Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #435

Issue Date: 
February 2004
Story Title: 
The Trial of Juggernaut - part 1

Chuck Austen (Writer), Ron Garney (Penciler), Mark Morales (Inker), Pete Pantazis (Colorist), Rus Wooton (Letterer), Cory Seldmeier & Stephanie Moore (Assistant Editors), Mike Marts (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Brief Description: 

The She-Hulk and Jack White meet with Xavier and several of the X-Men in Vancouver to discuss the Juggernaut and his sentencing. Jack berates Xavier for all of the nonsense with Cain, before stating that he will try to get Cain extradited. In his holding cell, Juggernaut is freed when another inmate of the holding facility, the Rhino, escapes. Cain and the disorientated Rhino battle, until Cain defeats him. He has an opportunity to leave through an opening in the building that the Rhino made, but surrenders. Jack White decides that this could strengthen Cain’s case, and informs a Canadian official. She-Hulk and Cain get to know each other better before sleeping together, though they are about to be interrupted by a person approaching them – wearing Juggernaut’s armor.

Full Summary: 

A special prison in Vancouver, Canada, where Cain Marko, a.k.a. former criminal and current X-Man the Juggernaut is being held after being captured by three of Canada’s finest – Guardian, Vindicator and Sasquatch of Alpha Flight. Armed and armored guards stand around Cain, as his defense attorney, Jennifer Walters, better known as the She-Hulk, reads some documents on Cain, and proclaims that there is a lot for her to digest. Juggernaut tells She-Hulk to call him “Cain” to which she replies for him not to call her “She-Hulk” but “Ms. Walters” – or even “Jennifer”. Jennifer reads a document that explains that Cain received his super-human powers from touching a gem left in a Cambodian cave by a demon called Cyttorak.

She-Hulk mocks the process of how Cain became Juggernaut before quietly adding that it was probably easier than injecting oneself with Hulk blood, before declaring that it seems Cain has used his powers quite well over the years. She states that his prior criminal offenses include, but are not limited to… and she begins to read the extensively long list, before ending the list with the most recent offense – the destruction of the home, belongings and neighborhood of the family of a kid he supposedly likes. Samuel “Squidboy” Pare, a young mutant boy whom he met and became friendly with after Charles Xavier let him stay at the Institute.

Jennifer turns to Cain and asks him why he does all this and what is wrong with him. Clamped to restraints above her, Cain replies that he has anger management issues. She-Hulk tells Cain that her advice to him is a plea bargain. Packing up her things she walks out of the restraining room telling Cain that if he has anything on Black Tom Cassidy or another of his super-powered cohorts then he should hand it over and hope they only give him thirty or forty life-sentences. Sternly she adds that perhaps the “Crimson Gem of Cyttorak” will keep him alive long enough to see daylight again and the door clamps shut behind her.

She-Hulk goes into an office where she joins fellow lawyer Jack White, and his client, Professor Charles Xavier, who is accompanied by several of his mutant team, the X-Men – Warren Worthington a.k.a. Archangel, Kurt Wagner, code-named Nightcrawler, Bobby Drake, also known as Iceman, and Paige Guthrie, sometimes called Husk. Jack White frowns when he states that he is going to motion for extradition and a change of venue, which is going to be a long shot. He adds that this is a highly prestigious case for the Canadians – “the heroic capture of the Juggernaut by Canadian law-enforcement”. He explains that extradition is already tough from here as it is, for it is one of the reasons criminals tend to come to Canada in the first place.

Jack White sighs before declaring to Xavier that he wishes he had his mental ability to alter people’s wills before adding that his mutant photographic memory helps as a lawyer, but not as much as mental manipulation could. Xavier reminds Jack that he should know how he feels about that kind of mental tampering. Jack declares that he does, and that it is one of the many things he likes about him. He smirks when he says that contrary to popular belief, lawyers do prefer people with integrity. He stands up from his seat and informs everyone that he will begin the paperwork and the negotiations. He adds that it may help if Cain were to offer some information in exchange for a plea, but from what Jennifer told him, it seems that Cain wants to be put away.

Charles promises to try and talk to his stepbrother to see if he can persuade him. Jack White tells Charles to do that, and that while he is at it he should also start thinking about his defense for harboring a wanted fugitive. Jack pauses before telling Charles that he should have told him he was doing this, and that he should have never let Cain come into Canada knowing he was so unstable. Charles seems resigned as he says that he knows that now, before Jack tells him that he used to be so together and infallible, and he asks him if everything is all right these days.

Charles replies that everything is fine and that he is just somewhat overwhelmed at the moment, what with the school expansion and the recent attacks. Jack emotionlessly tells Charles that this could have been avoided if he’d simply returned Sammy’s mother’s calls. Charles seems to get annoyed at this and replies that he knows this all too well before stating that he let some things slip and to leave it at that. Jack smirks and replies ‘Of course’ and as he leaves the room with She-Hulk at his side calls back that they will be in touch.

Meanwhile, back in the holding room, loud voices can be heard from, someone shouting that they have to get out of here. Loud noises are heard before the voice shouts that it is claustrophobic. Juggernaut calls down to one of the guards and asks him why they have all this high-tech power-sapping equipment but cannot even afford soundproof walls. The soldier calls Cain an animal and tells him to shut-up. More noises are heard before Cain mocks the soldier and suggests they unhook him so that they can ‘talk animals’.

Two more guards rush into the room from the cell with all the noise, one of them telling the other that he knew the cell wouldn't hold “him”. The other guard mentions that they only had one energy dampener. Still restrained, Cain mockingly asks them if they have too many super-villains and not enough budget. The guard watching Cain tells him to shut-up again, and Juggernaut jibes him, asking what he intends to do about it. The guard hesitates before telling Cain again to ‘just shut up’. ‘Scared aren’t ya’ Cain asks the guard, smiling.

The guard cannot say anything as a large CRASH is heard, and a wall is broken down – and the Spider-Man villain known as the Rhino smashes through. The monstrous looking villains’ nostrils flare and steam pours from them as he asks where he gets out. ‘You’re asking me?’ says Cain, still tied up. Rhino ignores Cain and rushes towards the guard, who is shooting at him with some sort of laser gun. Cain tells the guard to shoot into Rhino’s mouth, but before the guard can, the Rhino picks him up in one of his huge hands, asking again where he can get out.

The guard gives one final shoot, which actually strikes the restraints holding Cain in place. Rhino tells the guard again that he asked him to stop shooting him, and starts to pull at the man’s head. The guard pleads for his life, and the Rhino suggests that he tell him how to get out. The guard quickly points to a wall and informs the Rhino that the way out is behind that wall. The Rhino declares that he will kill him anyway – until one of Cain’s super-strong fists strikes him.

Rhino drops the guard and Cain throws him into a wall. He walks over to Rhino and tells him to stay down – except that the Rhino twists back up and slams his horns into Cain’s chest. Juggernaut keeps the horns inside him and lifts Rhino up while shouting to the guard to bring him the gun. Cain pulls the Rhino’s horns out of him and tells the guard to hurry. Cain pounds Rhino into the ground, cracking the floor. Cain tells the guard again to give him the gun, but when he doesn’t, Cain just snatches it out of him.

Juggernaut remarks that the Rhino has an impenetrable hide, and grabbing his mouth he pulls it open – and fires the gun inside it. A laser goes off and the Rhino’s eyes flash red before smoke pours from his ears and nose, and he falls to the ground. ‘Whoa that was wild’ says Cain as the guard pleads with him not to be hurt. Cain turns to the guard who repeats that he doesn’t want to be hurt before apologizing about the animal comment, and tells Cain that he can go now. Cain looks to the wide open space just meters away outside the building, of which now has a huge hole in the wall. Cain smiles seeing his freedom, before frowning and handing the gun back to the guard. The guard asks Cain what he is going to do – and the Juggernaut puts his hands behind his head, surrendering.

Watching all of this on the security tapes, Jack White tells a Canadian official that after saving the guards’ life, Cain surrendered to him, which means that the Juggernaut is not a flight risk. The other man mentions that this does put a new light on things – Jack cuts him off and states that in exchange for a reduced sentence they will not bring in the Rhino as a character witness and have him reveal whatever strange experiments it was that they obviously conducted on him. The Canadian official frowns and suggests that he discuss this with the government officials running the facility. Jack smiles and tells the other man that he should.

Later, the She-Hulk asks Cain why he had this sudden change of heart about being a criminal. Cain replies that it might not just be one thing, and She-Hulk reminds him that he is one of the most notorious super-villains on Earth and what his new scam is. Cain asks her what she is talking about, and Jennifer replies that he has not been known for his deep thinking and change. Cain asks Jennifer what it is exactly that she knows about him, and whether or not any of the times they have fought each other she has asked him about world politics or social reform or child welfare.

Frowning, Cain reveals to the Avenger that his father was a rocket scientist, and that he turned out, as somewhat of a disappointment, but it doesn’t make him an idiot. Cain states that he has a worldview, a position on women’s rights and a belief in a higher being. He believes that kids are great because there has been nothing to mess them up yet and he watches reality television shows because it proves that there are people out there who are stupider than he is. ‘Most importantly’ he adds ‘I’m a Mets and Jets fan’. She-Hulk says that she is a Yankee and Giant’s fan and that Matsui should have been Rookie of the year in her opinion before smirking and asking Cain what his opinion on women’s rights is. Cain smiles back.

Later still, in what is possibly a hotel room, the bed legs are broken, and the bed crashed to the cracked floor. The bedside table has been knocked over, the wall-hanging is tilted, while the wall itself has what is possibly a crack from a fist-punch in it. Lying on the bed with the She-Hulk next to him, Cain says ‘Sometimes women are just plain better than men’. Jennifer leans over into Cain and asks if he thinks that after defeating Cyttorak, the demon is trying to take back the power. She adds that she would probably do the same if she were Cyttorak, and asks what happened between him and his friend Black Tom Cassidy.

Cain reveals that he literally found him living in a hole outside of Scotland eating bugs and worms. Cain then bought a castle so they could have a place to hide out and hopefully find a cure for whatever was wrong with Tom. Jennifer is surprised when Cain mentions that he bought a castle and asks him how much money he has stolen over the years. Cain says that it was not enough to cure Tom before telling Jennifer that she is beautiful. Jen smiles before revealing that she has heard that several times before, but that it actually sounds sincere coming from him. She brings up Tom again and Cain reveals that it got tiring, all the bickering and hiding. She-Hulk asks if he wanted something better, but didn’t know what – ‘until fate came a-knocking’. What Cain and Jennifer do not see however, is someone wearing Juggernaut’s armor walking up to the window!

Characters Involved: 

Archangel, Husk, Iceman, Juggernaut, Nightcrawler, Professor X (All X-Men)

alternate She-Hulk / Jennifer Walters

Jack White, (Xavier’s lawyer)

Guards at the holding facility

Government Agent


Juggernaut II

Story Notes: 

Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. the She-Hulk, cousin to Bruce Banner a.k.a. the Incredible Hulk, is a brilliant lawyer and current member of the Avengers. She is a former member of both the Fantastic Four and the Heroes for Hire.

It was revealed in She-Hulk (2nd series) #21 that this is actually not the 616 She-Hulk, but one from an alternate reality.

The student attacks Xavier is referring to are those that occurred in the “Riot at Xaviers” [New X-Men #134-138].

While Alpha Flight’s headquarters is currently in British Columbia, the facility shown in this issue is not Department H, but a separate holding facility. While the soldiers did have Maple-leaf designs on their armor, they could just be a standard symbol.

Juggernaut’s explanation of how he found Black Tom Cassidy does fit in with how the X-Men and Juggernaut came to be reunited in Scotland. [Uncanny X-Men #410-412]

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