Ultimate X-Men Vol. 2 (HC)

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Mark Millar and Chuck Austen (Writers); Esad Ribic, Adam Kubert, Chris Bachalo, and Kaare Andrews (Artists)

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Professor Charles Xavier has a dream: to unite mutants and humans in peaceful coexistence. To achieve this goal, Xavier has assembled his X-Men: young mutants who stand against human prejudice and oppose genetic terrorists such as Magneto, who view war as the only answer to the human-mutant conflict. Yet as the X-Men embark on their inaugural world tour, they must confront some unsettling truths about their mentor. Before founding his school, Xavier abandoned his only son, David, a mutant with uncontrollable reality-warping abilities. Now, David has returned, looking to exact revenge on the father who left him - and he's willing to eradicate anyone who stands in his way. Will the X-Men be forced to kill Xavier's son to end his threat against the world? Following the tragedies of their world tour, the X-Men seek the calming protection of Xavier's school - but their suspicions of his methods only increase. Xavier's mental blocks on student Jean Grey's psychic abilities continue to crumble, and she grows increasingly unstable - plagued by visions of a world engulfed in the flames of a fiery phoenix. When the X-Men finally meet Xavier's mysterious financial backers, Jean's hallucinations become reality as the otherworldly Phoenix takes possession of the teenage telepath. Once more, the X-Men must weigh Xavier's pacifistic ideals against the need for deadly force to combat increasingly more powerful threats.

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Ultimate X-Men #13-25

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