Weapon X (2nd series) #2

Issue Date: 
December 2002
Story Title: 
The Hunt for Sabretooth - part 2

Frank Tieri (writer), Georges Jeanty (penciler), Dexter Vines (inker), Tom Chu’s Color Dojo (colors), Paul Tutrone (letterer), Mike Raicht and Nova Red Suma (assistant editors), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Marrow is sent to a country in South America to assassinate it’s president during a soccer game. She succeeds, but is spotted by the crowd and chased by a mob. Mesmero, serving as her back-up, saves her by hypnotizing the crowd into believing that an old man was the killer. While the crowd attacks the poor guy, Mesmero asks Marrow to kiss him but she repeats her earlier vow of never touching him again. Aurora tries to seduce the Director again and he almost gives in, but then reminds himself to not let himself get distracted from his true goal. He sends Aurora and Wild Child on a mission to recruit a teleporter, hoping that their special romantic history won’t cause any problems. However it does. Once they arrive at the cabin of the teleporter, Aurora claims that she is in charge, and against better reasons enters first and doesn’t take Wild Child’s warnings seriously. It turns out to be a trap set by Sabretooth, there never was a teleporter to recruit. Aurora is seriously injured and Sabretooth forces Wild Child to watch the whole time. When Weapon X finds him he is in shock. The Director decides to end this once and for all and calls in Agent Zero and sends him after Sabretooth. Meanwhile Agent Jackson discovers that Sauron leaves at night to drain people of their life energies. Jackson taunts him that the Director would not approve, but then offers his help in order to gain Sauron’s loyalty.

Full Summary: 

Disguised as a regular fan, Marrow enters a soccer stadium somewhere in South America on her first big assignment for Weapon X. She is slightly annoyed by the setting of the mission, as she would have preferred a casino in Monte Carlo or a beach of the French Riviera. Looking at the other people trying to get into the stadium, Marrow thinks that it’s no wonder soccer never caught on in the US. She is searched for weapons by one of the porters, but he gets a little too friendly and Marrow grabs his wrist, placing him in great pain. As she proceeds into the stadium she mumbles to herself that he is quite lucky that she has got things to do, or otherwise she would be taking the hand home as a souvenir.

After the game has started, Marrow gives herself a run-down of her situation. The seats are comfortable, way too many humans around, but at least there are a few cute soccer players on the field. Using a pair of binoculars she observes the game for a while, but then slightly twists to the left to get a good view of the president sitting in a VIP lounge, enthusiastically watching the game. He is her target.

Marrow uses her powers to create a blowpipe and dart made out of bone, while thinking about the strange turns her life has taken: from anti-human terrorist to outlaw super hero to government agent. She then decides that it is simply the price for getting her good looks back and thinks how the dictator has double-crossed the US, so he deserves to die. Marrow hides the blowpipe in the sleeve of her jacket, and watching the game through her binoculars she wait for the right time. The moment a goal is scored, Marrow uses the blowpipe to send a dart into the president’s neck. She observes him sinking into his seat and knows her job is done, but when she removes the binoculars she sees that the whole stadium is looking at her. She had not counted on them turning back from the goal that soon. Two security guards run up to Marrow, but she jumps on them and turning her fingers into claws, she rips open their guts. More security guards arrive and open fire on her. Marrow is forced to flee.

Outside the stadium, Mesmero is sitting in a sportscar. He enjoys looking at two girls fondle each other, of course because they are under his thrall. Mesmero tells them that they are going to have lots of fun later in his hotel room, but then Marrow arrives, shouting for help. Mesmero complains a moment about how everybody is dependant on him. He rises out of his seat and gazes at the angry mob, putting them all under mind-control. Mesmero manipulates them into thinking that an old man was the murderer of their beloved president. As the crowd starts attacking the old man, Mesmero asks Marrow whether she is going to kiss him. Marrow tells him that she swore she would never touch him again. Mesmero complains about her ingratitude and the two leave by car.

Back at the Weapon X compound, the Director types up a report about their mission, noting that everything goes well, only Mesmero’s arrogance is a minor problem. However some other matter really concerns him. He opens another file. It‘s about Sabretooth who killed several potential recruits by now, amongst them the teleporter Locus. Many have been found dead, others have not been found at all. The Director wonders what Sabretooth is planning.

Aurora enters his office and rubs the Director’s shoulders, trying to seduce him again. He calls her by her codename, but Aurora asks him to call her Jeanne-Marie. The Director goes on to tell her that this behavior is very inappropriate and that it has to stop. Aurora isn’t convinced that he really means it and leans over for a kiss. At first he responds, but then the Director backs away, although he thinks to himself what the harm would be and how long it has been since he had a woman. The Director then decides to take a different approach and asks Aurora if she thinks that he’s a fool. He thinks to himself that he should let her know that he is the one in charge and that he can’t be distracted from his mission. While he hands her a folder with Aurora’s next assignment, the Director thinks that no matter how many back rubs she gives and belly shirts she wears, he won’t stop keeping his true goal in mind.

For now, Aurora knows she has lost, and she puts on her jacket again. She then complains that she doesn’t want to work with Wild Child, since she thinks that he’s creepy, but the Director coldly replies that he didn’t ask her for her input and dismisses her. As she leaves his office, the Director thinks that if Aurora will continue her foolish games, the only one getting hurt in the end will be she herself. Neither he nor Aurora notice Wild Child, who was hiding in the shadows and overheard everything Aurora said about him.

It’s the middle of the night when Sauron returns to the Weapon X compound. He tries to sneak back in, but he is discovered by Brent Jackson, who asks him where he has been. Sauron tries to come up with an excuse, but Jackson tells him to stop it, he already concluded that he has been draining people again. He asks Sauron how he thinks the Director will respond? Sauron tells him that it’s not like that, but Jackson doesn’t believe him and offers to help him. Sauron is confused since Jackson disapproved of similar behavior displayed by Sabretooth, but Jackson replies that things are different now and he has adapted. As Sauron leaves for his room, Jackson tells him to remember who helped him.

The Director opens a file about their new target: a teleporter called Brad Lyons who lives as a hermit in the mountains in Montana. The databanks have no picture available, but this should not be a problem. However the Director thinks that the rather simple mission might get more complicated because of the romantic history between Aurora and Wild Child.

Aurora and Wild Child arrive at Lyons’ cabin in the middle of a storm. Wild Child walks to the door and begins to sniff at it, but Aurora orders him to get back since she is leading this mission. Aurora enters the cabin first and allows Wild Child to follow her as long as he stays out of her way. She tells the Director over her comm-link that they don’t see anybody, but that Wild Child is acting scared. The Director warns Aurora not to dismiss Wild Child instincts: his senses are second to none and with Sabretooth running around, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Wild Child touches Aurora trying to warn her, but she scolds him for touching her. Then she sees a warning carved on a door, telling her to look behind her. She turns around and sees Sabretooth standing there. The last thing the Director hears over the comm-link is Aurora screaming.

Somewhat later, the Weapon X helicopter arrives at the compound and Aurora is wheeled in on a stretcher. Jackson reports to the Director, confirming that it was Sabretooth and that there was no Brad Lyons, it was simply a fictional character to be used as a trap. Aurora has lost a lot of blood and might not make it through the night. Wild Child is untouched but Sabretooth forced him to watch through the whole thing and he has been sitting in a corner since then. The Director decides that enough is enough. Jackson asks him if he’s thinking the same thing and if the operative in question is not already on a mission? The Director replies that he is recalling him since Sabretooth has become too big of a problem.

On a battlefield, Agent Zero is wandering around when his mobile phone rings. He answers them that he has told them before never to bother him while he is working. He asks them what they want and replies that he is finished anyway. Agent Zero informs them that he can be back two to three days, but when he learns that his next assignment is Sabretooth, he corrects himself that he can be back in one day.

Characters Involved: 

The Director

Agent Brent Jackson

Agent Zero, Aurora, Marrow, Mesmero, Sauron, Wild Child (all agents of Weapon X)

Sabretooth, former Agent turned traitor

medical staff and scientists of Weapon X Project

crowd at the soccer stadium, including players, fans, security staff and an unnamed dictator

Story Notes: 

Marrow was a member of the terrorist group Gene Nation, but later found a new home among the X-Men. Her departure, set somewhen in the six-months gap was never fully explained.

In Weapon X : The Draft – Marrow, Mesmero used his power on Marrow to have sex with her. Once she found out his true identity she vowed to never touch him again.

The Director‘s file shows the faces of the people Sabretooth killed, but besides Locus, they are no established characters among them.

When Sauron mentions Agent Jackson’s disapproval of Sabretooth’s murderous behavior, he refers to Deadpool: Agent of Weapon X #3 / Deadpool (3rd series) #59.

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