Wolverine (2nd series) #151

Issue Date: 
June 2000
Story Title: 
Blood Debt - part 2

Steve Skroce (writer/artist), Larry Stucker (inks), Steve Buccellato (colors), Richard S. & Comiccraft’s Saida Temofonte (letters), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (chief), Special Thanks to Larry Wachowski & Wendi Higenbottom

Brief Description: 

In Japan, at Haan’s penthouse, Logan is met by Haan and his army of men. After a vicious and deadly battle, Logan makes his way back to Gom’s penthouse. There, he is infuriated that Haan knew he was coming, but Gom insists that he didn’t double-cross him. Before they can continue their conversation further, Haan arrives and sets off an explosive that rocks Gom’s penthouse. When it does, Gom rushes off while Logan faces off against Haan’s men. In the courtyard, Haan catches up to Gom and shoots his brother in the forehead. In another section of the penthouse, Kia saves Amiko, Yukio and the Silver Samurai from three of Gom’s guards and takes them into her custody, offering them safe passage. Her motives, however, are far more devious as she takes them hostage herself. Later, in the courtyard, Kia convinces Logan to help her stop the bloodshed her family has endured for years. Begrudgingly, Logan accepts but tells her that, if anything happens to Yukio or Amiko, he’ll come after her.

Full Summary: 

Years ago in Japan, a man says to Yolyn that he is his brother. With death and destruction all around him, Yolyn tells him that is why so many have died. His brother says to him please and begs for mercy. Yolyn replies that is why he stands there and he kneels in shame. His brother again asks him for mercy and reminds him that he is indeed his brother. Yolyn tells him that is why he must die and proceeds to kill his brother in cold blood.

At Gom’s safe house outside Tokyo in present day Japan, Gom slurps noodles in the presence of Yukio, Amiko and Kia. As he does so, he suggests to Yukio that she lower her eyes and show him the proper humility and respect while she still can. Yukio apologizes and adds that it’s just so refreshing to see someone rebuff the stodgy etiquette of polite society. Gom chuckles and then asks Amiko if she thinks Yukio would be so smug without her eyelids. With concern in her eyes, Amiko looks up at Yukio to stop. Kia interjects and apologizes for her brother. These are tense times and he has always been better suited for the more repugnant necessities of their clan’s pursuits. She then offers Amiko some tea; it must have been hours since she’s had food or drink.

At first, Amiko declines. Gom tells Kia that she is so young and naïve. It saddens him when she thinks of the painful lessens she has yet to learn. Her Kaishek blood does not come without its price. Finally, Amiko drinks the tea at the recommendation of Yukio. As she does, Kia states that by now Wolverine should be at Haan’s penthouse. Once this “deed” is done, this nightmare will be over for them. Clicking his gun, Gom agrees. Whether Wolverine succeeds in slaying their brother or not, it will be over for them.

Over at Haan’s penthouse in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Logan enters the compound through a hole he cut in the window, seemingly undetected. When he sniffs the air, he knows better. As he opens the doors wearing his blue and yellow costume, he is greeted by Haan who welcomes him to his home, everybody there was getting restless. Inside the room, Logan is faced with Haan’s army of men toting a multitude of assault rifles, pistols, machine-guns, and swords. Standing on a landing in the massive room, Haan informs Logan that he has studied him, his abilities, his animal-keen senses, his adamantium claws. He may not be a mutant like him but he knows what he is thinking right now.

“How did Haan know I was coming? Wasn’t I careful scaling the building? Did Gom betray me for some reason?” He could tell him but he would hate to ruin the satisfaction of him finding out for himself, if he lives that long of course. Revealing the claw marks on his shoulder that he received from Logan, Haan tells him that at first he was quite upset by the little scratch he gave him as he prevented the Silver Samurai from paying him his debt. But now he thinks it will heal into a handsome scar, a memento mori to remember him by. Logan doesn’t speak, but growls and pops his claws. Putting his jacket back on, Haan tells him well said and realizes that he must bring back his head or Gom will kill his lady friend and the child. There he is, come and get him. As he walks up the stairs, he orders his men to kill Wolverine – if they can.

At that moment, Haan’s men open up fire on Logan. While he does take some direct hits, Logan is able to dish out his own brand of punishment and gives just as good as he gets. Taking the elevator, to the basement, Haan is greeted by his associate Otou and asks him if everyone is in place. Otou informs him that they are ready and awaiting his orders. When he asks about what is happening upstairs, Haan tells him as expected everything goes smoothly. Upstairs, in the penthouse, Logan continues to battle Haan’s men in a bloody, vicious battle. Eventually, one of the men is able to stab Logan in the back with a spear.

After a kick from one of the men lands directly in Logan’s side, the mutant falls to the ground. Observing their foe on the ground, some of the men run off. One of the leaders asks them why they are running, can’t they see they have him? He then calls them cowards and tells them that Haan will have their lives. Just then, much to his surprise, Logan pulls the spear out of his back and continues his assault on Haan’s men. Inside his limousine, Haan gets a call from one of his men inside the penthouse. The man asks Haan to send more men, the mutant has gone berserk. Back in the penthouse, Logan continues to plow through Haan’s men and proceeds to make his way to the window. Leaping out of it, Logan crash-lands into a bus stand, much to the surprise of an onlooker. Picking himself up, a bloodied and beaten Logan mutters the name Gom and trudges off.

Back at Gom’s, a recovering Kenuichio Harada yells at Gom to release the women now. He never would have agreed to come there if he’d known he kidnapped Yukio and Amiko. Gom asks him “agreed?” The wound Haan inflicted would have killed him had he not rescued him when he did. The only reason he survived is because of his association with Wolverine. Once his brother is dead, all the Kaishek dominions are his. That includes his precious Clan Yashida. His is in no position to demand anything. A means to an end is all he’s been to him.

As they watch what is going on, Yukio tells Amiko that she can’t slip or break her bonds, she must try and free herself. Amiko stammers ‘b-but Logan is coming, he’ll…’ Yukio tells her that Logan would give his life for them but these are treacherous people and they must make their own way if they can. Struggling against her bonds, Amiko informs Yukio that she thinks she can free her hand.

At the top of the steps, Gom proceeds to kick the Silver Samurai in the chest. While he does, he tells him that the doctor told him it was dangerous to get out of bed, he should have listened. Grabbing him by the throat, Gom points a gun at his head and says to him not to worry, his death won’t be in vain. It has been a trying day for him and killing a simpering cretin like himself always brightens his spirit. Just then, one of Gom’s men informs him that the mutant Wolverine has just crashed the front gate with the van they gave him. He appears to be wounded and there’s no sign of Haan with him.

Dropping the Samurai, Gom says “no, no, no” and orders his men to get the hostages out of there. As Logan smashes his way through Gom’s men, he yells out to Gom that he, Haan, knew he was coming. Two hundred goons armed to the teeth an’ waitin’ for him! Facing off against Gom he tells him that he wants Amiko and Yukio now and no more tricks or he’s sushi. Gom stammers that he never double-crossed him, he must have seen him coming or… Sweating, Gom asks Logan doesn’t he see what he’s done? He came straight back there, Haan could have easily follow… Before Gom can finish his thought, his penthouse is rocked by an explosion. Haan then orders his men to take them. As Gom runs off, Logan faces off against Haan’s men again.

In another section of the penthouse, Amiko asks Yukio about the explosion and wonders if she thinks Logan has come. Yukio says yes – Logan and a brigade of killers by the sound of the gunfire. She then tells her to focus on getting her untied before… Pointing a gun at them, one of Gom’s guards tells Amiko to come over to him slowly. Before he can say anything else, Harada rushes him and tells Amiko to get out of there. Amiko, however, doesn’t listen and proceeds to jam the guard in the leg with a chopstick. Immediately, the guard cries out in pain and falls to the ground. When he does, two more guards appear carrying machine guns. Before the guards can shoot Yukio, Amiko and Harada, a mysterious hooded figure appears and kills the guards with her gun. The figure then tells the trio that there is no time to explain, more assassins will be coming. Immediately, Amiko recognizes her as Kia. Kia responds that they have to move quickly, she can show them the way out.

Outside, on the grounds of the penthouse, Gom rushes to his car flanked by one of his men. Before he gets there, he is shot in the shoulder and his guard is killed. Kneeling on the ground, Gom faces his attacker – Haan. Gom tells him that he knows he’s been bad, he just, please, he can have everything, he’ll disappear, please. Pointing his gun at Gom’s forehead, Haan tells him that he is a Kaishek. Theirs is a lineage of warriors and conquerors that can be traced back to the court of Kublai Khan. He then tells him not to whimper away his last moments. He chose his path, accept where it has led him. Crying and sweating, Gom tells Haan that he is right. He then begs for his mercy, he is his brother. Haan proceeds to shoot Gom in the head and then coldly tells him “don’t remind me, I don’t need another reason to kill you.”

Inside a garage, Kia tells Amiko, Yukio and Harada that it opens onto a back road. Gom’s and Haan’s men should be too busy fighting each other and Wolverine to notice their escape. Her aide, Tupa, will drive them to safety. Turning around, Yukio says no, Kenuichio will drive Amiko into Tokyo and her aide will find some wire-cutters and free her. She has to let Logan know they’re safe so he…

Kia tells her there is no time and to please get in the van. She’ll be freed of her bonds en route. Yukio replies that their trust isn’t so cheap. Gunning down three men doesn’t exactly make her a morally upright citizen. Help them, and she promises she can help her. Kia replies by shooting the three of them with a type of nerve gas, knocking them out. The effects don’t hit Amiko as fast and she attempts to lash out at Kia. In short time, Kia takes her out with a chop to her neck. Kia then orders Tupa to make sure they are all properly bound when they awaken. If all goes well, she will meet her tomorrow at the rendezvous point. Right now, she needs to find Gom and see where the pieces of her family have fallen. As she walks away, Tupa tells her that her heart is with her.

Outside, Logan is surrounded by a bunch of dead bodies. One of them is the man that went by the name Gom. When Kia arrives, Logan tells her that she’s too late, Haan shot him. Putting her hand on Gom’s forehead, Kia sheds a tear and asks him how he could let it go this far, as children they were inseparable. Grabbing Kia by the throat, Logan tells her that they’re there, he can smell them. Popping his claws and holding them up to her face, Logan demands to know where Amiko and Yukio are at. Kia tells him they are no longer there. When Logan asks her where, Kia responds that she’s sorry, she can’t.

As Logan tells her wrong answer, Kia pleads with him for his help. Haan’s struggle for the Kaishek Empire is not over. She must go to him and try to make peace. Logan asks her why he would trust her; he gets the impression that the Klaisheks ain’t a close family. Kia informs him that Haan cares for her. Gom had been on the run and he thought that if Haan struck, she could intervene, maybe protect him. His mistake cost him his life. She fears Haan’s state of mind will be unstable. She needs him for safe passage to and from his penthouse. After his previous battle, Haan and his men won’t be anxious to engage him again.

Logan tells her to free Yukio and Amiko and then he’ll help her. Kia responds that she cannot chance that he won’t. She needs to be free from her family’s endless blood-letting. Can he understand that? For the lives of his women, he must do this for her. Otherwise, use his claws and release her. Begrudgingly, Logan sheathes his claws and backs down. Putting her hand on his shoulder, Kia informs him that she can arrange for him to speak with Yukio and Amiko if he likes. One more night and it’s over, he has her word. Logan tells her that she’s got him trapped but to know this – if either of them are hurt, there’s nowhere she can go where he can’t find her.

Characters Involved: 


Silver Samurai



Haan Kaishek

Otou (Haan’s associate)

Various men under the direction of Haan Kaishek (all unnamed)

Gom Kaishek

Various men under the direction of Gom Kaishek (all unnamed)

Kia Kaishek

Tupa (Kia’s associate)

Various residents of Japan (unnamed)

In memories:

Yolyn Kaishek

Yolyn’s father (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Kublai Khan was a prominent Mongolian ruler in the 13th century and the founder of the Yuan Dynasty. He was also the grandson of Genghis Kahn.

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