Ultimate X-Men #14

Issue Date: 
March 2002
Story Title: 
You always remember your first love - part 2

not mentioned. Presumably the same as last issue: Chuck Austen (story), Essad Ribic (pencils), Livesay (inks), J.D.Smith (colors), Sharpefront (letters), Pete Franco (assistant editor), Mark Powers (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Gambit interrupts a poker game among gangsters and threatens them, until they give him the identity of the kidnapper – Hammerhead, an enforcer of Silvermane´s. Remy then intends to got to Silvermane´s, but is first held up by Xavier and Storm, who offer him a place at Xavier´s school. Remy cynically brushes them off, he doesn´t trust samaritans. However he takes Xavier´s card, although making no promises.

At Silvermane´s office building he terrorizes the employees with his powers, until they tell him Hammerhead´s location – a run-down factory.

At the factory, Hammerhead is already expecting him. He tells Remy that he only let him live before, because his Boss owes Essex a favor and besides the girl is dead already.
Hammerhead´s men attack Remy, but he surprises them with his powers. Hammerhead has had enough and tries to kill him, while shouting that afterwards he´ll kill the girl. Remy surprises him as well, by charging up his head and thus killing him.
He then takes the girl, brings her to the social workers and assures her in his own special way, that he still cares for her.

Full Summary: 

Four gangsters busy with a game of Poker (And fighting about the rules) are interrupted by a furious Remy. They don´t take him seriously, making condescending remarks about his Cajun background. He describes the girl he´s looking for, the murderer of her mother (and probable kidnapper) and the case. When the men mock him, he attacks them with charged cards. Finally one of them – Patch – gives in – the man Remy is looking for is Hammerhead – an enforcer of the crimelord Allan Silvermane.

Remy puts away his card and leaves. Another gangster threatens Patch for snitching. The two furiously shoot at each other.
Back on the street, Remy suddenly finds himself addressed by a bald man in a wheelchair accompanied by a white-haired girl – Prof Xavier and Storm of the X-men. Xavier offers him a place in his school. Remy cynically insinuates, that the Professor has ulterior, sexual motives. Storm angrily snaps at him, but Xavier tells him he understands his fears, should he change his mind call him, and gives him his card. Gambit takes the card, but coldly tells them that he has a habit of losing cards.
Remy enters the lobby of Silvermane Enterprises which is a swanky skyscraper. When the receptionist asks him, if she can help him, he answers no and throws a charged-up card at the office door. He asks an employee injured by the explosion, whether he´s Hammerhead. The man draws his weapon, Remy throws another card at him and threatens the men until the man tells him where Hammerhead and the girl are.
Remy goes to the address the guard gave him, a run-down factory crying out Hammerhead´s name. Hammerhead answers from a bridge above, telling him he admires his moxy and that he killed the girl yesterday, as Gambit finds himself surrounded by armed men. Hammerhead adds that he only let Remy live so far, because Silvermane owes Nathaniel Essex a favor. Apparently Remy wasn´t always a knight in white armor. Things change, the boy answers and throws charged-up paper at the men around him. Amid the explosions he shouts Hammerhead´s name, threatening him. Hammerhead rushes him and intends to beat him to death and then, he adds, he´s going to go into the backroom and slit the girl´s throat – revealing that he lied before – with Remy´s useless trick cards. The power´s not in the cards, Gambit answers, as he puts his hand into Hammerhead´s mouth and charges him up, till he explodes.
He then frees the girl, whose stuffed toy held the diamonds the gangsters were looking for and takes her to the Salvation Army people from last issue, telling them he has powerful enemies. She wants to stay with him and she cries. Remy distractss her, to stop her crying, and asks whether she´d like to fly with her umbrella. He tells her to close her eyes, think herself light, charges up her umbrella and up she goes. The girls sinks down again and asks whether they can do it again, but he´s already gone.
Later she cries herself to sleep, wondering what she did to make him leave, when suddenly a charged up ace of hearts appears in the air, explodes – till only the heart is left.

Characters Involved: 

Remy LeBeau/Gambit

Unnamed little girl

Two unnamed social workers

Prof X, Storm (both X-men)


Unnamed Gangsters

Story Notes: 

Like his Marvel Universe counterpart Ultimate Gambit seems to have a shady past with someone named Nathaniel Essex (in the Marvel Universe the X-Men villain Mr. Sinister)

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