Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #16

Issue Date: 
March 2014
Story Title: 
Yesterday Didn’t Exist

Rick Remender (writer), Steve McNiven (penciler), John Dell & Jay Leisten (inkers), Laura Martin (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Steve McNiven & Justin Ponsor (cover artists), Tom Brevoort & Daniel Ketchum (editors), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

On Earth, several of the world’s most brilliant scientists meet and discuss theories about how to deal with Exitar the Executioner. During the discussions it is mentioned that something is blocking time travel into or out of this era. Iron Man communicates with the Wasp, who reveals that she is planning to disrupt that device, the tachyon dam. Thor bursts into the Apocalypse Ark and confronts the Apocalypse Twins, with Captain America still their prisoner. Thor frees Cap, and together they battle the Apocalypse Twins, separating them as Thor takes Uriel into the garden area of the Ark. However, he is overwhelmed by some sort of energy discs. Wasp locates the tachyon dam, but before she can destroy it, the Grim Reaper attacks her, and putting her fist to his head, tells her that if she wants to stop the Apocalypse Twins, all she has to do is kill him. Thor soon finds the body of the Scarlet Witch, angering him even more. Captain America battles Eimin, eventually opening an airlock and sending her flying into space. Thor tracks down Uriel, who earlier left the garden, and finds him about to retrieve the weapon Janbjorn. They battle once more, with Thor shoving Uriel into some sort of energy field. There is an explosion, and Thor is floating in space once more. He is about to retrieve Janbjorn, when Eimin takes it, and with Exitar still looming over Earth, she suggests Thor come and take the weapon from her. Back on Earth, several heroes have gathered in preparation to confront Exitar. And, in the year 3193, Immortus meets with the Infinity Watch as time around them collapses.

Full Summary: 

(The Year 3193):
‘The Infinity Watch stands ready to aid the heroes of the past, Immortus’ a man who appears to be the Vision, with the power of the Phoenix floating around him, announces as he stands with six others, including Starhawk, Yondu and Martinex of the Guardians of the Galaxy. ‘There must be a way to pierce the Apocalypse Twins’ tachyon dam!’ a man with white hair wearing a green, white and gold costume declares, while Immortus stands before the men and tells them that it rests on the shoulders of the Avengers. ;This was in an era when they were at their peak strength. Before the Red Onslaught and the Decline’ a man in a red and blue costume points out. ‘Yes, but time is catching up to us’ Immortus agrees, motioning out a window, reality around them is vanishing. ‘Stand ready, my Infinity Watch, hope remains…though it dwindles quickly’ Immortus announces.

At Avengers Tower, Manhattan, some of the most brilliant minds on Earth have gathered in one laboratory. ‘With a portal large enough, we could hurl the Celestial into the Negative Zone’ Hank Pym suggests. ‘Using a gravity belt, bending space, to slingshot the Celestial through’ the vision remarks. But Dr Doom declares that it is far too perilous, and that mutually assured destruction is the best answer. ‘We must locate the Ultimate Nullifier -’ he begins, while Bruce Banner offers the idea of jumping back in time to warn themselves, before revealing that something is barring time travel into or out of this era. ‘If it happened, it happened, it’s locked in place now. We haven’t been able to send a message -’ Banner begins, before Tony Star tells everyone to shut up, he points out that they don’t have time to go hunting for the Nullifier or send anyone back in time. ‘Simplify’ he states.

Tapping away at strange diagrams on a large screen, Tony announces that they just need to contain Exitar, and long enough to discover why he is here giving their little world the big thumbs down. ‘I can tell you why, Tony’ a voice declares over the communicator. The image of Janet Van Dyne a.k.a. the Wasp appears onscreen, and Tony tells her that he would love it if she had some idea as to what is going on. The Wasp reports that a duo known as the Apocalypse Twins have framed humanity for killing Celestials. Running along the Apocalypse Ark, space all around her, the Wasp informs Tony that Thor is on his way to recover the axe they used to do it. ‘One of his, as it turns out’ she adds, remarking that if Thor can’t reason with the Executioner, he means to stop it by force.

‘Right. Sure. Thor means to execute the Celestial Executioner’ Tony mutters, adding ‘Perfectly reasonable. And what if he fails?’ The Wasp reports that the twins have a device that prevents time travel - a tachyon dam, and that Immortus sent Cap a message - if they can take the dam out, Immortus will come stop this. She announces that she is en route now, and tells Tony not to worry, as se will do whatever it takes.

Inside the sprawling Ark, ‘Every possible future of Earth - gone’ Eimin announces to her brother, Uriel, while Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America is restrained nearby. ‘Whoever said revenge was a vile motive never achieved it on this scale’ Eimin decides, but Uriel tells his sister that this is more than that, as this is justice. ‘Justice for what was about to happen to our people’ he explains. ‘Justice for a human race that stood by and allowed it to happen’ he adds, which Captain America overhears, staring out the window into space. ‘Justice to the “father” who tortured us, Uriel’ Eimin agrees. A figure soars through space towards the Ark, ‘What will you conquer now, Kang?’ Eimin grins, before Cap calls out ‘Pardon. Hate to interrupt the gloating…but you have company’, just as his friend and teammate, Thor, smashes through the window.

Thor’s hammer glows, as the air is sucked out through the hole. Cap is secure in the restraints, but his shield flies straight towards Thor, who grabs it. Eimin slams her hand down on a button, and panels slide across to cover the smashed window. Holding Cap’s shield and his hammer, Thor tells the Apocalypse Twins that they have stolen what is his, called this dread down from the far realms to destroy his home, that they have twisted the rules of life and resurrected those better left dead. ‘Surrender. Return Jarnbjorn. Or I will kill you both’ Thor warns the Apocalypse Twins, throwing Cap’s shield at the restraints which hold the hero captive, they shatter. Cap takes his shield and joins his friend’s side.

‘As Wolverine killed our father? The slaughter that set all this in motion. The murder we used to break your team apart. My sister has foretold the outcome’ Uriel smiles. ‘Come then - test her prophecy’ Thor suggests, swooping towards Uriel, who fires a blast of energy at the god, ‘Your struggle is futile, hypocrite. Not even a god can fight time itself’. Uriel points out as the energy engulfs Thor. ‘But he can misdirect you away from the true threat’ Cap calls out, tossing his shield, it slams into Uriel’s stomach, knocking him back. Cap’s shield returns to him, and he informs Thor, who has gathered himself, that the Twins’s time powers only work when they are together. Thor asks Cap what his orders are, and pointing ahead, Cap instructs Thor to separate the Twins.

Thor flies forward, his hammer strikes Uriel and he pushes his foe through the walls of the Ark until the reach the garden area. ‘You have brought war to my home, little bird. It is time you learned what that entails!’ Thor declares, slamming Uriel into the ground, while, back in the other room, Eimin throws acid bubbles towards Cap once more, but this time he blocks them with his shield, which he then throws at the woman, striking her head. Lightning crackles around Thor’s hammer as Uriel boasts that he has already won this war, defeated thde terrible foes that Thor couldn’t. ‘Foredoomed the Red Skull! Outmaneuvered Kang!’ he exclaims. But Thor replies that he cares not, and brings his hammer down, striking the mutant, who falls to the grass. ‘Fine. We’ll play this out to the end’ Uriel replies, as he fires shards of energy at Thor, which strike him, and force him to the ground, as Uriel flies off.

As Exitar the Executioner stands over the planet Earth, his feet clearly visible over New York, where several heroes have assembled, as Dr Strange calls out ‘Hear me, heroes of Earth. Now, in this hour of grave peril. It is our fated charge, the test of our era. We must turn back this great cosmic executioner…and we dare not fail’. Flying alongside Dr Strange are group comprised of powerful beings or skilled fighters: Captain Britain, the Falcon, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Sabra, Hyperion, Talisman and Iron Patriot. Dr Strange tells the heroes that they have but this one opportunity, for if Exitar descends, he will obliterate the world.

At that moment, the Wasp rushes forth to the tachyon dam, with no idea what kind of blast to expect once she zaps it. ‘Smart money is on big’ Janet thinks to herself. She tells herself that she doesn’t get to worry about that, she just has to do her job and hope like hell that she is faster than a giant explosion. But before she can fire her energy blasts, ‘Hey, Wasp!’ a voice calls out - it’s the Grim Reaper, who rushes towards her, knocking her off balance. ‘What are you up to? Trying to open the time door?’ he enquires, lashing out with his scythe. He pins the Wasp to the ground and holds his scythe towards her. ‘Bring in some reinforcements from the future? Sounds like a good plan, I bet’ he remarks. ‘Damn it, Reaper! Do you know what these maniacs have in mind?’ the Wasp asks. ‘Sure I do’ the Grim Reaper replies, bringing the Wasp’s fist to his chin, he tells the Wasp that all she has to do to stop them is kill him again. ‘Only option to get me out of your way. C’mon, send me back to where I belong. Quick! Cause if you don’t… everyone left on Earth dies’.

Back in the garden, Thor tries to brush the energy shards off of himself, when, he suddenly notices a body lying in the long grass. His curiosity turns to despair when he sees the Scarlet Witch a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff, cold and lifeless. Thor goes over to her, and looks at his friend and teammate, before shutting her eyelids. His expression then turns from sorrow, to fury.

Cap leaps into the air to dodge Eimin as she swipes towards him. ‘I spent my youth suffering in the Red Skull’s death camps - because you were too inept to stop him!’ Eimin snarls, releasing more acid bubbles, which Cap dodges. He leaps towards her, ‘What are you good for, Captain?’ Eimin asks, before Cap lands on her wings, ‘Fighting’ he tells her as he slams his shield into one of her wings, dragging Eimin down as she screams. ‘And throwing this shield’ he adds as hew tosses it towards the mutant, who dodges it, and the shield strikes the wall. ‘You’re not even good at that, old man’ Eimin points out as she lunges forward, her claws raking across Cap’s chest. Eimin kicks Cap in his back and tells him not to go to his grave mired in illusions. Cap falls forward to the wall where his shield is embedded. ‘You never stood a chance. You’re decades past your prime’ Eimin snarls as she edges closer to the hero. ‘Might be true’ Cap admits. ‘But still, somehow - I got you right where I wanted you’. With that, he holds onto his shield, and his free hand slams down on a button on the console before him.

‘NO!’ Eimin screams as the panel blocking the smashed window opens, and she is sicked out into space. Cap holds on for dear life, but manages to reach forward and slams the button down, closing the panel, he drops to his knees.

‘Janbjorn… how fitting that Thor’s greatest act of hubris… created the weapon that will be used to end him’ Uriel remarks as he climbs some stairs and approaches the weapon, hanging against a wall. But, before he can take the weapon, Thor’s hammer slams into the back of his head. ‘Face me, dog’ Thor declares as his hammer returns to him. ‘You!’ Uriel exclaims as he sees Thor. ‘You did this, you know. Kang manipulated you like a child! This is all because of your pride, Thunder God!’ Uriel explains. ‘Then my hand shall end it’ Thor replies, running towards Uriel, who has gotten to his feet, the mutant declares that Midgard will burn for her sins. ‘A footnote in the history of a new kingdom’ Uriel announces as he releases more shards of energy towards Thor, who spins his trusty hammer, deflecting the energy shards.

Thor moves towards Uriel, who stands his ground and announces ‘We’re simply putting these primates out of their misery. What you fight to stop - it is evolution’. Thor responds by slamming his hammer down in front of Uriel, knocking his foe backwards. ‘I care not’ Thor declares as he hovers over Uriel, before bringing the hammer down to his foe’s face. Thor picks up the limp Uriel and holds in the air, while his hammer spins. ‘You waged a war, little bird. Now see how wars are won. Would-be kings burnt to ash!’ Thor moves closer to some sort of energy field in the room. ‘Stop! This was not foretold! I serve the will of the cosmos!’ Uriel pleads. ‘I. Care. NOT’ Thor booms as he shoves Uriel into the energy field, and the mutant’s mouth opens as if to scream. There is an explosion, and the room around Thor starts to crumble.

Thor is now hovering in space, and flies towards Janrborn which came loose in the explosion - but he is not the only one reaching for the deadly weapon. ‘You want Janbjorn, Thunder God? You want to save this doomed world?’ a voice calls out. It’s Eimin, who holds the weapon proudly overhead, with Exitar still standing over the Earth ins spectacular display, Thor raises his hammer, as Eimin tells him ‘Come and take it!’

Characters Involved: 

Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Wasp (all Uncanny Avengers)

Eimin & Uriel

Grim Reaper

Captain Britain, Dr Strange, Falcon, Hulk, Hyperion V, Iron Man, Iron Patriot II, Hank Pym, Sabra, Sub-Mariner, Talisman II, Vision

Dr Doom

Exitar the Executioner


In the Year 3193:
Martinex, Starhawk, Yondu, Possible versions of Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer, the Vision and one unidentified (all Infinity Watch)

Written By: