Weapon X (2nd series) #4

Issue Date: 
February 2003
Story Title: 
The Hunt for Sabretooth - conclusion

Frank Tieri (writer), Georges Jeanty (penciler), Dexter Vines (inker), Tom Chu’s Color Dojo (colors), Paul Tutrone (letters), Mike Raicht and Nova Ren Suma (assistant editors), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Agent Wild Child is going through some sort of memory projection so that the Weapon X program can evaluate him and find out what exactly happened between himself, Aurora, and Sabretooth. Turns out that Creed had been torturing Wild Child for months and when he nearly killed Aurora, he made him watch and cry for mercy. Next, the Director starts to interrogate Sabretooth who has successfully been captured thanks to the efforts of Agent Zero. Now that Sabretooth is back in the custody of Weapon X, The Director questions him about the whereabouts of the discs that contain full dossiers on nearly every mutant on the planet, but Creed has some mental blocks installed and they can’t access his memories. Even Mesmero doesn’t get through them. Agent Jackson wants to kill him, but the Director objects; unless they know what happened with the disks they need Creed alive. In the meantime he thinks that Sabretooth should be put to use, and he has Mesmero place his own mental blocks into the twisted mind of Creed, that prohibit him from acting out his violent rages unless directed so by the Director. The other agents (Kane, Marrow, Sauron and Washout) are sent out to try and locate former associates of Creed in hopes of obtaining information on the location of the discs. They hunt down Avalanche and the Blob, but they don’t know anything. Instead Marrow and Sauron get into an argument themselves. Secretly the Director visits the room of Madison Jeffries, and he shows his loyal servant that the earlier plans of a mutant concentration camp are well under way. The camp overseers are equipped with modified Box armors.

Full Summary: 

In a special chamber of the Weapon X compound, Agent Wild Child is attached to a mental projection device where all his memories are brought out on screen for all to view. The images projected from the brain of Wild Child reveal a tremendous amount of trauma and abuse that he has suffered at the hands of Sabretooth. The Director questions Wild Child as to why he never brought this to the department‘s attention before. Writing down his answers, Wild Child claims that he fought back only to be told by the Director that he was nothing more than Sabretooth's chew toy.

(partially flashbacks / Wild Child’s memories)

The Director, obviously infuriated with Wild Child, allows Dr. Windsor to take over the interrogation. Windsor quickly turns the conversation into a discussion about Aurora, who Wild Child is deeply obsessed with. Images flash of an Aurora who was savagely abused at the hands of Sabretooth. Wild Child admits that he cares deeply for Aurora and that he feels responsible for the injuries that she sustained at the hands of Victor Creed. Wild Child states that both he and Aurora were frozen with fear when they saw Creed, who then proceeded to beat Aurora while he laughed and antagonized Wild Child. After threatening to kill Aurora, Creed humiliated Wild Child even further by forcing him to cry and beg for him to spare the life of Aurora. He then demanded Wild Child to turn around, told him he was going to kill her anyway, but when Wild Child turned around Creed was gone and Aurora was lying on the floor badly injured.


At the Seattle Waterfront, some of the other Weapon X operatives (Marrow, Kane, Sauron, and Washout) surprise an unsuspecting Blob and Avalanche and demand from them the location of the missing discs that Sabretooth stole, since they are former associates. Avalanche claims that they are hardly associates considering that they only teamed up for one job together. Washout answers that’s what the Toad said, or the Marauders, while Sauron says they don’t have to waste their time with this senseless banter. The Weapon X squad attack the two mutants. Blob states that even if they knew any information pertaining to Sabretooth or the discs they certainly wouldn't share it with them. As Avalanche is in over his head dealing with Sauron and Washout, Marrow sneaks behind Blob and holds two jagged bones up to his neck.

Back at Weapon X headquarters the Director dismisses Wild Child. Dr. Windsor tells the Director that Wild Child is going to need serious help in dealing with the abuse he has suffered at the hands of Creed. However The Director tells him that they have more pressing matters and commands Agent Jackson to bring Sabretooth in. Sabretooth is wheeled in and bound to a board, wearing a straightjacket and a metal face mask. Always cocky, Creed asks the Director if he has missed him. The Director cuts right to the chase and questions Creed on the location of the discs. Creed claims to have no knowledge of them which causes the Director to threaten him by stating that they will hook him up to the mental projection monitors and just take what they need. Sabretooth laughs at the statement and informs them that he has learned a trick or two in how to prevent people from obtaining information out of his head. All he has to do is think of something more "pleasant". To back this up you are shown images that the program is pulling from Creed's head, images of brutalization and murder. The Director tells Sabretooth that he is one of a kind and calls for Mesmero to be brought in.

Meanwhile, back in Seattle, the Weapon X crew are interrogating the tied up Avalanche and Blob to no avail. Marrow professes how she doesn’t trust too much in the program and their future plans for them, as they are not allowed to participate in Sabretooth’s interrogation. Washout tells her that it must just be her because he doesn't think that they are getting screwed over, besides Mesmero and Wild Child are still in the headquarters. Sauron welcomes Blob and asks him if he may have anything he would like to tell his old friend. Blob still claims to know nothing and Sauron unleashes a charge to Blob's skull. Kane interrupts Sauron, reaffirms his faith in The Director and the program, and proceeds to crush Blob's head in a vice. Bickering ensues between the team members leading Marrow to accuse Sauron of him and Jackson being very friendly recently.
Sauron in turn, questions Marrow as to why she is afraid of Sabretooth. Marrow informs him that she was a Morlock and Sabretooth and his buddies (the Marauders) nearly wiped all of her people out, however it’s not her who is afraid, it should be Sabretooth.. Kane breaks up the two before things get out of hand and the team leaves, while Avalanche and Blob remain tied up and asking to be let go.

Back at the Weapon X HQ, the Director, Agent Jackson, Mesmero and Dr. Windsor are discussing the mental blocks that Sabretooth has in place and the fact that Mesmero can't get through them. Agent Jackson remarks in that case he will just finish the job that Agent Zero started and he will kill Sabretooth. The Director has other plans for Creed though, since the discs are nowhere to be found, Creed must be kept alive. They can not even be certain that Creed was working alone, and somebody must have installed his mental blocks. Until they can sort this out, it would be a shame to waste Sabretooth’s talents. Jackson understands that the Director wants to bring back Sabretooth into the program, but he is against it and brings up what happened last time. Mesmero mentions that he might have an answer for that.

(hours later)

Agent Jackson is storming down the hallways, extremely upset, and saying he will have no part in this as the Director is yelling at him and tells him that he is the one in charge but to no avail. Wild Child enters the lab, and the Director apologizes for bringing him back, but tells him that they have unfinished business. Wild Child stops, dumbfounded upon seeing that standing right in front of him is Sabretooth! The Director tells Wild Child to hit the man who has been tormenting for months on end. After a few more degrading words, Wild Child hauls off and hits Creed right in the face then cowardly turns away. All Creed does is warn him not to do it again, but the Director tells Wild Child that Mesmero has placed mental blocks in Creed's mind that prevent him from acting out on his violent actions until said so by the Director!

A sneer comes to Wild Child’s face upon hearing this and he snaps and starts to viciously attack Sabretooth. The Director continuously tries to stop Wild Child, but he is enraged and finally getting some sort of revenge on Sabretooth. After one final unheeded warning, the Director tells Wild Child that he asked for it and says "Wax on". Creed's hand reaches up, grabs Wild Child by the throat, and slams him into a wall. The Director calmly says "wax off", and Creed is once again tamed. Mesmero has programmed some commands into Sabretooth. Creed threatens that otherwise he would make chopped meat of everyone in the room, but the Director slaps him and informs him that it isn't possible since Mesmero arranged it that the one person Sabretooth could never harm, no matter what, is the Director himself. Creed just bloodily stares at the Director as he walks out.

The Director walks out the door and thinks to himself "You rather ENJOYED that didn't you, Malcolm?...If Sabretooth thought Wild Child suffered at HIS hands, he has NO IDEA what suffering is- does he, Malcolm?...Oh, he'll certainly pay the PRICE for making a fool out of you...they'll ALL pay the price soon enough" He walks into the workroom of Madison Jeffries who tells the Director what a surprise it is to see him and asks him if the "secret project" opened in time. The Director tells Jeffries that it is a shame that he doesn't have a view screen so he could see for himself, but for a mutant like Jeffries that is not a problem as he easily constructs one at will. They view the images and Jeffries surprisingly mentions the fact that the Director has used the new Box designs Jeffries made. The Director tells Jeffries that he should be very proud of himself and he has done a good job. Jeffries agrees while looking at the images of three Box units rounding up a crowd of mutants behind a fence.

Characters Involved: 

The Director

Agent Brent Jackson

Madison Jeffries, Kane, Marrow, Mesmero, Sauron, Washout, Wild Child (all agents of Weapon X)

Sabretooth, former Agent turned traitor

Dr. Windsor (aka Mr. Sinister)

staff of the Weapon X compound



On video screen :

Box officers

Inmates of concentration camp

In flashback / memories :



Wild Child

Story Notes: 

Wild Child is mute ever since Sabretooth severed his vocal chords in Weapon X – The Draft : Wild Child.

Avalanche, Blob and Sabretooth were all members of the Brotherhood incarnation that appeared during Dream’s End. The Toad too was a member of the group. [Uncanny X-Men #388, Cable (2nd series) #87, Bishop The Last X-Man #16, X-Men (2nd series) #108]

Sabretooth is restrained the same way like the character Hannibal Lector in the movie “The Silence of the Lambs“, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins.

Sauron and Blob worked together in the Brotherhood incarnation led by the Toad.

Sabretooth and the other Marauders slaughtered a large number of the Morlocks during the Mutant Massacre.

The Box designs at the end of the issue are part of the secret plan that includes the mutant concentration camp, first seen in Weapon X (2nd series ) #1.

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