Uncanny X-Men Annual (3rd series) #1

Issue Date: 
February 2015
Story Title: 
The Secret Life of Eva Bell: part one

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Andrea Sorrentino (artist / cover art), Arcelo Maiolo (color art), VC’s Joe Caramagna (letterer & production),  Xander Jarowey (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

After a shock Tempus gets unstuck in time. She ends up in a near future where the Martians have conquered Earth and meets Earth’s hero Killraven. Eva half-believes this is a Danger Room scenario. When a Martian almost kills her she time-jumps again, to end up in a small western town in 1875. The people are hostile because of her clothes and she timefreezes them. The only understanding person is local hero Rawhide Kid who has met the time-travelling Avengers before. He realizes that danger causes her power to activate and threatens to kill her, thus causing her to jump again. Eva lands in 2099 and meets the X-Men of that time. When they realize she is lost in time they take her to the sorcerer supreme, a familiar face as it is Illyana Rasputin. Illyana suggests that for the time being Eva should not jump around anymore and she begins teaching her. Several years later Eva still occasionally mediates with Illyana but she has a husband and a child now. When Illyana hints Eva will have to return to her time soon Eva gets angry as she has built a life here. She leaves Illyana but is forced to return when she sees Illyana’s home is under attack by a demon. She time-freezes it but is too late. Illyana is mortally wounded. With her dying words Illyana tells her to make sure Hank McCoy stands trial. The demon breaks free and a scared Eva timejumps again.

Full Summary: 

A strange place:
Eva Bell aka Tempus swears as she materializes .A giant tripod steps down next to her and tentacly creatures surround her. But suddenly redhaired man takes care of them with his sword.

His name is Jonathan Raven, he tells her. Come with him if she wants to live! Where are the X-Men? she stammers. Killraven doesn’t understand. Is this part of the test? Eva asks. Killraven informs her there is a shelter under the old time movie theater. She is clearly in shock. He attacks another Martian.

Eva calls for her teammates Fabio and Christopher.  One of the aliens threatens her with his blaster. More fascinated than anything else she announces this looks so real. Killraven shouts a warning. Professor Cyclops? she asks. As the Martian fires his gun Eva freezes time. She mutters this seems real for a Danger Room thing  and again calls for her friends and teachers.

As the tripod is about to stomp down on her, her surroundings fall apart as her power is activated and she timejumps again.

Eva awakes in the prairie, a curious buffalo sniffing at her. She swears and sees an old-fashioned train pass by. Following the tracks she reaches a nineteenth century settlement in the American West.

The people look at her curiously. Does anyone know which year it is? Eva ventures. Some men make rude remarks, torn between lust and outrage at Eva’s skimpy outfit. One of them draws a gun. She looks like a  - he doesn’t know what!

The sheriff shows up and orders them all to step back. What’s going on here? he demands and asks Eva why she is dressed like that. She introduces herself and he stares at her suspiciously. She sounds as funny as she looks. What are her clothes made of? How did she get her hair like this? The men wonder if she’s a witch.

From a second floor window a handsome man watches the proceedings.

The sheriff orders Eva to be tied up and brought to the court house. Panicked, she screams stop and freezes those around her in time. Rambling, she apologizes. She just needs to know what year it is.

It’s 1875, the handsome man from before informs her. He can’t imagine how that information helps her. He introduces himself as Johnny Bart the Rawhide Kid.

Eva wonders why he doesn’t look shocked. He figures she comes from the future. He’s seen her kind before. Colorful critters… called themselves the Avengers, came around last winter. Funny fella called himself Hawkeye. Where does she come from, with the funny voice? Australia, she replies. He doesn’t know what that is. How did she come here? Eva explains she has these powers. She is not very good with them under stress. When she’s in trouble she travels through time.

She can’t stay here looking like this, he decides. What is it with her hair? Is that what happens to their hair in the future? She really needs to get back to her time, she replies. She doesn’t know what to do. What happened last time when she made that mess? he asks. Eva recalls her life was in danger and she seemed to instinctively push herself out of harm’s way.

He suddenly announces it’s better if he puts her out of her misery. He aims his gun at her. She is too dangerous for these parts. Probably some kind of witch and he ain’t killed anybody all day.

Panicked Eva screams and disappears. A moment later all the time fozen people are unfrozen.

The Rawhide Kid smiles and wishes Eva happy travels.

Eva finds herself in the pouring rain, a nightly silhouette of a futuristic metropolis in front on her. She focuses, telling herself she can do this, get back to her own time. She realizes she can’t do this. She is really in trouble.

May he help her? a voice asks. She seems lost. She turns around to see a strangely dressed group of young people. What is she wearing? The speaker asks, addressing her as a mutant. How do they know she’s a  mutant? Eva asks. Cerebro said a near omega mutant appeared out of nowhere, the leader Xian replies. They thought it worth checking out. He has a cerebro on his watch? Eva asks Where else would he have it?

She asks what year it is and is told 2099. Skullfire uses his power to protect her from the rain. She introduces herself as Eva Bell, a reply Xian doesn’t buy. Who are they? she asks, to be told they are the X-Men. Eva sensibly faints.

They discuss Eva and one of them points out she might be the real Eva Bell as she had time powers. Finding her wallet, they realize she speaks the truth. Skullfire suggests they take her to the sorcerer. The others don’t like it, but apparently agree, because when Eva awakes she is somewhere else.

She finds herself in a  kind of study with several objects levitating. Also levitating in a meditation pose is a familiar face, Illyana Rasputin. Does that mean she is home? Eva asks. She is meditating the butler – who looks like Nightcrawler – informs Eva. She asks for the year and he sighs it really is her. What does that mean? Eva demands.

One thing at a time, Illyana breaks the silence and suggests Eva drink the tea Wagner offered. It will help her settle. The atmosphere of 2099 is quite different than the one her body is used to. That’s why she is so light on her feet. Eva asks if she is Illyana’s granddaughter or—Magik tells her it is actually her. Her former teacher. Then she’s aged very well. Thanks to some tricks of the trade, Illyana replies.

Wagner informs her she is talking to the sorcerer supreme of the galaxy. Eva still doesn’t get it. The X-Men were right to bring her here, Illyana decides. Power hiccup? She thinks she is lost in time, Eva admits. She hates it when that happens, Illyana sighs. Eva ask if it has happened to her. Something similar, Illyana hints. Eva asks if she can help her and send her home. Illyana doesn’t know. Her powers over time have been removed from her. Someone can do that? Eva marvels. A long story, Illyana replies. She suggests Eva refrain from any more timejumping. Eva asks if that means she is stuck here. Illyana believes that may be entirely up to her…

Seven years later:
Illyana and Eva (now with longer hair) both meditate. Psst, is she almost done?  A voice whispers. Eva opens her eyes and grins as she sees the male mutant holding a little girl who calls her ‘mommy’. Eva’s husband shushes her. Illyana asks them to wait outside. She needs to speak with Eva for one more minute.

Illyana asks if Eva remembers why she originally came to her. Will she ever try and go back to her time? How could she ask that? Eva snaps. She has to go home eventually, Illyana warns her. Everybody does. Eva reminds her Illyana told her to not even try. This is her home now. She has a child!

Illyana assures Eva she loves her. She’s not trying to upset her. She just told her to leave her husband and child! Eva fumes. Illyana announces everything has its time and place, and nothing they do will ever change that. Eva walks away, not wanting to hear it. She will see her this weekend!

Eva meets her family outside. Her husband notices something wrong. Eva admits Magik asked her when she was going back. Where? he asks. Going back, she stresses and he understands. Why would she ask that? he wonders while the child complains she’s hungry.

Is she thinking about it? No! she replies forcefully. This is her life now. This. right here. They have a child! He suggests she doesn’t have to come here anymore. She was training herself to do something she doesn’t want to do anymore. Teach the screw to Illyana Rasputin.

She wants to think about it. If she goes she has to take them along, he jokes. She replies he would have hated it back then. Sure, all the cowboys and dinosaurs, he teases. She wasn’t that far back, she replies and looks back towards the house.

That moment there is an explosion from inside. Eva rushes inside to save Illyana. She runs into Wagner, then sees Illyana facing a huge demon. Illyan shouts at Eva go get out. Instead Eva freezes the demon with a timebubble and asks what that was.

Illyana turns out to be hurt badly. She urges Eva to listen. When she gets back, she must make sure Hank McCoy stands trial. The Beast has to pay for his crimes. They will try to… her voice trails off. What does Beast have to do with this? Eva asks. Did he send this thing? Magik orders her to listen. She has to go back and she can never come back here. It… they… won’t be… she dies.

Eva sits at her side crying until her husband and child come in. That moment the demon breaks out of the time bubble. Eva orders her husband to run. She panics and again becomes unstuck in time.

When she reappears she faces a dinosaur.

Characters Involved: 


In the near Future:

In 1875:
Rawhide Kid


In 2099:
Desert Ghost, Meanstreak, Metalhead, Serpentina, Sham, Skullfire (X-Men 2099)
Danny Wharbuton (Eva’s husband)
Their daughter (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

The story is continued from Uncanny X-Men (3rd series) #17.

The story is continued in All-New X-Men (1st series) Annual #1.

Rawhide Kid and other Marvel Western heroes met the Avengers in Avengers (1st series) #142.

It is unclear whether Wagner is Nightcrawler or a descendant.

Magik got lost in alternate futures several times during the first New Mutants run.

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