Ultimate Spider-Man #92

Issue Date: 
May 2006
Story Title: 
Deadpool: part 2

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Mark Bagley (pencils & cover), John Dell & Mark McKenna (inks), Laura Martin & Richard Isanove (colors & cover), VC’s Cory Petit (letters), Omar Otieku (production), Nicole Boose (assistant editor), John Barber (associate editor), Ralph Macchio (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Spider-Man and the X-Men have been kidnapped. Spider-Man wakes up, chained and in a helicopter. He sees that the X-Men (Kitty included) are there as well. The Cyborg mercenaries and their leader, Deadpool, notice that Spider-Man has woken up, and tell him it’s time to begin with the show. They toss every member of the X-Men and Spider-Man out of the helicopter, so that the chase can begin! During the fall, Spider-Man loses one of his boots, but luckily lands safely, thanks to the aid of his Web Shooters. He is quickly attacked by one of the cyborgs but, when he bumps into Colossus, the Russian X-Man rescues Spidey from harm. They both don’t have a clue what’s going on, and Colossus suspects that they were all attacked by a shapeshifter. Nearby, they find Cyclops and rescue him from more attacking cyborgs. Another cyborg named Bonebreaker attacks, but he gets fried by Storm. She recognizes the island they are on: it’s Krakoa! After taking down more attacking helicopters, the X-Men and Spider-Man reunite with Angel, Marvel Girl, Rogue, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler. Kurt suspects that they are unwilling contestants on the mutant hunting game show they took down last month, and that those people want payback now. On that very moment, Deadpool leads another group of cyborg mercenaries into the battle, and promises the X-Men and Spider-Man that they’ll discover why he uses this codename, and that they are about to make television history.

Full Summary: 

Inside a helicopter…

Spider-Man wakes up, and finds himself imprisoned. Half-dozed, he notices that Kitty and the other X-Men are imprisoned as well! One of the mercenaries notices Spidey is awake, and his boss, Deadpool, orders his minion to give the webslinger another electrical shock. The mercenary does as ordered, and hits Spidey, who is knocked out again.

The mercenaries want to take off Spider-Man’s mask. Peter is not completely unconscious yet, and overhears their conversation. The mercenaries report to Deadpool that they are reaching the dropping point, so Deadpool tells them to drop their prisoner. The mercenaries aren’t sure if that’s such a good idea. Deadpool is confident that the X-Men will survive the fall, thanks to their mutant powers. The mercenaries fear what’s going to happen if the X-Men don’t survive the fall. Deadpool doesn’t even care about that, since the X-Men and Spider-Man will be dead by nightfall anyhow. That’s the show.

Deadpool orders the other mercenaries to wake their prisoners up, as he loves to hear the screams. It’s showbiz time. One of the mercenaries still wants to take off Spider-Man’s mask. Deadpool reminds his companion that he already told him to respect the mask, as they always mean something. Deadpool notices that Spider-Man is still awake. He greets him, and orders the mercenaries to throw him overboard!

Spider-Man gets handcuffed thrown out of the plane, and heads straight towards the island below him. The X-Men undergo the same fate. Peter notices that his Web Shooters are still on, and makes a safety net with them. He lands safely, though loses one of his boots in the process. Spidey takes a look around him, and realizes he is definitely not in Central Park… he’s in trouble. While trying to take off his handcuffs, which he fails to do, Spidey tries to figure out where he is, but doesn’t have a single clue. On that very moment, a furious mercenary attacks him. He fires a blast at Spider-Man, who dodges it and shoots some webs into the mercenaries’ face, and also kicks it. Spidey takes a run for it, until he bumps into Colossus.

Peter doesn’t recognize the X-Man and starts punching him. Colossus picks Spidey up and asks him not to do that, and asks if he doesn’t recognize him. Confused, Spidey at first thinks he’s dealing with Aunt May! Colossus introduces himself as one of the X-Men, and Spidey finally recognizes the big, metal Russian guy. Colossus uses his strength to free Spidey from his handcuffs. Spidey sure hopes they are in the X-Men’s backyard, but Colossus replies that they aren’t. Spidey wants to go find Kitty, as she attacked him. Colossus tries to explain to Peter that Kitty would never do such a thing. Spidey believes that perhaps Kitty is under some kind of mind control, and that Xavier has gone insane or something.

Colossus begs Spider-Man to stop talking, promising that Kitty didn’t attack him. Peter doesn’t believe that, as he remembers that Kitty sent the robot plane to his home in Queens. He stepped into it, and the plane flew him to the school. Next, he came out of the plane and was attacked by Kitty herself. He woke up being pushed out of a big helicopter by the cast of Soul Caliber Three! And not long afterward, he was attacked by that cyborg until Colossus found him. Colossus corrects that, actually, the cyborg attacked him and he believes that he may have accidentally led him to Spider-Man. But, he didn’t know the webslinger was there. Spider-Man adds that he doesn’t know where they are either, plus he lost his boot.

Colossus remembers that he was attacked by Ororo. As Spider-Man doesn’t know who that is, Colossus informs him that Ororo is the one with the weather powers. When Spidey is surprised that Storm attacked her teammate, Colossus replies that he is confident that it wasn’t the real Storm. And he also believes that perhaps they are dealing with a shapeshifter. Spider-Man believes that may be true, or else women have decided to take over the world. He knew that was coming, but nobody would listen to him. Colossus doesn’t think they should be joking now, but Spider-Man admits he didn’t think the shapeshifter was serious until now. He suggests they go find the others. Colossus didn’t even know that there were others on the island. Spider-Man explains that, like him, the other X-Men were all thrown out of a helicopter.

When Colossus wants to know where they are, Spidey really hopes they are in Central Park, but Colossus doesn’t think so. Spider-Man thought so, so he warns the X-Man to be prepared to see him crying. Colossus takes a look around, and concludes that the place seems familiar to him. On that moment, an optic blast is fired, and Colossus recognizes the blast coming from Cyclops. They run over to Scott, and find out that he’s being overwhelmed by more cyborgs! Those cyborgs tell Scott to give up and just die. A confused Cyclops wants to know where he is, and why the cyborgs are doing this. Colossus rescues his teammate and punches the cyborgs away from him, while Spider-Man fights them as well.

Scott wants to know what Spider-Man is doing there, but Spider-Man admits that he doesn’t really know. Cyclops remembers being attacked by Wolverine, and next being thrown out of a helicopter. Colossus corrects Scott that he wasn’t attacked by Wolverine, but by a shapeshifter. Spider-Man thinks that’s a maybe. He jokes that perhaps they should wake one of these fallen Bionicles up and tickle them until they explain what’s going on. Spider-Man gets closer to the cyborgs, who have a smell on them. Scott wants to know where Jean is, as she can get them all together with her psychic abilities. Spider-Man calls out to Kitty, and wants to find her.

Cyclops warns Spider-Man to be quiet, as they can’t let their attackers know where they are, since they are being hunted down. Spider-Man didn’t even realize that. Colossus suddenly hears a squeal. Another cyborg appears, and introduces himself as Bonebreaker! When Cyclops demands to know what this is all about, Bonebreaker instead starts firing blasts from his hands, and jokes that he’s there to break some bones. Spider-Man rescues Scott from getting hit, and Colossus takes the blast and remains unharmed thanks to his metal skin. Bonebreaker adds that he wants to kill the X-Men and Spider-Man, and that he wants the entire world to see him do it. Spidey wants to know how the world is going to see it.

Scott fires an optic blast on Bonebreaker, but he isn’t even harmed by it. Bonebreaker triumphs that they are ready for the heroes, as they all made that sacrifice. He mentions that the X-Men don’t have any idea how far they have taken this. He and his cyborg companions were born for this. Suddenly, a strong lightning bolt hits Bonebreaker, which brings him down. Cyclops, Spider-Man and Colossus are all startled to see it. Storm triumphantly descends from the sky, and asks if anyone else is feeling angry about this. Spider-Man is impressed. Colossus asks Ororo if she’s all right. Cyclops asks Storm if she knows what’s going on and where they are. She confirms that, and uses her weather powers to lift everyone up into the sky, so they can take a closer look.

Cyclops finally recognizes the island they are on: it’s Krakoa! Spider-Man hopes that is off the coast of Long Island. Scott denies that, and explains that Krakoa is actually off the coast of Genosha in the South Pacific. Spider-Man thinks he’s going to cry. He believes that his life is over and has to get home. Helicopters suddenly show up and open fire! Scott orders Storm to drop the wind tunnel immediately. She does. Everyone falls back down again, and the helicopters all crash down into the trees, and explode. They notice someone coming through the smoke. It’s Kitty! She asks if everyone is alright. Spider-Man thanks God that Kitty is alright. She gently touches his face and wants to know what he is doing tere. Peter mentions to Kitty that she sent the plane to him, so he came, and that’s when Kitty attacked him.

Kitty denies that. Colossus corrects that there’s a shapeshifter in the cyborg’s group. Spider-Man thinks that Kitty may be that shapeshifter and wants to know for sure that they are dealing with the real Kitty here. However, Kitty whispers something into Peter’s ear, and he’s quickly convinced she’s real. But, he still wants to know how any of the other X-Men aren’t that shapeshifter. Scott defends that one can’t fake mutant abilities. Spider-Man agrees, unless your mutant ability is to fake other people’s mutant abilities. Scott defends that, in that case, the one using a disguise would be attacking the others, and that isn’t the case right now.

Storm has heard enough and wants to go find the others and have to get off this island right now. Spider-Man doesn’t like to repeat himself, but still wants to know what’s going on. Nightcrawler teleports in, and believes that it’s payback time. He explains that he managed to find the others, thanks to the smoke from the crashed down helicopters. He believes that the X-Men are the stars of the show again. Scott agrees. Spider-Man still doesn’t understand. Angel and Rogue land down. Warren holds an unconscious Jean in his arms, mentioning that he found her like this hanging into a tree. He didn’t knew what else to do. Scott telepathically calls out to her, but doesn’t get an answer. Kurt believes that the Professor was right, and that they shouldn’t have come here in the first place.

Scott tries to wake Jean up, but with no success. Angel sure is glad he found the others. He mentions that he just stopped back at the mansion for a visit, but now he has no idea what’s going on. Storm explains that sometimes it works to fill Jean’s mind. Her psychic powers make it hard for her to sleep. On that moment, Jean wakes up and tells everyone to be quiet. Scott asks Jean if she’s alright. She jokes she isn’t, and wants to know what’s going on. Scott explains to her that they are back on Krakoa. Jean doesn’t like that.

Spider-Man gets impatient and wants to know what Krakoa is. Kitty explains that Krakoa is a prison island for mutants. The nation of Genosha imprisons its mutants, sends them to this place and hunts and kills them for sport. Spider-Man is disgusted. Kitty adds that these people broadcast the sport on TV. The X-Men came there last month and stuck their noses in it. The Professor was mad at them they did. He had told them not to do it, but the X-Men did it anyway. Spider-Man wants to know if they are on TV right now. Kitty isn’t sure about that. He believes that it sounds a little inhumane to kidnap people out of their homes and show them on TV getting hunted down.

On that moment, Spider-Man’s spidey-sense goes off. Deadpool and more mercenaries show up, and open fire. Deadpool shouts that mutants are freaks who have no business being alive in the first place. Plus, he adds, the X-Men are all known as international mutant terrorists. He jokes that he and his buddies are actually doing the world a favor by putting them down, plus they get to entertain millions of people along the way. He promises the X-Men that they’ll soon find out why he’s being called “Deadpool,” and they better smile, because they are about to make television history!

Characters Involved: 


Angel, Colossus, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Shadowcat, Storm (all X-Men)

Bonebreaker, Deadpool and various other, unnamed mercenaries

Story Notes: 

The X-Men first visited the Krakoa Island throughout Ultimate X-Men #54-57. There, Kitty heard about a game show that hunted down unwilling mutant contestants. One of those mutants was Longshot, and the X-Men believed him to be innocently accused of murder. The younger members of the X-Men wanted to investigate the matter, but Xavier ordered them not to and send in the more experienced X-Men. The kids ignored their leader’s wishes and took off anyway, and helped Longshot escape the island, even though when it was later revealed that he was guilty of the murder. The game show was hosted by Mojo Adams and his partner Major Domo.

In a later adventure, after Dazzler was injured during a confrontation with Deathstrike, Angel agreed to go undercover for the Professor and is now a secret agent at the X-Men’s “rival school,” Academy of Tomorrow. With Warren stating that he is currently visiting the team, it would appear this story takes place shortly after Ultimate X-Men #71, because Warren hadn’t visited the school since he left it earlier.

In this issue, both Bonebreaker and Deadpool’s codenames are confirmed.

Soul Calibur III is the fourth installment of a video fighting game line called “Soul” and is exclusively playable on the Playstation consoles. Bionicles are a line of robot toys created by the Lego Group.

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