Vision and the Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #6

Issue Date: 
March 1986
Story Title: 
No Strings Attached

Steve Engleheart (Writer), Richard Howell (Penciler), Frank Springer (Inker), Parker & Oakley (Letterers), Adam Philips (Colorist), Jim Salicrup (Editor), Jim Shooter (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

It’s Thanksgiving, and Wanda and the Vision are throwing a party. The guests include Quicksilver, Crystal and Luna, Captain America, the Wasp and Sub-Mariner, Dr. Strange, Martha Williams, Norm Webster, Glamor and Illusion. Everyone is having a splendid time getting to know each other, when none other than Magneto shows up. Quicksilver argues with his sister about whether it was right or not to invite their father, Captain America marvels at the idea of the three main members of the original Invaders being present, though the Vision has to disappoint him by explaining that he has none of the Human Torch’s memories, while Martha Williams enjoys hearing everyone’s adventures. Norm Webster is curious about Crystal and tries to get to know her, before dinner is served. During the dinner, many guests think about the horrible things Magneto has done to them in the past, and after dinner the three Avengers and Dr. Strange take their leave. Magneto requests some time with Wanda, who agrees. Magneto tells Wanda that he wants her acceptance, but she replies that she cannot simply give it after all he has done to her, that it must be earned. The conversation becomes heated, though is interrupted by the arrival of Holly Ladonna, who wanted to talk with Wanda. Magneto storms off, and heads into space, before returning almost as soon as he left, startling Martha who was talking with her “son” the Vision. Magneto takes aside Quicksilver and the Vision and informs them that he wants their help, as they are under attack - by the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Naturally, the three are confused, for as Magneto, Quicksilver, Toad and Mastermind attack them, they think something must be awry. A fierce battle follows in which they learn that only the Toad is really present, the rest are all synthetics the Toad created with technology he stole from the Stranger. Before the Toad can escape with his replicas, Quicksilver changed into the costume of his dupe and takes the Toad out. Magneto tells his son and son-in-law that Wanda must not learn of this battle as he doesn’t want her to think he was trying to win her over, and upon returning to the party, the Wanda reveals that she is going to begin teaching magic to Holly Ladonna.

Full Summary: 

A small rocket sweeps up off the crater floor of the Moon, swirling clouds of moonlight-gray dust behind it. The small craft begins its pre-programmed arc towards the beautiful blue Earth below. And somewhere in New Jersey, not far from the spot where Orson Welles set his Martian invasion in “War of the Worlds”, the space craft silently lands. Three figures clamber from it, their heads lifted to smell the unfamiliar air. They leave their space craft and make their way through the early Winter’s fastness to a house - a house we have all seen before, where one fateful moment later, they are greeted by a man known only as…the Vision!

‘Pietro! Crystal! And little Luna! Come in, come! The turkey’s cooking and the party’s in full swing!’ the Vision exclaims to his brother-in-law and his wife and their daughter. Pietro “Quicksilver” Maximoff, his royal wife, Crystalia Amequelin of the Inhumans, and their human child enter the large living area of the Vision and Scarlet Witch’s home, indeed the party is already in full swing with many guests. The Vision offers to take Luna’s flight suit, before pointing out to his in-laws that they already know Captain America and the Wasp of the Avengers, and reveals that the Sub-Mariner has now joined the group. This surprises Quicksilver, who turns to Prince Namor and remarks that he never would have expected him to join a group. ‘The sea is never still - why should life be?’ Namor replies.

Captain America approaches Quicksilver, a former Avenger also, and tells him that they haven’t seen each other for a long time. Crystal smiles and tells Cap that they didn’t know he was going to be here. Cap explains that Wanda invited all the Avengers, but that the others were all on personal missions. Janet Van Dyne a.k.a. the winsome Wasp gets up from the sofa and exclaims that, personally, she would never miss thanksgiving in the country. Pietro acknowledges Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange and asks him if he has also joined the Avengers. Strange replies that he hasn’t, explaining that he is Wanda’s physician during her pregnancy.

The Vision introduces his in-laws to Glynis and Ilya Zarkov, otherwise known as Glamor and Illusion, who are their neighbors. Quicksilver reveals he knows who they are, and remarks that as he was born with the power of swift movement, he has long admired their sleight-oh-hand displays. Glamor thanks Quicksilver, as a well-dressed man approaches Pietro and Crystal and introduces himself as Norm Webster, the man who sold Wanda her new house. An elderly woman joins in, revealing that she is Martha Williams, mother of Wonder Man and the Vision. ‘You’ll have to explain that one to me!’ Crystal asks Martha, who answers ‘If you’ll explain to me how you live on the Moon, Crystal!’ ‘I want to hear both these stories!’ Norm declares.

Suddenly, Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. the mighty Scarlet Witch approaches her brother and kisses him on the cheek, glad that he is here, she tells him she was afraid he would get caught up with his Militia work or something. Wanda greets her sister-in-law, before kneeling down to say hello to her niece, Luna. Luna hides behind her mother as Crystal points out that Luna is still shy around people she doesn’t know. Suddenly, the doorbell chimes again. Wanda and the Vision glance at each other, before the door is opened, and everyone gathers around, as an elderly man enters, ‘Good afternoon, everyone…men call me - Magneto!’

Crystal glances at her husband as Wanda greets her father and allows him inside. Everyone in the room tenses up, before anxiously returning to the living room. Magneto thanks the Vision, before approaching Quicksilver, Cryst and Luna. Pietro and Magneto greet each other, before Magneto holds out a gift which he has brought for his granddaughter. Luna however just huddles into her mother. Crystal tells Magneto not to think anything of it, and explains that Luna is shy. Magneto looks away, for although he is a man, a mutant man, who has entered this warm and cheerful home, he is a man whose difference from all other men cannot be seen, but before he entered, his reputation preceded him.

Quicksilver turns to his sister and asks if he could see how the delicious smelling turkey is doing, hinting that he wants to get her alone. The twins enter Wanda’s kitchen, and Pietro exclaims ‘You didn’t tell me he was coming!’ Wanda explains that it was a last minute thing, adding that they told everyone else about the baby but she couldn’t put it off anymore, adding that when she phoned Magneto, it was so close to Thanksgiving that she couldn’t not invite him. Wanda reminds Pietro that he said he accepted Magneto as their father, to which Pietro mutters that living on the Moon he always knows when to expect Magneto, before telling Wanda that this puts a completely different complexion on her party. ‘How kind of you to say!’ Wanda snaps back.

Pietro asserts that it does, and remarks that a biological “moment” a generation ago when Magneto fathered them does not out weigh the time he enslaved them in his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Wanda replies that at that time Magneto didn’t know they were his children, anymore than they themselves did. ‘Nevertheless, it was extremely inconsiderate of you not to warn me!’ Quicksilver exclaims. Tears in her eyes, Wanda apologizes, to which Pietro asks her why she is crying. Wanda replies that she just does sometimes, that it is something to do with her changing hormones. ‘I don’t want to hear about it!’ Quicksilver declares before marching back out to the party.

Back in the lounge, the Sub-Mariner asks the Vision how he has enjoyed his departure from the Avengers’ ranks. The Vision replies that his thoughts have, naturally, been occupied with their expected child, so he hasn’t really thought about the Avengers - except for the West Coast branch, where his brother is. Captain America snaps his fingers and exclaims excitedly that ‘Speaking of old groups’, he just had the wildest thought. Cap remarks that the synthezoid body of the Vision once belonged to the original Human Torch, although the Vision is an entirely different person, without the Torch’s memories, ‘But if you had them, we’d have the three main members of the Invaders here!’

Namor smiles, ‘By Neptune’s Trident! I never realized - but that’s true! You survived after World War II by being frozen, I simply age at a much slower rate than surface dwellers - and this android body was rebuilt!’ The Vision tells Captain America that it is an interesting idea, but that the rebuilding of this android body did destroy the Torch’s personality completely, ‘So I cannot see myself as anyone but myself! If this body fought beside you two in the 1940’s, I didn’t!’ Nevertheless, the Vision silently agrees that it is an interesting idea.

Across the room, Glamor and Illusion keep watchful eyes on Magneto, while Martha Williams remarks that it is certainly interesting “hob-nobbing” with super heroes after trying to ignore the wars between her sons for so long. Martha then asks the Wasp if she has any children. Janet, holding a martini, smiles and exclaims that she and Hank never accomplished that, before revealing that they are now divorced. Martha begins to apologize, but Janet tells her not to, and informs Martha that Hank is affiliated with the West Coast branch, where her son Wonder Man is, ‘And I’m Chairwoman of out East Coast group!’ Janet adds that neither she nor Hank has time for kids, before explaining that Hank did build one once…. ‘Well, I never had conversations like this at the bridge club!’ Martha laughs.

Nearby, Norm Webster stands with Crystal and little Luna, and asks Crystal if she doesn’t get lonely living on the moon. ‘Not at all!’ Crystal replies, explaining that they are no more accessible than when the Great Refuge was in the Himalayas, and adds that she is used to being alone. Norm points out that Crystal is married and also now a mother. Crystal tells Norm that is correct, before remarking that Pietro does spend too much time with his Militia, ‘Right darling?’ she asks as Quicksilver joins them. Pietro just grunts in reply.

Illusion decides to speak to Magneto, and remarks that the weather has been remarkably forbearing this Fall. Glamor smiles and asks Magneto if he thinks that they will have a white Christmas. ‘It is possible!’ Magneto replies, before thinking to himself that he was a fool to come here, as his children do not love him and he is fully responsible for that fact. He reminds himself that he has other children to guide now - the New Mutants - and no matter what they think of him, they cannot ignore his authority. However, the New Mutants have gone to visit the group known as Power Pack this holiday, leaving him alone. ‘Better to be alone by one-self than in a crowd’ Magneto decides, when suddenly Wanda and the Vision enter the lounge, with Wanda announcing that dinner is served.

(And just in time too, because even people who love continuity as much as we do are starting to get a little dizzy here) - and Wanda has outdone herself on the feast as everyone gathers around to help themselves.

Several hours later, Dr. Strange exclaims ‘That was wonderful!’ and remarks that no one else in his household appreciates Thanksgiving the way he does. The Sub-Mariner grimaces as he recalls how Magneto tricked him into attacking the X-Men, then threw some machine at him with his powers. The Wasp remembers how Magneto set the X-Men and Avengers against each other, and he would have killed them all if his little slave, the Toad, hadn’t turned on him, fed up with the constant abuse. Martha Williams tells herself that she didn’t realize who Magneto was when he came in without a costume on, and wonders how everyone else can be so calm around him. Magneto looks around at everyone and sips his drink, while Dr. Strange recalls how Magneto nearly destroyed the Defenders.

Shortly, Captain America, Dr. Strange, the Sub-Mariner and the Wasp are all about to take their leave. Cap tells Wanda that the evening has been great, but they have to get back to the Mansion, Avengers business and all. Strange explains that he has some experiments to conduct later tonight, so he will be going as well, while the Wasp assures Wanda that she likes her house, ‘Much better than the old one!’ The Sub-Mariner smiles at Wanda and informs her that he fancied her once, so it is really pleasing to see her so radiant. Wanda smiles back and thanks Namor, assuring him that she is happy - even though she has started to wear a looser costume. ‘On you it looks perfect! Your husband is a lucky man!’

Martha informs everyone that she is going to go help Wanda to clean up, and Crystal decides to accompany her. Glamor kneels by Luna and asks if Luna would like to see some tricks while her mother is busy. Suddenly though, Magneto declares that he would like a moment alone with his daughter, if they do not mind. Nervously, Martha replies ‘No, not at all’ while Crystal exclaims ‘If Wanda…?’ Wanda is standing in the doorway and assures her sister-in-law that it is fine, and tells her father that she will be glad to talk with him.

In the kitchen, Magneto admits to Wanda that he has been a bad father to her, explaining that like the Vision, he came to his humanity late. He points out that he was in no condition to be a father, or a husband, for many years. ‘I was a cause, a vow - not a man!’ Wanda begins to say something, but Magneto asks her to let him speak. He reminds her that in the ‘39-’45 war he suffered the persecution of so many Middle Europeans who failed to qualify as blond Aryan Homo Sapiens. ‘I alone had the power to fight back against the Nazis, and I used it!’ Magneto adds that he swore eternal vengeance of those who seek to destroy the different.

Magneto claims that he struck in behalf of all mutants, that his ideal was pure - nevertheless, he hated the world, and so struck as an “evil mutant”. Magneto tells Wanda that he does not ask forgiveness, for that she must see that he hardly saw her as a person when he held her loyalty in the Brotherhood. Wanda replies that she sees it, and knows that he asks for her acceptance, as he has asked before. ‘But I can’t give my acceptance, Magneto’. Wanda tells Magneto that she remembers how he treated she and Pietro as “non-persons” - exactly the way he was treated - constant cruelty and the threat of death if they disobeyed him. Wanda recalls how Magneto saved Pietro and she from a crowd which had become angered by Wanda’s use of her hex power. ‘Whoever you are - I owe you my life!’ Wanda said to Magneto long ago, ‘And you held that debt over me like a club!’ she reminds him.

Wanda reminds Magneto that he told she and her brother that they are Homo Superior, born to rule the Earth. ‘The humans must be our slaves’ he told them, for the humans are their natural enemies, ‘And together, with our super human powers, we can conquer them all!’ Quicksilver told Magneto that he was not convinced, but that as long as his sister stayed then he would too, for he has no love for humans either.

Wanda stands up from her chair and declares ‘Freeing ourselves of you was the greatest moment in out lives - greater even, I think, than our joining the Avengers!’ Wanda tells Magneto that if he wants her acceptance, then he is going to have to do a lot more than ask for it. Wanda begins to tell her father that she will not deny him his right as her child’s grandfather, when Magneto suddenly tells Wanda that she is hysterical. ‘I have a right to be!’ Wanda snaps back.

Suddenly, there is a knock at the kitchen door that leads outside. ‘Hello? Is anyone there?’ a young woman calls. Wanda opens the door, and for a moment is unsure who stands before her, when she realizes it is the girl from the library - who also happens to be the one who was caught up in the ghost sheet debacle. The young woman introduces herself as Holly Ladonna and explains that she wished to talk with Wanda, but can see that she is busy. Wanda glances back at a scowling Magneto, and tells Holly that she is not busy.

Back in the living room, Illusion plays a musical instrument for his wife, Quicksilver and Luna, while the Vision chats with his mother, and Crystal eagerly talks with Norm Webster. Magneto suddenly storms out of the kitchen, slamming the door, he then takes his coat and as everyone watches him, he flies out of Wanda’s home and into the air, unbeknownst to himself, he is also being watched by a quartet of strangely familiar beings. However, soon, Magneto turns and flies back down to his daughters home.

Inside, the Vision remarks to Martha that both he and Wanda found their parents unexpectedly, but that his mother and Wanda’s father couldn’t be anymore different! Martha exclaims that she is probably being silly after her son became the Grim Reaper, but Magneto really frightened her, ‘Are there any more surprises hidden in her family, Vision?!’ Martha asks. The Vision begins to reply, but Martha is shocked to see Magneto come up behind the Vision, asking him if they could speak outside. ‘The way you spoke to my wife?’ Vision asks. Magneto asks the Vision again, and tells Quicksilver to come along too. Both men are unhappy about it, but oblige.

Standing on the front steps of Wanda and the Vision’s house, Quicksilver tells his father that he didn’t like the sound of what transpired in the kitchen. Magneto tells Quicksilver to forget that, and reveals to his son and son-in-law that they are under attack, but he did not want Wanda alarmed. ‘The three of us will have to handle this!’ Quicksilver asks what it is they have to handle, when Magneto points out four beings racing towards them - ‘The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!’ Magneto, Quicksilver, the Toad and Mastermind all rush towards Magneto, Quicksilver and the Vision.

‘But there I am - and you!’ Pietro exclaims upon seeing himself in his original green costume. Pietro exclaims that it must be a trick, when suddenly his earlier self races up and smacks him to the ground. The Vision exclaims that if this is a trick, it is a good one, for the green-garbed Quicksilver is easily as fast as his brother-in-law. Magneto explains that they are all replicas of his original Brotherhood - only Wanda is missing. ‘But are they really our equals?’ he asks, when the other Magneto declares ‘No, weak-willed fool - we are your superiors! We are Homo Superior!’

Magneto uses his powers to gather up some tools and gardening equipment, and draws them close to the impostor, asking him if along with his magnetic powers he has his experience. Blocking the tools with a magnetic shield, the impostor exclaims ‘What is experience save a thorough knowledge of my own and my enemy’s tricks? All that I have and more, old man!’ The impostor Magneto boasts that all of his months of planning and preparation shall now pay off.

The Vision sees that Pietro is having trouble recovering from the blow that his double gave him, so knows he must divert the impostor while the real Pietro gathers himself. As the impostor approaches, the Vision tells him to back away. ‘You slug-like fool! You can hardly move as quickly as an ordinary man! What hope do you have against me?’ the phoney Quicksilver asks. ’We’ll find out, won’t we?’ the Vision replies, ’Yes - and very quickly!’ the green Quicksilver exclaims as he lunges for the Vision, only to pass right through him, as the Vision turned intangible, causing the impostor to crash into the side of the house. The Vision is pleased his plan worked, because it also means he can be certain that these are not mere illusions.

The impostor Quicksilver declares that he is not the domesticated Quicksilver living in a secure refuge surrounded by a light gravity, ‘I am accustomed to this sort of combat - and not so easily stunned when moving at full speed!’ As he races towards the Vision once again, he reveals that he can vibrate his body to make it as ephemeral as the Vision’s - ‘Then we shall meet on an equal footing!’ ‘Why would I want to do that?’ the Vision asks, explaining that he can become both ephemeral and as hard as diamond. He tells the impostor, who smashes into the Vision at full speed, that for someone who acts like the man who fought at his side for years, he should have known that.

With the impostor Quicksilver disposed of, the real Pietro Maximoff thanks the Vision for buying him some time, before getting back to his feet and exclaiming ‘Now let me show you why I was able to hold me own as an Avenger all those years!’ With that, Quicksilver races over to Mastermind, and the creepy old man remarks that he wondered when the outnumbered little band would turn to him - ‘The most dangerous mutant of all!’ Quicksilver suddenly finds himself wandering some strange reality, and although he knows it is just one of Mastermind’s illusions, nevertheless, it is still difficult to overcome.

Both Magnetos find themselves in the strange illusion too, and the impostor remarks ‘You’ve distinguished the name Magneto thus far, old man, but how will you resist me now?’ The real Magneto wonders indeed how he will, for of all those he commanded in his time, Mastermind was the only one he felt glad to have on his side. Magneto knows that Mastermind is one who cause any opponent, ‘Even myself’ to spend his powers on mocking mirages. Magneto knows that the only way to find Mastermind is to attack everyone within his range with amnesia or paralysis, which he can do through control of the iron in blood cells. This is within Magneto’s power, but it is incredibly taxing - but he decides against it, for attacking everyone is not acceptable.

The Vision thinks to himself that although his mind has grown more human, it continues to dwell in a computer - therefore, he doesn’t compute what the others are driven to see. Magneto uses his powers, thinking that there must be another way, when the Vision grabs Mastermind, only for the Toad to leap at Vision, ‘You won’t touch any of my friends, Vision!’ the little mutant exclaims, as the Vision remarks that he had forgotten all about the Toad. The Vision recalls Wanda telling him how Magneto always kept Toad around only to lick his boots, for the Toad’s only power was the ability to hop - which, granted, he does well.

As the Vision is knocked to the ground by the Toad, he realizes that there is something else going on, and the Toad declares that the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is destined to rule the world. ‘Magneto has said so and I believe every word!’ The Vision leaps up and grabs Toad, before calling to Magneto and telling him that he is going to touch his right shoulder. The Vision explains to Magneto that wherever he sees him, he needs to draw the blood from the head of the creature that he is holding. Magneto, still trapped in the illusion, sees the Vision holding a green reptile-like creature, and does as the Vision asked him.

In an instant, the illusion ends, and the phony Magneto, Mastermind and Quicksilver all fall to the ground, while the real Magneto, Quicksilver and Vision are left standing over the Toad. ‘The Toad!? That pitiful excuse for a mutant!’ Magneto exclaims looking at his former lackey. The Vision reveals to Magneto that once before, when he and Wanda were on their honeymoon, and Pietro had left the Avengers, the Toad attacked the Avengers with machines he had stolen from the Stranger. The Vision explains that as soon as he turned his mind to the Toad, he pulled the data from his internal copy of the Avengers’ computers records, adding that if wasn’t absent when the fight occurred with the Avengers, then he would have suspected the Toad immediately.

The Vision tells Magneto that last time, the machines created illusions, but this time the Toad seems to have mastered synthetics. ‘You talk about me like I’m a child!’ the Toad exclaims, surprising Magneto that he is awake already, and asks him what it was the possessed ‘someone like you’ to try something like this. ‘Love, master!’ the Toad replies, ‘Love for my old compatriot the Scarlet Witch!’ The Toad exclaims that the Vision is right, that he was driven to fury when he learned the Scarlet Witch had married, and again when he learned that she was going to have a baby. ‘I never ever expected she would do that with him!’

Magneto exclaims that the Toad seems as obnoxious as ever ‘And as unimaginative to try a trick so similar to one which had already failed!’ ‘Do you really think so, master?’ the Toad asks, before suddenly a small space ship above him sends down an energy shield to protect the Toad. ‘Guess again, old man!’ the Toad exclaims, while the Vision wonders where the ship came from. Magneto remarks that it has no magnetic parts, otherwise he would have sensed it. ‘That’s right! I’ve outsmarted you after all, you big oafs!’ the toad boasts.

Toad declares that he told the Avengers last time that he plundered the Stranger’s planet, so now he has devices no one on Earth’s ever dreamed of, and he has learned to use a lot of them by now. ‘I am the “obnoxious Toad” no longer! I am now the Terrible Toad-King - and I rule our evil mutants!’ the Toad boasts, excitedly exclaiming that even his synthetic Magneto ‘Where I once cringed and cowered, I now rule!’ The Toad then calls his synthetic replicas over to his side, and the energy beam enables them to pass through.

Magneto tells the Toad that for he - or anyone - to tinker with machines designed for the Stranger is to invite disaster on an unimaginable scale. ‘Not for someone as determined as I am!’ the toad replies, before exclaiming that he swore a vow to destroy those who persecuted him for his differences - not only the X-Men and the Avengers, ‘But mutants like you who disdained me - and I have thought of nothing else for years now! I know those machines like the back of my hand!’

The Toad asks how else he could have created a Magneto with powers to match the real, or a Quicksilver - suddenly, the green-clad Quicksilver punches the Toad across the face. The Vision realizes that it is the real Pietro, who explains that during the time of the illusion, he finished off the work the Vision had begun on his counterpart and realized that unlike the two Magneto’s, their costumes were virtually identical, so he only needed to change at super speed from blue to green.

The Vision remarks that it has been a long time since he has seen Pietro in action, so this was enjoyable - even if he had to see two of him! The Vision turns to Magneto and tells him that he owes him a great debt for the warning, adding that he hopes this will improve relations between he and Wanda. But Magneto tells the Vision that Wanda must not be told of his part in this battle. Naturally, the Vision asks why, to which Magneto explains that Wanda told him he must earn her acceptance, and suspects that she will think he fought in this battle to accomplish that.

Magneto remarks that he does not espouse the ideals that this man did - but he is still Magneto, meaning he does not grovel, nor seek to gain favor - and neither must he be perceived as doing so. ‘I have sworn a new vow - to gain the world’s acceptance! Let my conduct there earn my daughter’s respect - and my son’s!’ Magneto places a hand on Quicksilver’s shoulder, before taking off into the air once more, calling back ‘Tell Wanda she prepared an excellent Thanksgiving!’

Shortly, Vision and Pietro, back in his blue costume, return through the kitchen, and Wanda tells them it is about time they got back, as Glynis and Ilya are ready to leave. When she asks them if there was a problem with her father, they both reply that there wasn’t. ‘That’s good!’ Wanda exclaims, before motioning to Holly, who is doing some dishes, and tells Vision that he surely must remember his “Ghost”, and reveals that Holly would like to learn some witchcraft, so she has agreed to teach her.

Wanda remarks that Agatha Harkness told her last month that she has lost her edge in magick, and agrees with her, so teaching Holly will be a good way to keep herself in shape while she loses her physical prowess. ‘After all, you never know what’ll happen next around here!’ Wanda jokes. Vision and Quicksilver look at each other, ‘Uh, no…’ ‘You never do!’

Characters Involved: 

Scarlet Witch & Vision

Quicksilver & Crystal

Luna Maximoff

Martha Williams

Glamor & Illusion

Norm Webster

Holly Ladonna

Captain America, Sub-Mariner, Wasp (all Avengers)

Dr. Strange


Artificial life forms of Mastermind I, Magneto & Quicksilver (all Brotherhood of Evil Mutants)

In Flashback Images:

Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver


Story Notes: 

The Avengers is not the only group that Namor has been affiliated with, he is also a founding member of the infamous “non-team”, the Dynamic Defenders, serving alongside the likes of Dr. Strange, Hellcat, the Hulk, Valkyrie and Nighthawk.

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s opinions of their father Magneto change over the coming years, and a sort-of reverse speech from each of them can be seen in Avengers (3rd series) #25)

The “child” that Hank Pym built is of course the diabolical robot villain known as Ultron.

Wanda and Quicksilver were unwilling members of the original Brotherhood of Mutants from their first appearance, in X-Men (1st series) #4, until they quit in X-Men (1st series) #11. They went on to join the Avengers in Avengers (1st series) #16, and the Scarlet Witch in particular became one of the core members of the team, also becoming one of the only respected mutants in the world. They both affiliated themselves several times with Magneto in later years, most notably when Quicksilver joined Magneto’s court on Genosha, and some years earlier, when the Scarlet Witch went made after losing her son and children.

Holly Ladonna first appeared, unnamed, in Vision & Scarlet Witch (1st series) #1, then in Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #4 at the library Wanda went to, and in #5, finally named when Vision went to track down the ghost sheet.

The Toad attacked the Avengers with machines stolen from the Stranger in Avengers (1st series) #138.

Wanda was reunited with a deceased Agatha Harkness in Vision & Scarlet Witch (2nd series) #3-5.

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