Sunfire & Big Hero 6 #2

Issue Date: 
October 1998
Story Title: 
Land of the Rising Sun: part 2

Scott Lobdell (writer), Gus Vasquez (pencils), Bud Larosa (inks), Leeann Denham (colors), RS & Comicraft (letters), Jaye Gardner (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Steve Seagle & Duncan Rouleau (story idea)

Brief Description: 

Sunfire’s condition is being treated by scientists of Big Hero Six, but they fail to find a cure. Angry and exhausted, Sunfire’s powers go out of control but luckily he doesn’t hurt anyone. He is calmed down by Honey Lemon, who admits that she became a hero and joined this team because she admires Shiro. They have a private conversation together until the alarm goes off. Hiro and Baymax have entered the building, and Hiro tries to steal some information, which he hopes can help save his mother. However, after Baymax is defeated by the Silver Samurai, Hiro calms down and has a meeting with the team. He informs them that Everwraith luckily didn’t kill his mother yet, but holds her hostage because he wants to use him to get to Sunfire. After a heavy discussion, Hiro is allowed to talk to Sunfire. He feels even more tired now, and though he thanks Hiro for believing in him, Shiro doesn’t think he’ll be of much use. Hiro gets upset and disappointed for seeing his idol giving up like this, and angrily leaves. Elsewhere, Everwraith overlooks Tokyo and mentions that he is the embodiment of all people who died in Japanese disasters, and plans on using Hiro and Sunfire to achieve his goal into making Japan great again!

Full Summary: 

Sunfire’s condition is being treated in a lab. He’s being watched over by Honey Lemon. The scientist tell Honey they don’t think it’s safe to be around Sunfire in his current condition, as he’s still having trouble controlling his flame powers due to the Zero Fluid. Honey hears them, but ignores the scientists as well. She reminds them that both the Giri and all its scientist have been brought together to serve the interests of Big Hero Six, and not the other way around. Honey apologizes to Sunfire, agreeing that he shouldn’t be treated like a lab rat like this.

Sunfire agrees with that and thanks Honey for the fact she cares, but he realizes that he’s just too dangerous right now, especially to anyone around him. Honey smiles that maybe that doesn’t include her, thinking she doesn’t have anything to fear about Japan’s greatest hero. She even admits that the only reason she agreed to join this group is because of Shiro, as he has been an inspiration to her into becoming a hero. Sunfire coughs, claiming he never once did something that’s admirable and doesn’t even know why people always treat him like a hero the way they do. He’s just a common man with special abilities.

Shiro remembers that people even accused him of being arrogant in the past, and only decided to use his powers to serve Japan in time of need because he thought it was the right thing to do. He reminds Honey that she has powers of her own as well, and must appreciate what he just said. Honey admits that she only has powers because of her Power Purse, and doesn’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse, like with Shiro being a… - she hesitates. Sunfire asks if she means by that him being a mutant. He truly hates that word. He coughs again.

Dr. Yo warns Shiro that this conversation isn’t helping his condition. Sunfire realizes that, but he’s just so upset because he’s dying. He unleashes an awful amount of fire in his room, but luckily doesn’t hurt the scientist because they are standing behind a special plexi-steel observation glass. Honey tries to calm him down and gently touches Shiro’s shoulder.

Shiro’s fires continue to attack the window, though don’t manage to break it. Honey thinks Shiro did that on purpose so they would have some privacy. Shiro explains that he doesn’t trust any organization anymore after the recent experiences he had with Alpha Flight’s Department H. Honey asks about what those scientists’ diagnoses were, realizing they must have been trying to cure him. Shiro admits that, and it’s because of them he realized he is dying. Suddenly, the alarm bell goes off and gunshots can be heard.

Hiro and Baymax have entered the building. Baymax protected Hiro, while the security guards were firing upon them. Hiro takes out an E.M. Pulse gun he put together himself, and fires it so the firing mechanisms in the guard’s guns won’t work anymore. While Baymax continues to fight the guards, Hiro manages to hack into the computer system to get the information he came for. The guards step down, realizing they don’t have a chance against a big guy like Baymax.

The Silver Samurai believes he has. He is glad, thinking that Hiro and Baymax have accepted the offer to join Big Hero Six and that’s the reason why they are here, but he jokes that a phone call would have been enough. Baymax tells him otherwise, correcting the Samurai they just need some info and will be on their way. He warns the Samurai to stand back so he won’t have to hurt him. The Samurai laughs at that statement. He quickly takes out his sword, and channels it using his powers. Baymax proudly tries to defend himself, but he is simply no match for the Samurai’s powered-up sword and faints.

Hiro is impressed by the Samurai’s skills, more than he thought he would be. The Samurai mentions that the change from a freelance ronin like he just to be to becoming the leader of Big Hero Six is something he’ll need to get used to. He asks Hiro if Baymax is still alive, like he hopes he is. Hiro claims that Baymax was never “alive” to begin with. GoGo Tomago flies in, and slams Hiro down informing the Samurai that the big brain was trying to steal some of their information. The Samurai claims that he knew that. GoGo doesn’t believe that. Hiro asks the Samurai and GoGo for help, if it’s true that they are super-heroes.

The Samurai doesn’t like the idea of helping Hero much since he doesn’t want to join them, but asks what it is anyhow. Hiro informs the Samurai that, if he doesn’t get any help soon, his mother will die! Oshima overhears the plea, and finds it ironic that the very same members who wanted to have nothing to do with them came back begging for their help.

Oshima doesn’t know how other countries can deal with this sort of nonsense. He recalls that Canada has Alpha Flight, America has more heroes than he can count on one hand, and even the former Soviet Republic has his own team of heroes in the form of the so-called Super Soldiers. And then there’s also Sabra, the Israeli hero, but Oshima doesn’t even want to get started about her. Oshima doesn’t know if they can trust someone as smart as Hiro, but hopes he will be worth the trouble to enroll him into the team.

Elsewhere, in his hideout, Everwraith stares at the beautiful city that is Japan. He finds it remarkable to live in a land of survivors, who managed to use two nuclear explosions and the facts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to stand up again and build a better empire. And with himself being a bi-product of all that, as the living embodiment of all those people who died during those disasters, as a result of this savage scar upon what has become known as “civilization,” Everwraith claims he couldn’t be prouder of his people.

Then again, he wants to be honest, and wonders what those people have done for him lately. He thinks that Tokyo is doomed. And even though he believes he’s bound to fade into oblivion soon due to the fact that people have forgotten about his existence, Everwraith promises he won’t turn his back on the people.

He turns his attention to Mrs. Takachiho, who’s sitting scared and bound onto a chair. Everwraith claims Hiro’s mother will help him into achieving his goal. Maybe she won’t help him directly, but Everwraith reveals that her death will facilitate the next great era of Japan’s stagnant culture. He tells Hiro’s mother that she can trust him and that, together with her son and Sunfire, they will make Japan great again!

Meanwhile, at the temple of Big Hero Six, Hiro and a still powered down Baymax have a meeting with the rest of Big Hero Six and Mr. Oshima. Hiro asks for a glass of water, but Oshima claims they don’t have one. Honey smiles otherwise, and takes one out of her purse. Hiro is smitten with her, but doesn’t say anything about it. Hiro explains that, when they got home after learning Sunfire was dying, he and Baymax discovered that a villain named Everwraith had killed his mom! However, as Everwraith soon afterwards corrected, he had only teleported her away as her hostage, and told Hiro that, if he wanted to see her alive again, he had to bring Sunfire to him. And with Baymax and his mother having a special bound, they decided to do anything it took to get her back. Even if that meant bringing Sunfire to a villain.

The Samurai mentions that Sunfire isn’t of any use due to his current condition, but promises he and the team will do anything they can to save Hiro’s mother. Hiro doesn’t want to hear any of those excuses and simply wants to take Sunfire. He tosses the water onto Baymax’s back, which is enough to get him revived again. He stands up again and attacks the heroes. Oshima is exhausted by it, recalling that Japan has already enough super-villains and doesn’t want to see heroes fighting amongst themselves.

Not much later, Hiro is in the conference room and talks to the scientists about Sunfire’s bad condition. Oshima enters not much later, and angrily looks at Hiro. Hiro realizes Oshima is a good man trying to do his job the best he can, and gets allowed into Sunfire’s room. Shiro has been informed about Hiro’s problem, but he feels exhausted and realizes he isn’t of much use now. But he wants to thank Hiro for believing in him.

Hiro cries, shouting that Sunfire can’t die. Shiro apologizes for it. Hiro recoups, and mentions that he lived through the death of his father so he’ll live through this. But, he does feel disappointed. He leaves, but not without telling Sunfire that he actually came looking for a hero.

As Hiro has left the room, Sunfire screams in pain!

Characters Involved: 


GoGo Tomago, Honey Lemon, Silver Samurai (all Big Hero Six)

Hiro Takachiho



Mr. Oshima (Big Hero Six liaison)

Mrs. Takachiho (Hiro’s mother)

Dr. Yo and other, unnamed Big Hero Six scientists

Big Hero Six security guards (all unnamed)

various Japanese citizens (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

This issue reveals that Hiro’s mother isn’t dead, as was made believe last issue.

Again, the story is told from Hiro’s point of view.

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