Weapon X (3rd series) #19

Issue Date: 
August 2018
Story Title: 
Sabretooth's in Charge, conclusion

Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente (writers), Yildiray Cinar (artist), Frank D'Armata (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna (letterer), Rahzzah (cover artist), Jay Bowen & Anthony Gambino (graphic designers), Chris Robinson (editor), Jordan D White (X-Men group editor), C B Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (president), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Tracking Sabretooth, Domino and Lady Deathstrike come across Sabretooth's phone, and discover a text message from Sabretooth's mysterious contact. Deathstrike answers the message and informs the contact that Sabretooth isn't the only mercenary for hire. Sabretooth is still with Omega Red, and soon come across Omega Red's target, a woman called General Zaslon, who directs the Titanium Man Mutant-Defense project for the army, and is also the highest-ranking general opposing mutant camps. Sabretooth tells Omega Red to think about what he is doing, however Omega Red is being controlled by nanobots, directed by his hateful brother, Vassily Rossovich, Director of SICKLE. Sabtretooth continues to try and talk Omega Red down, but he doesn't succeed, and Omega Red leaps into battle, fighting dozens of soldiers while Sabretooth protects Omega Red tiger cub and fights against the five Titanium Men. Meanwhile, at the Stranniy Corrective Labor Camp, Warpath supervises the rescue of the mutants, taking them onboard Weapon X's jet, where he finds Old Man Logan is very weak. Old Man Logan gives Warpath some advice about Sabretooth, and warns him that when he is gone, it will be for Warpath to decide whether Sabretooth is a villain or not. The battle against the Titanium Men rages, and results in Sabretooth defeating them all, while Omega Red moves closer to General Zaslon. Thankfully, Deathstrike and Domino arrive on scene, and prevent Omega Red from harming Zaslon, who suddenly reveals that she is in fact a mutant with hydrokinetic power, and creates a large ice wall, blocking the remaining soldiers away from Omega Red, Sabretooth, Deathstrike and Domino. Omega Red reveals that SICKLE don't know Zaslon is a mutant, but they see her as an obstacle in their anti-mutant policies. Omega Red doesn't want to kill her, but has been promised his freedom if he does – so Sabretooth has a bright idea on how to free Omega Red himself. Warpath and Old Man Logan arrive in Finland to drop the Russian mutants off to safety, and Warpath contacts Domino to apologize for the way they left things, but when Domino turns her phone to show Warpath an image of Sabretooth tearing the nanobots from Omega Red's body and Deathstrike destroying the nanobots – and Warpath vows to beat Sabretooth once and for all.


Full Summary: 

The Siberian tundra, where Yuriko Oyama a.k.a. Lady Deathstrike and Neena Thurman a.k.a. Domino are tracking Sabretooth through the wasteland.

'Blood... and hair' Deathstrike remarks as she examines some remains in the snow. 'Dirty blond. That's our Sabretooth' Domino declares. They follow a trail of blood, and Deathstrike points out that Omega Red dragged Sabretooth through here. Domino holds herself and asks why Sabretooth had to get abducted in the fricken tundra – why not the beach or something?

Suddenly: 'Whoa. Tigers?' Domino gasps as she and Deathstrike come to a stop, discovering three large Siberian tigers lying motionless in blood-stained snow. Deathstrike examines the scene and notes Omega Red's cable marks – and Sabretooth's claw marks. 'So they teamed up... and walked away... together?' Domino asks. She looks at Deathstrike and tells her that this is bad, even worse than usual.

Deathstrike tells Domino to calm down, as Sabretooth is smarter than he looks. 'There's a reason Logan put him in charge of the field team. I'm sure he's got a plan -' Deathstrike beginsbut Domino interrupts her: 'Come on, Dee... I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, here. Sabretooth pretends he's changed, but you and I both know better. He's no good'. 'All right, then neither am I. And neither are you' Deathstrike replies, adding that this whole team has been a mess from day one. 'Why don't we just all kill each other and be done with it?' she suggests. 'Ugh, whatever. Let's just find him and see what he's got to say for himself' Domino mutters as she turns and starts to walk away.

'Fine...' Deathstrike remarks, before noticing something in the snow – she picks it up – it's Sabretooth's phone, and she sees that he has messaged someone, asking “Anybody there” and the response “I asked you not to text, Victor”. Deathstrike frowns, as she starts to text that same number: “This is Deathstrike. If this is Sabretooth's mystery would-be employer, I'd just like you to know. He's not the only mercenary available for hire” Deathstrike states in the message. A blank message is sent back to Deathstrike, before the mysterious employer asks “Where is Victor?” and Deathstrike replies by informing the employer that they are looking now, and not to worry, that Sabretooth can still play – if he's alive.

Elsewhere in the tundra, Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth and Arkady Rossovich a.k.a. Omega Red, who carries a small tiger cub, trudge through the snow, and Creed tells Omega Red that everything is going according to plan. He points to a peak up ahead and adds that if they set a fire on the peak, his people will find them. 'No' Omega Red remarks, as he trudges onwards. 'Whaddaya mean “no”?' Creed asks, reminding Omega Red that they have a deal – he will help him get free of SICKLE and then Omega Red will join his team. 'I free myself when I complete mission' Omega Red declares. Sabretooth follows Omega Red up the peak, telling him that he doesn't have to do any more stupid missions for Mother Russia or whoever those jerks serve. 'You got my word' Creed adds. 'Your word isn't coursing through my bloodstream... and target right there' Omega Red points out as they reach the top of the peak. 'Hell, Red... that's a whole damn army. A hundred armed soldiers... and five Titanium Men. SICKLE sent you to kill them all?' Sabretooth asks as he looks down into a gully, where five Titanium Men are displaying their powers, watched on by dozens of soldiers.

'No... just General Zaslon' Omega Red explains, motioning towards the woman amongst the soldiers. She is dressed in military attire and shouts 'That's only 85 percent accuracy. Run the exercise again'. 'Yes, General' a soldier calls back.

Omega Red explains to Sabretooth that General Zaslon is directing Titanium Man Mutant-Defense project for the army, but she is also the highest-ranking general opposing mutant camps. 'Red, listen to yourself. We're mutants, man' Sabretooth replies, suggesting that Omega Red doesn't kill the lady who doesn't want to round up all the mutants.

Meanwhile, aboard the SICKLE Mothercarrier, above St Petersburg, Vassily Rossovich stands in a command center, as a SICKLE operative informs him that they have located Omega Red, but but that he is moving away from the target. 'Well, that won't do, will it?' Vassily remarks, before contacting Omega Red via the communication link, explaining to him that he is speaking through the bots in his blood, so he knows Omega Red can hear him. 'And you know you must obey me' Vassily adds.

Sabretooth turns to Omega Red and asks him if he is okay. 'You're fine' Vassily tells Omega Red, who, holding the tiger cub, replies to Sabretooth 'I'm... fine'. Vassily tells his brother that he thought they had an understanding – that he would serve the Motherland, but now he hesitates. Vassily adds that his readings show some kind of animal in Omega Red's arms. 'A pet? You like her, eh?' Vassily asks.

Omega Red frowns as he listens to Vassily inform him that if he disobeys, then the bots will cause all the muscles in his body to contract in the same instant, and the animal will die by his own hands. 'And then you will die in overwhelming, excruciating pain' Vassily adds.

Sabretooth assures Omega Red that it is going to be all right, that they have all been there. 'And by “we” I mean all of us Super-Soldier mutants, who've been mind-controlled by evil government agents' Sabretooth explains, adding that he is as tired as Omega Red of all this crap, but that he finally has his own team now, and they are going to do what they want the way they want. 'So you just hang in there until -' Creed begins, before Omega Red finally speaks: 'Comrade Creed...' 'What?' Creed asks. 'Hold tiger' Omega Red asks, handing the tiger to Creed. 'Uh, sure' Creed replies, and Omega Red thanks him, before he suddenly turns and leaps off the peak, down into the gully below where the Titanium Men and soldiers are. 'Red! Don't!' Sabretooth shouts, but it's too late.

'What the devi -' General Zaslon begins as she sees Omega Red easily taking out some of the soldiers. 'Dang it, man' Creed mutters as he leaps from the peak, tiger cub in arms. He lands near Omega Red and tells him to hold on a second, but gets no response from Omega Red, as the Titanium Men start firing towards him. Creed clutches the tiger cub and runs, adding that he was going to say “all hell breaks loose”. The tiger cub hisses, 'You tell 'em, kitty' Creed remarks, dodging the weapons fire from the Titanium Men who give chase.

Meanwhile, at the Stranniy Corrective Camp, James Proudstar a.k.a. Warpath supervises the loading of the Russian mutant prisoners including Lev and Tamara aboard Weapon X's jet. 'Everyone in!' he calls out to them as the snow falls around them. 'Wha... where...' Tamara, the dolphin-like mutant asks. Warpath informs her that they are taking her straight to a safe location in Finland. 'That's all of 'em, Logan. Ready when you -' Warpath calls out to Old Man Logan once he and all of the Russian mutants are aboard the vessel. Logan is at the pilot's seat, and groans. Warpath goes over to him and asks him what is going on with him, to which Logan claims it is nothing – he is just getting old.

Warpath crouches beside Logan and tells him to come on, that he is Wolverine, has the strongest healing factor this side of the Hulk. 'Not anymore' Logan replies, brushing James' hand away when James tries to touch his shoulder. Logan tells James not to worry, that he can still fly this thing. James looks concerned as he asks Logan how long his healing factor has been this weak. 'I dunno... about since the time I put Victor in charge' Logan replies. 'Dammit, Logan!' James shouts, slamming his fist into the console. 'So that's why? You losing your mind, too? Sabretooth can't be trusted!' James exclaims. 'Not as long as we treat him like a villain' Logan points out. 'He is a villain' James declares. 'Well... when I'm gone... that's gonna be for you to decide' Logan adds, and James frowns.

Back in the tundra:

'You think Tony Stark's goodwill hand-me-downs can scare me?' Sabretooth snarls, clawing one of the Titanium Men while holding the tiger cub with his other hand. 'Think again, Boris!' Sabretooth jokes, adding that he doesn't need no suit when he has instincts, and slashes his claws into another of the armored operatives. 'Whoa! Wouldn't mind one of those repulsor rays, though...' Creed admits as he runs from a third Titanium Man, who fires repulsor rays at him.

'Hey, Boris, catch!' Creed calls out as he throws the tiger cub into the air, then flips backwards onto the Titanium Man who chases him. 'I can haz cheeseburger!' Sabretooth jokes, confusing the Titanium Man operative as he lands on his back. 'Remember when that was big? What the hell was that called? “Cranky Cat”?' Sabretooth remarks, as he slams the Titanium Man into the ground, then catches the tiger cub as it falls back towards him.

As the fourth Titanium Man flies towards him, Creed ducks and shoves his claws into the wearer's helmet, causing some radioactive energy to flow out. 'Hey, Boris! I'm trying to remember a classic meme name here!' Sabretooth snarls at the fifth Titanium Man who moves in close. 'Let a guy think!' Creed snaps as he grabs the head of the fourth, and points the seeping energies towards the fifth, blasting him backwards. 'Oh, you're still here?' Creed asks as the tiger cub walks over to him. Creed picks the cub up and suggests they find his boo before he commits a seemingly random murder that is in fact a totally calculated political assassination.

At that moment, Omega Red moves towards General Toma Zaslon, shrugging off the bullets that two soldiers fire at him. 'General! Get behind us!' one of the soldiers calls out. 'You try to hide form death -  but death is the flawless hunter!' Omega Red exclaims as he grans several soldiers in his carbonadium coils, and drains their lifeforce. General Zaslon backs away from Omega Red when he turns his attention back to her, 'You expect me to beg for my life, monster?' she asks. 'No... I just wanted to say... where no one can hear us... I have a reputation for fearsomeness to maintain, you see, Madam... of all the many murders I have committed in my life... yours... is the only one... I'll regret!' Omega Red admits.

General Zaslon falls to the snow, and Omega Red towers over her, telling her that he does not understand why she supports their kind, but that has caused his brother to hate her. 'I do so hate pleasing him' Omega Red remarks. 'You talk in riddles, fool!' Zaslon declares, and as Omega Red wraps his carbonadium coils around the General.

He explains that he does this solely to reclaim his mind – but before he can start to drain her energies, shots are fired at his coils, 'Yee-ha!' Domino calls out as she and Deathstrike run forward, Deathstrike's claws are at the ready, and Omega Red asks if no corner of the globe is free of X-Men. 'Now, you see, I was going to go easy on you. Then you had to go and call me a dirty name like “X-Man”!' Deathstrike exclaims as she shoves her claws into Omega Red's chest.

Back aboard the SICKLE Mothercarrier, an operative informs Director Rossovich that they sense the proximity of the target, but that Omega Red is not closing for some reason. 'Then motivate him' Rossovich snaps.

An instant later, Omega Red cries out in agony as a shock jolts through his system. 'Geez!' Domino calls out as she looks on in horror, before, suddenly, 'ENOUGH!' General Zaslon  shouts, and an enormous wall of ice suddenly forms, blocking the soldiers off from Zaslon, Omega Red, Domino and Deathstrike. 'Where'd they go? General! We are trying to reach you' one of the soldiers calls out, while another assumes that the large ice barrier that has formed be the work of one of their mutant attackers. 'No, really. You think?' another soldier remarks sarcastically.

However, on the other side, Zaslon hovers over the others, ice has formed around her hands, legs and shoulders, and Domino looks up at her in shock: 'Whoa! You're a mutant, too? So calm down already! This is obviously team-up time, right?' but Zaslon replies 'Step away, foreigner' and boasts that she can defeat her enemies and prevent her men from learning her secret without any help from them. She starts to surround Omega Red in a bubble of ice, but he breaks free from it and wraps his carbonadium coils around her. 'Wrong!' Sabretooth exclaims.

Suddenly, before Omega Red can act further:'Heads up, buddy!' Sabretooth exclaims as he throws the tiger cub at Omega Red, who catches it, and releases the coil from around Zaslon. Sabretooth stands between Omega Red and Zaslon and tells them to take a breather, and that there is another way. 'Another one! Who are you?' Zaslon asks. 'Victor Creed. Lover. Fighter. But most importantly – Weapon X team leader' Creed smiles. 'Ugh. You know he's going to print business cards next, right?' Domino complains to Deathstrike, while Zaslon warns Creed to stay back, and explains that she has the power of hydrokinesis – mental control over water in all its forms. 'Whoa there, darling! Sabtretooth friend! Sabretooth come in peace!' Creed replies as Zaslon hovers over him. He tells her that they hate SICKLE, and that SICKLE hates her, sent Omega Red out here to gut her. 'That we're meeting like this is the universe telling us we're supposed to be bosom chums' Creed explains.

As Creed and Zaslon continue to talk. 'What are they saying? They're taking Russian too fast for me to follow' Deathstrike remarks. Domino turns to her and explains that the General is saying she is a closeted mutant trying to change the government's anti homo superior polices from the inside, while Sabretooth is convincing her to give them a ship so they can go take down SICKLE and get revenge on Omega Red's brother, like he promised the big ol' psycho. 'For free, naturally. I just can't catch a break with this team' Domino frowns.

Omega Red tells Sabretooth that there is one slight problem with his plan, for his brother will kill him if he doesn't kill the General – that is why he arranged this “prison break” in the first place. Omega Red adds that the General has many powerful friends, and explains that he doesn't believe SICKLE knows she is a mutant, just that she is an obstacle to their anti-mutant policies, so he is supposed to “randomly kill her” as part of his rampage to give them deniability – otherwise, they will fry his nervous systems.

'With nanites implanted in your blood' Creed points out, turning to Deathstrike, he asks her if she can deprogram those bots with her cyborg powers and whatnot. 'Sure. If we can get them out of his body' Deathstrike replies, to which Creed tells her he has a plan for that, and warns Omega Red that he might not be able to take it. 'Comrade Victor... with due respect... nothing you can dish out that Omega Red cannot take' Omega Red smirks.

Meanwhile, Logan and Warpath have arrived at the Finland border, and Lev, Tamara and the other mutants have been dropped off to safety. Inside the jet, Warpath contacts Domino and informs her that they got all the mutants they could to do the border and adds that they are lucky the Finnish military didn't start firing on them. Warpath glances over at the sleeping Logan and adds that even that is almost too much for him, adding that he doesn't know how much longer Logan is going to be with them. James tells Domino that he wanted to check in, as he didn't want the way they left it last time to be the last time. 'What's your current status?' he enquires.

'Uh... our current status? Let's see... Sabretooth and Lady Dee are removing the nanites from Omega Red's bloodstream... the old fashioned way' Domino replies, as Omega Red cries out, 'GRRAAA! Thought you said thiis would hurt, comrade!' as Sabretooth slashes across Omega Red's body, drawing out the nanites. Creed laughs, while in the pool of blood that forms around Omega Red's feet, where Deathstrike is rendering the nanites clean of Omega Red's biological metadata. She remarks that it is going to take a while, but tells them to keep the nanites coming.

Domino holds her phone up to the others so that Warpath can see them, then turns the phone back on herself, as she informs James that they are then going to head to St Petersburg and take out SICKLE. 'You know, the four of us, destroying a major foreign power's most dangerous military agency. So our status would be “bananas”!' Domino adds. Warpath tells her that is insane, that it could start a war and thousands could die. 'C'mon, Jimmy! If you can't beat us, join us!' Sabretooth calls out from behind Domino. A very unimpressed Warpath grits his teeth, narrows his eyes and replies 'Tell you what, Victor. I'm gonna beat you. Once and for all'.


Characters Involved: 

Domino, Lady Deathstrike, Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Warpath (all Weapon X)

Omega Red


Lev, Tamara and other mutant prisoners

General Toma Zaslon


Vassily Rossovich


Kotik (Tiger cub)


Titanium Men


SICKLE operatives

Finland border guards

Story Notes: 

First appearance of Toma Zaslon.

Written By: