Ultimate X-Men #19

Issue Date: 
August 2002
Story Title: 
World Tour - part 4

Mark Millar (story), Chris Bachalo (art), Dave Stewart (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), C.B. Cebulski (associate editor), Brian Smith (associate editor),
Ralf Macchio (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

En route to the airport, some of the X-men wonder, whether Xavier isn't mentally influencing them to play heroes. They are interrupted as David attacks them in Betsy Braddock's body.

After shrugging off an attack by Wolverine, David singles out Beast promising him a world that will accept him, if he joins David's side. When this doesn't work, David tells him that his relationship with Storm is a fake.

Brushing off an attack by Storm, David destroys the plane, the other X-men are on, but teleports them out first, as he wants their deaths to be personal. He intends to take over Cyclops, when suddenly he feels weakened.

When he gets close to killing Storm, Iceman gets over his hysteria, which kept him out of the fight to attack David – but to no avail, as David hurts the young boy badly. David then teleports himself and Xavier to each of the planned stops of the book tour, murdering dozens of people everywhere, before teleporting them back to Berlin, where he intends to kill his father.

However the personality of Betsy Braddock comes to the fore, weakening him. Betsy begs Xavier to kill them. Xavier is unable to act; Colossus however is not – as he smashes Betsy/David with a car.

Some days later at David's funeral, Xavier decides, he's been dangerously naïve and that he will disband the X-men.

Full Summary: 


Unaware that their quarry, David Xavier and STRIKE agent Betsy Braddock are one now, the X-men are in a car en route to the airport, to await the arrival of Colossus, Cyclops and Marvel Girl. Storm asks the others, if they ever wonder, whether Xavier telepathically manipulates them to be X-men, as heroic, selfless behaviour simply isn't like her. Bobby doubts it, after all, if that were the case, why would he even allow them to consider this possibility? Beast points out, that Xavier might allow that in order to convince them that they do have free will, after all.
The conversation is cut short as they see David in Betsy's body floating in front of them, dragging his imprisoned parents in tow. Xavier asks David, whether he enjoys murdering innocent girls, referring to Betsy. David replies that Betsy isn't innocent, as she's a hypocrite and a sell-out. Plus, the tumor in her breast she was unaware of would have killed her anyway. Moira asks him to stop. David transforms Betsy's shape into a monstrous version of his body and replies, he won't stop until his father's surrogate family – the X-Men – are dead.
Wolverine orders the others out of the car and heads towards David in full gear. David simply changes the car's path and tosses it into a building.

Then he urges Xavier to tell his X-men to fight. Xavier does just that, assuring the team, that the battle isn't as hopeless as it may seem and formulates a rough battle plan with them.
On Xavier's orders Beast attacks David, giving the others time to make their preparations.
Iceman, who's supposed to work in tandem with Storm however, panics and in a fit of hysteria feels unable to use his ice powers.
David pushes Beast aside. As Hank lands, he finds himself in an illusion created by David, where he ´s surrounded by his loving mother and beautiful adoring girls. David explains that he could make the world like that – a world where Hank's parents aren't drunks, and where he isn't ugly, if only he kills the X-Men. As Beast protests this isn't real, David points out to him, that neither is his relationship with Storm. Playing on Hank's insecurities, David claims that Xavier has her hypnotized to love Hank, so Beast will keep on staying at the school. Beast tells him to drop dead. David hits him and tells him, he was going to kill him anyway.
Storm shoves Iceman aside and attacks David with lightning. David however merely erects a wall to fend her attack off and cheerfully tells her that he's currently reading the minds of her teammates on the plane and that Colossus originally quit, because he was as dissatisfied with Xavier's hippie-philosophy as she is. David destroys the plane above Berlin, but saves Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Colossus. He wants their deaths to be personal.
David approaches Cyclops, intending to take over his father's “favorite” student. However, Scott surprises him with a full frontal optic blast, managing to hurt David and tick him off.
Xavier telepathically urges Iceman to get over his fear and help the others, as something seems to be wrong with David's powers. As Bobby angrily asks, why Xavier isn't doing anything himself, the telepath replies that David has too powerful telepathic defenses in Betsy's body.
Bobby sees David choking the life out of Storm and finally ices up, turning into a spiky version of his usual ice-form and attacks him. David throws him into a car, mocking his effort.
David asks his father sarcastically, if he had cared more for him had he sported powers in the past. Could he call himself Proteus and join his father's fancy school?
At the same time he is teleporting the two of them to Paris, the next planned stop on Xavier's book tour. David then proceeds to slaughter the people around them, before teleporting them to Madrid, Rome and all the next stops of the tour, always murdering people. As for some reason he cannot teleport them to New York, he transports them back to Berlin, a place fraught with meaning for him.

He erects a forcefield around them, keeping the X-Men out and explains. Here they witnessed the Glasgow Rangers vs. Borussia Dortmund soccer match on their last family holiday. David noticed how his father spent the entire game telepathically talking to Magneto instead of paying attention. From that moment on he felt he had no father.
David intends to make Xavier's head explode, but is stopped by Betsy's personality trying her best to jam his powers. Xavier urges Betsy to try and undo the things David did. No time, Betsy replies. He's too powerful. She tells the incredulous Xavier that he'll have to kill her – and David along with her. Even Moira urges him to do it, but Xavier refuses this, searching desperately for another option, but not coming up with anything.
At that moment, with the forcefield down, Colossus smashes Betsy/David with a car.
The others are incredulous, but are brought out of their shock, when Storm screeches that Iceman isn't breathing.

Muir Island, Scotland

A few days later a funeral is being held for David. Moira tells Charles how Betsy's father, Lord Braddock showed his condolences, even bringing her a prayer card. She feels ashamed, as her child basically killed his and he's still capable of acting like a gentleman. Moira feels, she couldn't act that way, if situations were reversed, in fact she doesn't know, if she'll dare show her face at Betsy's funeral at Westminster Abbey. Xavier replies that his students don't know how to talk with him anymore. He's made a horrible mess out of everything with David and Betsy dead and Bobby fighting for his life in Intensive Care. He feels he was being dangerously naïve and will therefore disband the X-Men.

Characters Involved: 

Charles Xavier, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Colossus, Beast, Wolverine, Storm, Iceman (all X-Men)

Betsy Braddock

Moira Mac Taggert

David Xavier AKA Proteus

Lord Braddock, Nick Fury, possibly Brian Braddock (all cameos)

Story Notes: 

Both David Xavier and Betsy Braddock die this issue.

Proteus couldn't teleport to New York. Possibly because of the battle between the Ultimates versus the Hulk taking place at that time, or due to some other reason?

A tall blond young man is accompanying Lord Braddock. Ultimate Brian Braddock possibly? Millar mentioned that he planned a Captain Britain appearance in the Ultimates after all…

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