Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #197

Issue Date: 
September 1985
Story Title: 
To Save Arcade ?!?

Chris Claremont (writer), John Romita Jr. and Dan Green (artists), Glynis Oliver (colorist), Tom Orzechowski (letterer), Ann Nocenti (editor), Jim Shooter (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Shadowcat and Colossus are kidnapped by Arcade, who tells them that Dr. Doom intends to kill him. He blackmails them into defending him, and along replicas of the other X-Men they fight Doom’s forces all over Murderworld. In the end, Kitty outsmarts them, as she programmed a Kitty robot to take her place, shile she disrupts Doom’s armour. However Doom is really Miss Locke, turns out it’s Arcade’s birthday, and that’s their way to celebrate, Kitty and Peter return to the mansion and make up with each other, deciding to be friends again. Cyclops leaves his wife Madelyne and returns to the X-Men to check on Xavier, as Moira MacTaggert alerted him that Magneto has been allowed into the X-Men. In Manhattan, Nimrod kills two armed gangsters and the crowd cheers at him. Ororo wakes up in the african desert, fortunately the bullet only scrapped her head.

Full Summary: 

Piotr and Kitty are in a Shi’Ar spaceship, as suddenly another Colossus smashes through the wall. Piotr transforms into steel too, and they fight, but the second Colossus wins by throwing the first one outer space. He then checks on Kitty, saying that he has saved her from the imposter, but Kitty asks who will save him, as she transforms into a Brood. Colossus runs away, only to find Zsaji in the next room, He proclaims his love for the alien healer that he met on the Beyonder’s world, but she starts to decay before his eyes. Colossus again runs away, now finding himself at his native Ustordynski Collective, where his sister is about to be run over by a tractor. He manages to save her, but Illyana is not happy. If she had died, she would never have been kidnapped by Belasco and made the sorcerer’s apprentice. All three females catch up with Piotr, wanting to make him pay, and finallly Piotr wakes up – he was having a nightmare. Colossus looks around, he and Kitty are in a bedroom, apparently not in Xavier’s mansion. Arcade comes in and welcomes them to his Murderworld.
In Anchorage, Alaska, Scott has received a phone call from Moira MacTaggert. She is concerened about Xavier, and has filled Scott in on recent events, like Magneto joining the X-Men. Cyclops decides that he has to return to the mansion and make sure that the professor is alright. He tries to sneak out of the bedroom, but Madelyne wakes up. She is not too happy that Scott leaves her, but she understands his concerns. Still she reminds him that they made a promise to each other when they married, so his responsibilities are now to his family.
Kitty and Piotr are having breakfast with Arcade, suddenly a missile attacks them. Kitty phases through it, scrambling it’s electronics, and Colossus attempts to catch the missile, but it detonates on his chest. Luckily he is unharmed, only his costume is damaged. Arcade shows the pair of X-Men around and also hands Piotr’s a new costume from one of his android Colossuses. Kitty finally wants to know, who has been targeting Arcade, and why he has kidnapped them. He says that today he will get killed in Murderworld by Dr. Doom. The missile was only the first attack. Arcade wants the X-Men to protect him, if they turn him down, Ms. Locke will kill friends and relatives of them. Kitty and Peter decide to play along, though Kitty thinks it’s odd that he only kidnapped them and not the whole team.
In Manhattan, Nimrod, in human disguise and his friend Jaime Rodriguez are in a pub. Suddenly two armed gangsters try to rob the bar and it’s customers. Nimrod transforms into his robotic appearance and terminates both of them. Jaime is unsure of Nimrod’s actions, but he claims that they were about to use their weapons and could have injured somebody. The crowd cheers.
In Murderworld, Kitty and Peter are in a simulation of Manhattan, having a complete set of robotic duplicates of the other X-men at their disposal. A train comes in, but soon it becomes clear that it’s an attack. The train transforms into a giant robot with a Doom mask. Not far away, fighter aircrafts are launched, and the X-men are underattack. Arcade sends more of his robot X-men to help as an army of swordsmen attacks. It‘s like a war, with many robot X-men being destroyed, like many of Doom’s machines being damaged as well. Colossus and Kitty fight the giant robot with Doom’s mask, and Colossus orders Kitty to phase while he rips the robot apart. He is happy that he could save at least her, though he could not save Zsaji. Colossus explains that feels guilty for surviving on the Beyonder’s world, while Zsaji died. They barely knew each other, and could not understand each other’s language, yet she touched his very soul, and he will honor her memory.
The fight is not over, suddenly the pair are shot at by an aircraft, piloted by Dr. Doom. He crashes into the building where Arcade is hiding, so Colossus throws Kitty upwards to stop Doom from harming Arcade. Once he arrives in the top floor, he finds Doom holding Arcade , and Kitty lying dead on the floor. Colossus gets really mad, but suddenly Kitty phases from beneath the floor through “Doom“, who gets disrupted, as he was just one of Arcade’s robots. Kitty explains that she had reprogrammed one of Arcade’s Kitty robots, to replace her in the big battle, while she secretly checked what really was going on. Colossus realizes that he had opened up about Zsaji in front of a robot and thinks it’s pobably for the best. A door of the defeated Doom robot opens, inside is miss Locke. Turns out that it’s Arcade’s birthday, and this is their unique way of celebrating it, by having a death match against each other.
Arcade transports Kitty and Peter near the school and then departs. While walking towards the mansion, they make up with each other. They realize that they both have changed and so they decide that they should move on and be friends again.
In Africa, Storm has been lying injured in the Serengeti for a whole 24 hours. Vultures are already circling above her, but she wakes up and uses her staff to scare them away. Ororo decides that she has fought all her life, and she won’t stop surviving now.

Characters Involved: 

Colossus, Shadowcat (both X-Men)

Cyclops, Storm (both former X-Men)

Madelyne Pryor-Summers, Cyclops' wife

Jaime Rodriguez



Miss Locke, Arcade's assistant

Story Notes: 

This is one the episodes featuring each of the X-Men alone, this time Colossus and Shadowcat.
Arcade tells Kitty and Peter that the Dr.Doom the X-Men originally fought in Uncanny X-Men #145-147 was only a robot, but even he himself was fooled by it.

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