Weapon X: Days of Future Now #1

Issue Date: 
September 2005
Story Title: 
Weapon X: Days of Future Now: part 1

Frank Tieri (writer), Bart Sears (pencils), Michael Atiyeh (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Sean Ryan (editor), Mike Marts (supervising editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

30 years from now, Wolverine is one of the few free X-Men. Weapon X Director Malcolm Colcord managed to apprehend most mutants, including some of the X-Men, and capture them in Neverland concentration camps, while many other mutants, humans and heroes have been killed. Wolverine sneaks across town, passing Sentinel guards, while he tries to remember how things went so wrong. 30 years earlier, the Director and Madison Jeffries has started their War of the Programs, and has started killing John Sublime’s U-Men and Children followers. Along the way, Colcord frees Sauron from jail and gains an ally in him in taking down Jackson’s Weapon X team. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Agent Zero have put aside their differences and team-up to prevent Fantomex from killing John Sublime during one of his presentations. However, Fantomex is headstrong to get his revenge on Sublime, as he destroyed Fantomex’ ship E.V.A., and ignores his old allies’ warnings that Sublime could tell them what happened to the disappearance of Jackson’s team and the Neverland inmates. Things get out of hand, especially when an amnesiac Chamber enters and kills Sublime! Wolverine follows Jono into an alley and tries to bring his memory back, but with no such luck and Jono escapes back to Jackson. Fantomex meets up with the dying Sublime, who with his final breath tells Fantomex a secret. He simply walks away afterwards. Meanwhile, while fighting Sublime’s guards, Agent Zero surprisingly recognizes Mesmero in the fleeing crowd and follows him back to Jackson’s hideout. Later, the Director, Madison, Sauron and the Sentinels have also found their hideout, and break the roof open. Colcord is confident that Weapon X once again belongs to him now.

Full Summary: 

30 years from now:

Cloaked in shadows, a familiar-looking, short man sneaks through dark tunnels. When he notices an opening thanks to some light, he climbs up to it back to the surface. He takes a look around, and knows that this isn’t supposed to happen. This was all supposed to be stopped. The figure steps out of the shadows and goes to hide behind a half-destroyed brick wall. It’s Wolverine and he takes an angry look at the army of Sentinels wandering across the demolished city.

Wolverine hates this, as all of the concentration camps and even the endless amount of graves of dead people Logan used to love – they were all supposed to be stopped. It shouldn’t be there. Instead, Logan doesn’t like to find himself thirty later, in the so-called future timeline of Days of Future Past, and it’s all getting worse. He manages to sneak past the Sentinels, and continues his run. Logan admits that sometimes he wonders, if he was able to ask her, what Rachel Summers would think of all this. After all, Logan remembers, it was thanks to Rachel that the X-Men found out about this hateful timeline in the first place.

Rachel had sent the Kitty Pryde of her era 30 years into the past, to try and prevent this whole mess from happening. And when the X-Men later stopped the assassination on Robert Kelly on behalf of the Brotherhood, as the assassination was supposed to trigger this timeline, the X-Men always assumed they stopped this from happening. But that wasn’t to be. Logan continues his escape, and recalls having trying to figure out what went wrong for years. The best thing he came up with is that some realities just are meant to happen. He now knows that as no matter how hard you try not to make it happen, for some reason, they do. But, Wolverine does know who’s the culprit for the how-part on the creation of this reality: it was him!

He remembers the original Weapon X Program, who experimented on him gave Logan his adamantium skeleton. In the end, Logan still regrets becoming more animal than man. Eventually, Wolverine broke free of their labs, and furiously cut his way out, killing many security guards, and horribly maiming one. And that man was Malcolm Colcord, whose life Wolverine spared, but horribly ruined his face with his claws. Colcord never forgave Logan for what he did to him, which is quite understandable. But Logan loses all sympathy for the man when he remembers Colcord and his army of Sentinels and Nimrods and many other human followers, who started killing all of the mutants. And now, it seems to look like they succeeded.


The Director, Madison, the Boxbot and an army of Sentinels stand triumphantly over a pile of killed U-Men. The Director is pleased to smell the blood of mutant flesh in the morning, but Madison obviously seems to feel a little sick about it. The Boxbot apologizes to the Director, but has to correct him that only the Children are mutants, and that the U-Men themselves are actually normal Homo sapiens given powers from deceased mutants.

The Director mocks the Bot not to be so technical. Malcolm has another illusion of Wolverine in his mind, which jokes that, as long as the robots do their job, it doesn’t matter how they act. Malcolm agrees with that statement. But Malcolm is a little angry, as production of their army could get a lot faster if Madison would work faster. Madison apologizes, but he hasn’t slept in days and feels exhausted, and is working as fast as he can as it is. Malcolm coldly replies that Madison should get a grip on himself, since they are in an actual war there. The Boxbot explains that it has been observing the Director for some time now, and has come up with a few different conclusions, which he is about to reveal.

The Director’s obsession drove him to restart the Weapon X Program. That Program being what it was, War of the Programs is being fought over. He wishes to get his old seat as Weapon X director back. Malcolm Colcord wishes to regain it. Brent Jackson is actually the reason the War began in the first place. Jackson overthrew Colcord as director of the Weapon X Program, and wishes to keep it. Along the way is John Sublime, the head of the Weapon Plus Program, of which the Weapon X Program is a side project. He once sponsored Colcord as director of the Weapon X Program and, of course in return, Colcord had to build the mutant Neverland concentration camps, so that Sublime could have more “spare parts” of mutant genes to build into his U-Men army.

Now, two of the parties fight for the right to have the final say concerning the mutant problem, while, oddly enough, Brent Jackson’s Weapon X team has yet to engage in a single battle. Instead of fighting, they chose to disappear together, and where they now are and what their ultimate plan is, remains a mystery. Until a certain jailbreak turned an enemy into an ally. A short time ago, the Director and Madison broke Sauron free out of prison, who in return pointed Malcolm in the right direction.

Three weeks from now:

John Sublime is at a presentation of himself, and pronounces a joke that the only good mutant, is a piece of a mutant. The entire crowd laughs. As the crowd laughs and Sublime celebrates his victory, nobody notices that Fantomex standing on a balcony and has a clear lock on his head, ready to kill the man. But Fantomex has to admit that he isn’t certain a simple bullet could kill Sublime, as why else would he almost dare someone to finish him off once and for all?

Suddenly, adamantium claws and a gun point to Fantomex’ face, asking him to wait in killing Sublime: they don’t want that to happen tonight. Fantomex finds it ironic, as the last time it was he trying to stop Logan from killing Sublime. Wolverine explains that he’s there with Agent Zero, whom he doesn’t like very much, but they put their differences aside just to prevent Fantomex from killing Sublime. Zero explains that Sublime is more of value to them alive, as he could tell them what happened to the Neverland camps and its captives, who vanished into the air. And Logan also wants to know what happened to Chamber. So, Logan asks Fantomex, he’s going to ask politely, and even uses the word “please,” to ask Fantomex to put his gun down.

Fantomex listens, as he admits that he isn’t certain Sublime can be killed. As Wolverine is confused, Fantomex furrows his brow and mentions that a lot has happened since the last time they were together. Fantomex explains that, during their last encounter with Sublime together in Roanoke, he made a startling discovery: his ship, E.V.A., had been sabotaged! While E.V.A. desperately tried to fight the virus, an old Weapon Plus program within E.V.A. had been activated, and Fantomex was the worse for wear because of it. Tentacles grabbed his neck, so he couldn’t control E.V.A. anymore, and strangled him. In the end, E.V.A. deactivated herself and crash-landed. She chose to sacrifice herself so Fantomex’ life could be spared. Fantomex won’t go into the details of what E.V.A.’s death means to him.

And he won’t rest until Sublime is dead! Fantomex takes out two of his guns, and points them at both Logan’s and Zero’s head. Fantomex reveals that he has killed Sublime over half a dozen times in the past year alone since they last met. He tried it in Paris, New York, Otawa and even London, but not even shooting, blowing him up or cutting Sublime in pieces won’t do the trick. But tonight, Fantomex wants to finish the job once and for all, and won’t let anyone stop him. Not even Logan and Zero. Wolverine practices his patience, and once again asks Fantomex calmly to put his gun down. Or else, Logan threats, he’ll make Fantomex eat the gun. Agent Zero looks down, and suggests that they stop the testosterone routine, and that everyone better takes a look down.

They do, and see Chamber using his powers at full strength, and putting Sublime on fire! Wolverine is astonished! Fantomex jokes that now they know what happened to Jono. Everyone jumps down. Wolverine goes over to Jono, and Fantomex goes to take on Sublime, while Zero handles the guards. As they land, Chamber runs away and Logan follows him. Zero takes a look around, and in the fleeing crowd recognizes none other than… Mesmero?!

Fantomex makes it to Sublime’s flaming body, and points his gun at John’s head. He’ll make certain that Sublime stays dead this time. Sublime tells Fantomex not to worry about that, as he’s certain that this is the end for him. But he doesn’t want to leave with all this messiness between him and Fantomex, so he asks Fantomex to come closer to him, as he has something to say. Fantomex does as told and goes closer to Sublime, who whispers something to him. Afterwards, Sublime dies and Fantomex walks away, simply saying “huh.”

Meanwhile, Wolverine follows Chamber into an ally, and asks Jono to stop. Chamber is surprised that Wolverine calls him Jono, as Chamber only lets friends call him that. Wolverine is confused and asks Jono if he doesn’t recognize him. Chamber claims not to know Logan, but has heard of him. He has read in Weapon X files that Wolverine is supposed to be the deadliest mutant but, outside of that, Chamber claims to have never seen Logan before this moment!

Logan begs Jono to listen to him. He explains about the mission, as Chamber was supposed to infiltrate in the Weapon X Program. But something went wrong: Jono went missing, and Logan has been looking for him ever since. Also, Wolverine tells Chamber: whatever Weapon X did to him and made him believe he is, Jono isn’t. Chamber activates his powers and puts Logan on fire! Jono walks away, claiming that this is who he is. Wolverine refuses to give up and jumps at Chamber, holding him back, though he is still ablaze. Logan points his claws at Jono’s head, who tells Logan to do it. When Logan hesitates, Chamber uses this advantage to put Logan on even more fire, and escapes through a door.

At the same time, Mesmero walks alone through the city. He doesn’t suspect that Agent Zero is following him. Mesmero enters a hotel room with the number “2310.” Mesmero opens the door, and is welcomed by Chamber and Jackson, who wants to know what kept him so long. Soon afterwards, Agent Zero opens the door as well, goes inside, and closes it. Jackson is pleased to see him again.

Later, still at the hotel…

Sentinels break the roof open. Outside stand Sauron and the Director. Malcolm is confident that he’s got his enemies, and also has Weapon X back.

Characters Involved: 

Agent Zero, Fantomex, Wolverine (all Weapon X attackers)

Brent Jackson, Chamber, Mesmero (all Jackson’s Weapon X team)

Director, Madison Jeffries, Sauron (all the Director’s Weapon X team)

Boxbot & Sentinels

John Sublime

the Children, U-Men (Sublime’s followers)

in flash-back of past and current Weapon X members:

Agent Zero, Aurora, Brent Jackson, Chamber, Deadpool, Sabretooth, Sauron, Malcolm Colcord, Mesmero, Wild Child

John Sublime (Weapon Plus leader)

U-Men (all unnamed)

Fantomex & E.V.A.

as alternate, future versions:

Colossus, Franklin Richards, Rachel Summers-Richards, Storm, Sprite, Wolverine (all futuristic X-Men)

Director Malcolm Colcord and his army (unnamed)

various Nimrods & Sentinels & human soldiers armies

in flash-back to the past:

Angel, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Sprite, Storm, Wolverine (all past X-Men of the present)

Avalanche, Blob, Pyro (all Brotherhood of Evil Mutants II)

The Professor & other old Weapon X scientists (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

This limited series takes place a few months after Weapon X (2nd series) #28. It was jumpstarted by a lot of angry fans and writer Frank Tieri himself, who felt furious and disappointed because Tieri never got the chance to finish his original story, as Marvel had chosen to cancel the title. A lot of letters were send to Marvel itself and across the Internet, begging to them to finish the story. And this 5-part series is the result.

The Days of The Future Past, an original concept of legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont (the very first alternate X-reality ever!) was first seen in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #141-142, and the story the future Wolverine tells about Kelly and the Brotherhood is fully handled in said issues.

Wolverine started his quest against Weapon X in Weapon X (2nd series) #16. It was then agreed that Chamber would act as the X-Men’s mole in Weapon X, reporting back what was going on over there. However, when Chamber dug deeper into the Weapon X headquarters, he found out some devastating horrors about abused telepaths, and disappeared after hijacking on a flight towards the Nevarland camps. Wolverine got curious not hearing from Jono again, and went after the lad. It’s unknown at this point what happened to Jono afterwards.

Fantomex is actually one of Sublime’s former agents, apparently build on “the World,” an artificial biosphere. He and Wolverine went to investigate in New X-Men #142, which they almost had to pay their lives for. After surviving the landing back to Earth, Fantomex met up with Wolverine and Agent Zero and fought alongside him and Maverick to finish off Sublime and his U-Men in Weapon X (2nd series) #25, but the end resulted in his and his “spaceship” E.V.A.’s apparent deaths, and with Wolverine and Agent Zero missing. Later, it was revealed that Fantomex survived in Mystique #21, but not really clarified how. E.V.A. also appeared in that story, which takes place after this one, so it’s unclear where she is at this point.

Wolverine also survived the self-destruction of E.V.A. in Weapon X (2nd series) #25, and this issue reveals that Agent Zero did too, but it hasn’t been explained so far how.

It’s weird to see Mesmero again: in his last appearance in Weapon X (2nd series) #10, the mutant with hypnotic powers had been sent to the Neverland concentration camps by Director Malcolm Colcord, as he didn’t seem Mesmero to be worthy on the team anymore, as the man had lost his confidence needed to control his powers thanks to his mother’s earlier death.

The Director first started having weird conversations with Wolverine (who’s just in Colcord’s head and not actually appearing next to him), in Weapon X (2nd series) #22. It’s also the issue in which he and Madison start build their army of Sentinels. He never wore the facemask before, though.

Wolverine’s, Fantomex’ and Agent Zero’s adventures in Roanoke can be found in Weapon X (2nd series) #23-25. The flashback about E.V.A.’s crash also happened in that story.

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