Ultimate Power #8

Issue Date: 
December 2007
Story Title: 
Ultimate Power, part 8

Jeph Loeb (Writer), Greg Land (Penciler), Jay Leisten (Inker), Justin Ponsor (Colorist), Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne (Letterer), Brad Johansen (Production), Lauren Sankovitch (Assistant Editor), Bill Rosemann & Ralph Macchio (Editors), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Special Thank to: Brian Michael Bendis, J. Michael Straczynski & Axel Alonso

Brief Description: 

The Squadron Supreme of the Supreme Power universe battle their misplaced doppelgangers from the Earth-S universe - not to mention the heroes of the Ultimate universe, all three teams trying to make sense of what is transpiring here. The Earth-S Squadron note that their power levels seem to be halved, and each counterpart often repeats what the other says. Thor continues to lay waste to the Supreme Power’s Hyperion, until he is convinced that they should work together to ascertain what is happening here. The Thing battles Dr. Doom, only to discover that he is some kind of robot, and the Earth-S Nighthawk mistakes the Ultimate Captain America for the Earth 616 Captain America, whom he has met before, while both Arcannas - the only Squadron members who are not fighting with each other - confront the Scarlet Witch. Finally, Nick Fury sends the Hulk, with Spider-Man in tow, down into the battle with the hopes of adding a third element to combine the squabbling teams below.

Full Summary: 

The Pentagon, Washington D.C, the Supreme Power Universe. ‘Squadron, scramble!’ shouts the powerful Hyperion - not of this universe, but the Earth-S/712/616 universe, who, along with his teammates, have just found themselves displaced here. Hyperion uses his near-unbeatable strength to pummel the Ultimate Universe’s Wolverine of the X-Men, while his teammates Power Princess, Dr. Spectrum and the Shape deal with Storm, Cyclops and Mr. Fantastic in their own manner.

Hyperion calls out to his teammates Nighthawk and Whizzer, ordering them to take everyone else except for him, Power Princess, Dr. Spectrum and Shape, to which Nighthawk replies ‘I told you about going in fists first!’ Hyperion ignores him and declares that they need intel, and fast. ‘Ain’t nobody faster!’ boasts the Whizzer as he speeds away, while Wolverine lunges at Hyperion. ‘What the Hell are you made of?’ he asks, discovering his claws do not leave any damage. ‘Righteousness!’ Hyperion replies, before blasting Wolverine with powerful optical beams. Wolverine’s body is torn apart, but quickly heals itself. ‘Oh’. Wolverine utters, before leaping at Hyperion. ‘You’re one of those people!’.

Nearby, Mr. Fantastic exclaims that he doesn’t understand. ‘There are doppelgangers of you all?’ he asks, while he and the Shape both try to tangle each other up. ‘Huh?’ the dim-witted Squadron Supreme member replies. ‘How can there be two versions of the same being occupying the same universe?’ Mr. Fantastic asks. ‘You’re funny. I don’t look like you!’ the Shape replies as he head-butts Mr. Fantastic, smashing his glasses, and pushing Mr. Fantastic back, both men eventually spring together into a giant-rubber-band-like-ball. Mr. Fantastic mutters that this is like trying to have a conversation with Ben when he’s been drinking. ‘Who’s Ben? Does he look like me too?’ the clueless Shape asks.

Storm casts a bolt of lightning upwards at the Squadron Supreme, while Cyclops fires an optic blast at them, asking his teammate if he has any idea what is going on here. ’None’ Storm replies, remarking that they came to rescue Mr. Fantastic, but got attacked - but the same men and women as the ones who attacked them back on their Earth, but with different uniforms. Cyclops replies assuredly that he doesn’t know how, or why, but these ones are not the same.

Up above, Power Princess blocks the lightning bolt and asks Dr. Spectrum if he can hear them too, remarking that they are just as confused about them being here as they are. Dr. Spectrum replies that the probe which landed in their world, led them here. ‘Hyperion knows what he’s doing’ Dr. Spectrum declares. ‘Not from where I’m standing’ Power Princess replies.

Back on the ground, Wolverine and Hyperion are still going at it, and Wolverine exclaims that there has to be somewhere he can cut Hyperion. ‘Better men than you have tried’ Hyperion replies smugly. ‘Bub, you don’t even know me. And I’m the best at what I do!’ Wolverine exclaims as he lashes out at Hyperion with his claws once more.

Meanwhile, Whizzer speeds around the surrounding area, and notes that he is not as fast as he should be - almost at half speed even. He passes this world’s Hyperion who, naked, is being attacked by the Ultimates Thor. ‘You weaken, Hyperion. You will never best the Son of Odin!’ Thor boasts. Whizzer speeds past enemies of the same universe - Iron Man and Dr. Doom - who are squabbling, as Doom boasts that he has claimed this Earth for himself. ‘When you fall, it will follow’ Doom exclaims. ‘Not much of a plan, Doom, since I’m not going down’ Iron Man replies. The Whizzer speeds past his counterpart of this world, Blur, who is battling another speedster, Quicksilver, before he arrives back at Hyperion’s location and announces that something is wrong.

‘Something is wrong!’ screams this world’s Hyperion as Thor blasts him with unmeasurable amounts of lightning, while shouting ‘You attacked our world! Kidnapped one of our heroes!’ Furious, Thor asks ‘And now, thou dost plead some kind of madness!?’ Suddenly, this world’s Power Princess and Dr. Spectrum arrive on scene, and Power Princess tells Thor that she would like nothing better than to rip his head off, but that something is wrong - even in this chaos.

Dr. Spectrum agrees, and explains that there has been a shift of some sort. ‘Everyone on our Squadron felt it - our powers halved, as though we’d been split in two’. Dr. Spectrum remarks that Thor is clearly a warrior born, and informs him that he is first and foremost a soldier. ‘We could continue waging battle. All of us. We brought blame. Your people claim innocence. If there’s someone else to be held accountable - shouldn’t we try to uncover that person or persons?’ Dr. Spectrum suggests. A thoughtful Thor calms down and listens to Dr. Spectrum.

Meanwhile, Dr. Doom boasts that every advance Iron Man has made, he has countered. Doom suggests Iron Man concedes, and he will consider having him serve him in the new world order. Iron Man replies that this is madness, and remarks that this world lays wasted - tens of millions have lost their lives. ‘Is it all because of you?’ Iron Man asks. ‘Tens of millions and one!’ Doom replies as he blasts Iron Man to the ground with a powerful surge of energy.

Suddenly though, someone taps Doom on the shoulder - it’s the Thing, who shouts ‘It’s clobberin’ time!’ as he pummels Dr. Doom across the landscape. The Thing continues his assault and declares that he knew his friend Mr. Fantastic could not be to blame for all of this mess, remarking that this had Doom’s stink on it from the get-go. ‘And with nobody from the team to hold me back - it’s open season on you, Vic!’ the Thing exclaims. Dr. Doom asks then if no one is here, who will mourn Thing’s death by his hands, and us about to release a point-blank blast on the Thing, who triples ‘Like to see ya try’ and yanks at Doom’s hands - when suddenly, they break off.

Puzzled, the Thing exclaims that he has been fighting a blasted robot. ‘I hate robots!’ he shouts as he begins to smash up the supposed robot. ‘I want my money back!’ Thing jokes, when suddenly the metal begins to shift together, like mercury. Thing admits that he may not be the smartest guy in the room, but he has a feeling Mr. Fantastic is going to want to have a look at this. ‘Eew!’ he whispers as he picks some of the goo up.

‘This can’t be good’ Mr. Fantastic exclaims as he manages to poke his head out from within his and the Shape’s tangled bodies. This world’s Hyperion, now clothed, appears overhead with Power Princess and Dr. Spectrum at his side. ‘Explain yourselves!’ he demands. ‘Explain yourselves!’ his Earth-S counterpart exclaims. This world’s Hyperion introduces himself, and orders everyone else to surrender. The Earth-S Hyperion says exactly the same words, before taking flight and smashing into his counterpart. ‘Wild!’ exclaims Wolverine.

Power Princess of Earth-S asks Dr. Spectrum why he thinks they keep repeating what the other one says, before she attacks her counterpart of this world. ‘Who are you people?’ she exclaims. ‘Who are you people? This world’s Power Princess replies. The two Dr. Spectrums battle it out, while the two Hyperion’s toss each other about, both shouting ‘Why do you keep repeating everything we say?’.

Meanwhile the Nighthawk of Earth-S finds the Captain America of the Ultimate Universe, thinking him to be the Captain America of Earth 616, he exclaims ‘I know you. You’re with the Avengers!’. ‘The…who? We’re the Ultimates’ Captain America replies, to which Nighthawk asks him what he is talking about. ‘We’ve met. Fought alongside each other!’. But Captain America replies that he has never seen anyone who looks like Nighthawk before. Suddenly, the Nighthawk of this world appears. ‘How is this possible?’ the Earth-S Nighthawk asks, to which of course this world’s version asks the same thing, while Captain America asks either of them if they have answers.

Suddenly, Captain America’s teammate, the sultry Scarlet Witch tells Captain America that she warned her brother that something terrible would happen if she used her magics here. Suddenly, the both the Earth-S and the Ultimate Universe Arcanna Jones appear beside the Scarlet Witch, both with their mighty powers ready, they tell the Scarlet Witch that she has much to answer for.

Meanwhile, 10,000 feet in the air is the SHIELD Helicarrier of the Ultimate Universe. ‘Isn’t this like pouring gasoline on a fire?’ asks Spider-Man as Sergeant Nick Fury leads the powerful and nigh-unstoppable Hulk to an opening in the carrier. ‘Don’t they teach you anything in high school?’ Fury retorts, to which Spider-Man replies that he attends a public school. ‘We’re lucky enough to have books’. Fury explains that when two sides are too evenly matched, you introduce a third element that will unite them all. ‘Strategy 101’ he adds.

‘And he’s the third? Spider-Man asks, unimpressed. ‘What if he - y’know - starts eating people!?’ Fury informs Spider-Man that he will be going with him, acting as the Hulk’s conscience. ‘Y’know. Like Jimmy Cricket’. Spider-Man corrects Fury, ‘It’s “Jiminy”. Didn’t they teach you anything in high school?’ he mocks, before asking how Fury expects him to control the Hulk. ‘This oughta be good!’ the Hulk exclaims as he looks down at the scene below him, before leaping out of the Helicarrier, ready to enter the fray. Spider-Man fires some webbing onto the Hulk’s back, enabling him to get down to the ground while shouting out ‘Tell my Aunt May I might be late for dinner!’…

Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Captain America, Iron Man, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Thor (all Ultimates)

Mr. Fantastic, Thing (both Fantastic Four)


Nick Fury


Arcanna, Blur, Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion, Nighthawk, Power Princess (all Squadron Supreme of the Supreme Power Universe)

Arcanna / Moonglow II, Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion, Nighthawk, Power Princess, Shape, Whizzer (all Squadron Supreme of Earth-S / 616 / 712)

“Dr. Doom” of the Ultimate Universe / robot

Story Notes: 

“Ultimate Power” is the mini-series crossover between the Ultimate Universe and what is known as the Supreme-Verse, which depicts the stories told in “Supreme Power” and “Squadron Supreme” (2nd series) as well as several mini series.

“Ultimate Power” takes place between Ultimates (3rd series) and Ultimates (4th series). Where that fits in chronologically for Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Fantastic Four and Squadron Supreme (2nd series) is anyone’s guess.

The Earth 616/712/Earth-S Squadron Supreme (whom the Supreme Power team is based upon) were brought to the Supreme Power Universe at the end of Ultimate Power #7. In addition to the members shown this issue, Amphibian, Skymax and Skylark were also brought to this world.

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