Weapon X: Days of Future Now #2

Issue Date: 
October 2005
Story Title: 
Days of Future Now: part 2

Frank Tieri (writer), Bart Sears (pencils), Mark Pennington (inks), Michael Atiyeh (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Sean Ryan (editor), Mike Marts (supervising editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Five years from now, a man lies near death in a room, surrounded by the corpses of soldiers. He recalls how it all began 24 hours earlier. He met a prisoner in Room X, and after talking to the person mentioned to him that he was going to be there for a very long time, despite the fact that his capturer Jackson was no longer with them. The Director leaves the prisoner, and met up with his “partner,” Madison Jeffries. Jeffries finally took some time to rest, after being exhausted creating so many Sentinels. Instead, Jeffries’ Boxbot took over the procedure, despite Colcord never ordered to do that. Leaving it with that, the Director leaves once the Boxbot informs him that they’ve managed to capture Wolverine. The Director goes to the cell, where he stops his troops from torturing Logan, as he still thinks that they are partners, thanks to the hallucinations in his head. The Director asked his men to put the guns away and release Logan. They do, and Logan took advantage of the situation by killing all of the guards, including the Director! Six years from now, the Director is revealed alive. He managed to convince Mesmero and Wild Child to rejoin his case and, armed with army of Sentinels, they attacked the X-Mansion! While the X-Men were fighting the Sentinels, Sauron and Mesmero managed to sneak in the mansion unnoticed, and combine their hypnotic powers to mind-control Xavier, and now threaten to kill him. The X-Men had no choice but to surrender. Wolverine arrives, but the Director calms him down after threatening to kill Logan’s friend, Shadowcat, instead. Logan withdraws his claws, but the Director kills Kitty anyway! The Sentinels shoot at Logan, and he flies across the yard. Once the Director and his agents made it out of the mansion, the Sentinels blow it up entirely, with the X-Men still inside! But, since the Sentinels were programmed to kill all the mutants, they also kill Mesmero and Wild Child, despite the Director’s wishes not to. Sauron is left alive, since he isn’t really a mutant. The Director orders Sauron to clean up things, while the Director goes to gloat over Wolverine’s body. The Director is fully aware that Logan isn’t truly dead, and that his healing factor will kick in sooner or later and recover him. And when that time comes, the Director is ready for him. He walks away, leaving Logan’s corpse, with part of his adamantium skeleton revealed.

Full Summary: 

Five years from now…

A man lies, cloaked in shadows and covered in blood, nearly dead on the ground, with other dead soldiers surrounding him. Before this moment, the man recalls that his executioner and him having been down this road before, years ago. It was a total brutal experience, if there ever was one. A man was turned into an animal, and started randomly lashing out at whatever was nearest to him – that included the murdered man.

But yet, this time, it was worse. This time, it was more deliberate. More calculating and personal. Before this moment, the man saw the soldiers, holding guns with little “X”-marks on them, getting murdered. And the truth of the matter is, the man knows, that this time, he might not survive the experience.

24 hours earlier, the Weapon X headquarters…

The Director walks through the large, empty hallways of the compound, until he eventually arrives at “Room X.” After confirming his voice verification to the security code, the door opens. The Director walks into the room, where he walks towards a table. On the table lies his dinner, and the Director greets an unseen person. Colcord takes a closer look at his dinner: eggs benedict, grapefruit, freshly squeezed OJ. Simply put: the dinner is as good as any five star hotel, yet it is untouched.

This really won’t do. The Director tells the person sitting in front of him that, if he doesn’t eat, the person would die, and the Director doesn’t want to have that on his conscience. The person remains silent. The Director tells the person that he knows the last five years haven’t been a picnic for him, but he really doesn’t think that it’s fair to take that out on him. After all, Colcord recalls while he starts eating, the person was there when he returned to this compound.

Colcord mentions that none of the agents of the “good old days” know why the person is there. Only the late Brent Jackson knew, and the Director is afraid that Jackson isn’t available anymore. Although, now he thinks about it, they never found a body. So who knows? The Director jokes that maybe one day, Brent will show up alive again, and inform everyone why he kept the person as a prisoner here. The Boxbot informs the Director over intercom that there’s a new situation, which requires his attention. The Director is on his way.

But, he has one last thing to say to the person. He tells him that Brent Jackson may have been many things, like underhanded, untrustworthy, disloyal and even motherless, the Director suspects, but the one thing Brent was not, was… purposeless. That is something the Director learned the hard way years ago. Quite simply, he refuses to underestimate Jackson a second time. And that’s why the Director warns the person to get as comfortable as possible, because he isn’t going anywhere. Before he leaves, the Director takes a final look at a few pictures on the wall, which show some of the X-Men, one of the Children and the Phoenix Force.

The Director again walks through the hallways. He enters a lab, where he is startled to find out what the Boxbot is doing, and demands an explanation. The Boxbot reveals that he’s helping the exhausted Madison Jeffries with the expansion of their Sentinel army. Jeffries himself is exhausted, and is sleeping. Colcord is furious since he never ordered that, and wants to know who did. The Boxbot decided to help out on his own while his creator was resting, and determined that this was the right course of action and had thought it would please the Director.

The Boxbot asks if he should stop. The Director smiles, and denies that, and gives the Boxbot the permission to continue. The Boxbot obeys, and mentions that the Sentinel troops have captured an intruder, which is why the Boxbot had contacted the Director earlier. The bot adds that the guards are interrogating the intruder in the next room. The Director understands and, since he notices that the Boxbot has everything under control there, he goes to check out the situation in the next room.

Upon arriving in the room, the Director sees his troops torturing their captive. Colcord asks his men to step aside, and he is surprised that the captive is none other than… Wolverine?! Logan, covered in blood, sarcastically welcomes the Director, and jokes that his troops did a heck of a job putting the kibosh on his Shawshank reenactment for that guest of Colcord back in Room X. Of course, Logan mentions, the Director has so many troops on hand now to protect the brand new Neverland camps, as Logan has noticed that there is more than just one camp these days. The Director is confused. He knows that Logan is fully aware of the Neverland camps, since after all, it was Logan who told the Director to reopen them!

Wolverine doesn’t believe his ears. The Director believes that Logan is disoriented by the beating he took from the guards. He orders his men to release the mutant. The troops are confused, but the Director refuses to repeat himself. The troops do as ordered, and withdraw their guns. Colcord asks Logan how he feels. Logan smiles that he’s doing much better now. He snikts his claws open, and starts fighting! He quickly kills all of the guards, and sticks his claws right through Colcord’s stomach. And to finish the job, Logan slashes his claws several times through Colcord’s body, to make certain that he’s really dead this time. The Director’s vision turns to black.

Six years from now…

The Director, his agents and his Sentinel armies have arrived at the Xavier Institute, and managed to capture all of the X-Men! Colcord consoles that their defeat isn’t the X-Men’s fault, as they couldn’t have expected this attack. They couldn’t know that Colcord would first distract them with his Sentinel army, while Sauron and Mesmero slipped in undetected. And it’s most definitely not the X-Men’s fault that both of their combined hypnotic powers were enough to overpower Xavier.

Therefore, Colcord knew that the X-Men were forced to throw in the towel. The Director, sitting behind Xavier’s desk and guarded by Wild Child, tells the X-Men that their defeat wasn’t their fault, but what will be their fault, is what is going to happen next. They take a look at the mind-controlled Xavier, who holds a gun pointed into his mouth! The Director asks for the last time where the person is he wants. A voice from behind calls out to the Director: it’s Wolverine.

The Director jokes that Logan is late, and that it isn’t nice to keep people waiting. Storm tries to warn Logan, and Kitty asks him not to do it. Cyclops informs Logan that they’ve got Charles. Logan snikts his claws open, adding that he isn’t blind. The Director knows that, but jokes that Logan is shortblinded. He corrects Logan that he really should have made certain that he killed him a year ago. But, Logan shouldn’t understand the Director wrong. It certainly wasn’t a picnic. He lost a lung, a kidney, some ribs and some feeling in one of his legs. Nontheless, the whole experience helped the Director kick out those crazy hallucinations out of his head, that he was actually helping Logan. He now thinks he must have been crazy.

Mesmero warns Wolverine not to come a step closer, or else he’ll use his powers to make Xavier shoot himself. The Director thanks Mesmero for the noble thought, but he knows that this isn’t the right way to push Logan’s buttons. He takes the gun away from Xavier, and calls Shadowcat to him instead, and points the gun at her head! Logan puts his claws back in and the Director smiles. Now, if only he would keep his word. Kitty starts crying, and calls out to Logan. And at that moment, the Director shoots her!

Wolverine snikts his claws back out, and in a furious rage tries to attack the Director. But the Sentinels break the roof open, and fire upon Logan. The blast hits him, and makes Logan fly across the yard, and his body starts burning up. The Director smiles, and thinks it’s time to start cleaning up this “mutant scum.” He wishes the X-Men goodbye. He and the agents walk outside, and the Sentinels blow up the entire mansion, with all of the X-Men still inside!

The Director congratulates his agents, especially Mesmero. Mesmero thanks his boss, but then, a Sentinel shoots him. Sauron and Wild Child panic, and try to escape. The Director tries to stop the Sentinels, but they don’t listen, and manage to shoot Wild Child as well. The Sentinels shout that the “mutant scum” must be eliminated. Sauron has survived the blast, and falls on his knees, crying that he isn’t a mutant. The Sentinels do a scan on Sauron, and realize that Sauron is correct and that he isn’t a mutant, and they walk away from him. The Director walks to the Sentinels, shouting that they weren’t supposed to kill Mesmero and Wild Child. The Sentinels correct that their orders were to eliminate all mutants, and that’s what they did.

The Director gives up. He walks towards Sauron, and tells him to snap out of it. Sauron obeys, and apologizes. The Director puts Sauron in charge of the cleanup, but mostly because he’s the only one left. Sauron notices the Director walking away again, and wants to know where. The Director simply responds that he’ll be back in a minute. There’s something that needs to be done, first.

He walks behind the ruins of the school, and goats over someone. He knows that the person isn’t dead. The Director knows that the person is dead enough for not to be registered on the Sentinels’ scanners, but the person can’t fool him. After all, he has seen all of his victim’s tricks. He knows that it may take the person some hours, maybe even days, but sooner or later, the Director knows that the inner healing factor of his victim will eventually kick in and bring him back. And that’s exactly what the Director wants. The Director wants his victim to live… to live with this. The victim’s beloved X-Men are dead, and all because of him. The Director walks away, and wants the person to live with that.

With the Director gone, Wolverine’s corpse lies dead on the ground. His claws are still open, and half of his adamantium skeleton is shown.

Characters Involved: 

Five years from now:

The Director

Weapon X security guards (all unnamed)

24 hours earlier:

Director, Madison Jeffries (all the Director’s Weapon X team)

Boxbot, Sentinels

Wolverine (all Weapon X attackers)

Weapon X security guards (all unnamed)

unseen person (unnamed)

on pictures:

Cyclops, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

one of the Children (unclear and unnamed)

The Phoenix Force

Six years from now:

Beast, Bishop, Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Gambit, Havok, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Polaris, Professor X, Shadowcat, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Director, Mesmero, Sauron, Wild Child (all the Director’s Weapon X team)


Story Notes: 

It’s a bit difficult to understand at first, but this story actually takes place over three different time periods, though the story is always narrated by the Director.

Five years from now:

At this point, it’s unknown who the prisoner in “Room X” is. The place used to be the lab of Madison Jeffries when he was recruited back in Weapon X (2nd series) #1, but apparently as revealed in this issue, not anymore.

The Neverland concentration camps, where the Director captured so-called “evil” mutants in prison so he could use them if needed, were first shown in Weapon X (2nd series) #5. Though the inmates mysteriously disappeared in Weapon X (2nd series) #21.

It’s unclear, but most likely the man show on one of the pictures in “Room X” at the Weapon X compound, is presumably one of the Children, and it is presumable that he had his eyes set on them when he took over as leader.

The Director started having hallucinations of Wolverine in Weapon X (2nd series) #22.

Six years from now:

Sauron truly isn’t a mutant: he is actually a mutant-variant, whose mutagenic nature was triggered after he was attacked by wild pterodactyls.

Mesmero is apparently the only one who survived the attack on Jackson’s hideout last issue, and in return rejoined the Director. Though the exact circumstances are at this point still unknown.

Bishop wears a variant uniform in this issue than the one he currently wears: perhaps a penciler’s mistake, or perhaps Bishop will change his uniform again in six years. The exact reason is unknown.

Kyle Gibney’s codename is spelled both “Wildchild” and “Wild Child” throughout the issue. The correct way currently is “Wild Child.”

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