Uncanny Avengers (2nd series) #3

Issue Date: 
June 2015
Story Title: 
Counter-Evolutionary, part 3

Rick Remender & Gerry Duggan (writers), Daniel Acuna (artist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Daniel Acuna (cover artist), Mike Deodato & Frank Martin; Amanda Conner & Laura Martin (variant cover artists), Tom Breevort & Daniel Ketchum (editors), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

The Avengers created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

On Counter-Earth, the Vision and Eve are interrupted by the High Evolutionary who has discovered the many children they have created. He plans to use them in a world that he will create. Meanwhile, the Master Scientist plans to create the perfect soldier from Rogue's DNA and subjects her to various tests. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch arrive in Lowtown with the Low Evolutionary, where they witness the how the surviving rejects of the High Evolutionary's various races live in squalor. The slums seem to stretch out endlessly as far as they can see. One of the Lowtown soldiers informs the Low Evolutionary that the High Evolutionary is planning an attack that could spell their doom. The Low Evolutionary gives orders for everyone who can fight to report to him in an hour, while everyone else is to be taken to a bunker. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch hope to buy the Lowtown residents some time by racing to the High Evolutionary's city. But en route, they encounter Sabretooth, who is still under the High Evolutionary's control. Wanda restrains him, but they are then attacked by the woman called Luminous. She says nasty things to the twins, and outclasses both Quicksilver's speed and Wanda's magical abilities. She defeats them and proceeds to take the twins to her father.

Full Summary: 

Counter-Earth, where the Vision is connected to the being called Eve. He tells himself that no logic can move him past it – no other purpose can exist beyond this euphoria. Two organisms intertwined and made wholly new. She is everything – everything the Vision is not. Where he is broken, she is whole, where he is weak, she is strong. 'The coupling – has she been waiting for me?' the Vision wonders their clasp hands, wires connect their minds. The Vision wonders if the randomness of his travels has been carefully calculated – anticipated? But he pushes aside the fears he brought with him from Earth – this is the reason to live. It is love.

They continue to lie back-to-back, their minds and bodies linked, when suddenly, the High Evolutionary appears, looking down over them. 'You imagined you could come unbidden to my world, android?' the High Evolutionary asks. 'Forgive me... but I did not know that entire worlds could be possessed' the Vision replies as he breaks the link to Eve. 'Father...' Eve utters as the High Evolutionary acknowledges her. The Vision re-attaches his cape and remarks that he had hoped to find his place in the universe – he did not think to look here. The High Evolutionary tells the Vision that if he wishes to take from this Eden, he would be most displeased, but if the Vision hopes to join Counter-Earth as a new element, then he would welcome him. 'In truth... I am lost' the Vision confesses. 'Now perhaps found?' the High Evolutionary asks, pointing out that the Vision has been remarkably busy in such a short time. 'Father, please do not judge what you're observing' Eve asks.

The trio enter another chamber, whhere dozens of incubators housing what can only be described as infant androids are sleeping – growing – inside the small pods. 'Our first-generation is already self-replicating' Eve announces. 'Remarkable' the High Evolutionary utters, before asking Eve and the Vision why they have kept this from him. The Vision tells him that they feared his reaction. 'You've earned your judgmental reputation' the Vision points out. The High Evolutionary tells the Vision that he hopes he will embrace the responsibility they have created here. They look out a window, over the city around them, and the High Evolutionary remarks that it would be unfortunate if his attention was divided. 'Look upon this city – a blank canvas. It awaits my design. There is a place in it for your collaborations with Eve' the High Evolutionary declares. The Vision stares out at the deserted city, then imagines it with his children playing in the street. The Vision tells the High Evolutionary that he has lived for many years, but that he has never felt more alive than he is now – he can see what his evolution will bring. 'I must accept it' he states, adding that he has always chased the elusive spark of creation – but here, with Eve, that spark burns wildly.

Elsewhere, in the lab of the Master Scientist, the bird-like scientist stands over various controls and monitors, while Rogue is bent over, pushing up a heavy weight that extends over her. The Master Scientist boasts that from Rogue's gene-freak DNA he will create the perfect soldier, an unlimited power source – a masterpiece.

'This is why Ah don't work alone' Rogue reminds herself, knowing that right about now, Logan would claw through the wall, or Kurt would have bamfed her out of here – and she wouldn't have to listen to this anymore. The Master Scientist declares that reconstructing Rogue's feral friend is beneath him, but he will accomplish this task because he must not fall out of favor with the High Evolutionary. 'You, however, are the most exciting project I've undertaken in quite some time. The kind he would keep for himself, if he knew that you were here' the Master Scientist tells Rogue, adding that she has harnessed some impressive ionic powers, but that she hasn't unlocked their true potential. Rogue tells herself that she isn't waiting to be saved, and energy crackles from the monitors around the Master Scientist, who tells Rogue that he can see this mystery is bothering her. 'Not to worry. We’ll get to the bottom of it together'. Suddenly, Rogue manages to push the massive weight upwards and stands up, while thinking 'Only thing you'll be at the bottom of is a grave'.

Meanwhile, in Lowtown, a refuge for the High Evolutionary's gene-trash:

'This is the High Evolutionary's wondrous planet? It's no better than Earth!' Pietro Maximoff a.k.a. Quicksilver exclaims as he and his sister, Wanda a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch, walk alongside the Low Evolutionary and survey the shanty-town like landscape, where refugees huddle around fires in drums to keep warm amongst the destruction and debris. The Low Evolutionary remarks that it is their home, everyone here is a survivor from one of his father's purges. Hated and hunted – simply for being. Wanda thinks to herself that she and Pietro have been through so much, but the one bond they had that was unbreakable was family. Now though, that last lifeline is fraying. 'Who are we? Who are our parents?' Wanda asks herself, knowing that the High Evolutionary has those answers, she vows that they are not leaving without them. The Low Evolutionary tells the twins that the High Evolutionary knows they are out here somewhere, so he makes sure his flora-scrubbers pick everything clean.

The Low Evolutionary looks over to a makeshift hospital where several patients lie hooked up to IV bags. The Low Evolutionary adds 'They leave us nothing. Now we are at the precipice. We have so few warriors left to challenge him'. Quicksilver suddenly speeds away, while a saddened Wanda listens as the Low Evolutionary tells her that the fact the High Evolutionary has not destroyed him yet causes him concern – that he is still an experiment the High Evolutionary is observing. He adds that the arrival of Wanda and Quicksilver is the first bit of good news he has had in a long time. 'You can help save thousands of lives' he declares. 'Thousands?' Wanda gasps. Atop a large mountain of rubble, Quicksilver comes to a halt, 'Steel yourself, sister' he calls out. The Low Evolutionary joins Quicksilver atop the mountain of rubble, and Wanda follows, where she gazes out at a seemingly endless ghetto. 'Behold the magnitude of my father's shame. Their only crime: being unperfect' the Low Evolutionary announces. 'I believe you mean imperfect – ah. Yes, a joke. I'm usually quicker' Pietro comments. 'Well played' the Low Evolutionary replies. But Wanda tells herself that nothing about this is funny. She is annoyed with her brother. 'Is he my brother? Yes. Of course he is. Right?'

The Low Evolutionary reports that these are just the scant survivors of his father's rampages, and declares that no longer will they cower in the dark corners – and if they wait any longer to overthrow him, they will be too weak. 'Remind you of any place?' Pietro asks Wanda. 'Several, in fact' Wanda replies. 'Ho, is it our glorious leader?' a voice calls out. 'Hail, the Low Evolutionary' another warrior wearing makeshift armor exclaims. 'When do we ride into battle?' one of the warriors asks. 'Why? So you can finally be disarmed  completely?' the Low Evolutionary asks the warrior who is lacking one arm and one ear. The warrior just laughs and holding up a gun points out that he still has one arm to fight with. 'And you shall need it – soon' the Low Evolutionary assures the warrior, before he and the twins carry on, towards a dog-like being in a robe, with a bandage over their eyes stands amongst the wasteland. “Low Evolutionary”? Quicksilver asks. The Low Evolutionary explains that it was a mocking title hung on him by his fellow rejects, though he has come to embrace it. 'Evolution comes from a low place...and rises' he adds.

The Low Evolutionary tells the twins that he has much to ask of them and little to offer. He adds that they must evacuate the wounded to Earth, and return with as powerful an army as possible. He takes a wrapped bar, possibly chocolate, from his jacket and hands it to the blind dog, while monkey in make-shift armor rushes over to him, 'Sir! Sir!' the creature calls out, reporting that they got a mysterious message from a new source over a relay – and if it is true, it could spell their doom. The monkey announces that the Low Evolutionary's father has found some new way to track them. 'He plans to follow the trail you left from Callipo'. The Low Evolutionary remarks that it is too late then for those who cannot fight. 'Everyone who can lift a weapon or run supplies reports to me in an hour – get everyone else into the bunkers and seal the entrance. And have Paim and Ruthle meet me in the command tent' the Low Evolutionary instructs the monkey.

'What if we take the fight to the High Evolutionary?' Wanda suggests. The Low Evolutionary tells her that is very brave and foolhardy. 'If you had ever seen him unmake a city, you would not consider it' He asks her to stay with them and join their ranks. 'Your messenger said the High Evolutionary has a new tracker, right?' Quicksilver asks. 'What if we can take it out before they find you?' he suggests. The Low Evolutionary tells Quicksilver that it is a good idea, but that he doesn't think Quicksilver understands how fast the High Evolutionary moves. 'Really?' Pietro grins.

Wanda wants to stay in the slums knowing that the Hgh Evolutionary is on his way – but she also knows that they can save lives by taking the fight to him. 'There must be something we can do for those poor people. The Morlock Tunnels are empty, perhaps -' Wanda begins as she runs through a forest, while Pietro darts about ahead of her, 'Creating a new caste system on Earth and putting these wretches at the bottom of it is hardly a liberation' Pietro tells his sister, before speeding back towards her and picking her up, 'I wish I could have seen the lock on father's face – er, Magneto's face when he found out he wasn't our father' Pietro declares. Wanda admits that she laughed at the time, but Magneto's heart was broken. 'Well, now he knows what it's like to be his son!' Pietro exclaims as he speeds across a lake. They stop on land and Pietro tells Wanda to rest here while he scouts on. He speeds off and an instant later returns, reporting that he has found the city.

'Well, that ostentatious citadel vibes “evolutionary maniac”' one of the twins comments as Quicksilver speeds towards the sprawling, futuristic city that stands before them. 'Oh dear' Quicksilver utters as he comes to a halt. 'What?' Wanda asks. 'What the hell is Sabretooth doing here?' Quicksilver asks her. 'Well, well, if it isn't the Garbage Twins' one of the New Men declares as he holds a leash connected to a collar around Sabretooth's neck. 'You made a mistake in coming home' the New Man adds, while Sabretooth growls at his teammate. Wanda fires a blast of energy at the New Man, causing him to drop the leash, while Quicksilver slams his fist into the other New Man. So – you're the wonderful creation of the High Evolutionary?' Quicksilver asks, before running circles around his opponent, repeatedly punching him in the face, Quicksilver instructs him to tell his boss to start over. As Sabretooth lunges towards Wanda, the powerful mutant tells herself that she should let Creed gut her – that way she will look how she feels. 'Stop! Victor, awake!' Wanda exclaims as her pink energy surrounds her teammate, holding him in place several feet away from her.

'So, Creed is the High Evolutionary's new tracking machine?' Quicksilver asks, telling Wanda that it can't be a coincidence, he asks her if she think the rest of the team is here. Wanda crosses her arms and tells Pietro that they shouldn't have come here, that it is all falling apart. 'Oh, you have no idea' a voice calls out. They turn to see a woman with long white hair dressed in a revealing blue costume. She points at them and declares 'Ew. You're both much older and grosser than I imagined'. The twins look at each other, puzzled. 'Shall I?' Wanda asks, stepping forward. 'Allow me' Pietro replies as he speeds towards the woman in blue, 'I'll be gentle' he calls out. 'Hah!' the woman laughs. 'Oh, Pietro! Look at you go! How cute! Do they really call you Quicksilver?' she exclaims, as Quicksilver appears to reach her, she steps to one side and asks him if it is an ironic name – she gets the silver part from the gray hair. Quicksilver looks susprised as he carries on past her. 'Fun chat!' she exclaims, extending her fist, she slams it into Pietro's face. 'Happy landings!' she tells him as Quicksilver is smacked backwards into a tree. 'Oh, hell' Wanda mutters. 'Well, I guess you're mine' she tellls the woman, pink energy glowing around Wanda's hands, she starts to get a sinking feeling that the other woman just outmaneuvered Pietro.

'Yield, girl!' Wanda shouts while wondering how the woman got Pietro's powers. A black cloud starts to twirl around Wanda and her foe, 'No need. I know you're the slow one, but did you not just see what I did too your brother? Now you're attacking me?' she calls back. It is then that Wanda realizes they are in much bigger trouble than she thought. 'How – how can you access the chaos magic?' Wanda exclaims as the other woman glows in amongst the black cloud. 'I don't just access it – I control it!' the other woman grins, energy glowing around her hand. Wanda realizes that her foe doesn't just have Pietro's abilities – she has a more reliable control of her abilities than even Wanda does. 'Go back to your garbage can planet while you can. The truth of who you are would destroy you!' the other woman warns Wanda. 'You should visit Earth some time. We have child Avengers that could kick your ass!' Wanda declares as she unleashes a large burst of the chaos magic towards her enemy – but at the same time, Quicksilver rushes towards the woman, who steps aside just before Wanda's magic strikes her – so it hits Quicksilver instead, causing him to be flung towards Wanda. 'Too slow!' the other woman laughs.

It all happens so fast, and for the first time, Wanda finally voices the  fear – 'Was I made this way? Was I made here?' before she falls to the ground, Quickilver too. The woman turns to the New Men who have recovered and take hold of Sabretooth. She instructs them to take father's new hound and find the city of filth. 'Yes, Luminous' one of the New Men replies. 'I only ask that you save some of them for me' Luminous remarks, turning to Wanda and Quicksilver, who starts to sit up, 'Well, you two pieces of gene junk were boring' she tells them. 'I don't know how you pulled that off, but -' Quicksilver begins, 'The worst part of facing old tumors...' Luminous begins as she kicks Quicksilver back onto the ground, '...is that I can't even do the merciful thing and kill you two...father wants to have a chat before the end' she declares, grabbing Wanda by her hair and pulling her face close, 'Let's meet our maker' she scowls. Wanda tells herself that she can't believe they were going to barge in on the High Evolutionary and pound the answers from him – she refuses to believe it.

Luminous then casts a bubble around the twins, 'He really broke the mold with you two... so the horrid results would not be repeated' she insults them as she takes flight, the twins inside the bubble which floats after her. 'We came here to discover who we are... and I fear that knowledge is going to destroy us' Wanda realizes.

At the Lowtown bunker, a lone guard stands watch outside. He hears a cracking noise in some bushes, 'Who's there?' he asks, firing his weapon into the shurbs, as Sabretooth lunges towards him and slams the guard's head against the ground. 'Well done, animal' one of the New Men tells Sabretooth, while the other alerts the High Evolutionary to the fact they have located the insects' nest.

From his location the High Evolutionary beckons Dhrovo and the other New Men forward and declares 'Excellent. Then you know what to do next, my New Men. Exterminate the “Low Evolutionary” and his flock of rats!'

Characters Involved: 

Quicksilver, Rogue, Sabretooth, Scarlet Witch, Vision (all Avengers Unity Division)


Low Evolutionary



High Evolutionary

Master Scientist



Lowtown refugees

Lowtown warriors

Dhrovo / Lord Gator and other New Men

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