Uncanny X-Men (3rd series) #32

Issue Date: 
May 2015
Story Title: 

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Chris Bachalo (penciler), Tim Townsend, Wayne Faucher, Mark Irwin, Jaime Mendoza, Victor Olazaba & Al Vey (inkers), Chris Bachalo & Rain Beredo (colorists), Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend (cover artists), Virtual Caligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer & production), Xander Jarowey (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby


Brief Description: 

Three hours ago, Cyclops informed the students of the New Xavier School that he is transferring them all to the Jean Grey School. This upsets the students who remind him of the promises he made to them. Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde and Magik arrive on scene after Goldballs knocks Cyclops out. Magik suddenly teleports herself and Kitty away. With the students still in a state of confusion, Emma talks to Cyclops in private, she is furious, reminding him how he begged her to stay with him even after they broke up. She demands to know what this was all for and what the mutant revolution was. Cyclops tells her it was their last chance, as they have nothing left but threats. He recounts the events of the last few years, and how after all that, all they have is threats. Emma suggests to Cyclops that they start over, but he makes a cruel comment towards her, so she switches to diamond form and reveals that she has her telepathy back. She reminds Cyclops how they were good together, how she let him in like she has no one else. She tells him that she wishes her powers were still broken because this is brutal. She starts to walk away, and reminds Cyclops that they both know the revolution wasn't an idle threat. Emma then vanishes. Now, Havok arrives at the New Xavier School and is reunited with Cyclops. He is surprised to find the school devoid of other teachers and any students. They have a heart to heart and Havok briefly talks about his time with the Avengers, before asking his brother what the mutant revolution was supposed to be. Havok asks where Emma is and when Cyclops informs him that she is gone, he is overjoyed. Havok then suggests to Cyclops it is time to do something no one would ever expect from him.

Full Summary: 


The New Xavier School, where Scott “Cyclops” Summers walks out into the snow to find his brother Alex “Havok” Summers has arrived. 'Hey...' Scott greets him. 'This is where you live?' Alex asks. They smile at each other then hug. Scott puts an arm around Alex's shoulders and walks him inside, asking him if he is tired. 'So tired' Alex tells him. Scott tells Alex that he is glad he is here – really.

Once inside, Alex looks around the communications room and tells his brother that he thought he had students and teachers. 'Where's Emma? Where's everybody?' he asks. 'You actually came at kind of a bad time...' Scott begins. 'What did you do?' Alex asks.

Three hours ago:

Celeste, Phoebe, Mindee, Benjamin Deeds, Triage, Goldballs and Hijack are gathered together as Cyclops tells them that the Jean Grey School is a very good school with good teachers. 'You will be safe. You will be taken care of. You will be trained...' he assures them. 'Are you #$%&#$%& kidding us, with this?' Hijack a.k.a David Bond asks. 'You're kidding, right?' Christopher Muse a.k.a. Triage exclaims. 'He's not kidding' Celeste tells him. 'You're kicking us out?' Mindee asks. 'Where's Eva? We shouldn't be talking about this without Eva' Goldballs remarks. 'Wolverine was right! You are an #$%&#$%&!' Phoebe snaps. 'Storm and the others at the Jean Grey School...' Cyclops begins. 'I left my home to come here!' Benjamin exclaims. 'Beast -' Cylops begins. 'I haven't spoken to my parents in months because you said -' Goldballs points out. 'This is so not fair' Mindee complains. 'You promised us' Celeste snaps. Cyclops tells her that he promised to train them and keep them safe – and he is keeping that promise. 'Unbelievable' Hijack mutters as he starts to walk away. 'Where are you going?' Triage calls out. 'Away from him' Hijack replies. 'No, I mean where is – where is he going?' Triage explains, referring to Cyclops.

Cyclops announces that he is going to turn himself in to the authorities for the death of Charles Xavier and threats against the United States. 'Really?' Magik a.k.a. Illyana Rasputin asks as she, Emma Frost and Alison “Dazzler” Blaire enter the room. 'You lied to me!' Goldballs shouts angrily, releasing several gold balls which slam into Cyclops, knocking him back.


Havok is asleep in a bed, while Cyclops is packing some things into a bag. 'What's going on?' Alex asks as he stirs and looks over to his brother, who tells him to keep sleeping. 'You're packing?' Alex asks. 'Is that all the stuff you have in the world?' 'Pretty much' Scott admits. 'Want it?' he asks. Havok sits up and asks how long he has been asleep for. 'Fourteen hours' Cyclops reports. Alex rubs his disfigured face, 'So... the typical sleep crash after a major super-powered event' Havok remarks. 'Yup' Scott smiles. Havok asks his brother if he is really leaving and tells him that he is coming with him. 'Absolutely not' Scott declares. 'You don't have to do everything by yourself' Alex points out. Scott tells him that he knows, but that this he does have to do alone. He sits on the edge of the bed next to Alex, who tells him that he wishes he would take a day to think about it. 'I have. I have talked myself out of this every day since it happened. I – I am responsible, at least in part, for the death of Charles Xavier. If I don't stand up and accept the blame, finally, publicly, sincerely, I am everything bad that they say about us' Cyclops explains. 'Us?' Havok asks. 'Mutants' Cyclops tells him.

'I am using my powers to do whatever I want to whomever. I am' Cyclops states. Havok asks if that was in the will, and Cyclops reveals that Charles left everything to him. 'Oh' Alex replies. 'I was like his son' Cyclops remarks. 'You kind of were' Havok agrees. 'Well...' Scott begins. 'It was an accident' Havok reminds him. 'You are going to let them crucify you for it, and for the life of me I can't understand why' Havok adds. 'Because I realized I deserve it' Scott admits. 'What the hell is wrong with us?' Havok asks. 'Aliens kidnapped our parents and killed our Mom in front of us' Cyclops reminds him. 'Oh, yeah...' Havok remarks. Cyclops adds that then their power set made them pariahs in the human world. 'No, I know. I was being rhetorical' Havok tells him. 'Okay. But I'm right' Cyclops exclaims. 'No, I know' Havok tells him, before asking him what happened to his students.

Three hours ago:

More and more of Goldballs' balls slam and bounce around Cyclops, who falls to the ground. 'Uh-oh' Goldballs mutters as he stands over Cyclops. 'You killed him' Triage exclaims. 'What is going on? Kitty Pryde asks as she enters the room. 'Fabio killed Professor Cyclops' Benjamin tattles. 'No! No, I -' Goldballs begins. Emma leans over Scott's body and realizes that he is out cold. She instructs Triage to heal him.

Magik turns to Kitty and asks her where she has been. 'Outer space with my boyfriend' Kitty replies. 'I need you to come with me' Magik tells her. 'Illyana, I need a shower and a -' Kitty begins, but Magik declares 'I've had it. Bye' and opens a portal, through which she drags Kitty with her. 'Illyana!' Kitty exclaims.

'Huh' Celeste remarks as she sees them vanish. Triage kneels over Cyclops and Emma asks him to heal Scott. 'Oh yeah, oh God' Triage utters. 'Please. Yes' Goldballs exclaims as he crouches nearby. 'Ow!' Cyclops declares as he sits up. 'Uh... sorry' Golballs tells him.

'As I was saying... you need – all of you still need training' Cyclops tells the students. 'You promised to train us' Benjamin reminds him. 'The Jean Grey School is more than enough to -' Cyclops begins, before Mindee calls out to Ms Frost. 'What about you?' Phoebe asks her. 'Are you coming back to the Jean Grey School, too?' Celeste inquires. 'I'm going to go back to being the White Queen of the Hellfire Club' Emma replies, looking at Cyclops. 'I know you're mad. But you know I'm right' Cyclops tells her. 'So you were crazy this entire time and now you're better?' someone asks.

'What happened to Eva Bell? Why isn't she here?' Goldballs asks. 'You know what? Cyclops, Scott Summers, you're a liar. You lied to us. You can go to hell' Hijack exclaims. 'I didn't lie!' Cyclops retorts as Hijack starts to walk away. 'You made a promise and you didn't keep it. That's a lie' Hijack points out. Cyclops asks him to come back, but Hijack replies 'Or what? You'll kick me out? Again? $#%& you, Scott Summers'.


Cyclops and Havok are outside, as Havok asks 'What was it?' 'What?' Cyclops replies. 'The mutant revolution. Did it happen and I missed it?' Havok asks, adding that the whole time he was leading the Avengers he was bracing himself for the call. “Your brother's taken over the White House” “Your brother's taken a Helicarrier and crashed it into the UN”. 'And then I was going to have to choose sides. I was either going to have to fight you or join you. Probably join you. Because I hate fighting you' Havok remarks. 'No, you don't' Cyclops tells him. 'Well, not since we were kids' Havok replies, before asking 'What was it, Scott? What was the mutant revolution supposed to be?'

Three hours ago:

'Tell me now!' Emma shouts at Cyclops inside her bedroom. 'What was it all about?' she demands. Scott asks her to calm down, to which Emma scowls and asks him when, in the history of their history, has telling her to calm down ever worked? 'I know you're mad -' Scott begins, but Emma interrupts him: 'For ultimately wasting my life believing in you?' she asks. 'Yes! I'm good and mad. At me and you' Emma declares. Scott tells Emma that it is not a one-way road, and that he believes in her, too. 'Yeah, but I'm easy to believe in' Emma points out. 'We're really going down that road?' Scott asks her. 'You asked me to stay locked in here with you!' Emma exclaims. 'Yes' Cyclops confirms. 'You begged me!' Emma declares. 'I did' Scott admits. 'Even after we broke up' Emma adds. 'Yes' Scott replies. Emma asks him what they were training these kids for. 'Emma...' Scott begins. 'What was it for, Scott?' Emma demands.


'I'm serious... what was the revolution?' Havok asks Cyclops as they stand outside still.

Three hours ago:

'What was the revolution?' Emma shouts at Scott, who frowns. 'Our last chance, okay? We have nothing left but threats!' Scott replies.


'We fought for them and they hate us! We fought alongside them and they kill our children in the streets! We pack up and move to an island and they destroy it! We move to another one and the #$%&#$& Avengers storm the #$%&# beaches!' Cyclops exclaims, adding that they are supposed to be the next step in human evolution and yet they have become an endangered species. 'We're everything they are not and we're a shadow of our former selves!'

Three hours ago:

'All we have left is threats' Scott tells Emma. 'The threat of revolution! The threat of a fight that we hope they don't want' Scott adds, declaring that, yes, he got in front of any camera that would show his face and he looked their world in the eye and told them 'They better leave us alone'.


'...I stood on the bridge of the Helicarrier and I threatened them... because nothing. Else. Has. Worked' Cyclops states.

Three hours ago:

Emma watches Scott closely, but says nothing.


Havok pauses and listens as Scott tells him that Xavier is gone, Logan is gone. He watched Xavier die at his feet and he thought if he doesn't do something to kickstart it... the dream is really, truly dead. 'After us, what is there?' Scott asks. Havok then tells Cyclops that if you make a threat you have to be ready to see it through.

Three hours ago:

Scott sits on the edge of the bed and looks to the floor. Emma stares down at him. She does nothing, until she finally sits down next to him. There is silence, before Emma remarks 'I know all of that, you know'. 'Yeah' Scott mutters. 'Maybe we should just start over' Emma suggests. 'How? I wouldn't even know where to begin' Scott replies. 'I mean... everything' Emma tells him. 'You mean us?' Scott asks, adding that at this point, he wouldn't touch her with Namor's trident. He stares at her, and Emma switches to her diamond form.

'Well...' she declares as she gets up and starts to walk away. 'Have you ever even attempted to apologize for ruining us? And after all you've said and done... you want me to get back together with you?' Cyclops calls out. Emma glares at Cyclops and announces 'I might as well tell you, Scott – I can read your thoughts again. I know in actuality, no matter how brave a front you put up, that you're actually very conflicted in regards to me. And this we will always have in common'. 'Since when?' Scott asks her. Emma tells him that he has always been conflicted about her. 'That's the downside to reading everyone's thoughts. I can read all of them' Emma remarks. She turns away again, 'All of the little doubts and fantasies and what-ifs and fears. I don't get to pick the ones I want to read. It's either all or nothing. And to be involved with you is to be involved with a very conflicted man'.

'No, Emma. I meant how long have your powers been fixed?' Scott enquires, seemingly ignoring everything else she has just said. Emma turns back to him, still in her diamond form, she tells him that she roots for him, to pick the right thoughts and act accordingly – she always does. 'And even after all we have been through I root for us because when we're good, we're as good as it gets'.

 Cyclops once again asks her 'How long', but Emma tells him that she roots for him because even though doing so is insanely frustrating, she is his biggest fan. 'There's a Scott Summers in there whose thoughts I admire with every cell in my body. And you know that's true. You know. Because I let you in' she tells him. Touching her head, she tells Scott that she has let him in like she has no one else. 'I shared my thoughts with you. And when I couldn't anymore I missed you so much. And now I actually wish my powers were still broken. Because this is brutal'. A tear drops down Emma's face. Cyclops turns from her, and Emma continues on her way out, she wishes Scott good luck – and also good luck with his “revolution”. 'Because you and I knew it wasn't an idle threat and it certainly wasn't one to the rest of the world. She stands in the doorway and adds 'That means it's real whether you want it to be or not'. Cyclops frowns, then turns to the doorway – but Emma is gone. He walks out of the room, and looks out over the open space of the facility, but Emma is nowhere to be seen.


'Where's Emma?' Havok asks. 'She usually calms you down and gets you back on track. One way or another'. Cyclops simply says that she is gone. 'She's gone?' Alex asks. 'All the way gone' Scott replies. 'That is great news!' Alex exclaims. 'Stop it' Scott tells him. 'You're free. We should be cele-#$%&#$%&-brating!' Alex declares, smiling. 'Stop it' Cyclops replies. Havok pulls away from his brother and asks him 'So... what now?' Cyclops replies that he has something to do. 'Not turning yourself in. Not hanging yourself on a cross... how about something Xavier would actually approve of' Havok suggests. 'Something Logan would approve of' Cyclops tells him. 'Something that helps our people... something no one would ever expect from you' Havok smiles. 'You have something, don't you?' Scott asks. 'You know what? I damn well do' Alex announces. They head back towards the facility, 'Tell me' Scott asks him. 'I'll show you' Alex replies. 'Are we going to open a Summers Brothers pizza parlor?' Scott asks. 'Oh. That's actually better than what I have' Alex remarks. Scott tells his brother that he is really glad he is here. 'Awwww...' Alex responds.


Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Dazzler, Emma Frost, Magik, Kitty Pryde (all X-Men)


Benjamin Deeds, Goldballs, Hijack, Stepford Cuckoos, Triage (all students at the New Xavier School)


Story Notes: 

Havok last appeared in Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #9. At this point he is probably still inverted.

Cyclops killed Xavier in Avengers vs X-Men #11.

Wolverine died in “The Death of Wolverine #4”.

Emma’s admission that her telepathy has returned explains why she was shown to have her powers when she appeared Original Sin.

Kitty’ having been in space refers to her decision to stay with her boyfriend Star-Lord at the end of  The Black Vortex.

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