Uncanny X-Men (3rd series) #30

Issue Date: 
March 2015
Story Title: 

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Chris Bachalo (penciler), Tim Townsend, Mark Irwin, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazaba & Al Vey (inkers), Chris Bachalo & Antonio Fabela (colorists), Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend (cover artists), Virtual Caligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer & production), Xander Jarowey (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Maria Hill confirms the deaths of Cyclops, Magik and the new mutant, Matthew Malloy, while in the past, Tempus speaks to Professor X about how Cyclops has changed, and about the trouble Matthew Malloy is causing for everyone. Xavier is upset with Tempus for traveling back in time to warn him of future events. Tempus explains how Xavier's absence has impacted on the present she comes from. At the Jean Grey School in the present, Beast receives word of Cyclops' death. But at Devil's Tower, SHIELD agents are standing guard over the remains of the dead mutants, when Matthew Malloy reforms himself. He destroys the SHIELD Helicarrier and vows that all of this will end today. Emma Frost rushes out of the Jean Grey School to vomit. She finds Matthew Malloy has arrived there, and punches him – which results in Matthew killing her by scattering her into thousands of pieces. At the New Xavier School, the students are sitting around talking, when the Stepford Cuckoos pick up on Emma's death. They wonder where Tempus is, when she returns – with Charles Xavier.

Full Summary: 


Newberry, South Carolina, where Commander Maria Hill of SHIELD touches her earpiece and declares 'I want you to repeat what you just said'. Devil's Tower, where a squad of SHIELD officers is surveying the landscape, dropping down from SHIELD Helicarriers, one of the agents reports that Scott Summers has been assassinated. Maria's voice can be heard over the agent's communicator, declaring that she wants full visual confirmation and identification. The agent stands over three skeletons and the Eye of Agamotto and reports that the new mutant, Matthew Malloy, along with Illyana Rasputin and Scott Summers, has been struck down by SHIELD missile fire, that all organic life in the area has been eliminated – there is nothing but dust and bones here.

Back in Newberry: 'Oh my God' Maria utters as an agent helps her into a chopper. 'What happens next?' the agent asks. 'Scott Summers is dead' Maria declares. 'Either we just went to war with the entire mutant population.. .or they are going to send us the nicest bouquet of flowers ever seen. 'I honestly have no idea which way this is going to go' Maria remarks as the chopper lifts away.

Years ago:

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where Charles Xavier sits in his wheelchair beside the pool, and Eva Bell a.k.a. Tempus stands next to him, under the shade of an umbrella. 'Your name is Eva Bell?' Charles asks. 'Yes, Sir' Eva confirms. 'And what are you doing here, Miss Bell?' Charles asks. 'I'm sorry, Professor Xavier... I'm sorry to intrude on you like this' Eva begins.

Charles points out that Eva has come a long way to be here, so they should not pretend that what she just said is true. Eva tells the Professor that it is an honor to meet him. 'You've already read my mind. You know that is true' she points out. Charles tells her that he only read up until the point where he realized who she is and where she is from. 'I must say I'm rather upset with you. You know things I should not know' Charles declares. Evan claims that she is here because that is how bad the situation is in the future, and she has come here to save them. 'You are here because you're very angry at your teacher, Scott Summers' Cyclops reminds her. 'Who happens to be your student. Where I am from he is out of control' Eva exclaims.

'I want so badly to believe that this is a trick' Xavier states. Eva assures him that it is not. Charles tells her that he knows, and adds that if it is, it is a fabulous, completely perfect trick that deserves to work. He remarks that he wants to believe this is a trick because the reality is Eva has broken some very serious unwritten rules of the universe. 'I know' Eva replies, narrowing her eyes. 'I know you know. But, yet, still, here you are' Charles points out. Eva gives the Professor permission to read her mind. 'Look for yourself' she tells him.


The Jean Grey School, where renegade X-Men Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde and Dazzler a.k.a. Alison Blaire are standing around the reception desk, while Jean Grey School X-Men Hank McCoy a.k.a. The Beast, Bobby “Iceman” Drake, Ororo “Storm” Munroe and Rachel Grey have come to talk to them. Doop glances to the renegade X-Men as Emma declares 'Henry, I asked you a question, where is Scott Summers in all of this?'

The Beast informs Emma that Cyclops is actively trying to recruit the new mutant. 'Of course he is' Emma replies. 'This mutant with power over physics and life and death -' the Beast begins, to which Emma interrupts, remarking that she can do the math. 'A child can do the math. Scott is making his play' the Beast declares, adding that in doing so, he is once again to speak for all mutants and cross a line with the humans – or threaten to cross a line which, as they all know, is even worse in some ways than actually crossing the line. 'I'm going to say something here, and it might shock some of you... but I think it is long past the time where we-' Storm begins, before the Beast's communicator starts to beep.

'What is it, Hank?' Bobby asks. 'Hold on, Storm was about to say something' Kitty points out. 'Oh, my stars... and garters...' the Beast utters. 'What is it now?' Dazzler asks. The Beast explains that he rigged a portable sensor to Cerebro. 'If Cerebro indicated any sudden influxes of mutant activity, or sudden – oh, dear Lord' the Beast declares. 'What just happened?' Kitty asks. 'Um...' the Beast begins. 'What is it, Hank?' Emma demands. 'Scott Summers is dead' the Beast announces.

Years ago:

'No' Charles declares. 'Please. It's the only way I can get you to believe me' Eva tells him. 'No' Charles repeats himself. Eva crouches down beside the Professor, 'Matthew Malloy is -' she begins, but Xavier interrupts her and tells her that he will not allow her to do this. 'I will not allow you to come here and defy the wishes and the legacy of this school. This is wrong' Charles states. 'Murder is wrong' Eva exclaims. 'I'm telling you, people die' she adds. 'This -' Charles begins, but Eva interrupts him. 'At the hands of that mutant that you -' Charles tells her that this is a chance too large for any one mutant to take responsibility for. 'But it's you who took the chance, Professor' Eva points out. 'I'm sorry. But it is. I came here to tell you that this mutant that you're hiding from everyone... this Matthew Malloy... he wakes up. As an adult. And he... he cannot be controlled' Eva reveals. She tells the Professor that this plan he has to repress Matthew's powers throughout his childhood doesn't work. 'You need to come up with another plan' Eva announces. Charles turns away from her and closes his eyes. Eva does the same, before Charles says 'Because I am no longer there to help him'. Eva opens her eyes.


'All right, boys, bag 'em and tag 'em!' one of the SHIELD agents calls out at Devil's Tower. 'No' one of the SHIELD officer replies. 'No?' the first asks. 'No' he is told once again, reporting that Director Hill says no one is to touch anything. 'What?' the first agent asks. 'She called for a full forensics team for on-site' the second agent announces. 'On-site?' the first enquires. 'We know the cause of death' the agent points out. 'I know we know' the second remarks. 'Death by missile up the keister' the first declares. 'I know. But she wants what she wants' the second agent comments. 'Dude, cool it. You know they record us' the second points out. 'I did not know that' the first admits. 'You don't think SHIELD records everything we say in our armor?' the second asks. 'Uh, no' the first mutters, when suddenly, energy crackles around the remains of Matthew Malloy.


'Well, then, you're the dumbest SHIELD agent since the guy who -' the second begins, before Matthew's reformed body calls out to them: 'Excuse me. Did you just try to kill me?' he asks. 'Holy $%#&!!' the first agent shouts. 'Oh, $%#&!' the second gasps. All of the agents raise their weapons, 'The crime scene is love! I repeat, the crime scene is still live and the suspect is -' one of the agents announces, 'Fire!' another exclaims, as the open fire on Matthew's reforming body, blasting him backwards, but his remains just hover over them, 'Ow. This thing... I didn't know I could do any of this' he tells them, some of his head not completely reformed.

Suddenly, the SHIELD agents all explode, the Helicarriers overhead topple out of the sky and the jets are tossed about with ease, as energy rips up from Matthew into the sky. 'Ow' he mutters as his now reformed body, naked, kneels over the remains of Scott and Magik. 'Live' he tells them, casting his hand over their remains, which rise into the air – but nothing happens. Wide-eyed, Matthew wonders why he can't do this. 'Come on!' he exclaims, but the bones tumble to the ground. 'Dammit' he utters. He holds one of the skulls up, 'And that's how insane my life has gotten in the last twenty four hours. I'm actually angry I can't bring people back to life' Matthew remarks. 'Like that is something other people can do' he tells himself. 'You were trying to help me... and they killed you for it. Just like you said that would. #$%&%$#!' Matthew exclaims, boasting that this will end today.

Years ago:

Eva tells Xavier that not only has this Matthew Malloy already murdered, but that Scott Summers, his prize student, and what she is sure to be her ex-teacher, is using him as a weapon, or trying to convince him be a weapon in the cause of mutant freedom. 'That sounds like something Magneto would do' Charles replies, to which Eva tells him that this is something Magneto tried to stop.

Charles enters Eva's mind, and he sees Magneto surrounded by young mutants announcing that this is all his fault. 'What is?' Triage asks. 'Cyclops. He had a nervous breakdown after Charles Xavier's death and I didn't do anything to help him. Because... because I was angry with him. I still am. I didn't do anything to stop him from putting himself, or us, in harm's way. And now? Now it is too late' Magneto declares, telling the young mutants to leave him be.

Xavier informs Eva that this is all very upsetting, obviously. 'I don't know what you should do, but you have to do something' Eva exclaims, to which Charles tells her that he will not kill a child. 'Even if that child kills and cannot be stopped?' Eva asks. Charles informs Eva that he is so offended by her being here and that she has ruined his life. 'We have an expression where I'm from about not killing the messenger' Eva replies. Xavier points out that he could psychically wipe Eva's mind and command her to walk away – and that would be the end of her. Eva narrows her eyes, 'Oh, this is the other Charles Xavier I've heard about. The one that teaches one thing but says “the hell with it” when it's inconvenient'. Charles doesn't respond to that comment.


Emma runs from the Jean Grey School's front doors and collapses in a heap on the front lawn. Rachel looks out the window and offers to go and calm her, but Storm tells her that she shouldn't, and to just let her grieve. 'And Magik?' Kitty asks the Beast about her friend. 'Henry, she – she was with Cyclops... is she okay?' Kitty enquires, but gets no response.

Suddenly, Emma screams, and psychic energy rattles through the minds of those nearby. Dazzler, Kitty, Storm and the Beast all clutch their heads in pain, as do several students – Anole, Glob Herman and Quentin Quire – who are close by. Emma screams again, while Rachel calls out to her to stop it. 'What are you doing?' someone standing over Emma asks. 'Oh, dear God' Rachel gasps as she looks out the window as a naked Matthew Malloy stands before Emma.

'Oh, I, uh, I guess I heard you. I'm Matthew' he calls out. 'Who are you?' he asks. 'You're Matthew?' Emma asks, narrowing her eyes. 'Yes' Matthew replies. 'The mutant. Charles Xavier's secret little mutant' Emma mutters. 'Well, uh, yes' Matthew confirms. Emma moves closer to him, 'And you were there. You saw it. You saw Scott Summers die' she states, before slamming her fist into Matthew's face. 'Stop it!' Matthew shouts, pushing Emma away from him, she crumbles into nothing as his energy strikes her, and the other X-Men run out onto the law.

Kitty looks down at Emma's remains, and Matthew announces that he didn't mean that. 'She was going to kill me. I... I can't bring her back. Who was she?'

The New Xavier School, where the students are in a communications room, and Goldballs asks if anyone has seen Tempus. Hijack remarks that he doesn't like this, he thinks something is going on. 'Yeah, uh doh' Goldballs remarks. 'No, I mean something we don't even know about' Hijack remarks as he leans on a table. Benjamin Deeds sits opposite him, while Triage stands nearby, and the Stepford Cuckoos are standing in a circle a few feet away, holding hands. 'They have us locked down here... the original X-Men are nowhere to be found... they took the plane...' he begins, adding that their professor who teleports has teleported everyone else out of here except for them. 'I think Magneto left, too' Triage reports. 'That's it!' Hijack shouts. 'What's it?' Benjamin asks. Hijack announces that he is taking the plane, to which Triage reminds him they took the plane. 'I'm a mutant that can control machines. There must be something around here I can hijack' Hijack points out. 'Ladies?' he asks, turning to the Stepford Sisters, but gets no response. 'I think they are busy in their hive-mind thing and not talking to us?' Triage suggests. 'I don't blame them' Benjamin mutters.

Suddenly, the Cuckoos scream and collapse in a heap. 'Oh my God!' Goldballs utters. 'Oh my God' Mindee exclaims as she sits up. 'What happened?' someone asks. 'Miss Frost...' Celeste begins. 'We had her in our hivemind, just in case. Just to – just to keep tabs on – on -' Phoebe explains. 'What happened to her?' Triage asks. 'She – she's gone' Celeste announces. 'Oh, noooo' Phoebe declares. 'How?' Goldballs asks. 'Who did it?' Hijack enquires. 'The new mutant' Mindee reports. 'That's it! We do something. We get in the game' Benjamin exclaims. 'What do we do?' Triage asks. 'I'm in. But we – we have nothing' Goldballs remarks.

'I, uh, I have something' a voice calls out. The students turn to see Tempus has returned – and Professor X is with her. 'Um...' Goldballs utters. 'Is that...?' Benjamin asks. 'What have you done?' Celeste snaps. The Professor just responds: 'To me, my X-Men!'

Characters Involved: 

Dazzler, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde (all X-Men)

Beast, Iceman, Rachel Grey, Storm (all X-Men at the Jean Grey School)


Benjamin Deeds, Goldballs, Hijack, Stepford Cuckoos, Tempus, Triage (all students at the New Xavier School)

Anole, Glob Herman, Kid Omega (all students at the Jean Grey School)


Matthew Malloy

Maria Hill

SHIELD agents

In the past:

Professor X

In vision:


Benjamin Deeds, Goldballs, Hijack, Stepford Cuckoos, Triage (all students at the New Xavier School)

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