Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #340

Issue Date: 
January 1997
Story Title: 

Scott Lobdell (writer), Joe Madureira (pencils), Tim Townsend (inker), Richard Starkings & Comicraft/KF (lettering), Steve Buccellato & Team Bucce (colors), Bob Harras (editor & editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Iceman’s cover in Creed’s campaign is blown and his father is almost killed by Creed’s men. The X-Men comfort Iceman at the hospital; Bobby resigns from active duty since he wants to oversee his father’s recovery. Despite of the danger Cannonball decides to stay in the campaign as an undercover operative.

Full Summary: 

Iceman is crying at the hospital bedside of his injured father, when Storm and Gambit enter to find out what happened. Iceman reveals that Graydon Creed was behind an attempt to kill his father for speaking out against Creed during a talkshow interview (X-Men 58).
Meanwhile, Cannonball is still in his undercover role as “Samson Guthry”, as an assistant in Creed’s campaign. He tries to speak to Creed, but is stopped by two huge new bodyguards (actually Prime Sentinels, see Uncanny X-Men 346). Creed comes out anyway and invites Cannonball in for a talk.
Back at the hospital, Iceman tells Storm about what happened. That morning, while they were on the way to the airport he had been discussing Campaign strategy with Carly Alvarez as Creed interrupted. Graydon started saying strange things to him about the “sins of the father.” Iceman at first believed that Creed was crypotically talking about his father Sabretooth, but then he was led to a clearing in a forest where his own father lay, almost dead from being beaten by Creed’s men. Meanwhile the campaign jet had already departed without him. Right before passing out William Drake told his son that he did not his son’s status as mutant. Iceman wonders aloud to Storm about his father’s motivations, considering his father had been a racist and mutant-hater previously. Storm answers that there can only be one resason, his love for his son.
Meanwhile in Creed’s headquarters, Graydon starts asking Cannonball about his father. After telling that his dead father was a hard worker, who spent all his money on feeding and clothing his eight kids, Cannonball causes Creed some discomfort by in turn asking about his father. Creed almost looses control, but then reveals to his “assistant“ that he and his father are not very close, but in some ways he was actually inspired by his father's methods.
Inside the hospital, Iceman’s father asks Gambit about the X-men. Gambit explains the X-Men’s dream and finally Mr. Drake realizes that he right now stood up for the same. Outside the hospital several of Creed’s men are planning to kill Storm, Iceman, and Gambit, but Wolverine takes care of them before they can start. After talking to Storm for awhile, Iceman decides to take a leave of absence from the team to take care of his father, while Cannonball turns down Jean Grey’s telepathic offer to drop the undercover assignment because of the obvious danger. With Bobby out of the picture Sam knows that now he alone has access to Creed’s personal surroundings and he decides to stay undercover until the end of the election. In the hospital Bobby tells his father that he loves him.

Characters Involved: 

Cannonball, Gambit, Iceman, Phoenix IV, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

William Robert Drake, Iceman’s father
Graydon Creed

Carly Alvarez

Story Notes: 

This issue continues from X-Men Vol.II #59. The Graydon Creed plot is followed upon in X-Factor #130, while the X-Men’s story will continue in X-Men Vol.II #60.

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