Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #422

Issue Date: 
June 2003
Story Title: 
Rules of Engagement - part 2

Chuck Austen (Writer), Ron Garney (penciler), Mark Morales (Inker), JD Smith (Colorist), Chris Eliopoulos (Letterer), Philip Tan (Cover Art), Mike Raicht (Associate Editor), Mike Marts (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief), Bill Jemas (President).

Brief Description: 

Alpha Flight, the FBI and police officers are attempting to remove all of the mutant students from the institute, as they believe them to be in danger while Xavier is talking to his legal counsel, who at this stage cannot do anything. Sasquatch and Guardian discuss the one student they are particularly interested in removing, a Canadian boy, Samuel Pare. Juggernaut gets mad when he is told Sammy has to leave and a fight between the X-Men and Alpha flight breaks out. Eventually Sammy settles the battles by telling everyone he will leave if the other students get to stay, so that it means there will be no more fighting. This compromise is agreed upon, and Sammy leaves, much to Juggernaut’s chagrin. At an archaeology dig site with their old teacher, Havok, Polaris and also Nightcrawler are witness to a startling discovery – a mutant civilization uncovered that predates Ancient Egypt. While there, they are attacked by a religious sect, who are trying to stop the news of ancient mutant bones being discovered to the world, and apparently commit suicide by blowing themselves up. Arch-Angel gets an embarassing goodbye present by Stacy X who has left the mansion and Chamber has to face the fact that Husk seems to be getting close to Archangel.

Full Summary: 

The Bermuda Triangle…an archeology dig site, where recently reunited, the X-Men known as Alex Summers and Lorna Dane, Havok and Polaris respectively, are taking a break with their old geology teacher, and to have time to catch up with each other. Along for the ride is Kurt Wagner, a.k.a. Nightcrawler who is on a leave of absence from the X-Men.

Polaris is on her cellphone, talking to her mother about the upcoming wedding to her long time love Havok. Lorna is disagreeing with her mother, and tells her that she wants six bridesmaids and Jean as her maid of honor. As she descends the rocky surface with Havok, Nightcrawler and her old teacher Professor Havass, Alex thanks the professor for inviting them along, and tells him he needed the escape for a lot of reasons. Havass tells Alex that he imagines reacclimating to life after such a long coma would be very trying. Fortunately for him, he never even heard Alex had been killed, so was spared the needless grief of losing his favorite student. The professor turns to Alex and smiling tells him that it is good to have he and Lorna with him on this expedition. Turning to Kurt, Havass tells him he is particularly pleased to have him here in light of the substance of a new discovery. Kurt looks puzzled, and asks why. The professor smiles and tells him he will see soon. Lorna tells her mother that she does not want taffeta, her mother protests, and Lorna tells her she doesn’t like it, that’s why.
Grinning, Havass tells his companions that ‘As it did when Heinrich Schliemann first unearthed Troy, when we round this corner – the perception of our world will change forever.’
The foursome walk deeper into the dig site, and Havass tells the super-heroes that he was researching islands on historical maps, in particular phantom islands that only appeared during particular time periods, then vanished into antiquity. On a hunch he visited this particular islet, which corresponds to the Isla de Demonas, on one of those ancient maps.

Polaris complains when her mother suggests that she invite someone, after her mother probably complains, she asks if they could get away with inviting her, but not her parents. They all walk through the dig site, and are all in awe of the drawings on the walls. Havass tells them the designs are similar to the style of the Mayan, Aztec and Moche, though thousands of miles away, and many, many centuries earlier. Alex asks Havass what he means by „many, many centuries." They come to a halt at one particular design, and quite shocked, Kurt asks the professor if the anthropomorphic features given to warriors was a common artistic practice. The professor smiles, and tells Kurt that it is common in Egyptian motifs, but such depictions usually represent costuming or ceremonial decorations in Moche and Aztec art – usually. Alex tells Kurt that one of the images on the wall, of a blue person prodding what appears to be a slave, looks like him…and asks him if it is his tail. Kurt smiles and says ‘What do you think?’ Lorna laughs, and tells her mother that Kurt just said something funny.

Havok tells the professor that he is hinting at something that seems quite big, and that he is dying to know what it is. The professor leads them on, and tells them that they will end the mystery…with something truly amazing! And Alex and Kurt gaze upon a pit filled with very human, yet inhuman skeletons in it being unearthed. Lorna, has her back turned, and is still talking to her mother. Havass tells the X-Men that the remains they see before them belong to mutants. Fifteen thousand year old mutants. Alex tells the professor that it cannot be right, as the Neolithic Revolution and domestication of animals only dates back to 9000 BC. Excited, the professor tells his favorite student that they have carbon-dated several sets of bones, and they also thought there may have been a mistake, but there is not. Alex asks the professor if what he is saying is that there was a mutant civilization that predate humankind. Alex is about to say something else until his fiancee turns around and yells ‘Oh, gross,’ telling her mother that there is a bunch of bones here, like back in college.

Havass tells Alex, Lorna and Kurt that they are looking at an advanced ancient civilization that was long dead before the rise of the Egyptian Empires – a mutant civilization.
Suddenly, bullets whiz past the X-Men, Havass and other archeologists, and Havass is shot in the leg. Havok tells Kurt to move the professor, which he does. Alex and Lorna turn to see who is firing at them, and two men dressed in priest-like clothing - possibly members of the mutant-hating Church of Humanity - run forward shouting ‘This sacrilege shall not be made known!’ Alex asks who they are, and prepares to use his powers, when suddenly, the two men explode. Kurt teleports over and Alex runs to join him, asking Nightcrawler what happened. Kurt tells Alex they are both dead, like their equipment malfunctioned – Alex cuts him off and comments on how they look like are priests or bishops in a religious order, and asks why they were armed. Kurt tells him that the grenade pins were pulled. Alex suggests it might mean suicide. Back at the main dig, Lorna tells her mother that it was just a car backfiring, and resolves the discussion about the unwanted wedding guest by telling her mother to put her in the back corner, away from her, and Alex looks on concerned, Kurt looks on shocked, as Polaris says ‘I just haven’t got the patience for stupid people these days.’

Meanwhile, at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, home to the Uncanny X-Men. Archangel is standing in the doorway of Stacy-X’s bedroom. He calls to her, but walks in when no one answers and sees a television, with a note in Stacy’s writing saying „Warren Worthington the Third! Turn me on!" Warren presses the play button on the VCR and watches the screen, where Stacy-X’s image appears. She greets him and asks him if he remembers her. She tells him that he has probably realized by now that she saw not only Paige’s lust for him, but also his lust for her, after that day in the infirmary. She was not going to stick around for those fireworks. The screen zooms out from a close-up of her, to a full view, which shows Stacy-X, completely naked, her breasts and genitals covered by bits of paper, one with „Censored" written on it, the other with „"M" for Mature" written on. A suitcase is also in the screen, and the bed is stripped of its sheets. Smiling, Stacy tells Warren that his relationship with Husk was not going to stop her from showing him what he missed out on, and with the count of three, removes the paper. Warren’s eyes widen and all he can say is ‘Whoa.’

Stacy continues her monologue to Warren and she says they both knew he wanted her, as he was throwing off enough lust pheromones to fill a room. She guesses he prefers the blond, wholesome type that he can take home to his mother, and that it is his loss. Stacy makes some suggestive movement and as Warren does his best to suppress him smile, which isn’t that well, she tells him to picture this next time he is holding hands with Paige and wishing for more.
As if on-cue, Paige Guthrie, the newest member of the X-Men, walks in, and asks him what the hell he is watching. Warren turns around shocked, and looking like a little boy who has been caught doing something bad. From the video, Stacy says ‘Oh, look! I found a jump rope!’

Warren stutters, but eventually manages to tell Paige that Stacy is gone. Husk just says ‘Whatever’ and tells Warren that his life before her is – she cuts off, and starts to leave Stacy-X’s room, telling Warren that she wanted to tell him that something bad was happening downstairs with Alpha Flight and the students. In the background, Stacy-X is singing a jump-rope chant. Warren grabs Paige by the arm and tells her that it is important to him that she understands. Husk turns to face him, and he tells her that Stacy means nothing to him, that she never did, and nothing ever happened between them. He tells Paige that it is she who already means so much to him and as each day goes by, only means more. Paige looks as if she could cry and tells him that that is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to her. She tells Warren she would kiss him, only she doesn’t want to remember their first kiss with Stacy jumping around naked in the background. Warren pulls her in and hugs her, telling her he understands, and suddenly a telepathic speech projection comes from the doorway, saying ‘Oh, bloody hell. Warren and Paige turn to see Chamber, another former X-Man..

Jono strides out of the room, and Paige runs after her ex-boyfriend, telling him to wait. Warren stands in the room, and looks down at the ground, saddened. Stacy-X says that it is enough of the hot and sweaty stuff, and time for the broadcasting day to come to an end. Warren leans into the television and Stacy-X tells him to save this tape for whenever he is spending his nights alone after he has had a ‘mind-numbingly boring romp with Paigey-poo – ‘cause that’s the last you or anyone else will ever see of me bucko-’. Warren turns the video off, and pulls the tape from the video, destroying it and says ‘Thank god.’

Outside the mansion, Guardian, Vindicator, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Puck and Earthmover, collectively known as Alpha Flight, stand none to impressed at the current situation, as police and FBI mill around trying to round up the students of the Xavier Institute. Professor Charles Xavier is on the phone to his lawyer and tells him there must be something he can do, as he has all of Alpha Flight on his front lawn of his school, rounding up his students. He mentions that this cannot be legal. A woman in black standing next to Xavier asks Charles if his lawyer is telling him it is completely legal when the safety of children is at issue.

Sasquatch reports to Guardian that everything is going well, even though no one is happy about it, so far Xavier and everybody else is cooperating, and they should have the entire school vacated within about an hour. Mac thanks his old friend, and tells him it is good to hear. He asks him if there has been any sign of Samuel Pare. Walt tells him there isn’t, and Mac tells Sasquatch to make sure he finds him, as a Canadian child, he is the only reason Alpha Flight is here in the first place.

On the phone still, Xavier tells Jack, his lawyer that he has legal releases signed by the children’s parents, allowing them to be at the institute. The woman dressed in black tells Charles that they become meaningless in this situation. Xavier addresses the woman as Miss Ishikawa and asks her to stop interrupting his conversation with his lawyer so that he can finish. She asks the professor ‘Why, when I can save you both a lot of time?’ She tell him that if the governor of New York determines that the children’s lives are in danger, which he has in regards to the school and its recent „riot" then he has the authority to step in and remove those children, until their safety has been assured. Charles tells Miss Ishikawa that the safety of the children has always been of paramount importance to him.

Sasquatch cuts in and asks the professor where Samuel Pare is. Charles seems genuinely surprised that the boy nicknamed „Squidboy" isn’t in his room. Miss Ishikawa repeats Xavier’s words about the children being of paramount importance in a sarcastic mocking tone. Sasquatch asks the professor if he has any idea where Samuel is, and as the professor hesitates, Samuel’s friend, son of the school nurse, Carter Ghazikhanian walks by and tells Xavier that he might be out back playing catch with Cain, as sometimes they stay out late.

At that time, out back, Cain Marko a.k.a. Juggernaut, a current resident at the Institute, and stepbrother to Professor X, throws a ball to the boy everyone is after, Samuel Pare. The two are currently rating the women around the mansion. Cain asks Squidboy about Jean Grey, and the young boy replies that she is a total ten easy, and catches the ball. Sammy asks Cain what he thinks of Carter’s mom, Annie, and chucks the ball back. As it approaches Juggernaut, the former super villain he tells Sammy that she is really cute and he would give her a nine, maybe more and catches the ball. He starts to name the top ten girls at the school, obviously starting with Jean as number one. Sammy tells him to think about it – Emma Frost! ‘Emma Frost it like oh my god’! He asks Cain if he has seen ‘that reverse X-bra thing she wears right?’ Cain smiles, and tells Sammy he forgot about Emma. He mentions that she might as well walk around naked the way she dresses…except for the boots maybe! Cain tells Sammy that the White Queen should wear the boots all the time.

Suddenly, Sasquatch calls over to Squidboy, asking him if he is Samuel Pare. Juggernaut tells Sammy to get behind him, and asks Sasquatch what the hell he wants. Xavier and Puck are with him. Sasquatch puts his hands on his hips and seems a little in disbelief that the Juggernaut is at the mansion. He asks if wonders will ever cease, and tells Cain to stand aside and give him the boy. Cain tells Walter to ‘Kiss mine scruffy’, to which Charles tells him to clam down, and to let Sasquatch take Sammy, as he will be all right. Cain asks Charles why, to which Xavier tells him that there is some question about the safety of the children at the school. In an authoritative voice, Charles tells his brother that they do not want to do anything that would worsen that impression.

Back in front of the mansion, Sasquatch, Juggernaut and Sammy walk up to Guardian and Vindicator. Mac asks Walt if that is Samuel and his friend tells him it is, and he was playing catch with the Juggernaut. Heather just says ‘so it’s true.’ Cain asks what is true, and asks his brother what is going on, and why he is just letting Alpha Flight take Sammy. Miss Ishikawa tells Juggernaut that it is because he is playing catch with a wanted criminal for one. Meanwhile, Puck approaches Nurse Annie Ghazikhanian and tells her to hand over the kid she is with. Annie tells the diminutive Alphan that she won’t, as Carter is her son. Juggernaut is about to shout obscenities at Miss Ishikawa, and asks who died and made her king. She tells him the state of New York did, and adds that if he is the „Juggernaut" then they are sending someone for him next.

Meanwhile, a tug-of-war has begun over Carter, and Annie continues to tell Puck to back off, and calls him an „evil little gnome." Puck tells her not to start name-calling, as she will just make things worse. He tells the nurse that if she keeps struggling, someone is going to get hurt, and as the Juggernaut’s fist slams into Puck, the Alphan goes crashing into the ground. Earthmover calls out to Puck, and Juggernaut tells Annie to get in the mansion with Carter and Sammy.

Guardian is annoyed now, and says that he knew it was going too well. Heather starts to question what is going on and asks James about Annie and if it is her son. Mac interrupts and tells his wife that all the kids had to go as part of the deal to get their citizen, Samuel Pare, back. He asks Sasquatch if he can take out the Juggernaut, and the reply is that Sasquatch is offended he be even asked that question!
As Sasquatch and Juggernaut run for each other, Cain calls out for a little help, as he has only got two hands! Guardian flies up behind Annie who is carrying her son, and tells her not to make it any worse. She tells him to kiss hers.

At that moment, the Juggernaut’s call for help is answered as Archangel, Iceman, Husk and the former Alpha Flight member, Northstar run from the mansion. Warren tells Northstar to get Annie, and the speedster complies.
Guardian warns Annie that his suit is capable of emitting an electrical charge that would knock her – Annie cuts in and says ‘I should warn you, let go of my son or I’ll kick your ass!’ Northstar sweeps in and grabs his former leader by surprise. Mac is rather shocked to see him. Jean-Paul asks Hudson how he has been, but tells him to cover his face before he answers, as the fly through a brick wall.

At that same time, Juggernaut and Sasquatch come up to each other, and Sasquatch punches the former villain, removing his helmet. The blast of the punch sends both men flying, and a crater is formed in the ground from the impact of their landings. Annie and Heather look on shocked. Holding onto Annie, Heather calls to her friend, while Iceman asks her if she has ever put a coke in the freezer. Heather asks him why, to which he tells her to imagine that each micro-cell of her suit is a soda can he is filling with water, the water freezes, expands…and the cans explode. This happens to Heather cybernetic suit, and Iceman has trapped Heather in a mound of ice, telling her he just put her can „on ice."

Heather curses Bobby and raising her voice, tells the X-Men that Alpha Flight have a legal right to be here. She adds that Xavier was not returning Samuel Pare’s mother’s phone calls, a Canadian citizen, she adds, whose boy’s life had been entrusted to Xavier’s, and he was out performing rescue missions! Heather continues, and Juggernaut looks up groggy from the fight as she says that this is the same boy who is claimed to be consorting with known criminals such as the Juggernaut. Heather explains that Alpha Flight got in touch with the governor of New York, with sufficient enough reasons to remove the children for their own safety. She asks if anyone thinks that a mother shouldn’t have the right to remove her son.

Sasquatch rises, and as Cain runs forward to him, asks him to wait. Cain just says he doesn’t wait for nothing, and sends Walter flying, knocking over a police car on the way. Vindicator, still trapped within the ice, as her suit cannot melt it since the cybernetics have been damaged, she calls to Alpha Flight’s newest member, Earthmover, and tells him to get Juggernaut. Chuck Moss is searching in his bag and says he has been thinking he has something that would work, and fires some sort of magic dust at Juggernaut. Juggernaut asks Moss if that was supposed to make him sneeze, though a rumbling sound proves otherwise, as several rock creatures, made of the earth rise from the ground. Juggernaut grins and rubs his fists together, ready for the fight.

On an ice sled, Iceman tells Vindicator he doesn’t care who is legally right, only that she is in his home. He tells her to be nice in his home, or he will make her leave, and sends ice shards shattering to the ground below. One of them destroys one of the rock creatures, while Puck and Earthmover are taken out also, and other shards fall into police cars.
On his phone still, Charles tells his lawyer to think of something to help them, as things are escalating rapidly.

In the form of an ookpik, a giant arctic owl, Snowbird flies through Iceman’s sled, though before he plummets to the ground, the goddess grabs him by the shoulders, and lifts him upwards.
On the ground, the two remaining rock creature’s head for Juggernaut, and one of them smashes him into the ground.
In the air, Archangel swiftly flies upwards, separating the demi-goddess from his friend, and smacks the giant owl out. Iceman plummets to the ground again, though saves himself by creating another ice sled.

Husk is tending to the Juggernaut who is injured, and asks Chamber if he is going to talk to her. As he destroys one of the rock creatures, he complains about how all the „yanks" want to do is talk about their feelings. He asks Paige if she wants to talk about how Archangel almost got her killed. Husk tells Jono not to blame Warren and to stick to the subject. She asks him if he loves her or hates her, and if he feels sorry at all for how he treated her. Paige’s tending to the Juggernaut works, and he wakes, complaining, and asks them if they could argue somewhere else.

Jono walks over to Paige and tells her he is sorry, more sorry than a person could ever hope to be. Only, that he is sorry for coming back and wanting to see her, and sorry for seeing her with Warren. Juggernaut sounds woozy as he stares at Paige, while she tells Jono that he is one to talk after ‘boinking that bubblegum rockstar!’ And to top it all off he was doing it publicly… She asks Cain if he is all right, and he tells her she is nice. Chamber tells Paige that there was no commitment between them. He adds that Americans are so ruled by their emotions that they ignore the realities around them. Paige tells Jono he can go to hell and asks him how much of a reality it is for him that she is seeing somebody else now, as Sasquatch runs towards the grounded Juggernaut again.

Meanwhile…Northstar tells Guardian that he is about five miles from the mansion, and that with luck, by the time he gets back the screaming should be over. Hands on hips Jean-Paul stands in front of Guardian, whose cybernetic suit-costume is torn to shreds. He tells Hudson that after all the years in Alpha Flight together he should never have told him how to disable his suit. Jean-Paul tells Mac not to get lost, and as he speeds off, adds that they should grab lunch soon.

Back outside the mansion, Heather is startled when Snowbird, back in her human form, plummets to the ground and lands near her „ice-prison." When Heather gets no response from Narya, she becomes quite concerned at the status of her friend.

Meanwhile, Husk sheds a layer of skin, ready to jump into battle against Sasquatch with the Juggernaut, but Chamber pulls her out of the way. Sasquatch pounds Cain in the face, and Paige tells Jono that she can take care of herself. Jono’s eyes cast to the ground, he tells her he knows that, and adds that she always could. Paige looks a little take aback at this comment, and even more so when Chamber adds that just because she can take care of herself, never meant he didn’t want to be there.
With Archangel, unseen in the background, Husk asks Chamber why he could never love her the way she loved him.

Juggernaut gets the next punch in at Sasquatch, and Professor X hands his phone to Miss Ishikawa, telling her she needs to hear this. Sasquatch punches Juggernaut, and Miss Ishikawa is greeted pleasantly by Jack, Xavier’s legal counsel. He tells her he has a proposition for her, and as Juggernaut sends Sasquatch into a tree, Miss Ishikawa is about to tell Jack she has no interest in his propositions – but is interrupted as he tells her to call off her „Canadian hounds„, and he promises not to go to the press. He adds that he and Xavier also promise ‘not to reveal that the governor of her state is an anti-mutant racist who is politically motivated to take down Xavier’s school, because of his monetary connections to the Church of Humanity, and their spiritual leader…’ Sasquatch pounds the tree into Juggernaut, and Squidboy runs up to the two giants fighting, calling ‘No’ to Cain. ‘…and a former federal suspect who is legally barred from making political contributions to your employer’ adds Jack. Miss Ishikawa tells Jack that what he told her cannot be true.

Samuel Pare stands between Juggernaut and Sasquatch, telling them both to stop. Jack tells Miss Ishikawa that he will give her five minutes to verify. Squidboy turns to Xavier and Miss Ishikawa and tells them that he will go, but to leave the other students here. He says that he doesn’t want anyone to fight anymore. Juggernaut begins to put up a protest, but Sammy tells his idol that it is all right, and that it is his own fault for not telling his mother about saving him and being friends with him. He adds that he was so excited, he didn’t think it would upset her. He tells Cain that he doesn’t want him to get hurt anymore, as it is not worth it, it is just stupid. Cain hugs Sammy.

Later, Miss Ishikawa sits with Sammy in the back of a car, and Cain tells Sammy that he knows he doesn’t have much, especially after Black Tom spent all his money trying to cure himself, and the life he led did not allow him for keeping many things. Juggernaut hands over his helmet to Sammy, telling him he can have it so he remembers him. He adds it is like someone giving a demented garbage can lid, but Sammy tells Cain that it is legendary, and thanks him. Cain tells Sammy he can show it off to the jerks that bully him and tell them that the Juggernaut will come and kick their butts if they do anything bad to him, and adds that he could just hit them with it also. Sammy asks Cain if he will come and see him, and Cain turns away, and squinting his eyes says ‘Oh sure kid. Sure. Alla time’. And tells him that if he needs anything at all he will be at the institute until they kick him out.

As the car drives off, Sammy cries out that he will. Juggernaut watches the car leave the grounds, and Xavier walks up. Before Charles can offer some support, Cain tells him he doesn’t want to hear any ‘sympathetic psychobabble, or that crap you pass off as higher thinking’. And tells him that if any of it were true, he would not have let Samuel go back to the hellhole he calls home. And Juggernaut walks off, away from Xavier and the X-Men.

Characters Involved: 

Archangel, Husk, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Northstar, Professor X, (All X-Men)

Juggernaut (Resident at Xavier Institute)

Chamber, Havok, Polaris (Former X-Men)

Nurse Annie Ghazikhanian

Carter Ghazikhanian


Unnamed Students at Xavier Institute

Earthmover, Guardian, Puck, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Vindicator II (All Alpha Flight)

Miss Ishikawa, government agent

FBI Agents

Police Officers

Professor Havass, Archeologist

Unnamed archeologists

Religious terrorists

On Video Recording:

Stacy-X (Former X-Man)

Over phone conversations.

Polaris’ mother

Jack, Xavier’s lawyer

Story Notes: 

Polaris’ mother is actually her foster mother and her aunt from her father’s side, as Lorna’s parents were killed in a plane crash. [X-Men (1st series) #52] The Danes’ relation to Zaladane – if there actually is one – has been speculated upon but has never been confirmed [Uncanny X-Men #249]

According to Homer’s Iliad he ancient civilization of Troy was involved in a decade long battle with Greece after Helen of Sparta, wife of Menelaous, was given to the shepherd Paris after he judged Aphrodite the most beautiful over Hera and Athene, at the wedding of Thetis and Pelius. Several Greeks including Odysseus and Ajax banded together and led a battle to reclaim Helen for Greece. The gods intervened in the battle and after much death and deceit Troy fell at the hands of the Greeks, with the help of several of the Gods.
Archeologist Heinrich Schliemann believed to have found the ruins of the true Troy, but today, it is still the spectacle of debate in whether the actual location of the city has been uncovered or not.

Alex and Lorna both have degrees in geology, and left the X-Men at one point to concentrate on archeology and geology.

Chamber, like Husk, is another former Generation X member. The two had an off-again on-again relationship through much of the series, never truly getting together because he could not deal with the emotional aspects of a relationship.

After giving birth to a baby girl in X-Men Unlimited #45, Guardian and his wife Heather decided that children were so important that they wanted to look out for them more carefully, though the exact reasoning behind Alpha Flight being at the mansion and how they contacted the governor was apparently edited out.

Heather McNeil Hudson had given up the role of being a super-hero, and became Alpha Flight’s government liaison. [Wolverine #142], she soon became pregnant [Wolverine #173] and after giving birth has returned to being a super-hero, returning to the second cybernetic suit she wore which controls geothermal aspects and the codename Vindicator, as seen in this issue.

The „Riot at Xavier’s" took place in New X-Men #134- #138.

Northstar does not show any reaction to his sister not being with Alpha Flight, as he does not know she was kidnapped by Weapon X, and has not been located by Alpha Flight yet. [Wolverine #173]

After picking Squidboy up from Canada, Xavier’s plane was diverted to Ireland to help the X-Men, where they rescued Juggernaut too [Uncanny X-Men #412]. Since then, Sammy has looked up to Cain, while the former villain, albeit reluctantly at first, eventually grew fond of Sammy.

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