Wolverine (2nd series) #152

Issue Date: 
July 2000
Story Title: 
Blood Debt - part 3

Steve Skroce (writer & artist), Larry Stucker (inks), Steve Buccellato (colors), Richard S. & Comiccraft’s Saida Temofonte (letters), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (chief), Special Thanks to Larry Wachowski & Wendi Higenbottom

Brief Description: 

In Japan, at Haan’s penthouse, Logan enters with Kia by his side. After a brief battle with some of his men, Kia convinces Haan that they need to have a sit-down meeting with Logan present. Meanwhile, Yukio and Amiko are able to overpower their captor, Tupa. Once they do, Yukio proceeds to call Kia on her cell-phone. When Kia answers it during her sit-down meeting with Haan, Yukio yells on the other end and informs Logan that they are free. From there, all hell breaks loose. Kia shoots her brother, Haan, in the chest and then tosses the gun to Logan. When Haan’s men enter and see him lying on the ground shot, they assume that Logan did it. During their assault on Logan, Kia deftly escapes. After Logan disposes of Haan’s men, Haan tells Logan with his last breath that Kia is the mastermind of the whole thing and that she is going to kill their dad, Yolyn, and to take over the Kaishek Empire. After reconnecting with Amiko and the Silver Samurai at Yukio’s apartment, Logan learns that Yukio has gone to Mongolia to deal with Kia. Logan instantly decides that he is going to Mongolia and with some convincing – and agrees to let Harada and Amiko tag along.

Full Summary: 

Years ago in Japan, another of Yolyn’s brothers pleads with him to stop – he wants peace. Yolyn tells him that he knows what he wants… His brother points out that he’s already shed the blood of their own brother. Yolyn finishes his thought and tells his brother that he will have it and thusly pushes his brother roughly to the ground. From the ground, his brother looks up at him and asks him if this is worth it and pleads with him again to stop. Jamming his sword into his brother’s chest, Yolyn states that he will have his peace – in death.

In a dilapidated house located somewhere in Tokyo in present time, Tupa fields a cell phone call from Kia. When Kia inquires if everything is going well, Tupa informs her that Yukio, the girl and the Silver Samurai have been bound and locked away as she requested. She then asks how things are with her. Kia informs her that they shall soon see. Wolverine and she are about to access Haan’s building. Hopefully the entry code that she has still works. Tupa tells her to be careful to which Kia says to her not to fret. Her reluctant bodyguard will absorb any danger. She then tells her to watch their prisoners and she will contact her when it is all over.

Inside their cell, Yukio mentions to Amiko that they have underestimated them again. Her, Amiko’s, legs are free and she’s sure she could break the pipe that she’s tied to and free her, but she’d hear and come through that door blasting. The wounded samurai won’t be much help, so it’s going to go down like this…

Just then, Yukio hears Amiko sobbing and telling her that she’s sorry but she can’t. Upon hearing that, Yukio tells her that she’s sorry. She knows she’s scared, so is she, more than she’s ever been with her there with her. But they can’t wait for Logan, he is as bound as they are, and only they can change that. The Kaisheks do not seem the type to let dangerous people like them go free after they’ve crossed them. It’s not how they would like it, but there it is. She’s trained her as best as she could in their time together, so she knows what she can do. She isn’t her blood mother but she, Amiko, Logan and her are related in a way few families are. In their lives, they’ve each had to face a life and death questions. Now, it’s her turn. She needs her help so what will it be – victim or victor?

In Haan’s penthouse located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Haan sits alone and drinks. While he does, he thinks that Gom was such a fool. His gaining control of the Kaishek Empire was a fantasy, a fantasy with a fatal price. His, Gom’s, arrogance and ignorance killed him, not he. He wonders why he was so blind to his path’s inevitable end, his blood in on his own dead hands, not his.

Just then, Haan is informed by one of his men that they have intruders. Walking out into his lobby, Haan witnesses Logan taking out his men while Kia is behind him. As he does, Kia tells the men to please stop, they come in peace. Continuing to take on gun-fire, Logan sarcastically tells her to keep it up, she’s really gettin’ through to these guys. Yelling at his men to stop, Haan says to Kia how dare she bring this creature back there. Logan quips that he had such a great experience last time, how could he stay away?

Kia informs Haan that he, Logan, is there for her much-needed protection. His men have confirmed her fears about him. Haan tells her that she knows they wouldn’t have fired a round if she’d come alone. Kia asks does she? He’s killed his brother so that he would be a step closer to controlling their clan’s empire. How does she know that he wouldn’t come for her small share next? She then asks him that his quest isn’t over, is it? Haan proceeds to ask her what she wants. Kia tells him that she wants peace. She has walked a thin line between her brothers since their feud began. She struggled to keep them apart for fear of what eventually did happen.

Enraged, Haan grabs Kia’s shoulders and tells her that Gom brought his fate upon himself; he gave him his chance to stand down. Popping a single claw and putting it up to Haan’s face, Logan tells him sorry, but no manhandlin’ the lady – least for now anyway. Haan then asks Kia that she expects his trust when she brings this monster into his home? Kia replies that, if Wolverine were there to kill him, he’d be dead. They both know where his path will lead him next. It doesn’t have to end the way he thinks. She then pleads with him to hear her out.

Before Haan can respond, Otou walks up and tells him that the wise thing to do is flee. The mutant decimated an army of their men, the few of them cannot… Haan cuts him off by punching him in the face and telling him that he disgusts him. He did not realize he’d surrounded himself with such cowardice. Walking away, Haan tells Kia that they will talk in private and that she can even bring her henchman. Picking himself up off the floor, Otou tries to tell Haan that he did not mean…

Meanwhile, Tupa enters the room in which Yukio, Amiko and the Silver Samurai are being held. She tells them that they’ll each wait their turn for rice and tea. Try anything and they’ll bite a bullet instead. She’ll hold the bowl so they can eat it. Take it, she won’t offer again. When she offers some rice to Amiko, Amiko tells her no thanks – she’s in modeling school.

Just then, Yukio mentions to Tupa that she should maybe check on the Samurai. He was badly wounded before she drugged them and still hasn’t awakened. Tupa tells her to speak when spoken to; the Samurai is not a priority. If he’s strong he’ll live. If not… Yukio then proceeds to ask Amiko if she heard that. She really takes the “host” out of a hostage situation, doesn’t she? Amiko replies bad food, bad service, not to mention she’s clumsy. With that, Amiko kicks the tray into Tupa’s face.

After a foot-sweep from Yukio that leaves Tupa distracted – Amiko is able to break free. While she is down, Yukio bites her on the wrist. Cocking her gun, Tupa tells them both that they’re dead. Before she can shoot Yukio, Amiko rushes over and drapes her still bound hands around Tupa’s neck, choking her. Beginning to stir, the Silver Samurai sees what is happening, hears a number of gun-shots and fears the worse.

Inside one of Haan’s rooms in his penthouse, Haan sits across from Kia while Logan looks on. Kia proceeds to ask Haan if killing Gom has come with a heavier price than he expected. His feelings are as open to her as ever. He is more like him than he can imagine. Gom would talk of the day he’d kill him…

Haan silences her and asks her for no speeches. She is his sister and even during her time with Gom she always remembered her true place. He won’t forget that. But she must realize that only after those who bring uncertainty to his leadership are dealt with, can there be peace within their clan. Kia asks him if he can do it again, can he even speak the name of his next victim. As evil as Gom was, he knew killing his own brother meant crossing a line in his soul. He thought it would harden him, make him stronger. But she believes he would have been like him, struggling to accept his guilt, afraid of the long nights ahead, dreading the deed that must come next.

Angrily, Haan tells her that she speaks of things she does not comprehend. Their family has existed and thrived as long as it has because of those of them who had the strength to make difficult choices. When she can do the same, she will need her judgment for herself. Do not forget to whom the future of the Kaishek Empire belongs… Kia cuts him off and tells Haan that she has made her own difficult choices. That is why the future of their clan concerns her. Secretly reaching for the gun in her white cloak, Kia adds that is why her judgment is for him.

At that moment, Kia’s cell-phone goes off. Logan asks her if she’s going to answer it; it could be something about the girls. Haan agrees and tells her to take care of her business and let them end her morose lecture. Begrudgingly, Kia answers her phone and tells Tupa that now is not the ti… On the other end of the phone, Yukio shouts to Logan that they’re free – get her! Pulling out her gun, Kia proceeds to shoot Haan numerous times in the chest. After seeing that, Logan tells Kia that she’s fast but she has nowhere to run. Kia simply replies by tossing the gun towards Logan, telling him to catch. Catching the gun, Logan tells her nice throw but that’s not gonna cut it either.

Just then, the door to the room opens and Otou is flanked by Haan’s men. He mentions that they heard gunfire. Once they enter, Kia points to Logan and tells them that the Westerner shot Haan and proceeds to tell them to kill him. Logan tries to let them know what actually happened but realizes that it’s no use and rushes towards them. Upon seeing Haan on the floor, Otou says to him that he will be avenged. “Crying,” Kia says that she brought him, the responsibility is hers.

After Otou leaves her side, Kia tells Haan that he should be proud. The devotion of his men is equaled only by their stupidity. She said she came in peace and now he has it in death – goodbye brother. As Wolverine continues to take out Haan’s men, he suddenly wonders where Kia went off to. Killing the last of his men, Logan remarks that they should have gotten out when they had the chance. Sniffing the door, he discovers that she has left.

Just then, a very weak voice behind him calls out his name. Turning around, Haan informs him that i-it was Kia who w-warned him that Gom sent him after his h-head. She f-fooled them *cough* used them all. Leaning down, Logan tells him to relax, take it slow and asks where she’s headed. Haan tells him h-home to Mongolia. Yolyn, their father h-hides there, once he falls all will be hers. K-Kia is indebted to all of them. She has betrayed *cough* - make her p-pay. See that she r-receives all…she…deserveees… As Haan finishes his last thought and drifts off, Logan tells him ‘yeah, just like you.’

Later, back at Yukio and Amiko’s apartment in Tokyo, Logan embraces Amiko. Logan tells her that it’s over, she’s safe now, no one’s gonna hurt her. Amiko tells him that actually, it’s not over. When Logan asks what, Amiko tells him that Yukio’s gone to Mongolia after Kia. Thinking out loud, Logan wonders what happened to “blood begets blood.” He then asks Amiko how long ago Yukio left and where exactly she is going.

The response comes from Kenuichio Harada, the Silver Samurai, decked out in full armor. He proceeds to inform Logan that she left an hour ago for Outer Mongolia. The Kaisheks have a centuries-old fortress there. Yukio was able to make their captor Tupa confirm Kia’s destination. She is recovering at the Yashida compound infirmary. Seeing Harada in his armor, Logan asks him what he is all dressed up for. Harada tells him that he’s coming with him. He’ll need his help and what’s left of his resources to get him there in time. Logan replies that he, Harada, is in no shape to fight and adds that he’s pretty tired of savin’ his tin-plated butt. Harada says that he has lost almost everything to the Kaisheks. Do not expect him to stand idly by while he…

Logan cuts him off and tells him to be grateful he’s alive and has a second chance. After all he’s done in his life, he’s not sure he deserves it. Amiko then yells at him to not give her that “it’s too dangerous for you Amiko” bull. She’s coming whether he… Logan cuts her off too and tells them both to relax, they both can come. Seems like the only way to keep them safe is to not let them outta his sight. As Logan changes his clothes, Harada states that at least Clan Yashida will settle its conflict with the Kaisheks. Logan informs him to forget it, his job is to get him to this fortress and play babysitter to Amiko.

Upon hearing that, Amiko scoffs and reminds him not to forget her bonnet and water wings. She then asks him who’s gonna take care of him. His gunshot wounds are still bleeding. Maybe he needs more help than he thinks. Logan tells her not to worry about him; they just need to keep their heads down til he reaches Yukio. After Amiko asks him then what happens, Logan pops his claws and tells her then he has to collect a debt in blood!

Characters Involved: 


Silver Samurai



Haan Kaishek

Otou (Haan’s associate)

Various men under the direction of Haan Kaishek (all unnamed)

Kia Kaishek

Tupa (Kia’s associate)

In memories:

Yolyn Kaishek

Yolyn’s father (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Haan Kaishek shot his brother Gom, back in Wolverine (2nd series) #151.

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