Uncanny X-Men (3rd series) #31

Issue Date: 
April 2015
Story Title: 

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Chris Bachalo (penciler), Tim Townsend, Marc Deering, Wayne Faucher, Mark Irwin, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazaba & Al Vey (inkers), Chris Bachalo & Antonio Fabela (colorists), Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend (cover artists), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer & production), Xander Jarowey (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Tempus has transported Charles Xavier from long ago to the present. Celeste is furious with her. Their argument is interrupted by a holographic recording of Cyclops, who informs the students that Cerebro has detected he, Emma Frost and Magik are deceased. He tells them that they are to abandon the New Xavier School and get into the jet which will take them to the Jean Grey School. The students ask the Professor for his help. At the Jean Grey School, several of the X-Men confront Matthew Malloy. This only results in Matthew destroying all of the X-Men and the Jean Grey School. Tempus and Charles Xavier travel to the past and Xavier uses his powers to prevent Matthew's parents from ever meeting. Afterwards Charles warns Tempus that there will be a cost for her actions in altering the timeline, before Tempus departs into the Timestream. The present has been altered, and the X-Men are gathered for the reading of Xavier's will in which he bequeaths his estate to Cyclops, or alternately, Storm. Cyclops walks out on everyone, and sees Tempus arrive on the front lawn. She informs Cyclops that he, Emma and Magik all died thanks to a mutant that Xavier's will forced them to track down and look after. She angrily tells Cyclops that he tried and failed to bring the mutant over to his revolution, resulting in the deaths of everyone – which she had to clean up for him. She warns Cyclops that she is going to be watching him. Cyclops kicks her out of the school, but Tempus declares that she just graduated. She warns him to get himself together, before she vanishes. Cyclops returns to the others and signs everything over to Storm. He asks her to take in his students, and walks away. Emma realizes that Cyclops has just closed the New Xavier School down.

Full Summary: 

The secret location of the New Xavier School, where inside, the students – Hijack, Benjamin Deeds, Triage, Goldballs and the Stepford Cuckoos – stare in shock at their teammate, Tempus, who has brought Professor Charles Xavier from the past to them. 'Oh. My. God' the Stepford Sisters declare. 'Uh... is this real?' Goldballs asks, confused, while Hijack a.k.a. David Bond asks Tempus a.k.a. Eva Bell what she has done. 'What needed to be done' Eva tells him. 'X-Men.

There's no reason to panic' Charles assures the young mutants. ''Oh my God!' Phoebe exclaims. 'It's him, Celeste! It's really him!' Mindee gasps. 'Holy #$%&, Charles Xavier!' Hijack utters. 'He looks so young' Benjamin points out. Christopher Muse a.k.a. Triage announces that he is more focused on the fact that he looks alive. 'Eva, before I psychically force you to put him back where you found him, wipe his brain, lobotomize you and then lobotomize myself to forget this ever happened... answer me... why?' Celeste demands, getting up in Tempus' face. 'Because there's an out of control mutant ruining any hope we have for this world. You heard Magneto, we're over -' Tempus replies, but Phoebe interrupts, reminding Eva that this was not her call. 'I'm a person living on the planet Earth. It's my call as much as anyone's!' Tempus declares.

Professor X suggests to the students that they take a moment to collect themselves, for what is done is done. 'Let's find a solution to this surreal experience and -' he begins, when suddenly, an alarm sounds, and Goldballs a.k.a. Fabio Medina motions to something that has materialized with the sound of the alarm.

'What is that?' Benjamin asks as he turns to see a projection of Cyclops standing behind them all. 'Students. This is a recorded message coming to you from Cerebro's servers' Cyclops tells them. 'Uh-oh' Goldballs mutters. Cyclops explains to the students that if Cerebro's code red alarm has sounded, and this corresponding message is playing, that means Cerebro has detected that Emma Frost, Magik and he have all died. 'What?' Goldballs asks. 'Shhh!' Benjamin exclaims. The projection continues, explaining that because of the nature of their cause and the danger they are constantly in, he has recorded a message for every nightmare scenario that he could think of, and this is the “If all of the teachers of our school have died” one. He adds that if this has happened, they can only imagine it was an act of war against them, or a mission to save one of their fellow mutants has gone horribly wrong.

The projection of Cyclops continues, informing the students that it is imperative that they listen to the message and follow it to the letter. 'We have procured the following safety protocols for you' he announces.

'That – that's why we couldn't feel Ms Frost in our hivemind!' Mindee exclaims. 'If this is another one of those #$%& Danger Room tests?' Triage mutters. 'I told you!' Mindee declares, before Tempus tells everyone to be quiet.

The projection of Cyclops announces that in case the Blackbird airplane is not on campus, there is another one hidden a quarter mile rom here in case of emergency. He instructs the students to follow an underground path to this plane and all of them – all of them – are to board the plane and let it fly them to predetermined coordinates. Cyclops adds that it is important to him and his people that they survive this day. 'I promise you I have absolutely no hesitation sacrificing my own life so that you can live yours... but if you go into battle now, half-cocked, to avenge me or the other teachers or the school without proper training... you will be betraying my final wishes'.

The projection of Cyclops points out that they still live in a dangerous world that may not be ready for their kind, but that he wants them to live long enough so that they or their children can see the day their dream comes true. He informs them that the plane is programmed to take them where the leaders of their community, and his former teammates will take him in. 'There is nowhere safer on Earth for you now than the Jean Grey School' Cyclops adds. His message concluded, the red projection of him vanishes. The students turn away as they absorb this new information. 'Help us' Hijack asks, turning to Professor Xavier, who asks 'Where is this “Jean Grey School”?'

The Jean Grey School, where the remains of Emma Frost lie at the feet of the naked uber-powerful mutant called Matthew Malloy. 'Oh. My. God...' Rachel Grey utters. 'Did that really just happen?' Kitty Pryde asks as she stands next to the Beast a.k.a. Hank McCoy. 'No' Alison “Dazzler” Blaire utters, while Ororo “Storm” Munroe orders everyone to stand down.

'I promise you. I didn't mean that. She was going to kill me' Matthew claims. Bobby Drake a.k.a. Iceman moves closer to Matthew, while Storm instructs him to stand down again, but Bobby tells her that he isn't sure he can do that.

Rachel telepathically informs the students of the Jean Grey School to take the underground tunnels to safety, adding that this is not a drill. At the window to one of the school buildings, Anole, Oya, Glob Herman and Quentin Quire have gathered. 'He – that guy just killed Emma Frost!' Anole reports. 'Underground tunnels?' Quentin asks. 'Let's go! Now!' someone shouts.

Back outside, Matthew states that he came here for help. 'You killed Scott Summers' Storm reminds him. 'No' Matthew replies. 'You just killed our friend in front of us. So, we kind of don't believe you' Dazzler snaps. 'I – I know. But she started it. I was defending myself...' Matthew explains. 'And Illyana Rasputin?' Storm inquires. 'It wasn't me' Matthew replies. Rachel informs Storm that it wasn't – it was SHIELD. 'Because of him...' Storm points out. Lightning crackles in the sky overhead, as Storm declares '...there's nothing for you here, mutant!' but the Beast gasps 'No' as several students make their way outside and stand with the X-Men. Storm glares at Matthew, who utters 'Please, I can't control it... you can't win... I can't win'. Energy crackles around him and he declares that he didn't ask for any of this. The energy starts to rip through the school – Storm is the first to be torn apart, before a massive explosion radiates across the Jean Grey School, destroying everything – and everyone.

The past:

'Where?' Eva asks as she stands under a tree on some school grounds, watching students come and go. 'There' the Professor tells her, motioning to a girl who is handing out some fliers.

 'We're having a rally Friday night. Free music. Get involved' she tells some others.

'That's her?' Eva asks. 'Yes' Charles confirms. 'Pretty' Eva remarks. 'Yes' Charles agrees, before Eva asks 'Where is he?'

A young man appears at the school entrance, leaving the building.

Eva asks 'What happens now?' Charles tells her that now they meet, that she hands him a flyer and he mistakes it for a romantic gesture. He shows up at her rally, it is not well attended, but he is there to support her – and that is how it begins. They watch as the guy approaches the girl, but they don't meet, as Charles uses his psychic power on the man.

'And that's it?' Eva asks. 'That is it' Charles tells her. 'Now they'll never meet?' Eva asks. Charles informs Eva that the man just decided to change schools and get his medical degree. 'And Matthew Malloy will never be born?' she asks.

'Let's see...' Charles tells Eva, as they arrive in a different time period, where a young family is outside of the house in Austin, Texas where Matthew was born and raised. 'Where I first met him. This is the day I first met him' Charles states. 'I just wanted to see...' Charles begins. Evan creates a time portal, and asks 'How worried are we about the Butterfly Effect?' 'Miss Bell, please...' Charles sighs.

Some years later:

They return to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters when Charles and Eva first met. 'I know we broke all the rules. I was just asking what you thought' Eva informs the Professor. Charles tells her that he thinks she will return to her time and find the world still spinning, adding that if Matthew's father does become a doctor, someone somewhere will be better for it. 'Well, I guess I'll go find out...' Eva remarks. Charles asks her to please do that. 'And congratulations, Miss Bell' he adds. 'What for?' Eva asks. Charles looks up at Eva as she stands beside the swimming pool and tells her that she is either the greatest or the worst mutant in the history of mutants. 'Right back at you, Professor' Eva replies. The Professor asks her to go back to where she came from so he can make himself forget all of this. 'You can do that?' Eva asks him. 'I have done it before. I think' Charles responds. Eva leans down and looks Xavier in the eyes and tells him that if she finds out that he didn't, she will bring back one of the Stepford Sisters or Jean Grey or somebody to do it for him. 'I promise you... I don't want to know any of what I know now' Charles responds.

But Eva tells Xavier that he should be proud of what is to come, and adds that she is not just saying that to make him feel better. 'With all the drama and strife and all the soap opera... the world is still turning because of the X-Men' Eva points out, adding that Magneto is one of the good guys now, because Xavier won him over, and there is more than one school saving and training mutants because of him – and now they all have a second chance because of him. 'Where did I go wrong with Scott Summers?' Charles asks. 'He's a grown man' Eva points out, adding that he and only he is responsible for who he is and what he does. 'But when I get back to where I belong... I'll take care of Scott Summers' Eva announces. 'Goodbye' Charles tells her, looking away. Eva hangs her head, before raising her hands overhead, 'On that note... it was an honor to meet you, Sir'. Charles telepathically informs Miss Bell that these choices she is making with her powers, no matter how much she thinks it must be done, there will be a cost. 'Even more than what you've already suffered' Charles adds, as Eva leaps into the time warp, with a glance back at Charles, who hangs his head and closes his eyes.

Charles rubs his hands across his head, looks up, then closes his eyes. He looks from side to side, then picks up a book on the table at his side - “The Once And Future King” by T. H. White.



'Okay. “I, Charles Francis Xavier, of the town of Salem...W' begins Jennifer Walters a.k.a. She-Hulk as she reads the Last Will and Testament of the Professor, inside the Jean Grey School. She continues, reading that Charles states he was of sound mind and memory as he made, published and declared this to be his Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all wills and codicils previously made by him. Charles gives, devises and bequeaths all his estate to Scott Summers. 'Ah, Charles' Kitty remarks as she stands between Emma Frost and Storm. Cyclops, the Beast and Iceman can also be seen. 'Saw that coming' Iceman mutters.

She-Hulk continues, announcing that if Scott Summers does not survive him, then he gives, devises and bequeaths all of the rest, residue and remainder of his estate of whatever kind and character and wherever located to Ororo Munroe as alternate. 'Well, what does that mean?' Firestar asks. 'It means we are suddenly standing in the Summers School for Gifted Youngsters' the Beast frowns. 'Anyone else disappointed we didn't find out he was secretly married or have a bunch of kids with Scarlet Witch or something?' Emma mutters.

Iceman turns to Cyclops and tells him that there ain't no way that Xavier would have left him a dime if he could see what he is like now. 'Just... no way' Bobby declares. Kitty asks everyone to calm down, to which Bobby tells Cyclops not to worry about kicking them out, as they are leaving. 'Aaaand he walks out of the room.'

Cyclops passes Doop, and stares out at Eva, who has arrived at the Jean Gret School. He walks out to meet her and asks her what she is doing here. 'I came here to tell you, you died today. You were dead' Eva announces. She adds that Emma and Magik also died, as Charles Xavier's will left him in charge of an immensely powerful mutant he was keeping secret from them all – a mutant who, without Xavier, could not control those powers. 'What did you do?' Cyclops asks her. Eva tells Cyclops that after he tried and failed to bring the mutant over to his nervous breakdown – mutant revolution, that is – the mutant went out of control. 'Your hubris was the death of you and countless others' Eva explains. 'What did you do?' Cyclops demands.

Eva tells Cyclops that it doesn't matter what she did, for what matters now is what she is going to do. 'Now I will be watching you. And man, if you don't screw your head on all the way straight I am going to go back in time and make sure your parents never meet. I can do it, too' Eva warns Cyclops. 'You're out of the school' Cyclops snaps. 'I know, Summers. I just graduated' Eva scowls back at Cyclops. Eva wraps a time bubble around herself, and turns to Cyclops: 'I am officially a graduate of the Scott Summers “Do Whatever the Hell You Want” School for Gifted #$&% Youngsters. Get your #$%& together, man. I'm not kidding around' Eva warns Cyclops, before she vanishes.

Back inside, Iceman tells She-Hulk that there has to be a way to toss this will in the garbage. 'Not legally' She-Hulk replies. 'Well, call Matt Murdock' Iceman exclaims. 'Why?' She-Hulk asks him. 'Because he's the only other lawyer I've ever heard of!' Iceman admits, when suddenly, Cyclops announces that he is signing it over to Ororo. 'All of it. Everything. If Xavier were alive I know, we all know, that's what he would have wanted' Cyclops states. 'Do we maybe want to talk this over first?' Emma asks. Cyclops ignores her and tells Storm that he was wondering if, in return, she might do him a favor. 'Here we go...' Storm begins. Cyclops tells her that they have students at their training school, good mutants, and asks her if she would do the courtesy of taking them in.

'Excuse me?' Illyana “Magik” Rasputin exclaims. 'Um...what are you going to do?' Storm asks as she and the others all watch him intently. 'I don't know' Scott replies. He looks back at everyone in the room and tells them that he knows some of them hate him, but he loves everyone in the room – he really does. Cyclops walks out of the room, past Doop and outside, while Kitty turns to Emma and asks 'Wait, what just happened?' and Emma announces that Cyclops just closed the school.

Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Dazzler, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, Magik (all X-Men)

Beast, Firestar, Iceman, Rachel Grey, Storm (all X-Men based at the Jean Grey School)

Benjamin Deeds, Goldballs, Hijack, Stepford Cuckoos, Tempus, Triage (all students at the New Xavier School)

Anole, Glob Herman, Oya, Quentin Quire and others (all students at the Jean Grey School)



Professor X (from the past)




Matthew Malloy


In the past

Man and woman who would have been Matthew's parents



Story Notes: 

Havok doesn't appear this issue, only on the cover, which presumably was supposed to be for the next issue.

It was revealed in Uncanny X-Men (3rd series) #24 that Xavier and Mystique were secretly married. In the manipulated timeline that doesn’t seem to be the case, leaving it a mystery how and why the two got married. It was commented in the following issue that that might explain Mystique's erratic behavior.

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