Uncanny Avengers (1st series) #19

Issue Date: 
June 2014
Story Title: 
Avenge the Earth, part two

Rick Remender (writer), Daniel Acuna (artist), Virtual Calligraphy’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Daniel Acuna (cover artist), Agustin Allesio (variant cover artist), Tom Brevoort & Daniel Ketchum (editors), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

On Planet X Eimin meets with the X-Council, to inform them about the risk that Havok is posing to their world. She tells them that the tachyon dam has been destroyed. Magneto joins the meeting, with the Wasp as his prisoner, and reports that Havok hopes to travel back to the day of Armageddon and save the Earth. Magneto is determined to prevent this from happening, and the X-Council agrees to stop Havok. Havok is currently with his young daughter, Katie, and the Beast, as they have been confronted by Thor, who has managed to get into Planet X following the destruction of the tachyon dam, along with Kang and an assortment of nasty beings from various realities. Kang tells Havok that he needs him to get back to his true reality, and explains that the others are here to help. Magistrate Braddock, Stryfe and Arno Stark explain the issue with getting back to the true timeline, but Havok is furious when he learns that only the surviving members of the Avengers Unity Squad can be sent back - he wants to know what will happen to his daughter. Kang promises to keep Katie safe, but before Havok can discuss the situation further, Kang and Katie vanish. Havok is furious for Thor for allying himself with these villains, while the Beast informs Kang’s allies - the Chronos Corps - that no one knows where Wolverine and Sunfire are. Arno Stark scans for them, as they are both held prisoner by Eimin and her Horsemen, Banshee and Daken. Eimin instructs Daken to take Havok somewhere and kill him once the X-Council have captured him, before announcing that they will then eliminate the X-Council and frame Kang for the killings. Back at the undisclosed location, Havok, the Beast, Stryfe, Ahab, Doom 2099 and Magistrate Braddock plan to rescue the Wasp - when suddenly, she returns to the base - but they discover she is in a psychic hold, and Magistrate Braddock enters the psychic hold, discovering Psylocke is responsible. The X-Council and X-Force, including Lady Avalanche, attack Havok and the others, determined to keep Planet X the way it is - and Magneto prepares to kill Havok. While, in Eimin’s ship, Thor, May Parker, Abomination Deathlok and Arno Stark arrive. Banshee and Daken are taken out, as Thor lunches towards Eimin, hammer ready to strike.


Full Summary: 

The headquarters of the X-Council, which hovers high above the sprawling metropolis that is Planet X. Right now, the members of the X-Council are seated in their meeting chamber, listening to the mutant called Eimin, who reminds them that six years ago, when their people were imperilled by the hubris of Thor, she worked with the Scarlet Witch to enact a mutant rapture, and that there was no time to consult any of them. Eimin claims that it was not how she wanted things, but that she could not risk failure, as she had foreseen Thor and the cost of his wicked god-killing axe. She clenches her fists as she declares that she had foreseen his arrogant disregard for the laws of their universe call the wrath of the Celestials down upon them. ‘I acted swiftly to protect our people. And make no mistake - you are only alive because of my actions’.

The X-Council, including Cyclops, Storm, Cable, Psylocke, Quicksilver and the young Jean Grey, listen intently, as Eimin asks them to heed her plea to action, as they face an equal danger. ‘Alex Summers - aptly codenamed Havok - has put Planet X in dire jeopardy’ she announces. Eimin informs the X-Council that hours ago, Havok and his human wife destroyed the Tachyon Dam that safeguards them from temporal disturbances.

‘And I’ve discovered why!’ a voice calls out. The X-Council and Eimin turn to see Magneto approaching them, with Janet van Dyne a.k.a. the Wasp trapped in a small metal globe. ‘They hope to find a way to travel back to the Day of Armageddon and save their Earth’ Magneto explains. ‘A noble endeavor, were it possible’ Eimin remarks. Magneto states that it is not possible, and adds that if they fail to stop Alex, his misguided efforts will destroy all they have worked for. ‘All my daughter died to save us from will not be undone’ Magneto declares.

‘Could he have found a way to actually do this?’ the young Jean Grey enquires. Storm tells Erik that Jean asks the right question. ‘While we’ve exhausted every possible avenue, perhaps Alex has discovered a way. We must at least -’ Storm begins, before Cable interrupts her, stating that there is no stopping the Celestial executioner. ‘My calculations are sound’ Cable declares. He explains that if a physical body is hurled back against that tachyon wall, it would shatter, crumbling their entire timeline in on itself. Cyclops remarks that Alex is a frustrating hothead, but he doesn’t see him going to such trouble unless he had evidence there was hope. ‘If he’d discovered a solution, why not contact us?’ Cyclops asks. ‘I can’t say, Scott’ Cable replies, adding ‘Leaning into my natural love of paranoia, I’d wager he doesn’t trust someone in this room. Or maybe he thinks we lack the stones to do the hard thing - to save the Earth and destroy Planet X’.

Eimin tells the X-Council that they all mourn their friends and home, but the Celestials made certain no one could undo their verdict. ‘We will not risk our world, and all that remains of mankind, over one man’s delusional speculation’ Eimin declares. ‘Every building painstakingly erected, torn down. Every child born, erased. Everything we have fought for - destroyed. While we all understand why he fights so hard, Havok must also accept reality. Make no mistake, X-Men, if Alex is not stopped - we face the end of our reality’ Magneto announces.

Storm and Cyclops look at each other, before Cyclops turns to Eimin: ‘All right, Lady Eimin’ he remarks. Storm announces that she and Cyclops will run the operation. Eimin agrees, and points out that there is no more time for deliberation. Go, now - get Havok’ she tells them.

In a hidden location: There has been thirty minutes of screaming. Futile indignation. A tired mind’s plea for relevancy to an indifferent universe. A dad trying to protect his daughter and do the right thing - with no good path toward either’. ‘You’re out of your mind!’ Alex “Havok” Summers shouts as he and Henry McCoy a.k.a. the Beast stand together with Alex’s daughter, Katie, as Thor, Alex’s teammate, stands before him with Kang the Conqueror, and an assortment of the most deadly beings from across multiple Time Streams - Ahab, Doom 2099, Arno Stark, Abomination Deathlok, Magistrate Braddock, May Parker and Stryfe. ‘How can you trust him, Thor? Any of them?’ Havok asks. ‘Because I have tried every other possible way to save Midgard, Alex. Every waking moment I have hunted for the means to a solution. Kang offers the only viable option’ Thor explains.

‘As much as I share your mistrust, Alex… it is in Kang’s best interest’ the Beast remarks, pointing at Kang. ‘A man who lives entirely for the purpose of conquering Earth would want to see things set right again’ Hank adds. ‘Smart monkey’ Kang smirks, before turning to Havok and telling him that they both want the Earth back. ‘And you can’t accomplish this without me. How many different ways must you be told this?’ he asks. Motioning to Alex’s daughter, Kang knows that Alex is nervous and carries a heavy responsibility. ‘I am no fool, all has been worked out. My Chronos Corps is composed of a band handpicked to undo the damage my adopted twins have wrought’ Kang reveals. ‘But only together’ Doom 2099 states, adding that no physical body can be sent back - but they can send consciousnesses back. Kang reminds Havok that his “unity” division was the only one close enough to change what happened - provided they manage to work together just this one time.

‘All I have to do is gather the surviving Avengers Unity Squad members and convince them to allow Kang to strip our consciousness from our bodies and trust Dr Doom and Stryfe to send us back in time safely?’ Havok asks. The stern-faced Magistrate Braddock assures Havok that they have no possible ulterior motives. ‘We merely want to see Earth saved and our timelines given an opportunity to exist’ she explains, before giving him her every assurance she can safely pluck his consciousness from his body.

Stryfe’s eyes glow as he states that using their combined technologies, they can safely send their minds back, through the Tachyon Dam, to inhabit their past selves, giving them a chance to undo their great failure.

Arno Stark, or Iron Man 2020 as he is also known, tells Havok that they have gone through every possible scenario and the only way for this to work is if they send all of them back - each of them assigned a specific task, culminating in the salvation of Earth. ‘Summers, I believe this can work’ he declares.

‘What happens to my daughter? Sending our consciousness back in time doesn’t help me protect the most important person to me’ Havok points out, before announcing ‘Count me out. This was never the plan’. He frowns and looks at his daughter as he holds her in his arms. ‘We all go back, intact, or none of us do’ he tells everyone. Kang assures Havok that he understands his predicament - quite an ethical quandary. ‘An opportunity to save billions of lives at the cost of a beloved daughter’. Katie Summers glances at Kang, ‘Daddy… I want them to go’ she utters. ‘Soon, Angel’ Alex replies, while Kang offers to make Alex and Katie a promise - and make this decision much easier for him. ‘Everything is going to work out. It is. You will go back with your friends and you will save my planet’. Kang continues, stating on his life that he will allow no harm to befall Havok’s daughter. He walks over and puts his hand on Katie’s arm, assuring Alex that when Earth is saved and he has done his job, he will return Katie to him. With that, Kang and Katie Summers suddenly vanish. ‘Katie!’ Alex shouts, as Kang’s voice can be heard, warning Alex that if he fails, he will never see her again.

‘What? What the hell? Where did they go?’ Havok shouts. He spins around and grabs the mutant-hating Ahab by his throat, ‘Where the hell did Kang just take my daughter?’ Alex screams. ‘I didn’t know about this move, boy. But it makes sense. Kang plays the hand for you…since you lack the courage’ Ahab replies. Havok pulls away from the man once known as Rory Campbell, and turns to Thor: ‘You bull-headed idiot. What the hell have you done?’ he asks. ‘I had no idea of his plan! I assure you Alex -’ Thor begins, before Alex fires a blast of energy, destroying some of the room. He is furious. ‘You assure me. If you’re wrong - my daughter’s life is on your head’ Alex scowls.

The Beast turns to the Chronos Corps and remarks that it appears they are left with few options but to gather the Unity Squad - but the only problem is, no one has any idea where Wolverine or Sunfire are, as they never emerged after landing. Arno Stark reports that he has already scoured the city for their DNA - and announces they are here and they are alive,. But that it is not going to be easy to get them.

Above Planet X, Emin’s space craft hovers. Inside her large throne-like chamber, Sean “Banshee” Cassidy, one of the Horsemen of Death, stares at Wolverine a.k.a. Logan and Sunfire a.k.a. Shiro Yoshida, both of his former friends trapped in stasis chambers embedded in the chamber wall, and in constant agony. Banshee frowns, before a voice calls out ‘If I didn’t know better, I would think this disturbs you’. It is Eimin who strides towards Banshee, Daken, another of her Horsemen of Death, is with her. ‘Can you think of a better fate for Horsemen who betrayed the Akkaba, Banshee?’ Eimin asks. ‘Two traitors who worked against their own people in service to the humans who hunted and slaughtered them’. Eimin adds. ‘A father who drowned his own son’ Daken declares. ‘My only disappointment is that they no longer scream’ Eimin reveals. ‘Yeah, that ended years ago. I miss it. It was nice’ Daken remarks. Eimin climbs the small staircase to her throne and tells Banshee and Daken that Alex Summers’ destruction of the Tachyon Dam has left them vulnerable, so Kang will not be far behind. ‘We must prepare to deal with my “father”’ she tells them.

‘We’ll need an army’ Daken points out. Eimin reaches for the axe Jarnbjorn and reports that she has a plan in place. ‘Once the X-Men acquire Alex Summers, Daken, take him someplace quiet and kill him’ she announces. ‘Sure’ Daken replies. Holding the powerful axe firmly in her grasp, Eimin declares that they will then eliminate the X-Council. ‘Really? People won’t stand for it. They’ll revolt’ Daken replies. Eimin explains that they will frame Kang for the killings, and that the people will stand by her without question. ‘And do you know why?’ she asks. ‘Results. Results are all anyone truly cares about. They might be troubled by the end of humanity - but in the end, the mutants are happy - and happiness eases the conscience wonderfully’ Eimin declares.

Back in the secret location, Havok, the Beast, Stryfe, Ahab, Doom 2099 and Magistrate Braddock stand before a console which has some map-like diagnostics on it. ‘Okay. We’re live. Thor’s team is already in motion. Our task is to rescue Wasp, here within the Capitol Building’ Havok explains, pointing at the location on the map. He adds that the only way this works is if all surviving members of the Unity Squad are gathered - but if they fail, Earth stays dead. ‘We get in and get -’ Havok begins, when suddenly, a loud alarm sounds. ‘Stars and garters! Scratch those plans, Alex…the Wasp has come home!’ the Beast reports. ‘Janet!’ Alex gasps as the Wasp enters the lab, walks over to Alex and collapses in his arms. ‘Thank God! I thought they… I thought that crazy bastard Magneto might actually…’ Havok begins, before looking closely at Janet, who appears to be in some sort of trance, unable to answer him. ‘Janet?’ Alex calls out. Magistrate Braddock informs everyone that they have company - someone is in Janet’s mind. ‘Someone I know well’ she adds.

‘Hello, Lamb. Come for a tussle?’ Magistrate Braddock telepathically asks her younger self Psylocke, who stands with Cyclops somewhere nearby. ‘What is she doing here?’ Psylocke utters as she maintains telepathic contact.

‘What is it, Psylocke?’ Cyclops asks. ‘They’re onto us. Another telepath is with them. Another version of me - it’s an army of nasty characters’ Psylocke reports. ‘Let’s get this over with’ Cable calls out as he stands nearby and fires a weapon at the secret location, destroying a wall and exposing Havok, Beast and the others. ’doom - shield us!’ the Beast calls out, and Doom does as requested, erecting a shield around them, as Cyclops, Cable, Storm, Magneto and his X-Force team - Blob, Pyro, Toad and Lady Avalanche - appear as the flames and dust clear. ‘Once chance at a smart solution here, Alex. Come with me. Please, for once in your life, take the easy road’ Cyclops calls out.

‘There’s nothing easy about any of this, Scott’ Havok replies as he fires a blast of energy, knocking Lady Avalanche aside. ‘Everyone - get the hell back - this is not a fight!’ Havok shouts, as Ahab, Stryfe, Doom 2099 and Magistrate Braddock stand their ground. ‘No one gets hurt! Grab Janet and go - meet at the rendezvous. I’ll deal with my brother’ Havok exclaims, as Cyclops leaps towards Alex, ‘Nice company you’re keeping, Alex. Hitler wasn’t available?’ he asks. ‘I know how it looks. But I don’t have time to explain’ Havok calls back. Cyclops answers by punching Havok in the face, drawing blood. ‘No, not you. Obstinate Alex Summers would never explain himself’ Cyclops replies, before blasting Stryfe and Ahab with optic energy, knocking them over.

Storm hovers over Doom 2099 and Magistrate Braddock, ‘I cannot imagine what possessed you to throw in with these fiends, Alex!’ Storm cries as she readies some lightning bolts. ‘Doom, the Weather Witch’s mind is guarded! You have to -’ Magistrate Braddock begins, before she is struck by a blast of lightning. ‘Doom is no fiend, storm bringer - Doom is humanity’s last hope!’ Doom boasts as he fires a blast of energy, knocking Storm out of the air. Doom 2099 adds that the Chronos Corps will save their futures, by any means. ‘That personal shield thingy you’re rocking - does it got a setting to defend ya from fat?’ the Blob asks as he grabs Doom, throws him to the ground and then sits on him.

‘Have you lost your mind? Look at yourself, Alex! Whatever the hell you’ve gotten yourself into - I’m not going to let you kill us all!’ Cyclops shouts as he starts to strangle his brother. ‘I get it, Scott - but you have to let us go’ Havok calls back. ‘You have to trust me. We can save the Earth. Kang, he found a way… he has my daughter, Scott’ Alex reveals. ‘Daughter?’ Scott asks. ‘Explaining your incredibly poor judgment - your sense of reason is clouded by grief!’ Magneto exclaims as he levitates Havok into the air. ‘You would risk everything for your child, as any father would - but what of my child’s sacrifice, Alex? What of all the children born on Planet X?’ Magneto asks, as Pyro and Lady Avalanche look up at Havok. ‘Magneto? What are you doing?’ Cyclops asks. Alex is in pain, he screams, as Magneto replies ‘What should have been done years ago. Putting an end to this traitor’.

In Eimin’s ship, Eimin, Daken and Banshee watch the goings-on via a monitor, ‘How do you want the Council killing to look?’ Daken asks. ‘As if Kang murdered the ruling X-Men in cold blood, in their sleep tonight’ Eimin announces, adding that when he arrives, he will have an army of mutants to contend with. ‘Not even Kang can stand against -’ Eimin begins, when suddenly, the trio notice a loud thumping noise coming from outside the ship. ‘What was that?’ Eimin asks as she walks over to the wall, she touches it, when suddenly, she is knocked backwards, as Abomination Deathlok bursts through. ‘Think you got off on the wrong floor, green freak!’ Daken exclaims as he leaps towards Abomination Deathlok, claws outstretched - but before he strikes, he is knocked on the head by Thor’s hammer. ‘Nay. We are where we mean to be’ Thor replies, as his powerful hammer returns to his hand. Arno Stark and May Parker are with him. May Parker fires a venom web at Banshee, it sticks to him, he struggles to break free, while Arno Stark unleashes a powerful repulser ray at close range, over Daken. Eimin looks up from where she fell on the floor before, to see Thor leaping towards her, his hammer crackling with energy, as Thor shouts ‘We come to avenge the Earth!’

Characters Involved: 

Havok, Sunfire, Thor, Wasp, Wolverine (all Avengers Unity Squad)


Katie Summers



Banshee & Daken (both Horsemen of Death


Blob, Lady Avalanche, Magneto, Pyro (all X-Force)

Cable, Cyclops, (young) Jean Grey, Psylocke, Quicksilver, Storm (all X-Council)


Abomination Deathlok, Ahab, Doom 2099, Iron Man 2020, Kang, Magistrate Braddock, May Parker, Stryfe (all Chronos Corps)

Story Notes: 

Kang gathered the Chronos Corps from their various alternate timelines in Uncanny Avengers #14.

Wolverine and Sunfire were both once Horsemen of Apocalypse. Wolverine became Death V in Astonishing X-Men (2nd series) #1, and Sunfire became Famine IV in X-Men (2nd series) #183.

First appearance of Lady Avalanche. Although she appeared on the cover of Uncanny Avengers #18, she did not appear in the issue itself.

It is unknown whether this is the original Pyro, St John Allerdyce, who was resurrected during “Necrosha”, but his fate was undetermined, or if this is a new mutant using the Pyro codename.

Psylocke met her “Magistrate Braddock” future self before in Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #28-30.

Written By: