Sunfire & Big Hero 6 #3

Issue Date: 
November 1998
Story Title: 
Land of the Rising Sun: part 3

Scott Lobdell (writer), Gus Vasquez (pencils), Bud Larosa (inks), Leeann Denham (colors), RS & Comicraft (letters), Jaye Gardner (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Steve Seagle & Duncan Rouleau (story idea)

Brief Description: 

Big Hero Six have managed to find Everwraith and confront the villain. A battle follows, but none of the Japanese agents’ powers seem to have any kind of effect on the powerful being. He wants them all to die. The Silver Samurai tries charging up his sword using his mutant powers, but not even that brings any harm. Sunfire arrives on the battlefield, ready to help out. But first, he wants to know what Everwraith wants. He reveals that he is born out of the souls of the people who died during the attack on Hiroshima during World War II, and now wants Japan to once again grow like it used to do. He believes that the only way to do that is through adversity, so he has also created solar panels, which threaten to destroy Tokyo. Hiro notices his mother nearby, and has Baymax rescue her. GoGo moves over to destroy the solar panels, but they are tougher than they seemed to be. But she doesn’t give up. The Samurai, Sunfire and Honey all work together in an attempt to take Everwraith down, but it doesn’t’ seem to work. Hiro doesn’t understand why Hiro is keeping his bio-kinetic energy that lies within his body down, because now would be a good time to release them. Shiro didn’t even know he had that kind of energy, and Hiro reveals to Shiro that he read his medical files and isn’t dying. Department H lied to him! Shiro thinks he can stop Everwraith now, but it will come at a cost. Everyone of the team understands. Honey pulls out a device, which shields the team and the Japanese citizens. Meanwhile, Sunfire uses his energy to destroy Everwraith, but as it seems, also sacrifices his own life. Not much later, Shiro’s funeral takes place. The Samurai gets approached by Oshima, who admits that though the team managed to save the city, their techniques still need much to be worked upon. The Samurai goes to the shrine where his cousin is honored, and meets up with the rest of the team. Hiro keeps praying for Sunfire, until his idol walks into the shrine, alive! Sunfire explains that he’s going back to Canada to find out the truth about his condition and why he was being lied to. Hiro wishes him good luck, and they share a hug.

Full Summary: 

After Everwraith destroys some streets to gain the attention of Big Hero Six, they quickly find and confront him. Hiro promises to himself that the guy is going down for kidnapping his mother the way he did.

Everwraith floats down and faces Big Hero 6. He isn’t pleased at witnessing the fact that Japan apparently also started to employ it’s own super-heroes. So, he tells them all to prepare to die! GoGo wants to rush into action, but the Samurai attempts to hold her back, wanting to find out the full extent of Everwraith’s powers first. But GoGo denies obeying the orders and, after shouting her name, attacks Everwaith. Hiro cheers for her, but Baymax doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. The Samurai sighs, remembering that when he was a lone ronin, he never had to worry about anyone but himself.

However, Everwraith waves with his hand, and stops GoGo in mid-air. He reveals that he is the very essence of Japan and therefore won’t be stopped by mere children. He punches GoGo back to her team. The Silver Samurai orders Baymax to catch her, but he is afraid she might get hurt on impact on his thick green skin. Hiro warns they need a net or something to catch GoGo, so Honey takes one out of her Powerpurse and safely catches GoGo in it. The Samurai wants to know if there’s anything GoGo doesn’t have in that purse of hers. She denies that. Everwraith wants to kill them now.

Baymax picks up Hiro, following his program to bring him into safety, no matter what’s going to happen to Japan. Hiro reminds his friend what’s going to happen to his mother if they don’t stay. Baymax remembers how much Hiro’s mom means to them both, and agrees to stay and fight. The Samurai demands to know who Everwraith really is and how he gained his powers. Everwraith isn’t pleased with those questions, but the Samurai jokes he heard Spider-Man asking those questions once and thought they might be handy.

Everwraith thinks it’s fine to stall, not caring much. He admits that he’s the very essence of every citizen of Japan. He’s the soul of every citizen who lived in the past, present and also, the future! He is all about spirits, forged in the heat of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, light given substance in the country’s darkest hour. He claims to be vengeance and retribution. Put short, he is… Japan! GoGo jokes it must be irritating to be Everwraith. Honey notices that GoGo seems to enjoy annoying their opponents. She jokes that’s because she knows none of them can be killed twice. The Samurai agrees with that statement, adding that he doesn’t even want to die once, so he orders everyone to retreat!

The Samurai proudly looks at his teammates, and especially at Hiro. Everyone realizes what he is up to. Taking a deeper look into the Samurai’s eyes, Hiro is finally glad that the man is on their side. The Samurai quickly jumps forward, and admits that even though they don’t really know Everwraith’s intentions, he realizes they can’t mean anything good, so he plans to stop him before he can even begin. He charges up his sword using his mutant powers, and slashes Everwraith apart! The Samurai thinks he has won.

But, Everwraith already starts to gather himself back together, and phases through the Samurai, taking him down! Everwraith claims he cannot be defeated, but lets anyone else take their shot, if they want to. Someone absolutely wants to. And that someone is… Sunfire! He quickly creates a wall of fire around the team so they can have a little talk so Shiro can be filled in what’s this is all about. But nobody has an answer. The Samurai recovers and gets himself up, admitting to Shiro that nobody actually knows what Everwraith wants. That’s no a problem to Sunfire. He faces the villain and demands to know what he’s up to.

Everwraith is glad that someone finally asked that. He admits that he finds it ironic that he found his own humanity amidst mankind’s single most inhumane act of war in the planet’s history. It was the first day ever that hundreds of thousands of souls were released in a single instant, and the Earth, apparently, was not ready to give up its dead. Instead of departing for the afterworld, the souls stayed. They transformed into Everwraith, and he became the souls. For several decades, he planned his revenge on the country that had perpetrated this mass homicide, until he noticed something incredible about Japan.

Since the war, they had become a stronger nation! The tragedy had forced the Japanese citizens to excel, financially as well as technologically, because of the nuclear holocaust, not in spite of it. It was then that the only way Japan could once again grow is through adversity. Hiro thinks that’s sick. Everwraith believes that the word Hiro is looking for is “pragmatic.” Sunfire agrees with Hiro and is ready to take Everwraith down. He doesn’t think so, and releases an awful amount of necto-plasmic energy through the city, destroying windows of nearby buildings. Hiro takes a look around, and notices his tied-up mother nearby.

Everwraith attacks Sunfire, and he gets hit by the villain’s power. Shiro can feel his atomic flame being siphoned and he can’t control it! Everwraith explains that, for as long as he has intended, he is using Sunfire’s mutant ability to act as the genesis and power source for the cleansing rain of flame that will once again purify Japan. He thinks it’s rather fitting, that he should use the dying Sunfire to resuscitate their dying nation.

The Samurai finds it unfortunate that their first adversary as a team would be one possessed of astral abilities for which they have no defense. Honey doesn’t think so, and takes out a weapon that looks exactly like raw necroplasmic energy! The Samurai isn’t even going to ask where Honey got that from. Honey asks the Samurai if he would believe it if she said she actually made the energy. The Samurai is starting to realize there is very little Special Agent Honey Lemon can’t do. Hiro suggests that the Samurai and Honey distract Everwraith, so he and Baymax can go rescue his mother and GoGo can destroy the solar panels.

Honey throws the energy at Everwraith, but misses him. He laughs, thinking the best Big Hero Six can do is humiliate him. But, the red energy flows all over Everwraith, making him now tangible. Not understand how that could be possible, the Samurai and Honey team-up and start fighting him. Hiro watches Honey fight and is amazed by her skill and beauty, and smiles that Jackie Chan has got nothing on her! Meanwhile, GoGo calls out her name and transforms into her powerball form. She attacks the panels, but they are stronger than she thought they would be and her powers don’t even scratch them. But she refuses to give up and starts bouncing against it again and again.

Baymax climbs up a skyscraper in the hopes to rescue Hiro’s mother. But he notices that Hiro himself is getting closer and closer to Sunfire, which causes him to worry. Baymax wants to give into his programming to rescue his best friend, but realizes that his priority right now, even though it hurts to admit it, is to rescue Hiro’s captured mother. The energy that was on Everwraith fades away, and he can no longer be touched. He attacks the Samurai, who defends himself using his swords, and jokes that nobody wants to touch a creature like Everwraith.

Sunfire tries to warn Hiro not to get any closer to him, as he feels he can no longer control his powers. Hiro doesn’t know why Sunfire is holding his powers up, as now would be a good time to release them. Shiro doesn’t understand. Hiro didn’t knew that Shiro wasn’t aware of what he means. When Hiro was in Shiro’s room yesterday, he read his body scans. The bio-kinetic charge in his body, the one conflicting with his bio-atomic powers, Hiro assumed that it was part of Shiro’s treatment from Department H. But Sunfire wasn’t told of no such treatment! Which means he was misled by the Department.

Shiro powers up. He explains that he is using the bio-kinetic energy within himself to break the hold Everwraith apparently had over his body. But Shiro is confident it has gone beyond that. Hesitant, Everwraith confirms that. But he thinks it’s impossible that Shiro got himself released. Shiro explains that the truth is, now that he knows it, he is not dying, but it has set him free. Shiro walks over to Big Hero 6, calling them his friends and teammates, and tells them that he doesn’t presume to understand this unknowable energy within him. But the solar panels are raging out of control, and are threatening to engulf all of Tokyo.

The Samurai is surprised that his cousin can’t incinerate those panels. Sunfire can, but it will be at a cost. Unlike earlier, he can’t protect the team from his heat. There is also no time for the team to evacuate this area. Every member of Big Hero 6, including Hiro, gracefully bows for Sunfire, confident to tell him that he must do what has to be done. Sunfire smiles that he couldn’t be any prouder to be a member of Big Hero Six.

Without another word, Shiro envelops the entire city within the heat of his atomic flame. Or, so it seems. What Shiro is actually doing, is releasing all of his mutant energy at once, and next concentrating the heat of the very sun itself on the solar panels, which threatened the city. In a way, it was the opposite of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The only good news beneath the roar of the raging firestorm, one could hear the sound of Everwraith’s deathknell. Born in the heart of the atom, Everwraith died in the atom. And, so it seems, Sunfire also dies.


After attending Sunfire’s funeral, the Silver Samurai is approached by Mr. Oshima. Oshima tells the Samurai, as him being the voice of the Giri, that he wishes he could say he was impressed. While it was true that by working together, Big Hero Six was able to prevent the death of millions of Japan’s citizens, he is afraid the Samurai’s team’s techniques leave much to be desired. The Samurai defends that, given the opportunity, he is certain they will bring much honor to the citizens. Oshima thinks that’s probably true. That’s why he will have to carefully make his recommendations to the Giri as Big Hero Six’ future. But he finds it interesting, though. The Samurai doesn’t understand that last statement.

Oshima is referring to the fact that Sunfire’s body was completely obliterated in the blast. The Samurai remains silent. Oshima looks at him, but doesn’t say anything about the silence. He takes off, wanting to see the Samurai tomorrow at six. He would like to give the five members of the team to search for a new sixth member. The Samurai proudly smiles. He leaves towards the shrine where Shiro’s memory is honored.

In the shrine, a sad Hiro is praying. GoGo tells him to let it go, as Sunfire is dead. And if it weren’t for Honey pulling a humvee out of her powerpurse, Hiro’s idol would have flash-fired the rest of them along with him. Honey thinks that’s about enough and tells her to wait outside. Angrily, GoGo leaves. Honey kisses Hiro on the forehead, telling him that things will get better. She and Baymax leave as well, and meet up with the Samurai outside who waves goodbye to Baymax.

Some time later…

Hiro is still praying for Shiro, when suddenly, he hears footsteps behind him. It’s Sunfire, still alive! Hiro knew that if he would wait long enough here, Shiro would show up. Shiro wants to know how Hiro could possibly know he was still alive. Hiro claims that’s because Shiro is Sunfire, the man who always survives! He wants to know what Shiro is going to do now. Sunfire plans on returning to Canada – discreetly – and learn the truth of the bio-kinetic energy that is coursing through his body. He intends to learn why he was told he was dying, and why he has been used like this. Hiro supposes that Shiro wouldn’t accept his help. But he wants Shiro to know that whatever he does and wherever he goes, he’ll have a friend who’s thinking about him. Shiro smiles, and tells Hiro that he will have the very same thing.

Hiro quickly hugs his idol, who is surprised that he does that. Sunfire smiles, and hugs his newfound friend as well.

Characters Involved: 


Baymax, GoGo Tomago, Hiro Takachiho, Honey Lemon, Silver Samurai (all Big Hero Six)


Mr. Oshima (Big Hero Six liaison)

Mrs. Takachiho (Hiro’s mother)

Story Notes: 

Big Hero Six’ adventures continue in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #17.

For the final time, the story is told from Hiro’s point of view.

Sunfire’s treatments by Department H can be found throughout Alpha Flight (2nd series) #3-9.

Hiroshima, a city of Japan, was attacked and mostly destroyed by the atomic weapon called “Little Boy” during World War II on August 6, 1945.

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