Weapon X (2nd series) #28

Issue Date: 
November 2004
Story Title: 
Man and Monster - conclusion

Frank Tieri (writer), Tom Mandrake (pencils, Brad Anderson (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Andy Park (cover), Stephanie Moore & Sean Ryan (assistant editors), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Scalphunter explains to Sabretooth how Hans and the other Children were created by Mr. Sinister. Scalphunter is afraid that he might die for good, now that Sinister has the Children, and reveals to Sabretooth how to get to Sinister’s secret location. Meanwhile, Sinister himself wants to eliminate Hans because he failed to stop Sabretooth. Suddenly, Sabretooth drops into Sinister’s castle and activates a device installed on his head, which defeats the Children. Sabretooth wants to fight Sinister and bring him to his bosses at MegaCorp. Grand and Tomes show up by themselves and pay Sabretooth with a big amount of money for his services. Sabretooth walks out, while Grand talks to Sinister in private. Grand reveals his true identity: that of John Sublime! Sublime makes a deal with Sinister. Sinister agrees and hands over Hans and the Children to Sublime and, in exchange, gets to take a peek at the mutant files that Sabretooth stole from Weapon X. Afterwards, Sabretooth returns to Satan’s Circus, where Peepers hands him over a note. Sabretooth leaves and drops the note, that reads “Brotherhood.”

Full Summary: 

Scalphunter and Sabretooth go to Satan’s Circus. There, they sit on a table where Scalphunter reveals to Sabretooth how Mr. Sinister created Hans. Scalphunter remembers how long it took Sinister before succeeding in an experiment that even dated back from before World War II. Scalphunter remembers how he and Sinister looked over the just-created Hans, who was, in Sinister’s eyes, supposed to be the perfect mutant. Scalphunter stared in agony at Hans, he says, when Sinister ordered him to start Hans’ training. Hans seemed to be invulnerable to various robotic lasers. Sinister smiled. Sinister and Scalphunter watched Hans make the next move and began attacking the training robots.

Scalphunter watched Hans fly, use super-human strength, use optic beams and speed. Hans destroyed everything that attacked him. Sinister threw a spike at Hans, which went right through his stomach. Hans smiled and took the spike out of his abdomen. Seeing this, Scalphunter realized that Hans also must have a healing factor. While Sinister was joyfully laughing with the success of his experiment, Scalphunter realized that all Hans’ powers seemed like a résumé from Xavier’s. But Scalphunter says that he knows he doesn’t need to tell Creed all that, as he found out first-handed what Hans’ powers are.

Sabretooth agrees, but corrects that Hans isn’t invulnerable, as he beat him. And, Sabretooth continues, if hadn’t it been for Hans’ look-a-like teammates showing up, he would be victorious. “That’s a big if,” Scalphunter says. Scalphunter informs Creed that if he wants Sinister, he’ll have to go through the rest of the Children first. And Sinister himself isn’t also an easy man to defeat. Sabretooth stops Scalphunter, asking him why he is helping him. Scalphunter explains that he has been “scalp hunting” for Mr. Sinister for over half a century now but, with this so-called perfect “Children” Sinister has in his might, Scalphunter fears that he’ll soon be out of working for the man and be eliminated for good this time.

Sabretooth comes to the conclusion that they’ve got some job ahead of them. “We?!” Scalphunter panics. There’s no “we,” he says. Scalphunter says that he’ll give Sabretooth the location to Sinister’s castle, even the ways to pass the security systems. Scalphunter even promises to be out of the way when Creed attacks, so that he’ll only have to deal with the Children. Whatever happens between Sabretooth and Sinister then is Creed’s case, Scalphunter says, but that’s all he can do. Sabretooth sarcastically thanks Scalphunter, for letting him go alone against an army of super-mutants.

Scalphunter suggests that Sabretooth could consider contacting the X-Men. He gets up and, laughing, walks away. “The X-Men,” Sabretooth mockingly says. Creed finishes his beer and concludes: “That’s it!” Meanwhile, at his castle, Mr. Sinister realizes that sometimes, experiments fail. Sinister goes to his lab and stands over a banded Hans and tells him this, and that it’s a fact every good scientist must accept. Sinister continues that Hans is the pinnacle of Homo Superior perfection. Sinister takes a look at some of the items he obtained from mutants over the years and continues to say that, through his genius, Hans has been bestowed powers beyond the wildest dreams of every common, everyday mutant. And yet, Sinister says, when you look right down to it, Hans is still only an experiment.

Hans begins to panic. And, Sinister says, when experiments are deemed to be failures, they are to be discontinued. Sinister finds Hans’ defeat at the hands of Sabretooth quite disappointing. Sinister takes out a knife to shut Hans down and wonders what to do with him, with the rest of the Children watching over his back. Sinister asks Hans if he can convince him not to discontinue him. “Nope.” a voice says from behind. Sinister looks back and finds Sabretooth standing behind him. Sinister is not impressed and tells his Children to prepare to attack.

Sabretooth smiles, saying that he knows they all seem to have powers like the X-Men have. That got him into thinking. Creed says he knows that Sinister always was fascinated with the X-Men’s telepaths, like Jean Grey, Cable and Nate Grey. And the Children all have the X-Men’s powers, but no telepathy. This doesn’t add up, Creed believes. Unless… Sinister did. Sabretooth smiles and stands still, while all the Children begin to burn up in flames! Sinister asks Creed what he has done. Sabretooth explains that every mutant worth his salt knows that telepathy is the hardest power to control. Which is what got Creed thinking, why there were no signs of that powers in the Children. Because they couldn’t control it either. Sabretooth moves away some of his hair and reveals a special-made device, that his new employers have installed onto him. The device allows Creed to beam his thoughts directly into the Children’s minds and those thoughts, of course, aren’t that pleasant.

Sabretooth asks Sinister if he now wants to fight him. Mr. Sinister says that he despises to act in such violence, but will do as he must. The two villains prepare to attack each other, when they are stopped by none other than Mr. Tomes! Some security guards appear behind him and point their guns at Sinister. Michael Grand shows up too, and concludes that they did pick the right man for the job after all. Sabretooth says that his job isn’t done yet. Grand hands Creed over a check, saying that it is. Sabretooth can’t believe his eyes when he sees the big number on the check. Grand explains that it’s twice as much as they agreed and then tells Sabretooth to leave, as he wishes to talk to Sinister in private. Sabretooth doesn’t mind at all and takes off.

Smiling, Grand calls Creed a piece of work. Suddenly, Grand stands up from his wheelchair and says he wants to discuss the business at hand. Grand asks Sinister to allow him to introduce himself. Grand takes off his falls image and reveals his true self: that of John Sublime! Sublime apologizes for the deception, but found it necessary. Sinister quickly moves and grabs Sublime by the throat, saying that he doesn’t like to use violence, but that it doesn’t mean that he isn’t good at it. The security guards point their guns at Sinister again, but Sublime orders his men to stand down. Sublime begins to cry, telling Sinister that there is a mistake going on, as he is in fact… his biggest fan!

Epilogue one…

Back at his office at MegaCorp, Sublime informs Tomes that Sinister went for it. Sublime opens a videoscreen, which reveals Hans and the other Children working out in one of his training rooms. Sublime finds it okay, as Sinister deemed them to be failures anyway. Tomes doesn’t think so, believing that whenever Sinister finds something to be a failure could be another man’s most success any day. Sublime and Tomes toast to their victory. Tomes asks Sublime what he gave Sinister in return. Sublime explains that he let the good doctor take a peek at the mutant files Sabretooth stole from Weapon X for them. Tomes laughs at the irony of it all.

Sublime stares at a painting of the Professor he has. Tomes wonders, and asks Sublime if he thinks if the Professor ever truly had any idea of what he started. “Doubtful,” Sublime says. Sublime looks at the Journal of Nathan Essex, saying that it would be nice to have the Professor’s autograph. Tomes asks if Sublime finds it wise to string Creed along like this, if he would ever find out that he is doing Weapon Plus assignments now. Sublime corrects and explains that the best agent is often one who doesn’t know he’s an agent at all. Tomes agrees, and states that, with the U-Men and now the Children, Sublime is creating himself a huge army for himself. Sublime agrees, but after all, he says, what is a war without armies. As Tomes looks at the Children training, Sublime opens his laptop and overviews his lists of targets.

Epilogue two…

Sabretooth is back at Satan’s Circus, playing poker with his buddies. The Constrictor isn’t that happy, as he told Sabretooth a thousand times before that, when he brings an outsider to the game, make sure he stinks at it. Sabretooth laughs, guessing he could have known that Scalphunter would win the game. Scalphunter laughs too and says that Sinister wasn’t that happy when he left to Genosha this morning. Peepers walks over to Creed, telling him that someone left a note for him. Sabretooth reads the note and tells his gang to cash him out. Sabretooth stands up and walks out, saying that he’s got someplace else to be. He drops the note, which reads “Brotherhood.”

Characters Involved: 

Sabretooth (escaped Weapon X agent)

Hans, Scalphunter (all Marauders)

Mr. Sinister

The Children (Hans look-a-likes)

Michael Grand/John Sublime (Head of MegaCorp)

Mr. Tomes (Director of MegaCorp)

various secuity guards working for Sublime



Typhoid Mary

various other costumers at Satan’s Circus

Seen as “Targets” on Sublime’s laptop:

Agent Zero, Brent Jackson, Cecilia Reyes, Fantomex, Sauron, Wolverine

Story Notes: 

This is the final issue of Weapon X (2nd series). At the end of the issue, writer Frank Tieri suggests that fans write letters to Marvel if they want this series to continue and find out how the series truly ends. So far, lots of angry fans did write many letters and e-mails to Marvel Comics. In an interview, Tieri has explained that he can wrap everything up in a 6-issue mini-series and will even write the first issue for free if he has too. Marvel has apparently read all the fan mail and now a limited series is in suggestion, but there is still no confirmation.

At the end of the story, Marvel thanks Frank Tieri, Georges Jeanty and Tom Mandrake for their three-year workmanship on the series.

At his lab, Mr. Sinister holds various items from known mutants to experiment on. It’s revealed that he has the remains of Washout, a molten wing from Archangel and a lost eye from Wolverine.

In his office at MegaCorp, Sublime has a picture of the Professor. The Professor obtained the Journal of Nathan Essex (Mr. Sinister’s real name) in Weapon X (2nd series) #14. Sublime also has the helmet Wolverine wore as Weapon X during his escape after the adamantium experiment. Sublime also has Sabretooth’s original costume.

Cecilia Reyes is currently a prisoner at Neverland, as could be seen in Weapon X (2nd series) #5.

Scalphunter’s statement that Sinister left to Genosha might explain some events that are going on in Excalibur (2nd series) #5, and that Scalphunter is to join Sinister on his trip.

Sabretooth is next seen as a member of the fifth incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants in X-Men (2nd series) #161.

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