Uncanny X-Men (4th series) #6

Issue Date: 
June 2016
Story Title: 
First Story: Awakening - Second Story: Going Public

First Story: Ken Lashley (artist), Nolan Woodard (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer)

Second Story: Paco Medina (penciler), Juan Vlasco (inker), Jesus Aburtov (color artists)

Cullen Bunn Land & Woodard (cover artists), Lashley & Woodard; Whilce Portacio; Land & Woodward (variant cover artists), Christina Harrington & Chris Robinson (assistant editors), Daniel Ketchum (editor), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby


Brief Description: 

First Story:

Psylocke continues to try to get inside Archangel's mind, to find out what is wrong with him. She is transported to a strange, destroyed place, where Archangel speaks to her, before his appearance switches to a more human version, and he warns her that this is what will befall the town of Green Ridge, as dozens of Archangels swoop towards them. Psylocke relates the information to Magneto. Psylocke is very concerned about the Dark Angel returning. She gives Magneto a brief history of Warren's life, before they decide to depart for Green Ridge, to investigate Warren's mysterious warning. In New York City, M and Sabretooth are down an alleyway, with Monet lamenting the fact that some information she received appeared to be false. Monet maintains a hard attitude about it though, as Sabretooth tries to talk to her. He then picks up a scent, one he hasn't smelled in a while, and asks Monet what she knows about the person who contacted her. Monet knows nothing, except that they went to great lengths to find her. Monet is unimpressed when she and Sabretooth have to go into the sewer tunnels, as Sabretooth follows the scent he picked up. Sabretooth reveals to Monet that he slaughtered mutants in a similar system some time ago, before he is attacked by Callisto. They battle, with Sabretooth not putting up much of a fight – although Callisto can see the bloodlust in his eyes. Callisto warns Monet to stay out of their fight, but she eventually breaks them up. Monet is not frightened of Callisto, and after checking that Sabretooth is okay, she gets Callisto to agree to stop fighting. Callisto then reveals why she contacted Monet – because the Morlocks are dying again. Magneto and Psylocke have arrived in Green Ridge, Colorado, where Psylocke is unable to read the minds of the locals – all she gets is a psychich feedback loop. They follow the locals to a tent inside a park, where a preacher is welcoming them. A handsome blond man then steps out from behind a curtain, a halo-like light above him, he has blood seeping through the back of his shirt at his shoulder blades. He tells everyone that he is pleased they could join him for spiritual and physical healing, and Psylocke is surprised to see that it is Warren!

Second Story:

Dr Valerie Cooper and Senator Lachlan are appearing live on the Fact Channel, where they debate issues surrounding Magneto and his team of X-Men. Senator Lachlan does not appear to care for Val Cooper, and despite her years of working with the X-Men, disregards comments that she makes. Senator Lachlan believes that all of mutantkind poses a threat to humanity. The program is viewed by Sebastian Shaw at the Hellfire Club, who believes Magneto's actions will ruin everything. The Avengers Unity Squad watch the program, and Rogue appears concerned for Magneto. An unseen figure is also tuned in, and decides that this could all be very useful. In Tibet, Magneto meets with Xorn. They debate Magneto's actions, before they have a healing session. They discuss Xorn “hiding” away in the temple, and Mangeto announces that he is going to fight for his people.

Full Summary: 

First Story:

'Warren, please. Give me a sign' Betsy “Psylocke” Braddock pleads as she stands in some sort of lab within War Room X, located in the Savage Land. Warren “Archangel” Worthington is connected to some equipment as Betsy tells him that she has been coming down here, visiting him for weeks, but no matter how deep she digs, it is always the same. 'There's nothing left of you in there. And yet I keep looking' Betsy utters. She remarks that she thinks she has lost the plot, and adds that she is starting to worry. 'I'm here with these people... with Magneto... because of you. But if I'm wasting my time, I'd be better off -' Betsy begins, when suddenly, Betsy goes wide-eyed, her telepathy flares up, and she finds himself in some destroyed, barren landscape. Archangel is with her, and Betsy asks 'What did you -? What is this? Warren... are you?', and Warren speaks: 'Behold – what I have wrought' Betsy sees bodies amongst the rubble, 'Where are we? Who are these people?' she asks, teary-eyed, she looks at Warren, and asks 'Is it really you? Have I gotten through somehow?'

Warren remains expressionless, before suddenly, his appearance crumbles, replaced by his human look. 'I am with you... always... in spirit if not in flesh and blood' Warren announces as his feathered wings stretch outwards, white, heavenly clothing wrapped around his body. 'No. What I'm seeing... this place... you... it's all just a hallucination' Betsy declares. 'Some chemical misfire in your brain... or mine' she supposes.

Warren remains silent, as Betsy announces that this doesn't feel right, it is uncertain, as if she is seeing some memory. 'This is not a memory, Elizabeth. This is prophecy' Warren replies. 'It's inevitability. Unless...' he adds, shadows loom over them as they loom amongst the destroyed buildings, to see dozens of Warren in his Archangel form swooping towards them. '...you stop me' Warren concludes, adding that this is what befalls the town of Green Ridge – and that it is only the beginning.

Soon, Betsy enters the quarters of Max Eisenhardt a.k.a. Erik Lehnsherr a.k.a. Magneto and tells him that they need to talk. Magneto gazes out the slanted windows that connect the floor with the ceiling, while his robotic assistant, Ferris, hovers nearby. He tells Betsy to come in, adding that he thought with her British upbringing she would have been polite enough to knock. 'It's important that we try to hold on to our social graces, don't you think?' he asks. 'Warren is walking' Betsy announces, ignoring Magneto's comments. Magneto instructs Ferris to leave them, and the robot replies 'As you wish, Sir' and floats out of Magneto's quarters. Betsy frowns and waits until the robot has left the room, when Magneto remarks 'So... Archangel'. Betsy reminds Magneto that she has been working with Archangel, trying to figure out if they were dealing with Warren, or the Dark Angel persona, the version of Archangel that was twisted into the genocidal heir to Apocalypse, and reveals that she now thinks they might be facing both.

Betsy continues, explaining to Magneto that she saw something, Warren offering a warning that Dark Angel might be returning, and a place that is connected to what's happened to him, or what will happen. Betsy hangs her head as she remarks that she has been dreading this moment, and tells Magneto that if the Dark Angel returns, she is not sure she is strong enough to kill him again. 'And if it's not Dark Angel... if it's Warren... how can I face him?' Betsy asks. Magneto puts a hand on Betsy's shoulder and assures her that this time, he is here to help her. 'You don't understand. You can't possibly. You've seen horrors, but this -' Betsy replies. 'Show me' Magneto interrupts her. Psylocke projects images into Magneto's mind and reminds him that Warren was one of Xavier's first students, and that he could fly – like some sort of winged god, he could fly. Betsy adds that what is more, and this is not something Warren was conscious of, he brought hope to the X-Men – even in their darkest times. But then his wings were taken from him – and so was his hope. That is how Apocalypse seduced Warren so easily, turning him into his Horseman of Death, but eventually Warren broke free from Apocalypse's mind games, he was forever changed, but found his way back to the X-Men, and to Psylocke.

The images continue, as Betsy reveals that the pull of Apocalypse's manipulations became too much, and Apocalypse was killed and Warren chosen to take his place. Even then, he tried to keep Betsy by his side, and he chose her to be his death, which is what she became – but not death, not the way he suspected, as from Archangel's demise, Angel was born anew, no longer tainted by Apocalypse's influence – but he wasn't the Warren that Betsy new, either.

The images fade, and Betsy tells Magneto that now, she isn't sure what Warren has become, ever since Magneto found him, ever since he reverted to his Archangel form, she has been waiting for some sign of life. 'And now you have it' Magneto points out. Betsy tells Magneto that whatever is happening in this town she saw, this Green Ridge, she thinks it might be happening now.

Magneto instructs Betsy to prep the Blackbird and they can be on their way, adding that he thinks she will agree it best they leave Archangel here. He assures her Ferris will continue to monitor Warren and keep them apprised of any changes in his condition. Betsy starts to leave Magneto's room and asks him about Monet and Creed. Magneto informs her that they are on another mission, and that there is no need to call them away just yet. 'The two of us can attend to this on our own' he remarks, using his power to levitate his helmet towards him, quietly adding that there are other resources upon which they can rely.

Meanwhile, in New York City, where night is falling over the city. Monet St Croix leans against a wall down an alleyway, arms folded, she looks less than impressed. 'Sooner or later, everybody falls for faulty intel, Monet' her teammate Victor “Sabretooth” Creed tells her. 'It was bound to happen to you, too' he adds. 'Is this some of your “I used to be a covert agent” wisdom, Victor?' Monet asks, adding that she finds it hard to fathom that she would ever make the same mistakes as he. Sabretooth smirks, and remarks 'Heh. You called me “Victor” instead of “Creed” or “Sabretooth” or one of those more insulting names you use' Monet frowns at him, 'Good for you' she tells him, suggesting he go home and write in his diary about how they had some sort of breakthrough. 'Face it, frail. You've been stood up' Creed adds that whoever this informant was, whatever “danger to mutantkind” he had to tell her about, he is not here. Suddenly, Creed picks up a scent, 'Hold on' he tells Monet, signalling for her to stay where she is. 'What is it?' Monet asks. Creed tells her that it is a scent that somebody is nearby. 'And I haven't smelled this since -' Creed begins, before asking Monet if she knows anything about the person who contacted her. 'Only that they went to great lengths to find me' Monet replies, as Creed notices some steam rise from a grate nearby.

Creed and Monet rush over to the grate as Monet asks why, if someone wanted to warn them of some threat to their people, they would hide themselves. 'To anybody with eyes, we are the threat. At least from the looks of us' Creed points out as he removes the grate. Monet peers down into the sewer system, 'Please don't tell me we have to go down there. Ugh...with your heightened senses, how can you manage the smell?' she asks. Creed tells her to look past the stink and focus on what is worthwhile. Monet asks him if he can still track the scent he detected, and Creed replies 'Yeah... I can track her'. Soon, they are down in the tunnel system, making their way through the ankle-deep murky water. Creed leads the way, as Monet asks 'This isn't some sort of trap, is it?' adding that it feels like a trap. 'Now you're talking like a covert agent' Creed remarks. Monet tells Creed that she can read his body language like a book. 'You're expecting a fight – bracing yourself to take a punch' Monet adds, asking Creed what has his mane of bristly. Creed explains that it is these tunnels, they remind him of a time when he wasn't so nice. 'You're not getting nostalgic for when you used to hurt people, are you?' Monet asks.

Creed continues on down the tunnel and reveals that he did more than just hurt people – he slaughtered them, by the dozen while they hid in crawlways not too different from these. 'It was a massacre. And I -' Creed begins, before suddenly, he cries out as daggers are sliced against his body – courtesy of Callisto, who has lunged at him.

'Callisto?' Monet exclaims. 'What are you -' Monet begins, but Callisto warns her to keep her mouth shut, otherwise she is next. 'I should have known it was a mistake, sending for you. You X-Men have fallen a long way... letting this monster in your ranks' Callisto declares. Creed smirks as he wipes some blood from his face. 'Times change, Callisto.. .people, too, if you -' he begins, but Callisto kicks him in the face, knocking him backwards. 'Just listen to yourself, murderer. You're saying the words...but you don't believe them!' Callisto calls out. Monet tells Callisto to stop this, that they are not here to hurt anyone. 'But if you don't get that knife out of my face, I'm going to take it from you and pin you to the wall with it' Monet warns Callisto as she starts waving the dagger towards her. 'Try it, pretty girl' Callisto retorts, adding that she didn't expect Monet to bring Sabretooth along with her. 'But now that he's here, I'm gonna make the most of it. You get in my way, I'll get you the same as him' Callisto warns Monet.

Sabretooth tells Monet to hand back, and declares that after what he did, Callisto deserves her shot. Callisto leaps into the air, and lands on Creed, wrapping her legs around Creed's neck, she asks him if he is playing house with the X-Men now. 'They're harboring a killer? Yeah...that always works out so well for them!' she exclaims. As Callisto shoves her daggers into Creed's neck, she tells him to fight back, to show his little girlfriend what a beast he really is. Callisto flips herself off Creed, who roars as blood spurts from his neck wound. 'There it is. There's the killer. And it didn't even take all that much to bring it out' Callisto remarks, declaring that now Creed's true colors shine through, and now, she can kill him. They both lunge towards each other, Creed's claws at the ready, Callisto holding her daggers. But suddenly, Monet flies in between them. 'That's enough!' she shouts, keeping them apart from each other. 'Warned you, girl -' Callisto mutters, but Monet frowns and tells Callisto to pipe down. 'You might be able to predict my moves... but that doesn't make you fast enough to stop me if I wanted to toss you around these tunnels for a while' Monet points out. She asks Creed if he is all right, and clutching his neck wound, Creed replies that he will be – soon enough.

'And you – are you done?' Monet asks Callisto, who replies 'Not by a long shot'. Monet tells her to try again, and asks 'Are you finished'. Callisto turns and walks away, 'For now...maybe' she calls back, before getting somewhat hysterical, she exclaims 'But you saw him, right? You saw what he is. I can tell'. They turn to face each other again, 'You saw – and it scared you' Callisto tells Monet, as Creed bares his teeth and leers at Callisto. Monet asks Callisto if she got her psychology degree down here in the sewer. 'Was that a study-in-filth internet course?' she adds, before informing Callisto that these days, whether she likes it or not, if she wants her, then she gets her teammates, too. Monet suggests to Callisto that whatever is nagging at her when it comes to Creed, she swallows it down for now, and tells them why they are here. 'It's the Morlocks. They Morlocks are dying again' Callisto reveals as she walks down into another part of the tunnel system.

Meanwhile, in Green Ridge, Colorado, Betsy and Magneto walk the streets in civilian clothing. 'Clean streets. People smiling...greeting one another' Magneto points out. Betsy remarks that it is like something pulled off of a greeting card – or a romantic comedy, maybe. 'It's simply...idyllic' Betsy points out. 'Yes' Magneto agrees, before they both announces that there is definitely something evil at work here. Betsy reports that she has tried to read the minds of the people around them, but that it is almost as if they have been conditioned to resist psychic probes. Betsy elaborates, informing Magneto that all she is getting is loop feedback, fragments of religious sermons, playing over and over, like flipping through AM radio stations in the Bible Belt. They look over to a park where many people are gathering. 'This place... is a cover. There's something hiding underneath' Magneto remarks. 'What exactly?' Betsy asks. Magneto reminds Betsy that the Dark Riders went on their blood hunt for mutant healers were trying to prove something ot unseen masters. He adds that it is doubtless those masters were connected to Apocalypse – and Archangel. Magneto suggests that perhaps Warren was trying to reveal these forces to Betsy – maybe they are here.

'And the swarm of Archangels I saw... do you think Warren was telling me that the Dark Angel is waking?' Betsy asks. She tells Magneto that she doesn't want to believe that. 'And I know what Archangel means to you now. You don't want to believe that, either' Betsy adds. They cross the street and walk into the park, as Magneto asks where the people are all heading. 'It looks like the whole town' Betsy remarks as they follow the people. 'Did you just get chills?' Betsy asks. 'Because I just got chills' she tells Erik. 'I'm Magneto. I don't get chills' he responds, admitting that he is interested enough to follow them. 'Welcome is everyone! And we've got room for all!' a voice calls out from a large marquee that has been set up within the park. Civilians sit on benches in the tent, where a preacher stands on a stage before them. 'Come! Come! Welcome, neighbors! Come and share in the gospel!' he calls out. The elderly preacher raises his arms overhead, 'Come in! There's room for you all! Join us and rejoice... for our savior is among us!' the preacher calls out as he pulls back a curtain. 'Elizabeth...look!' Magneto utters, as a handsome blond man walks out. He wears white and light hovers around him like a halo. 'Hello, friends! Hello, neighbors! I'm so glad you could join me today...in this time of spiritual and physical healing!' he calls out. The crowd look excited, unaware that blood seeps through the blond man's clothing at his shoulder blades. Magneto frowns, and Betsy goes wide-eyed as she gasps 'Warren?!'


Second Story:

The Fact Channel, screening live, four people sit at a table in the studio where the Fact Channel is filmed. On one side, Dr Valerie Cooper, and on the other, Senator Lachlan. They each have someone sitting next to them, while a recording of Storm plays on a screen behind them, as Storm announces that it is not only mutantkind the X-Men will protect, but they will fight for everyone – for all people. 'Yes, yes, by now we've all seen this mutant's “message of peace”. Whether you believe it or not...we...that's just an exercise in indulging your own naivete' Senator Lachlan declares. 'I take it, Senator Lachlan, that you have a different take on the message' Val responds, calmly. 'On the message... and on mutants in general' the Senator replies. He adds that if you pay attention to public opinion, you will find that the vast majority of Americans agree with him. 'Mutants have and always will pose a threat to our way of life. Slather lipstick on a pig all you want and it is still just -' the Senator begins, to which Val interrupts him: 'I honestly can't tell if you're serious or if you're just mugging for the cameras, Senator'.

Val continues, 'I've known the X-Men for years -' she begins, but the Senator frowns, 'Yes, yes, I know' he interrupts. 'Valerie...Ms Cooper...you'll pardon me if I don't put much value in your opinion' the Senator declares, adding that as far as he is concerned, the Commission for Superhuman Affairs is compromised of a bunch of lapdogs for the mutant agenda, and adds that this stunt the X-Men pulled in New York is quite simply misdirection. Footage of the island of Genosha engulfed in flames appears on the monitor, and the Senator remarks that if you want to talk about messages, he suggests that you look no further than the sinking of the island nation of Genosha. 'Forget Genosha's history, this was a display of force, meant ot terrify the world at large'. The Senator then asks 'Do you have any idea how long it would have taken to plan something like that? And who's to say some mutant is not planning something of a similar scale right now on American soil?' Valerie points at the Senator and declares 'The X-Men didn't sink Genosha'.

'Oh, certainly not the same X-Men who claim to be out guardians...but X-Men nonetheless' the Senator remarks as footage showing Magneto, Sabretooth, Psylocke, Archangel and Monet standing over a fallen Sentinel appears on the monitor. The Senator adds that they are not making inspiring speeches – they are taking action. The woman sitting with the Senator declares that as much as she is loath to vilify mutantkind as a whole, she tends to agree that these X-Men are warning them. 'You'd better believe it' the Senator tells her, adding that they have heard rumor that thse “mutant freedom fighters” also had secret death squads working in the shadows and points out that this group with Magneto, one of the most dangerous men alive, is not striking from the darkness. 'They are striking violently and publicly at their enemies...leaving a path of destruction in their wake as a dire threat to anyone they perceive as an adversary. And believe me...the world is watching!' Senator Lachlan exclaims, as footage on the monitor shows what appears to be large grinning faceplates of armor – resembling those worn by the anti-mutant organization known as The Right, strung up to power poles.

At the Inner Sanctum of the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw points at a television displaying the footage and turns around, 'Magneto's antics... they'll ruin everything!' he announces. More footage shows police officers standing near a high-armored vehicle which has crashed into a building, and been broken into. Senator Lachlan's voice-over states that it is important to note that these enemies might include superhuman threats, but that they have also recently targeted legitimate business ventures such as a recent series of terrorist attacks on the Someday Corporation. 'Tell me... when might you or I be branded as anathema to mutantkind?' the Senator asks, while at the Avengers Unity Squad's headquarters, several members of the team watch the report. Quicksilver frowns and stands with his arms folded, as does Rogue, who hangs back from the group and uttes 'Oh, Erik...'. Doctor Voodoo remains silent, while Deadpool throws some popcorn into his own mouth, and Steve Rogers tells his team that they are going to need to address this. 'The power at the disposal of these... terrorists... is great enough to topple governments. And it is just a matter of time before they do that very thing!' the Senator claims as footage shows Magneto and Monet easily disabling some large tanks.

'Now this is good television... although I have a few notes...' Mojo declares from the Mojoverse where he grins and watches the news report. 'Senator Lachlan, surely you realize that even if Magneto and his band of so-called X-Men are trying to spread fear...you're only exacerbating the problem' Valerie tells the Senator, who replies that perhaps he and Magneto have more in common than one might thing. 'If nothing else, he is operating in the public eye. And I want to bring the truth to into the light rather than sugarcoat the danger we're all facing'. At an unknown location, a large throne-like chair sits in the center of a large room filled with purple panels, and a large monitor sits ahead of the throne, where someone sits, a control panel at their side, and remarks 'Hmm. This...could be useful to me'. The Senator announces that the truth is, that at this very moment, they have no idea what terrible things Magneto is planning.

Meanwhile, in Tibet, Magneto walks alongside Shen Xorn outside a temple as Xorn asks him if he is seeking to terrorize the world, as reports would have them believe. Magneto looks at Xorn and tells him he didn't realize that he watched television. 'Soap operas, mostly' Xorn replies. 'Sometimes “Impractical Jokers”. But I try to say abreast of current events as well' Xorn adds, pointing out that Magneto is avoiding the question. Magneto tells Xorn that they say the world has turned hostile towards mutants, but he says it has always been so. He points out that this new hostility has forged an unwavering few who will not hide from adversity. They walk onto a bridge and Magneto states that nature abhors a vacuum, but the enemies of his people thrive therein, and would takev advantage of mutantkind's absence. 'I want them to understand... when they sleep in to fill the void, they will find me waiting for them' Magneto announces. Xorn tells him that he runs the risk of frightening those who have no ill will toward mutants. 'And with their fear turning against us' he adds.

Magneto replies that he is not a shepherd who will lead his people to the promised land, he does not lead a cadre of assassins who attack from the shadows. 'I want my enemies to see me...and despair'. He adds that he could not care less if that terrorizes the populace. 'Very well. Shall we begin?' Xorn asks as he leads Magneto into a room filled with candlelight, Xorn tells Magneto that they still have a long, arduous journey ahead of them, and today they begin by looking back at where they have already been, and evaluating the marks they have made. They sit opposite each other on the floor as Xorn asks Magneto to tell him about Genosha. 'What of it?' Magneto asks. 'I thought you were going to heal me' he points out. 'What makes you think my questions are not part of the healing process?' Xorn replies. He reminds Magneto that he led his companions, and the world at large, to believe that he destroyed Genosha as part of his message, as a warning not to stir his anger, when in fact, he set those charges months ago, because he feared the path he might once again be tempted to follow. 'That's right' Magneto confirms. 'Genosha was demolished... so that I would never again attempt to create a mutant refuge there' Magneto explains.

Xorn stands up and puts two fingers, glowing with a green light, to Magneto's forehead. 'I do not resent this decision. I agree with you. And that is why I am helping you' Xorn tells Magneto, who asks' And yet are you not hiding here in this temple?' to which Xorn replies 'Are you not allowing me to hide? No, I do not think you expect me to play spy or saboteur with the likes of the Someday Corporation' Xorn poins out as the light continues to glow at Magneto's forehead. 'Even if I did, those endeavors have been relegated to other agencies' Magneto explains, adding that he will turn his attention back to Someday when he must. He tells Xorn that he doesn't believe he is helping him simply because he agrees with his ideologies. Xorn pulls his fingers away from Magneto's forehead and tells him that his wounds run deep. 'You were dead. More than that...you were defeated. To see one so desperately in need of restoration, it would be cruel to do otherwise' Xorn responds.

'Almost dead. Defeated. Curious, is it not? Curious...and so similar to the state of mutantkind' Xorn remarks, but Magneto tells him that the similarities only go so deep. He grits his teeth and announces that he is willing to fight, to use his anger to dig the way out of the grave. 'And our people aren't quite there...yet'.

Characters Involved: 

First Story:

Archangel, M II, Magneto, Psylocke, Sabretooth (all X-Men)









In Psylocke's projection

Angel / Archangel





Second Story:


Shen Xorn


Dr Valerie Cooper


Senator Lachlan


Sebastian Shaw



Captain America, Deadpool, Doctor Voodoo, Quicksilver, Rogue (all Avengers Unity Squad)


Unidentified figure



Police officers


In video footage



In recordings

Archangel, M II, Magneto, Psylocke, Sabretooth (all X-Men)

Story Notes: 

The regular cover to this issue is an homage to the classic X-Factor (1st series) #6.

First Story:

This story ties into the X-Men: Apocalypse Wars storyline.

Warren's wings were mutilated in the classic X-Factor (1st series) #10, then amputated, followed by Warren's suicide attempt, in X-Factor (1st series) #14-15. He then debuted as Apocalypse's Horseman, Death, in X-Factor (1st series) #21, and broke free of Apocalypse's hold in X-Factor (1st series) #25.

Warren and Betsy began their relationship in Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #319.

The story involving Warren's transformation to Apocalypse took place in Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #11-18, and he was re-born in Wolverine and the X-Men (1st series) #4.

Warren reverted to his Archangel form during the gap between Secret Wars (2015 event) and Uncanny X-Men (4th series) #1.

Sabretooth refers to the tunnels reminding him of a time when he wasn't so nice. This is of course his time with the Marauders when he took part in the massacre of the Morlocks.

Second Story:

Dr Valerie Cooper was last seen in X-Factor (1st series) #233.


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