Weapon X (2nd series) #26

Issue Date: 
September 2004
Story Title: 
Man and Monster - part 1: Ragging the Elephant

Frank Tieri (writer), Tom Mandrake (pencils), Brad Anderson (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Andy Park (cover), Stephanie Moore & Cory Sedlmeier (assistant editors), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Sabretooth’s employer, Megacorp, gives him his next mission: he has to kill his former boss, Mr. Sinister. Sabretooth accepts the job, finding it a piece of cake. After getting a quick history brief on Sinister’s past and current guise of Dr. Windsor, Sabretooth decides to go for it. Meanwhile, Dr. Windsor is still at it and is now the head of the Center for Homo Superior Medical Care. He convinces that a mutant’s parents that there boy, Louis, is soon to die. The parents decide to let their boy be and leave. Sinister’s happy with his new test object and tells Scalphunter to move it to their faculty. Sabretooth makes it in but Sinister orders his new employee, Hans, to take care of him. Sabretooth and Hans fight, and Hans is the apparent winner of the fight by burning up Sabretooth’s body.

Full Summary: 

Late last night, Satan’s Circus…

In a bar, four guys are playing poker. The Constrictor tells his buddies that he likes the She-Hulk best as a woman. Another guy jokes that how the Constrictor’s in the mean and green. The guy himself doesn’t know himself, thinking he likes Sue Storm best. But he doesn’t know how she got ended up with that doof husband of hers. Typhoid Mary likes Daredevil best. She rethinks, as she hates the man. She considers Thor, with all that blond hair and muscles on top of muscles. She again rethinks and finds Nick Fury the cutest, because she has a thing for that eye patch of his. But she doesn’t seem to like him either, and finds Daredevil the best guy for her. Constrictor angrily tells her to make up her crazy mind and asks Victor who’s it for her. Sabretooth shows his face, saying that it’s Jean Grey for him. Mary doesn’t understand, as she thought that she was dead. Sabretooth says she is, and has won the game.

Everybody finds it sick, but Creed finds that at least he’s consistent. They agree, as Sabretooth’s consistently kicking their butts all night. And it’s not like Sabretooth needs it, with all that money he’s getting from freelancing for Megacorp. Constrictor almost forgot, saying that they welcome Sabretooth back in the respectable ranks of the hired goons. Mary jokes about it, because she thought that Weapon X had a might tight leash on Creed. She jokingly asks if Creed ran away from home or something. Sabretooth grabs Mary, finding her funny, and she knows what he usually does to funny. But, then again, Sabretooth thinks, in Mary’s case, he might be doing her a favor killing her. Mary pulls out a knife against Sabretooth’s throat, otherwise thinking that maybe he can finally be “fixed.”

Constrictor warns them to keep it down, as the management of Satan’s Circus wants fights outside… or else! Sabretooth pushes Mary away, telling Constrictor that he doesn’t need to be reminded of the rules, as he’s going to this bar before any of them was born. But there are no exeptions made here. Sabretooth realizes who’s saying this, and gets a headache when he thinks of it. Peepers shows up, saying that no violence is allowed here in Satan’s Circus. Every mercenary, assassin, crook, criminal and other scum are supposed to all get along. Sabretooth tells Peepers to keep himself shut and not forget who got him a job here in the first place. Constrictor jokes that Sabretooth must regret that now. Peepers asks if Sabretooth wants another beer, but he was just finishing off and throws his beer over Peepers’ head. Mary can’t believe that Creed is bailing on them now. Sabretooth says he is, because he is already late for his appointment, and leaves.

Sabretooth makes it to Megacorp’s headquarters, his new employer. Sabretooth can’t believe that they’ve already got a new job for him. The director of Megacorp, Tomes, welcomes Sabretooth in, saying they most certainly do. Tomes gets up from his chair, wanting to be the first to shake hands with Sabretooth after that last job he has done for him. Sabretooth isn’t impressed and refuses to take the hand. Tomes withdraws, saying that handshakes are overrated anyway. He cuts to the chase, asking Sabretooth if he had any problems with the check he received. Sabretooth says it’s hard to have a problem with that check.

Tomes tells Sabretooth that if he keeps doin work for Megacorp, like when he acquired the discs from the Weapon X Program, that check will be just a drop in the bucket. Sabretooth, while quickly eating all the candy Tomes has on his deck, finds that only right, because now Megacorp has all information available on pretty much every mutant on the planet. Sabretooth doesn’t know why they want that and he doesn’t care either. Tomes says that Creed knows that they agreed that no questions were asked. Sabretooth, still eating candy, says he knows. Tomes knows that, which is why he needs to discuss making their situation a more permanent one, unless Sabretooth is still attached to the Weapon X Program, which doesn’t suit in his next assignment.

Sabretooth makes it clear to Tomes that his “spy versus spy” days are over. Michael Grand, the head of Megacorp, comes into the room, saying that’s exactly what they wanted to hear. Grand explains to Sabretooth that Tomes speaks to no end of his “special talents” and he hope that monster hunting is among them. Sabretooth gets up and asks for an explanation. Grand puts on a television screen and begins explaining the mission. Sabretooth’s assignment will be to hunt down one of the greatest monsters the world has ever known: Doctor Nathaniel Essex! Sabretooth can only stare at the picture, not too surprised. Grand is aware that Sabretooth shares a past with Sinister, which is what makes him the best candidate for the task. But even a former associate to Essex like Creed knows what an enigma he is, how it is impossible to know everything about the man.

Grand reveals that he knows something about Essex that is rather horrifying. Grand shows picture from a concentration camp and people trapped in it. Grand explains that Essex has set up his own private concentration camp during World War II. In the camp, monstrous experiments and crimes against humanity were the business of the day. Grand knows this because he was once imprisoned in it. Grand shows Creed his legs, and most of the flesh and bones are out of them. Grand reveals that he has to thank Sinister for this. Over the years, Grand managed to learn that Sinister smuggled himself into America shortly after the war in the Far East, changing identities as another man might change his trousers. Grand believes that his current guise is one Sabretooth is familiar with from his days in Weapon X, namely one Doctor Robert Windsor.

Sabretooth tells Grand that he has all the right info all right. But there is one problem, as the Weapon X Program seems to be gone, without any explanation, Windsor included. Grand says that isn’t so and reveals a picture of Windsor and Scalphunter stepping out of his car. Grand believes that Weapon X may have vanished, but not Windsor. Grand shows a picture of the Center for Homo Superior Medical Care, where Windsor is the head of. And Sabretooth’s assignment will be paying and old visit to his boss. Grand says that’s basically it and asks Creed if he’s up to it. Sabretooth finds it a piece of cake.

Meanwhile, Windsor tells some parents that it is a tough decision to make, but it really is the right one to make, for them, but most of all, for Louis. Each day, it gets harder and harder for Louis to breathe on his own. His mutant power freezes the air in his lungs. The only reason he’s still alive is because he lies in the heated tank, but that won’t hold him much longer. Now it’s the time for the parents to make the best decision they could make. The father sees the point, asking if they at least can say good-bye. Windsor lets them have a moment, and asks his employee, Hans, to let them out. Hans shows the sad parents the way out. Windsor finds it so sad, yet so necessary and changes form from Windsor… to Mr. Sinister.

Sinister tells himself that Louis Dodson has the potential to be one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. Sinister wonders if he should be allowed to rot away here with his parents and gasp his final breaths away, or should he be given every chance to achieve that potential. Scalphunter shows up from the back, telling the boss he thinks that Dodson should stay with him. Sinister tells Scalphunter that he didn’t ask for his opinion and orders him to prepare the portable tent, so they can take Louis with them. Scalphunter asks why he has to do it and not Hans. Sinister walks away, telling Scalphunter because he asked him to.

Outside, Sabretooth has asked a nurse for directions. The nurse shows him the way, asking Sabretooth if Windsor has ever treated him before. Sabretooth says that could be said. The nurse tells Creed that Windsor is doing wonderful work here, as there is no other place where mutants with powers that adversely affect their well-being can get for help. With a smile on his face, Sabretooth answers her that they can better go anyplace but here. The nurse doesn’t understand and arrives at Windsor’s office. Sabretooth tells her to leave, but she asks if Windsor is expecting him. Sabretooth knocks the woman out, saying he isn’t, and smashes open Windsor’s door. Sabretooth sarcastically tells the doc that he has fur where he shouldn’t have fur, and asks if he can do something to help him.

Sinister looks up, not too surprised that their old friend has decided to visit them. Sabretooth warns Sinister that he can play doctor all he wants, but now there is a price on his head that he tends to collect. Sinister can only laugh at that. Sinister turns his back to Sabretooth, saying he always did found him amusing. Scalphunter points his gun to Sabretooth, telling him to be calm. Sabretooth tells Scalphunter to back off before he knocks him out. Sinister tells Scalphunter that he can go, because Hans will take care of it. Hans shows up and gives Sabretooth a hard punch on the head from behind. Sabretooth falls down and Sinister tells Hans to take it outside, as they have delicate patients and equipment here. Hans does as told and smashes Sabretooth through the window.

Scalphunter wants to follow, but Sinister calls him back, with confidence that Hans will take care of it, and Scalphunter has a patient to move. Outside, Hans hardly smashes Sabretooth on a roof. Sabretooth gets up, wondering where Sinister found this guy. Sabretooth can’t believe it, but Hans comes at him at full speed and Sabretooth can only just in time jump to safety. Hans and Sabretooth take an angrily look at each other and Sabretooth tries to punch Hans a few times. Hans uses his super-speed to dodge the attacks and again uses his super-speed to punch Sabretooth really hard a few times. Sabretooth falls down, now realizing it was because of the super-speed that Hans could sneak up on him like that.

Hans lifts Sabretooth up by the throat. Sabretooth tries to get himself free, telling Hans that he should have never brought the fight to such close quarters. Sabretooth bites and slashes Hans with his claws, all over Hans’ body. Eventually, Hans falls down. Sabretooth, thinking he killed him, thinks to himself that he better rethink how he goes after Sinister next time if he’s got guys like this working for him, as Hans was tough. As Sabretooth walks away, he doesn’t notice Hans getting up.

Sabretooth turns around, and can’t believe that he’s up again after that attack. This must mean that he’s got a healing factor, too! Sabretooth punches Hans again, wondering what comes next after the super-strength, speed, flight and healing factor. Hans opens his eyes, which turn red, and an optic beam comes out of them. The beam hits Sabretooth devastatingly. Sabretooth falls down, his body burning up, and Hans stands over him triumphantically.

Characters Involved: 

Sabretooth (escaped Weapon X agent)

Dr. Robert Windsor/Mr. Sinister

Hans, Scalphunter (all Marauders)


Typhoid Mary

The Constrictor

other customers at Satan’s Circus

Mr. Tomes (Director of Megacorp)

Michael Grand (Head of Megacorp)

Louis Dodson

mother and father of Louis

unnamed nurse and doctor working at the Center for Homo Superior Medical Care

unnamed mutants at the Center for Homo Superior Medical Care

on Grand’s pictures

Mr. Sinister/Dr. Robert Windsor/Nathan Milbury/other disguises of Sinister
Harpoon, Vertigo, Sabretooth, Scalphunter (all Marauders)

Michael Grand and other prisinors at Sinister’s WWII concentration camp

Story Notes: 

Sabretooth escaped the Weapon X Program after his defeat at the hands of Marrow in Weapon X (2nd series) #12.

This issue reveals Dr. Windsor’s first name to be Robert. Earlier issues gave away Windsor’s first name as “Charles.”

Mr. Sinister having a concentration camp in World War II was already seen in Weapon X (2nd series) #14. There he created N-2, a "clone" to the Sub-Mariner, who was eventually defeated by the Invaders, which liberated the camp. Sinister got out before the Invaders arrived. The camp again could be seen in Weapon X (2nd series) #23, in which The Professor finds Mr. Sinister's diary.

This issue reveals that Scalphunter’s first name is “James” and not “John,” as revealed in Weapon X (2nd series) #14.

Sabretooth once had to free Wolverine and Beast from the Vault prison in order to get Wolverine convinced to rejoin the Weapon X Program. Peepers had befriended the two X-Men at the time and managed to escape as well. [Wolverine (2nd series) #162]

Sabretooth was a member of the Marauders once, first seen in Uncanny X-Men #210.

Jean Grey “died” in New X-Men #150.

Typhoid Mary is mostly a Daredevil enemy.

The Constrictor mostly battles the She-Hulk and the Hulk, though he did fight Gambit once. [Gambit (3rd series) #11]

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