perhaps she should spend time with him. Crystal asks Medusa if she has seen Pietro lately. She knows something is seriously wrong with him. She thinks that maybe if Black Bolt and Medusa had children of their own, they might have some idea of what she’s feeling right now!

Black Bolt and Medusa quietly glare at Crystal. Finally, Medusa promises her sister they will contact Reed Richards and request the Fantastic Four to locate Pietro. But for now, they must ask Crystal not to pusue them. Crystal asks Medusa if that’s really her decision. Black Bolt gives his sister-in-law a serious look, making it clear he made the decision. Medusa allows Crystal to appeal to the council if she wishes. She knows this is hard, but she’s certain Pietro loves Luna. Crystal admits that. In that case, Medusa is certain Luna is safe with him. With full confidence, Crystal mentions that being loved by Pietro... has it consequences.


Quicksilver has the Mists return back into his container, and asks Luna how she feels. Rubbing in her eyes, Luna feels a bit... light. Her head’s going around, and her eyes feel strange. She opens them and looks at her father, however Luna is shocked when she can see Pietro in a complete blue color. Further, when he calls out her name, lots of colors appear. Luna explains she can now feel what her dad is feeling... and finds it beautiful.

Suddenly, Luna becomes frightened when she sees a black spot in Pietro’s body. Pietro can’t see it and asks Luna what it is. Luna sees something dark in her dad, which is spreading all over him. She asks Pietro if he can feel it, and if it hurts. Luna doesn’t like this, and doesn’t want to see the dark stuff anymore! She turns away from Pietro, who tries to cheer her up. He touches her shoulders, promising she doesn’t have to worry. He thinks what Luna is seeing is only scary because it’s new. He’s certain she will learn to control her powers.


Pietro and Luna have moved to a house at the ocean. Luna stands outside on the beach, wearing dark sunglasses. She stares in front of her. Pietro, holding a newspaper in his hand, walks outside his new home and meets up with his daughter. Luna asks her dad if he has been time jumping again, and if that is next week’s newspaper he’s holding. Luna wonders why her dad doesn’t just pick the jackpot instead of the little prizes. That way, they would have all the money they need.

Pietro starts reading, explaining he doesn’t want to draw attention to them. Especially not now. He reads an article about the Inhumans, which says that they have already traveled to New York and demand the return of stolen artifacts. Pietro explains to his daughter that in six days, the Inhumans will be coming for them.

Time passes. It’s night...

Luna walks back inside her home. She stops for a while, and looks behind her. She calls out the name “Lockjaw,” but sees nothing but a few big footsteps behind her, and her own as well. Deciding not to give it much thought, Luna meets up with her dad, who is sitting on his bed. She asks Pietro why he’s afraid of Black Bolt. She wonders if he did something bad when he took the Mists.

Pietro stops inhaling the Mists, and explains to Luna he had every right to take them. He knows the Mists are a natural resource, and feels Black Bolt is wrong to keep them only for the Inhumans. He’s confident the mutants who lost their powers need the Mists of Terrigen. And he’s going to give those mutants their powers back. As Luna inhales the Mists as well, Pietro informs her they will be going to Genosha.

Later, at the ruins of the island Genosha...

Callisto sits on her knees in the ruins of a house. She picks up a bone and puts it right through her hand! Though she starts to bleed, she doesn’t scream out in any pain. Suddenly, she hears a helicopter landing nearby and goes to check it out. Callisto is startled to see Quicksilver and Luna stepping out of the aircraft, and wants to know what they are doing there. Callisto explains to Luna that her grandfather has told many things about her. Luna says hello to Callisto and, as she takes off her sunglasses, asks Callisto if she can look at her.

Calissto doesn’t see why not, as everyone else does. Luna’s eyes start to glow, and when she stares at Callisto, she can see the woman’s body glowing as well. She puts her glasses back on, and thanks Callisto. Luna then informs her dad that Callisto hurts herself. Callisto admits that, and thinks it’s nice Luna got herself a super-power. She asks Pietro how his daughter is still a mutant when the rest of them aren’t. Callisto quietly stares at her hand, and sees a hole in it. She closes her fist, and calmly confirms she does hurt herself.

Almost babbling, Callisto explains to Luna she used to be special too. All of her senses were heightened. She could see in the dark, hear a leaf fall. If someone sliced a lemon half a block away, Callisto could taste it in the air. Her skin was so sensitive, and making love was... Callisto stops talking right there, not wanting to discuss that in front of the kid. She further says that, now, she feels like being wrapped in lead. She’s actually shortsighted. Callisto asks Pietro if he can believe that she thinks she’s going to need glasses. She admits she hurts herself because everything is numb... dead. She just needs to feel something.

When Luna suddenly tells Callisto that her father can give her powers back, Callisto wants to know more. A short while later, Pietro has informed Callisto about the Terrigen Mists, and suggests she inhales them. Callisto asks if Pietro’s certain this is going to work. Luna thinks that perhaps Pietro could time-jump and find out. Pietro replies he could do that, but it wouldn’t change anything. He feels Callisto must find out for herself, as she has nothing to lose. Callisto won’t pretend to understand what Pietro is talking about, but she gets the “nothing to lose” bit. She starts inhaling the Mists, and Pietro reminds her to take deep breaths. Regular deep breaths. Luna also tells Callisto not to worry about the dizzy feeling, as that always happens. Callisto stops inhaling, asking Luna if that’s so.

Not far away, Magneto stands on a balcony and holds binoculars. The device spots visitors on the island, and Magnus can’t help but wonder who would want to come here now.

Pietro asks Callisto how she’s feeling. Callisto triumphantly stands up, and feels better now: she can smell the rain coming. Her powers are back! She can’t thank Pietro enough. Pietro explains he wants to do this for everyone he... He quickly changes his phrase, saying that he wants to do this for everyone who lost their powers. If only he had more. When Callisto asks what the stuff is she inhaled, Luna explains it’s the Mists of Terrigen and that her father took them from the Inhumans. Callisto doesn’t like that idea, because she knows they shouldn’t mess with the Inhumans. Luna thinks it’s alright, believing the Inhumans don’t even know the Mists are gone.

Meanwhile on Attilan, at the chamber of Terrigan...

Goran explains to Videmus, who uses his powers on the minds of the guards to find the culprit, that it’s the Maledicta family’s duty to guard the chamber. Their family has tended this post day and night for twenty-seven generations now. Videmus mentions he’s well aware of the history of the Maledicta clan, claiming he knows more about it than Goran himself. But, Videmus also says, he is a member of the council and is ordering all of the guards to accompany him to the royal palace at once. Black Bolt has need of them.

Goran agrees to come, if the order comes from their king. The Maledicta siblings both follow Videmus and ask him what the crisis is, as the city seems peaceful. Videmus doesn’t want to hear any questions, promising Goran will learn soon enough. Goran thinks something’s wrong, and runs back inside the chamber. Videmus doesn’t want Goran to disobey him, but he ignores that and heads back inside. Goran’s brother apologizes for his sibling, but Videmus says it’s okay. What will be, will be.

Some time later at the palace of the Royal family...

The Maledicta sibling and the other guards bow before the Royal family and ask what duty their liege requires of them. Medusa doesn’t understand that, and asks why the guards are there. Videmus tells Medusa that the guards are here to arrest him for high treason. Black Bolt calmly looks at Medusa, who in turn is rather shocked by the revelation.

Shortly, back at the chamber of Terrigen...

The guards find Goran dead. Goran’s brother apologizes for not listening to him. More guards come running scared, having discovered that the caverns have been violated, and that some animal has taken tools to steal some of the crystals. Medusa asks what about the Mists themselves. The guard explains it will take many years for the crystal formations to repair themselves. He thinks unless the crystals are recovered, there will be no Terrigenesis. Gorgon angrily demands to talk to Videmus.

Back at the palace, Gorgon wants to know why, of all people, Videmus betrayed them. Medusa wants to know as well. She knows Videmus is a historian, who has no greater respect for the Inhuman traditions. She wants to know what reason he could have to do this. Gorgon wants to know the name who conspired with Videmus. Kalikya and another Inhuman enter the room, carrying a beaten up Jolen over their shoulder. He states to the Royal family Pietro was responsible for this!


Quicksilver asks Callisto how many mutants who have lost their powers remained on this island. Callisto isn’t sure, but thinks maybe a dozen have. He asks Callisto to find them and bring them to him, and to tell the mutants he can save them. Callisto does as told and is overjoyed. She has never felt so alive!

As she takes off, it starts to rain. But the pain feels like acid on Callisto’s skin, and she can’t bear the agony! Magneto meets up with her and asks what’s wrong. Callisto shouts that every raindrop feels like a needle in her flesh! It’s too much! The light is blinding her. She can’t stand the stench of Magneto’s sweat in the air. She can hear insects, billions of them, crawling under the ground. She can feel her nails growing! Magneto goes to sit on his knees, and asks Callisto how this happened. Callisto reveals that Magneto’s own son did this to her.

Magneto is anything but happy to hear Pietro’s name...

Characters Involved: 


Black Bolt, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Lockjaw, Medusa (all Inhumans)


Jolen, Kalikya, Maledicta siblings, Videmus (other Inhumans)



Various other Inhumans (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Callisto and Magneto have lost their powers due the Scarlet Witch removing them, as seen in House of M #7-8.

A small mistake current writers tend to make: the tentacle arms Callisto used to have before her powers weren’t limbs she “grew” on her own: she received them at the hands of Masque, as seen in X-Treme X-Men #37. Yet strangely enough, Callisto still lost them.

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