Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #1

Issue Date: 
February 2006
Story Title: 

Damon Lindelof (writer), Leinil Francis Yu (pencils), Dave McCaig (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), John Barber & Nicole Wiley (assistant editors), Ralph Macchio (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Wolverine is contacted by Nick Fury, and travels to Fury’s secret base in Harlem to discuss a new mission. Once there, Logan is introduced to Betty Ross and Jennifer Walters. Together with Fury, they reveal that they found some fresh remains of Bruce Banner and discovered that the guy is still alive. Fury can’t have this bad publicity, fearing for his job, and wants Logan to kill the Hulk quietly. Logan accepts the mission, thinking it will be fun. After getting the Hulk’s scent from a tissue in Jennifer’s lab, Logan departs to Tibet, where Banner was last seen. However, Logan finds it suspicious that there isn’t a single girl in the town and fails to get information from the local civilians. While continuing his search, the Hulk’s scent leads up to a mountain. Logan climbs it up, and finds the Hulk sitting in a cave like a king, with all the missing girls dancing around him. Logan and the Hulk fight each other, with the battle resulting in the Hulk ripping Logan’s body in half! Three and a half minutes later, Logan wakes up after being beaten up, but the Hulk is gone. Desperate to recover himself, Wolverine starts searching for his legs, which the Hulk threw away four miles further.

Full Summary: 


Wolverine lies unconscious in the snow, bleeding. He wakes up, wondering why he can’t feel the other half of his body. Suddenly, he remembers.

(three and a half minutes ago)

Wolverine and the Hulk are fighting each other. The Hulk, having had enough from the battle, takes Wolverine into his big, strong arms and rips his body in half!


Wolverine still doesn’t know how that could happen, since he thought he was unbreakable, guessing that no longer counts. Logan snikts out his claws and smells something. It’s his own legs, but unfortunately for Logan the Hulk threw them four miles away, meaning he has to crawl over there in order to get them. After almost reaching his legs, Logan smells that the Hulk threw them on top of a high mountain. He snikts his claws out again and starts climbing, realizing he has no choice but to go up there as his legs won’t grow back by themselves. Logan tries to remember how he got into this mess, and isn’t pleased at all with the mission Nick Fury gave him.


At a base, Wolverine stares at a painting until Fury approaches him. Fury asks Logan if he likes the Bosch painting. But Logan doesn’t care much about it. Fury and Logan go sit on a big table, and Fury offers one of his cigars. Logan isn’t interested in art or cigars: he demands to know why Fury brought him there. Nick admits he forgot Logan dislikes the small talk. Logan explains that’s because small talk is for small people, and both he and Fury know that they aren’t small people. Fury suggests that Logan tell him why he thinks he’s there. Logan believes it’s either because he’s in trouble for some reason, or because Fury wants him to do something nasty.

Fury wants to know which of the two options Logan thinks he’ll have to do. Logan noticed that they aren’t at the Triskelion, so it has to be something SHIELD wants to be rid of. Logan admits that he didn’t even know Fury had a base in Harlem. Fury smiles that Clinton has an office in this building as well and asks Logan if he wants to meet the guy. Logan doesn’t, as he’s more interested in finding out who the girl is standing behind the painting.

Fury claims he doesn’t know what Logan is talking about. Logan corrects himself that there are actually two girls behind the painting. He congratulates Fury on the fine vents he has behind it, but he can smell the ladies’ soap. And one of them is sucking on an Altoid. Fury sighs. He takes a look at his belt and presses a button. The painting disappears and, truly, believes two female scientists!

Nick introduces Logan to both Betty Ross and Dr. Jennifer Walters. Logan says hi to them, and they wave their hands. Fury explains that Betty takes care of SHIELD’s publicity and that Jennifer is one of the two big brains in their super-soldier research and development. Logan smiles, wanting to know who the other big brain is.

Fury walks Logan to a lab, where they hold a finger in an experiment tube, which belonged to none other than… Bruce Banner. Logan wants to know what this has got to do with him. Betty doesn’t trust Logan and even calls him an animal. Fury tries to calm her down but she refuses. She believes that this is their problem, which needs to be resolved quietly. She also doesn’t think Xavier won’t get involved. Fury calmly tells Betty to shut up, and she does as told. Fury explains to Betty that Logan is the one man whose brain Xavier can’t pick.

Logan admits that’s true, and that the Professor still doesn’t know about the dirty magazines he’s got under his mattress. Jennifer smiles at that. Fury reveals that they are showing the jar of Hulk body parts to Logan because they found them just yesterday. Logan thought that SHIELD had nuked the guy. Fury claims that they did, but apparently the Hulk’s a little tougher than they thought he would be. Logan wants to know how Fury has known Banner was alive. Fury admits they haven’t known it for sure for that long. But, there have been a series of incidents that got SHIELD’s radar up.

Bombing in Paris leveled an entire building, but no bomb materials turned up and there also wasn’t a fire. No terrorist group taking responsibility. There was a massive cattle massacre in Ireland. Authorities wrote it off as a “roving pack of wolves.” But Fury knew differently. And there also was an “earthquake” in India with no activity on any actual fault lines and also no aftershocks. These are not low-profile events. Fury believes there’s a certain inevitability to finding out what’s causing them. And Nick believes that the culprit is Bruce Banner. Logan jokes that would explain the PR lady.

Betty explains that Banner killed eight hundred people in New York City when he was the Hulk, and was tried for mass murder before being executed in a very public way. SHIELD was responsible for that execution. Logan now believes that he’s here to save Fury’s job. Fury explains that he brought Logan in to find and kill the Hulk. Betty, in a hesitant way, corrects that Fury brought Logan in to find and kill Bruce. Logan doesn’t see the difference, knowing that the two are one and the same. Betty remains silent.

Logan agrees to do the job. Fury is surprised that he doesn’t have to threaten Logan to convince him, or give him a million-dollar motorcycle or something. Or maybe help out piece Logan’s mysterious past together. Logan smiles that since Fury said the Hulk was tough, he thinks it will be fun. Fury laughs at that statement. He asks Logan what he can do to help him get started. Logan mentions that he needs to know Banner’s scent. Jennifer will help him with that. And Logan also needs to find out where to start looking. Fury reveals that they found Banner’s remains in the jar in Tibet.

Jennifer takes Logan to a lab, explaining that there are only a couple of doses left after Bruce got out of the base. Logan wants a confirmation that this is the stuff running through the Hulk’s veins. One sniff is all he needs. Jennifer confirms it and Logan takes a sniff. He also wants to know for how long Banner was “doing” Betty before he went postal. Jennifer is surprised that it’s that obvious. She explains that Bruce and Betty were pretty hot for a while until she dumped him for Freddie Prinze Junior. Bruce… overreacted. Logan realizes that’s why the Hulk killed those eight hundred people.

Jennifer heard that Logan’s bones are laced with Adamantium and is curious about them. She would love to have a chance to scan Logan some time. Logan thinks that would be fun. Jennifer concludes that Bruce is a nice man, and wants Logan to make his death a quick one.

(Tibet, four hours ago)

Logan sits in a bar and asks the wounded bartender, Tenzin, another round. He also wants to know why there aren’t any girls in this town. Tenzin claims he doesn’t speak any English, but Logan doesn’t believe that. He takes a look around finds a suspicious man lurking around and leaving the bar.

(ninety-one minutes ago)

Wolverine, wearing his X-Men uniform, stands on a roof and stares at some people below. One man gives another some money, upsetting Logan a bit.

(twenty-three minutes ago)

Logan climbes up a mountain, and hears loud bounces in the cave. He goes inside it, and is startled at what he finds: the Hulk, sitting there like a king, surrounded by beautiful girl dancing around him! The girls stop dancing as they notice Logan staring at them. The Hulk angrily gets up, and Logan says hi to Bruce. Wolverine snikts out his claws, and both he and the Hulk are ready for action.

Characters Involved: 


the Hulk

Betty Ross, Jennifer Walters, Nick Fury (all SHIELD employees)

Tenzin (Tibetan bartender)

lots of girls dancing around the Hulk, bar customers (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

After Bruce’s rampage as the Hulk in Ultimates (1st series) #5-6, SHIELD put him into their custody in an attempt to find a cure for his “condition” unknown to the general public. After someone got the word out, a trial was demanded which requested Banner’s immediate death. In Ultimates (2nd series) #3, SHIELD dropped Banner unconscious on an abandoned ship, thinking he had no chance to survive it. Bruce did survive and decided to drop off the radar, though SHIELD wasn’t aware of this until now.

First appearance of Jennifer Walters in the Ultimate Universe. In the main Marvel Universe, she is the human alias of the She-Hulk and cousin to Bruce Banner. It’s at this point unclear if Jennifer in the Ultimate Universe also possesses super-powers or has a relative relation to Banner.

Wolverine earlier had to perform a not-so-nice mission for Nick Fury, meaning he had to kill a mutant boy whose power it was to kill everyone around him, as seen in Ultimate X-Men #41.

The Triskelion is the operation base for the Ultimates, whom Nick Fury leads.

Bill Clinton is the 42nd President of the United States and indeed has an office in Harlem.

“Bosch” refers to Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, also known as Jeroen or Jerome Bosch. Bosch lived in the late 15th & early 16th century and is said to have been an inspiration to the 20th century surrealism movement.

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