Uncanny X-Men (3rd series) #33

Issue Date: 
June 2015
Story Title: 

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Kris Anka (artist), Antonio Fabela (colorist), Virtual Caligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer & production), Kris Anka (cover artist), Xander Jarowey (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

X-Men created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Kitty is angry at Magik for teleporting her away against her will to Monster Island. They battle some of the large monsters that reside on the island, while Magik informs Kitty that they are here to find a mutant. When rain begins to fall, the monsters make their way back into the jungle, so Kitty and Magik set out on their search for the mutant, and as they chat, Magik reveals that it hurts her when Kitty jokes about how dark and mysterious she is. Magik also informs Kitty that this is what she does when the X-Men go off the rails – she goes out to find a new mutant. Her portable Cerebro takes them to a cave, where inside there is a little girl called Bo with some sort of light powers. There is some language barrier, but Bo manages to inform Kitty and Magik, that her father left her on the island and that she has been here for a week. There is a large monster in the cave, who awakes, but Bo's light powers extend outwards into shards of energy which take the monster out, but also render Kitty and Magik unconscious. When Kitty wakes she explains to Bo that she is a mutant, that she has powers. Bo is confused, until she realizes that she is like the mighty Thor. Several monsters rush towards them, and Magik wakes in time to teleport the trio to the Jean Grey School, where Storm and Nightcrawler welcome Bo. She thanks Kitty and Magik for rescuing her, and Magik informs Kitty that she misses their friendship. Kitty suggests that they change that right now, and go and find Colossus.

Full Summary: 

'ILLYANA!' screams Kitty Pryde as she is teleported away alongside Illyana “Magik” Rasputin, who just tells Kitty to calm herself. 'Calm myself? Bring me back to the Xavier School!' Kitty exclaims as she grabs Magik by her collar. 'Touching' Illyana replies. Kitty tells Magik that she was where she was because she wanted to be where she was – at the school – and she doesn't want to be here. Magik looks at her surroundings as Kitty tells her that she doesn't like to be teleported places against her will. 'You know that' she reminds Magik, who explains that she needed to get away from there before she did something she would regret. 'Ugh! What is wrong with you?' Kitty asks, covering her face. 'I was raised in a hellish dimension by a demon' Illyana deadpans. 'Well, yeah. Okay. And where is here? Are we in the Savage Land? You know how I feel about the Savage Land'. Magik raises her Soulsword and reports that they are not in the Savage Land. 'I believe they call it Monster Island' she explains, as several large monsters tower high above the dense jungle, all looking down at the two new arrivals.

'Illyana!' Kitty cries as the monsters move closer. 'It's already happened' Magik replies. 'Un-make it happen' Kitty tells her. Magik's sword clashes against one of the monsters. 'I'm not fighting monsters because you're in a mood' Kitty tells Illyana as she lets a monster run towards her, then she phases so the monster passes through her. 'That's not what it is' Illyana replies as she shoves a monster aside. 'Kind of looks like it' Kitty points out. 'Well, it's not' Illyana retorts. 'There's more' she adds, as other monsters close in around her. 'Yeah? Why are we here? Is there an In ‘n’ Out Burger nearby? The last record store on Earth?' she jokes. 'We're here for a reason Illyana declares as she releases some energy which knocks the monsters back. Two white furry monsters look at each other, confused. 'Yeah?' Kitty asks. Magik smiles as she announces that there is a mutant here, and that they are going to save them. 'There's a mutant here?' Kitty asks suspiciously, glancing at one of the white furry monsters that stands next to her. 'Yes' Magik repeats, before a large monster kicks her over. 'Here?' Kitty asks, looking around. Magik leaps into the air and waves her sword about, releasing some sort of energy, 'Well, somewhere over there' she replies. 'Stop hitting the monsters' Kitty tells her. 'They started it' Magik mutters.

'They're just animals' Kitty points out. 'It's like punching a puppy' she adds as Magik kicks one of them in the face. Magik slices her sword about again and reminds Kitty that she grew up in a world of demons. 'Trust me. This is what they respect'.

Kitty asks Magik if this mutant is something she imagined, when suddenly, there is a crash of thunder and a flash of lightning. 'Yeah' Magik declares as the rain starts to pour down around them. 'Come on!' Magik calls out to the monsters, but when there is another flash of lightning, the monsters turn and head back into the jungle. 'They ran away' Magik remarks. 'Thunder' Kitty tells her. 'I told you – puppies' she adds. Magik tells Kitty to follow her, and as the rain beats down on them, they head deeper into the jungle. 'No. I don't like you anymore' Kitty tells her. 'Liar' Magik responds.

They arrive at a clearing on a cliffside and look out over the island. 'Okay, what now?' Kitty asks. 'We're looking for a mutant' Illyana reminds her. 'Here?' Kitty asks. 'Yes, here. Why not here?' Illyana replies. 'Uh, monsters' Kitty begins, before a device on Magik's wrist turns on and displays a map of the island. 'Is that a portable Cerebro?' Kitty asks. Magik confirms that it is. 'You buy that online or -?' Kitty begins, as Magik explains that Magneto made it. 'There is a mutant here? On this island?' Kitty asks. Magik tells her that according to Cerebro there is. 'So we are here for a reason' Kitty remarks. 'Yes, I said that' Magik reminds her. 'And I thought you brought me out here to kill me' Kitty jokes. Magik points out that she doesn't need to bring Kitty all the way out here to kill her. 'It's funnier when I joke about how dark and crazy mysterious you are... it's not so funny when you do it' Kitty replies, while eyes peer out at them through the darkness of the jungle. 'It's not so funny when you do it, either. It actually hurts me' Illyana tells Kitty, who looks somewhat taken aback. 'Okay. Uh, sorry' Kitty replies as she walks several feet behind Illyana.

Magik explains that when the X-Men go off the rails and start fighting with each other and imploding on each other, she goes find a new mutant to help or save. 'So it's a full-time job' Kitty jokes. 'Now that was funny' Magik tells her, adding that she does this and it reminds her of why they are doing this in the first place. 'Well, I'm all about that' Kitty agrees. 'I know. That's why I brought you with me' Illyana tells her. 'Asking. Inviting. These are all good words' Kitty points out as they continue on through the rain-drenched jungle.

Kitty asks why they are walking and not teleporting, and looking up at a cave ahead of them, Illyana explains that she doesn't want to startle this new mutant. 'Is that the mutant?' Kitty asks, looking ahead into the cave. Magik replies that she doesn't know. Kitty enters the cave, while Magik stands outside it with her sword, ready to strike. 'No do that' a voice from within the cave calls out. 'Hello?' Magik responds. 'Go. Go now' the voice exclaims. Some flickers of bright pink, yellow and blue lights can be seen behind a large mass inside the cave. 'Did you do this?' Magik asks. 'You can come out. It's safe. I mean, you're safe with us' Kitty announces. 'No. Hurt you' the voice calls back. 'Uh, we're the X-Men. Do you know the X-Men?' Kitty asks.

Suddenly, a small figure appears from behind the mass inside the cave, the light flickering around the small figure which rushes towards Kitty and Magik. 'Oh...' Kitty utters. 'Oh, boy. What's your name?' she asks as a little girl wearing a tattered dress, and what appear to be antennae on her face reveals herself. 'My name is Bo' the little girl announces. 'You speak English?' Kitty asks. 'No good' Bo tells her. But Kitty assures Bo that she speaks English pretty good, and asks her how long she has been here. 'What is... “how long”?' Bo enquires. Kitty introduces herself as Kitty. 'Kitty' Bo repeats. 'Kitty Pryde' Kitty adds. 'Cat' Bo tells her. 'Yes' Kitty replies. 'Kitty cat' Bo adds, before asking for food. 'You need food?' Kitty asks, and Bo tells her that she is very hungry. Kitty asks Bo if they can take her out of here, as they can take her to food, and somewhere safe. 'Who?' Bo asks, pointing at Magik. 'They call me Ill – they call me Magik' Illyana smiles. 'Magic. Magic and Kitty Cat' Bo smiles, the lights continuing to sparkle around her. Kitty once again asks Bo how long she has been here, but Bo looks confused. 'How many sleeps?' Magik enquires. Bo starts counting on her fingers, and holds seven figures up. 'You stayed alive out here all by yourself... for a week?' Kitty asks, surprised. 'Who brought you here?' the equally surprised Magik asks. 'My father come back' Bo replies as she steps back into the darkness of the cave.

'Oh no' Magik gasps. 'Did your father bring you here?' Kitty asks, concerned. Bo says that she woke up here, on the beach. 'Monsters. Real monsters' she begins to cry. The lights vanish from around her, before returning, 'I hurt mother. But not me. Not purpose' Bo tells the X-Men. 'So instead of helping you, your father dropped you off on Monster Island' Magik declares. 'Oy...' Kitty utters. 'I'm going to find him and kill him' Magik announces. 'You kill my father?' Bo screams urgently. 'No! No, she's just upset for you – it's a saying, it's -' Kitty begins, as the lights around Bo become more frantic, then a noise can be heard – coming from the mass in the cave. Over the trees, two large monsters can be seen peering down into the clearing outside the cave. 'Were you with your father before you fell asleep?' Magik asks. 'On boat' Bo replies. Magik is confused by this.

'What can you do, Bo?' Kitty asks as she crouches in front of Bo. 'Do?' Bo asks, confused. 'Your special thing. Your special power' Magik explains, turning away to hide the tears in her eyes. Suddenly, the large mass inside the cave appears behind Bo – that large mass being a hairy, growling monster, and Bo begins to cry again, before suddenly, the light around her transforms into bands of red energy that lash out, striking Kitty and Magik.

There is darkness, then Kitty wakes. She sees that Illyana is still out cold, and looks over to where Bo is sitting outside the cave. 'Bo, are you all right?' Kitty asks. 'AIE!' Bo screams, releasing some flickers of colored light. 'Sorry' Kitty tells her as she edges closer to Bo, assuring her that they have not come to hurt her. 'We're here to get you of here' Kitty tells her. 'So sorry' Bo responds. 'I know' Kitty tells her. 'I hurt you. So sorry' Bo remarks again. Kitty tells Bo that she can help her with that, but Bo replies that she hurt people, like her mother. 'It's not your fault. You don't know how to control this yet' Kitty assures Bo. 'My father. Bring me here. To die?' Bo asks. 'And he was wrong to do that' Kitty responds. 'No' Bo replies. Kitty promises Bo that her father was wrong, and informs her that they can bring her somewhere with other kids, like her, who also have powers. 'Me? Powers?' Bo asks as some blue lights flicker around her. 'Yes. What you do. It's a power. A mutant power. You have powers' Kitty explains. 'Like mighty Thor?' Bo smiles. 'Something like that' Kitty smiles back, before there is a roar, and several monsters rush towards the cave. 'Well, that's enough of that!' Magik exclaims, as a portal opens around her and she thrusts her Soulsword forwards.

An instant later, Magik, Kitty and Bo arrive on the front lawn of the Jean Grey School. 'Good morning, Kitty' Storm calls out as she and Nightcrawler approach them. 'What have we here?' Storm asks. 'Brand new mutant' Kitty reports. 'Yes, I see. What does she do?' Storm asks. 'Those ribbons... hurt' Magik replies. Kitty explains that she was phasing and the ribbons still went right through her, she was out for hours and feels flu-ish 'I think they paralyze the system' she explains. 'She shut us down'. Nightcrawler crouches in front of the new mutant and smiles, asking her what her name is. Bo leans back away from Nightcrawler, as Kitty tells him that her name is Bo and she is very tired and hungry and that he is scaring the bejeebus out of her. Nightcrawler frowns, while Kitty assures Bo that she is safe here. 'These are my friends and they are your friends'. Storm introduces herself as Ororo and takes Bo's hand as she leads her inside. 'You so beautiful' Bo tells Storm 'You're already my new favorite student' Storm replies. Bo looks back at Magik and Kitty, then rushes over to them.

'Thank you for getting me' she tells them. Kitty and Magik crouch down and hug Bo. 'Welcome to the X-Men. Hope you sur-' Magik begins. 'You'll do great' she tells Bo, who then rushes back towards Storm.

'You were right. We did need that' Kitty tells Magik, who replies that she misses their friendship. 'You don't have to, goofball. It's always there' Kitty replies, putting a hand on Illyana's arm. 'Not like before. I miss you and I miss my brother. I miss those days' Illyana admits. Arms around each other, they walk towards the entrance of the Jean Grey School, 'Well... let's change that right now. Let's make new days. Let's find your brother' Kitty suggests.

Characters Involved: 

Kitty Pryde, Magik (both X-Men)

Nightcrawler, Storm (both X-Men at the Jean Grey School)




Story Notes: 

Magik teleported herself and Kitty away from the New Xavier School during an argument between Cyclops and the students last issue.

A possible art error – on panel four of the final page, Kitty's shadowed form watches Bo run towards Storm and says 'You were right. We did need that'. Panel seven has Kitty and Magik walking towards the entrance to the jean Grey School, but that same shadowed image from panel four remains.

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