Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #27

Issue Date: 
November 2017
Story Title: 
Push and Pull

Jim Zub (writer), Sean Izaakse (artist) Tamara Bonvillain (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), RB Silva & Tamara Bonvillain (cover artists), Mike Hawthorne (variant cover artist), Alanna Smith (assistant editor), Tom Brevoort (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)







Avengers created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby


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Brief Description: 

While a lawyer makes his way to Avengers Mansion to speak to one of the Avengers in person, the Avengers Rogue, Human Torch, Doctor Voodoo, Quicksilver, Synapse and the Wasp are fighting Graviton, who attacked them as part of his plan to show the world how meaningless life is. While Quicksilver worries about his sister, the Scarlet Witch, who Graviton shunted into space when she attacked him, Rogue tries to talk with Graviton, but he is only interested in creating chaos. Quicksilver vows to hunt Graviton down for what he has done, as Doctor Voodoo implores the aid of the Elemental Spirits of the Air, who answer his call and appear in space, breathing life into the Scarlet Witch and saving her from certain doom. Synapse is able to use her powers to enter Graviton's mind, forcing him to release his control over the Avengers – he loses his grasp on the gravity around Avengers Mansion, causing the Mansion to collapse in on itself, but also freeing the Avengers, although most of them become trapped in the rubble. Quicksilver lashes out at Graviton, punching him over and over, before the others, emerging from the rubble of the Mansion, join in. Rogue is able to resist Graviton as he tries to force her to the ground, keeping him occupied as the Scarlet Witch returns, distracting Graviton and enabling Rogue to kiss him, absorbing his powers and memories. Rogue starts to struggle with this, and begins to alter gravity around the others, before Synapse reaches out to her, speaks into her mind and telling her that what they do is important and matters. Rogue calms down and thanks Synapse for her help, while the Scarlet Witch thanks Doctor Voodoo for the rescue earlier. The heroes are then surprised as a lawyer arrives at the Mansion and informs the Human Torch that he needs to talk to him about the legacy of the Fantastic Four.


Full Summary: 

Laguardia Airport, New York, where a man in a suit whistles for a cab as he waits outside the terminal. 'Good evening, Sir' the cab driver remarks. 'And to you' the man in the suit replies. The cab driver asks him where he is headed, to which the man in the suit informs him that he is going to 890 Fifth Avenue. 'Very good' the cab driver responds. As they begin the drive, the cab driver notices that the man has no luggage, and asks if this is a short trip. 'Hopefully brief, yes' the man replies, adding that normally he would handle this kind of thing over the phone, but that the client he is dealing with is notoriously hard to reach – unanswered emails, unreceived letters, disconnected phone numbers. The driver laughs and points out that it sounds like someone trying to avoid responsibility. 'You'd think so, but that's actually not the case' the man in the suit replies, explaining that at a certain level of fame, the kind of day-to-day communication they take for granted just drops off, which is why he is forced to show up in person. 'After many years of this kind of work, I've learned a simple rule of thumb... super heroes prefer the direct approach!'

At that moment, several super heroes known as the Avengers Unity team are floating above the ruined Avengers Mansion, confronted by the madman called Graviton, who looks up into the night sky, 'Off she goes to see the stars' he grins wickedly, while Pietro Maximoff a.k.a. Quicksilver clings to a slab of concrete hovering nearby, and Emily Guerrero a.k.a. Synapse teters on that slab. Rogue, Jan van Dyne the Wasp, Jericho Drum a.k.a. Doctor Voodoo and Johnny Storm the Human Torch all float amongst assorted rubble and pieces of furniture nearby. 'WANDA!' Quicksilver shouts as he looks up to the sky. 'Yes...Wanda...the Scarlet Witch, free of gravity's curse thanks to my incredible power...' Graviton remarks, before asking Quicksilver what he thinks will happen first – will his sister run out of air or freeze to death? 'My bet's on air, personally' Graviton replies, adding that, either way, it will be downright excruciating.

Rogue calls out to Graviton and asks him why he is doing this, what it is he wants. 'Useless questions, pointless answers. You're looking for purpose in a world where nothing matters' Graviton responds. He grins wickedly as he boasts that he is an agent of chaos. 'Welcome to death by happenstance' he tells the Avengers. 'You're insane!' the Torch shouts as he clenches his fists. 'Possibly. But who really keeps track anymore?' Graviton replies, glancing over to the Torch, adding 'The whims of the universe make our worldly definitions seem so small' as he narrows his eyes at the Torch. Graviton touches Rogue's chin and remarks that he might send all of them tumbling up into the atmosphere, or perhaps they will stay here together until the sun rises. 'The excitement comes from not knowing what I'll decide until the impulse strikes me' Graviton adds. Quicksilver tries to pull away from the slab of concrete he is stuck to and warns Graviton that he will hunt him down for what he has done. 'That could be amusing' Graviton replies casually, adding that it might be nice to see the “Avengers” do some avenging” for a change.

Nearby, Doctor Voodoo closes his  eyes and raises two fingers, 'Elemental Spirits of the Air, I implore you...' he utters. '... Heed my call. My ally needs your aid. Share your life-giving essence and sustain her. I will gift you many things and bless you many times in gratitude for this service' Doctor Voodoo adds. And, at that moment, two strange spirit-like beings appear near Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch, who floats desperately in the atmosphere, high above planet Earth. One of the Elemental Spirits of the Air suddenly gives Wanda the breath of life, and Wanda gasps, before thanking the magical beings as she casts a hex.

Back on Earth, Graviton turns to Synapse: 'Now then, what about you? I don't believe we've had the pleasure of being intro-' Graviton begins, before he clutches his head in agony. 'I'm called “Synapse”. Let me show you why' Emily retorts, narrowing her eyes as she enters Graviton's brain. Synapse explains to him that she can worm her way into his mind and change what he feels or influence how he moves. Graviton cries out in pain, as Synapse makes a fist and tells him that, right now, he is going to let them go. At that moment, Graviton releases the Avengers – and all the rubble and furniture that were caught up in his gravitational pull, and they all come crashing down into the remains of the Mansion.

'Hate psychics' Graviton mutters as he pushes a large piece of collapsed brick wall off of himself. 'RAAAGH!' Quicksilver shouts as he speeds towards Graviton, and begins to punch him repeatedly at super-speed. 'Now you will pay!' Quicksilver exclaims, before Graviton gains the upper hand, 'Begone, you blurry buffoon!' Graviton snaps as he knocks Quicksilver away, and sends him careening upwards out of the Mansion ruins. Graviton rubs his head and wonders if this is the universe punishing his hubris, deciding to meditate upon that after he kills these fools. Suddenly, Graviton hears a creaking noise, and looks over to see Rogue lifting a large brick wall off of herself, the Torch, Synapse, Voodoo and the Wasp. 'Okay, gang. You know what to do' Rogue tells her teammates. The Wasp and the Human Torch fly forwards, and the Wasp instructs the Torch to nail Graviton before he can fully concentrate. 'Yes, ma'am!' the Torch replies, but before he can reach the villain, Graviton knocks the Torch back with a wave of gravity.

The Wasp reaches Graviton though, and blasts his face with her wasp's sting. 'This will not do...away, Wasp!' Graviton exclaims as he swats the insect-sized Wasp away, slamming her hard into some rubble. Synapse tries to reach into Graviton's mind, but she reports that he is ready for her this time. 'You're going down, Graviton!' Rogue declares as she picks up a slab of concrete and throws it towards Graviton, who uses his power to smash the slab into small rocks and pebbles. 'No, Rogue...you are' Graviton replies as the rocks fall down around Rogue. 'Down, down...I think I'll crush you deep into this island...pulverize you into a liquid and let your juices enter the water table' Graviton declares. Rogue trudges towards her foe, groaning as she struggles against the force of Graviton's power, a look of sheer determination on Rogue's face.

'You cannot move... gravity will destroy you!' the shocked Graviton exclaims, perplexed as to how Rogue is able to move closer to him. Rogue moves closer and closer, slamming her feet to the ground, before she grins and declares 'WRONG'. Graviton looks worried and asks Rogue why she is smiling, when suddenly, a surge of energy strikes Graviton in the face. 'It seems your concentration is split, Graviton. Too bad' Wanda remarks as she appears nearby, with Quicksilver at her side. Graviton cries out in pain and clutches his head, before Rogue appears behind him and grabs his cape, 'That's called “teamwork”, Sugah' Rogue tells him, before pulling Graviton towards her face, 'C'mere and give us a kiss!' Rogue exclaims, and Graviton goes wide-eyed with surprise, before he drops to the ground. 'That's better' Rogue remarks, rubbing her head, explaining to Graviton that she will absorb his powers and memories until they get him locked away. Suddenly, memories flash through Rogue's mind – Graviton through the years, including a battle against Captain America, and one against the West Coast Avengers.


Rogue becomes overwhelmed, the other Avengers call out to her, as gravity around grows out of control once again. 'Graviton's madness – it's infecting her!' Wanda exclaims. Rogue years voices telling her to keep a hold of herself, and not to do this. She looks around and utters 'This power...I can feel the Earth spin'. The other Avengers start to get caught up in the gravitational pull as Doctor Voodoo tells Wanda that they must strike Rogue down before this all starts up again. 'I know, but -' Wanda begins. 'Wait!' Synapse calls out, offering to try and reach Rogue, while the others are knocked about by the gravitational warp. 'Rogue! It's Emily! Your friend!' Synapse calls out directly into Rogue's mind. Rogue covers her ears and utters 'He was right...we're so insignificant. None of it matters'. But Synapse tells Rogue 'No. You're important. We're important'. Synapse goes on to tell Rogue that every person they save, every life they have touched – they matter. 'You have to believe that and hold on' Synapse urges Rogue.

Rogue grimaces as she clutches her head, before she drops to the ground, tears falling down her face. The gravitational wave ends, and the Avengers drop back to the ground. 'I knew you could do it!' Synapse exclaims as she rushes over and wraps her arms around Rogue. Rogue glances back at Synapse and thanks her, admitting that she thought she was going to go bonkers. 'Please tell me we got him' the Wasp asks as Quicksilver helps her up. 'Yes. He is “got”' Quicksilver replies. Rogue looks down at Graviton who is collapsed on the ground and quotes him: “Agent of Chaos” and suggests that this creepo needs a jail cell and some therapy. Doctor Voodoo goes over to the Scarlet Witch and asks her if she is all right. Wanda smiles at Jericho and tells him that she is a bit shaken up, but that she will be fine. Wanda remarks that the spirits told her who sent them to save her. 'Is that so?' Voodoo replies, to which Wanda tells him that she will need to pay him back for that. 'I look forward to it' Voodoo tells her.

Everyone turns to the main gate when a cab screeches to a halt outside. The shirtless Torch powers down and motions to the cab, 'Uh...did someone order a cab?' he asks. 'Nope' the Wasp replies. 'Weird' Synapse adds. The cab driver tells the man in the suit that he wasn't kidding about those super heroes. 'I never kid, good sir. It's bad for business' the man in the suit responds, before thanking the cab driver for his prompt service. The man in the suit enters the Avengers Mansion grounds and approaches the heroes. 'Can we... help you?'  the Torch asks. 'Absolutely! I wouldn't be here otherwise!' the man replies. He then clears his throat as he addresses the Human Torch: 'Jonathan Lowell Spencer Storm, my name is Harris Hutchley, barrister-at-law. I'm here to discuss the legacy of the Fantastic Four!' he announces, causing the Avengers, in particular Johnny, look shocked!


Characters Involved: 

Doctor Voodoo, Human Torch II, Quicksilver, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Synapse, Wasp (all Avengers Unity Squad)




Elemental Spirits of the Air


Harris Hutchley

Cab driver


(in Graviton's memories)


Captain America

Hawkeye, Iron Man, Mockingbird, Tigra, Wonder Man (all West Coast Avengers)

Written By: