Ultimate Nightmare #5

Issue Date: 
February 2005
Story Title: 
Ultimate Nightmare, chapter 5

Warren Ellis (Writer), Trevor Harsine (Penciler), Nelson DeCastro (Inker) Frank D’Armata (Colorist), Chris Eliopoulos (Letterer), Omar Otieku (Production) Nicole Wiley & John Barber (Assistant Editors), Nick Lowe (Associate Editor), Ralph Macchio (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Based on an idea by Joe Quesada

Brief Description: 

Captain America battles “Captain Russia” and eventually kills him, while the Black Widow, Falcon and Fury break into the center of the complex, where a strange being is kept. Suddenly the X-Men burst in from the other side, and a battle ensues, with the X-Men being quickly overwhelmed by the Ultimates. The being explains that it is the Vision and that it landed here one hundred years ago, that’ its broadcasts were warning Earth about impending doom by a being known as “Gah Lak Tus” one hundred years from the time it landed - meaning now, the present day. No longer under the Vision’s influence, Jean Grey finds a moment for her and her team to escape, and after reaching the surface, Wolverine tells them that they are dumb enough to be eaten by this jerk from space, while down below, the Vision is prepared for transport, and Fury informs the Falcon that he is going to study him intensely, and that no one is to know about this impending doom.

Full Summary: 

Deep within the compound, Sam Wilson a.k.a. the Falcon comments on how Captain America and the Russian are not fighting. Sergeant Nick Fury tells Wilson to let the Captain take care of business and to just concentrate on getting the door open. ‘Yeah, yeah,’ mutters Sam, before asking again why they are not fighting.

Captain America just stands his ground before “Captain Russia”, saying nothing. The Super Soldier asks Cap if he is looking for an opening, studying him for weaknesses, and boasts that he has none, that he is perfect. ‘The constant super soldier’. Cap tells his opponent that he isn’t perfect, that he is crazy, but before the Russian can react, Cap leaps at him and kicks him in the jaw.

The Super Soldier gathers himself and picks up his makeshift shield, smacking Captain America in the stomach. Cap moves to one side as his Russian counterpart brings his makeshift shield down upon him, but misses, and is splits into dozens of pieces. In the process, the Russians arm is wounded, split open, the insides are a mixture of indescribable workings. Cap is shocked, and the Super Soldier tells him that he doesn’t have the English for what he is. ‘I will kill you now’.

A large door springs open, and the Falcon announces that they are in. Fury calls to Cap, who shoves the Super Soldier’s hard into a wall, and tells his allies to go, as he finishes beating the hell out of the Super Soldier. Natasha Widow, codenamed the Black Widow leads the way into the other room, and shocked, she looks up at the strange creation before her, before telling Nick and Sam to try their radios again, as they are going to need some help. Suspended from the ceiling is some robotic creation - or at least the upper half of him anyway.

Wilson wonders if this is the source of the transmissions, then realizes that it is more than that, and tells his allies to look at the robot again - he is the source of everything here. Sam points out that if you take two things that work and stick them together, the result is unpredictable. He believes this creation to be the Super-Soldier program and that the Russians spent decades prying bits off him and grafting them into test subjects.

The robot starts repeating ‘Escape’ over and over again, before declaring that “it” is coming. Motioning to another large door into this chamber, Natasha holds her large gun up to it and informs her allies that they have company.

The door bursts open, and standing on the other side are three members of the mutant X-Men: Jean “Marvel Girl” Grey, Wolverine a.k.a. Logan and Piotr “Colossus” Rasputin. Fury begins firing upon seeing the X-Men, and staring up at the robot, the mentally-drained Grey declares ‘It’s you…I can hear you…you’re not even human…’.

Wolverine announces that they have been ambushed and rushes towards Fury and his associates. Colossus points out that they don’t have their main super people with them, to which Logan replies ‘Yeah, no Iron Pants or Hammer Guy. It’s gonna be easy,’ and boasts that he will take them.

Fury, Sam and Natasha continue firing at the X-Men, and Fury tells them to stand down, ignored by the X-Men, and as Logan leaps at him, Fury smashes him with his gun, mockingly says ‘Whoops, Oh, I’m trembling. “Little human dog talks trash to me.” I don’t think so’.

Back in the other chamber, the Russian punches Cap in the jaw, causing blood to spurt from his mouth. The Super Soldier trips Cap up and asks him if he knows what this place was, revealing that it was their testing ground. As he elbows Cap in the back, he declares that it made them strong, glorious and proud. He boasts that it made them strong, made them glorious and taught them that Americans are nothing and that there is strength in union. ‘It took a union to make me’.

As Cap is kicked in the stomach, he tells his enemy that fighting isn’t about glory, nor is it about pride. ‘This is the mistake that crazy scum like you always make’. Cap smacks the Super Soldier in the face, causing him to stumble backwards, which gives Cap enough time to pick up a stake-like piece of wood from the ground, and running up to “Captain Russia” he declares that fighting isn’t about winning - and shoves the stake through his enemy’s chest.

Back in the second chamber, Colossus picks up Wilson in his arms and tells him to not fight, as he will not kill him, just put him to sleep. With Colossus’ steel arms around him, Sam replies that it is real “comfortable” and asks him if he organic metal analog, telling him that it is extremely cool. Colossus thanks the Falcon, before asking him to please let him crush the air out of him. Sam declares that he was thinking - ‘If your eyes really turn to metal, how do you see?’ With that, Sam shoves his thumbs into Colossus’ eyes.

Wolverine lunges at Fury with his claws, telling him that the more he keeps honking him off, the slower he is going to kebab his heart. Suddenly, someone calls ‘Hey! Lucky Jim!’ Logan stops and looks around, asking who called him that, when a grenade is thrown into the room and explodes right beside Logan, causing him to fall over. Cap puts a foot on Logan and his gun to Wolverine’s arm, remarking that he cannot tell a lie, he admits that it was him. Cap tells Logan to settle down, as he has no particular wish to kill anyone else today.

‘Speak for yourself’ declares Natasha as she holds a gun to Grey’s head. Grey is on her knees hugging herself, declaring ‘It’s not human and it won’t stop talking in my head’. ‘Yes dear, you said that,’ says Natasha patronizingly, before telling Jean to shut up or she will be forced to blow her head off for the sake of her own sanity. ’I think the mutants are a little confused, Nick,’ she adds.

As Sam Wilson holds a gun to Colossus’ face, he points out that they cannot blame them, and suggests Natasha listen to what Grey is saying, pointing out that she is an X-woman and their team has psychics, he has read about it. He reminds everyone that Fury said S.H.I.E.L.D.’s psi-division was down, so if this thing is broadcasting on the high electromagnetic frequencies use, as well as the wave bands they picked up…his voice trails off before realizing that the X-Men thought there was a psychic in here.

Sam is willing to bet that the X-Men didn’t even stop to turn on a TV to see is anything else was going on, that the just barreled right in here, to save the underground brain-broadcaster. ‘Morons’. With the X-Men held at gunpoint, Fury asks Wilson what it is they have here, as it looks to him like someone made half a robot out of half a Cadillac. Wilson tells Colossus to kneel down, and cross his ankles, claiming that he could shoot him through the eyes from twenty paces without even trying, before telling Fury that in fact this creation used to be intact, or close to it. ‘Didn’t you?’ he asks it.

‘Yes,’ replies the strange creature, ‘Hundreds years trying to heal as they cut pieces off me’. Wilson tells the robot that as they are here now, it can stop broadcasting. He tells the creation that they are here now, and ready to listen, but that his broadcast is damaging them. He informs it that they want to learn, but that it has to stop the broadcast now.

Jean snaps back to reality as the robot confirms that he has ceased the transmission. He declares ‘Names, in your language: Eidolon Apparition Vision. Name Vision. Vision. Traveler I, running ahead of the thing. Across galaxies. Warning that it is coming, a hundred of your years ahead of the incident wave, a hundred years to defend’.

The Vision as he calls himself, explains his history now, ‘Failure event in my vessel mechanism while entering your atmosphere. Critical failure above this territory. Repair coma found by explorers and buried and dissected over period of decades. Finally. Finally. Broadcast cortex reassembled. A hundred years gone by. Panic failure in role assigned to me by the unquiet dead their voice. Mass broadcast on all frequencies the stories of the dead the warning’.

The Vision tells the X-Men and the others that they must prepare now. Fury asks him ‘For what? What’s coming?’ The Vision replies that there are so many names, so many cultures destroyed. ‘I hold the voices of a thousand dead worlds’. He exclaims that there is a very old culture, has observed dozens of terminal events, their word for it has traveled, and in their language, it means uncreated, ant messiah, poison wave, universal end bringer. ‘Gah Lak Tus’.

Suddenly, there is a brilliant, blinding white light. ‘What in the hell was that?’ asks Fury. Sam replies that he doesn’t know, but it is like someone let a flash bang grenade off, as he couldn’t see a thing for a second. Looking around, they soon realize that the X-Men are missing. Fury asks the Black Widow if she took her eyes off Grey, to which Natasha replies ‘I hate X-Men’.

Fury finally manages to radio up to the surface and tells his soldiers to grab some shovels, as they are going to dig them out of here. Wilson asks the Vision what he was talking about when he said ‘One hundred years’. The Vision ominously replies ‘One hundred years ahead. One hundred years have passed. There is no time left’.

Above the underground complex, Wolverine mutters that there wasn’t even a mutant, just some weird-messed up alien robot. He is angry that no one even took half a day to find out what else might be going on. Jean just tells him to shut up, to which Logan points out that she and Xavier got so sweaty about rescuing some poor little mutant that they didn’t even think twice. He snarls that it is thanks to them that they almost got killed by the Ultimates.

Jean turn around and tells Logan to shut up again, to which Logan asks her what she plans on doing - ‘Drown me with your bleeding heart, maybe?’ He declares that this was a shambles and tells Jean to think. Think about how she and Xavier thought they were so sneaky and clever, but where did all this brain power get them? ‘Flat on your face and with a gun in your ear’.

Turning away from his two close friends, Wolverine mutters that if you ask him, this “Galakty” thing can’t come soon enough, as we are all just dumb enough to deserve to be eaten by some jerk from space. Them for thinking Xavier is the savior, and him for sticking around.

Later, the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarier hovers above an opening in the ground, as the Vision is being lifted from the underground complex into it. Fury tells Wilson that it is all his, that he is going to have to spend every waking hour with him, working out what he is talking about and learning as much as possible. ‘This is officially sixty levels above top secret’.

Sam asks how they are going to explain away the mass broadcasts predicting doom. Fury replies that they will pass it off as terrorists, that terrorists are good for anything. He adds that he knows what Sam is thinking, and tells him that they are not to tell anyone the truth, not until they know exactly what is coming to get them.

Meanwhile, far away in space, someone…or something…has Earth locked on target.

Characters Involved: 

Colossus, Marvel Girl, Wolverine(all X-Men)

Black Widow, Captain America (both Ultimates)

General Nick Fury


“Captain Russia”


Agents of SHIELD

In Flashback


Story Notes: 

The exact timing of this series is unknown, though a reasonable estimation would place it between Ultimate X-Men #49 and #50 and Ultimates #13 and Ultimates (2nd series) #1.
The enmity between the Ultimates and the X-Men seems surprising, as they are supposed to be working together, especially Fury and Wolverine have saved each other’s lives several times .

This is the first part of the “Ultimate Trilogy,” to be continued in Ultimate Secret.

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